Chapter 454 - Great War (4)

Second Life Ranker

Yeon-woo quickly collected himself. ‘No. It’s not Valdebich.’ Despite taking on Valdebich’s appearance, it was clearly the Crawling Chaos from its aura. He wondered whether the being had taken Valdebich as his Apostle, but it was clearly a manifestation made of thoughts.

“Seems like you know someone who looks like this.” The Crawling Chaos smirked, reading Yeon-woo’s thoughts.

‘I need to be careful not to have my thoughts read.’ Was this the power of a god? The Crawling Chaos could read his thoughts too easily. Yeon-woo pulled up his magic power to defend his mind.

“He was a cute creature that isn’t commonly seen. A half-blood of Giants and humans. I don’t know how a transcendent species and bugs managed to mix together. I can’t understand what they were thinking. There are so many things I don’t understand about the outer world.”

The outer world was what those from the otherworld called the Tower. Then did they consider themselves the inner world?  

“What happened to Valdebich?”

“Human, that’s not important right now.” The Crawling Chaos laughed at him, still using Valdebich’s appearance. Even if he acknowledged that Yeon-woo was close to his standing, he could still kill Yeon-woo any time he was bored. The fact that a cosmic being like himself would speak to a mere microbe like this was already laughable. If it weren’t for the emptiness or the Black King, he wouldn’t have been interested at all.

No matter how he expressed his thoughts, that stupid and dull head wouldn’t be able to comprehend them, and having to cut up his thoughts into tiny fragments in order to convey them was too bothersome.

But since he wanted the microbe to understand him, he had to manifest a body to help him translate and interpret their conversation. He crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes. “So. What is the deal you want to make? You’ll create a path for me to return to the Tower?” What could a little human offer him? If Yeon-woo was wasting the Crawling Chaos’ time with something useless, the being wouldn’t forgive him.

He only lived for amusement, so he sometimes gladly accepted human whims. Yeon-woo’s offer wasn’t something he could just ignore. For those who lived in the inner world like him, the Tower was an enigmatic place where the laws of nature were crossed and broken. It was theoretically possible for an interdimensional world of multiple universes to exist there.

However, since nature naturally resisted the energies of the world, it was impossible for the Tower to maintain a stable state. Some ordinary transcendents lived in the Tower, but a few divinities equal to him were also trapped inside like cows and pigs on a farm!

It was impossible to think that beings like them, who had existed since the beginning of the universe, would be trapped in this way. ‘Most importantly, it has his traces!’

He was the laws of the universe, and there was no way to cross him. In the end, they’d used tricks to bring forth emptiness and trap him within it. The beings of the inner world had suffered for eons without knowing how to find him. It was a surprise to find his traces in the outer world that their senses couldn’t penetrate, a place so small and remote that the beings of the inner world had no interest in it at all.

The Crawling Chaos, who was omnipotent, wasn’t an exception to this. He and the other gods had extended their holy powers and abilities to reclaim his traces, but they failed. It was true that the Tower was full of little microbes, but there were great beings there as well who easily matched them. It was a shocking revelation to the beings of the inner world. It was already a strange thought that mortals and immortals would live together in a cramped space, and there were even beings like them struggling to come out!

On top of that, the interior of the Tower had some kind of barrier that kicked their powers out. It was a bit difficult to attack it directly. If the beings of the inner world worked together and officially invaded, they could take over the Tower easily. However, at the same time, they would be unsealing the great beings within the Tower and risk losing the traces of the Black King.

This was why the Crawling Chaos had switched tactics to use the mortals that sought him. Annexation would be hard, but he believed that if he continued to poke holes with a needle, he’d find a way to enter the Tower. It was a mundane and time-consuming process, but what did that matter? All they had was time.

In fact, it had become a source of amusement for the Crawling Chaos, as he’d been feeling a sense of ennui lately. Also, at the beginning, he’d met some decent beings. Trascendental species like Giants and dragons had taken an interest in him. They had an innate divinity, but they were fated to fall one day, making them perfect for him to play with.

However, those toys ended up failing too often and eventually disappeared. Only humans, who were nothing more than trash, were left. He was beginning to get bored and annoyed, but now a human who was related to him had appeared, saying impertinently that he’d open a path for the Crawling Chaos. How did he plan to do it? Could he do something they had put so much effort in but failed?


The Crawling Chaos had a questioning face.

“And the Black King’s power. Those two will be enough.”

The Crawling Chaos frowned at Yeon-woo’s response. “Explain properly. Do you think a riddle like that will work on me?”

“If I explain it to you, then what will we have to exchange after? You think I should allow myself to be betrayed by beings like you who see humans as bugs?”

“You could be trying to make fools out of…!”

“Read me. Can’t you tell whether or not I’m telling the truth?”

The Crawling Chaos scowled. This was an infuriating human. He had been trying to analyze the human for a while, but the human must’ve set up some mental barrier, because he couldn’t read him. However a part of the vestige still appeared through his consciousness, which was what Yeon-woo meant.

‘Truth.’ It was true. Yeon-woo knew a way for them to enter the Tower, something they never believed they could do. ‘The story is different.’ The Crawling Chaos smoothed out his frown, looking at Yeon-woo with an expressionless face now. His words were emotionless to the point of being almost robotic. “And your condition?”

“The Emerald Tablet.”

The Crawling Chaos was puzzled.

“I want the original.” Yeon-woo’s eyes flashed. If he had the Emerald Tablet, many things would become possible. The mortal Faust had taken over the demon Mephistopheles, Bayluk had restored ancient species, Vieira Dune had become Mother Earth. Even Brahm had marveled at the new system of knowledge!

Yeon-woo already had a part of the Emerald Tablet that he’d taken when he invaded Walpurgisnacht. Thanks to it, a part of Boo’s memory had returned, but he only had a fragment of something much greater. There were too many missing parts, and if he possessed the entire thing,he would grow exponentially.

He would be able to control the puzzling Stone of Sin and help Brahm and Boo to grow faster. Most importantly, he’d have more possible ways to bring Jeong-woo back. He already had the clones Bayluk created and the vestige body in the pocket watch. Yeon-woo’s yearning for the Emerald Tablet had grown desperate. ‘And most of all, I’ll learn how to approach the darkness of Black King.’

He would know how to get to the darkness where his brother’s soul was buried and find a way to deal with emptiness more easily.

The Emerald Tablet wasn’t an item he could give up. The Crawling Chaos had shared the tablet with Faust and Bayluk, which meant that he owned the original. It might even be a book of his own knowledge.

“You want the original revelations?”

Revelations? It seemed that was what the otherworld gods called the Emerald Tablet.

“Correct.” Yeon-woo nodded with expectant eyes.

However, he only received a cold response. “Impossible.”

Yeon-woo’s expression turned hard. “Why?”

“The revelations aren’t mine.”


“I don’t have the authority to handle the Emerald Tablet.” It was an unexpected reply.

Yeon-woo stiffened. “But you…!”

“Are you talking about the things I gave to the microbes? Funny. Anyone can speak about small sections of the revelations.”

“Doesn’t matter, give…”

“Don’t act up, human.”

Was that how incredible the Emerald Tablet was that even the Crawling Chaos didn’t have any authority over it? If he didn’t have the rights to it, he could find a way to acquire them. Yeon-woo was about to say that if he truly wanted to search for the Black King in the Tower, it shouldn’t be a difficult feat. However, the Crawling Chaos didn’t give him a chance to open his mouth again, anticipating what he would say.

“Do you think it’s a simple item that I can just pull out of my pocket if you ask me to? Do you think a mere mortal can bear an item that contains all the knowledge of the universe and the dimensions, the words of the great beginning and the holy oracles of the end, and the records of all space, time, and history? You must be crazy! How insolent, human!” Madness wavered in the Crawling Chaos’ eyes. “And I choose the terms of the contract. You have no right, microbe, just accept the results.”


The manifestation flickered out darkness. “I shall take you as my Apostle. I do not wish to give this honor, which has not been bestowed to anyone for thousands of years, but your qualifications must somehow meet the minimum if you can use a part of his strength.”


“As my representative, step forward and create a path for me and my familiars. Once you do, I shall assess your contribution and give you powers of invincibility and immortality. When the day of revelation comes, I shall also give you a throne, however small.”

The Crawling Chaos was saying he would give Yeon-woo all he could. The other beings of the inner world would be astonished, but Yeon-woo didn’t lose his calmness even amid the boiling madness.

“Then the contract is no more.” He stared sharply at the madness. “What I need is the Emerald Tablet, what you call the revelations.”

“If you will not agree, I will have to force you.”

Creak! Like a spinning wheel, the darkness covered Yeon-woo. The Crawling Chaos’ manifestation disappeared in the darkness and disappeared with a final laugh. “You are quite impertinent, human. But this was amusing, so I shall allow you to keep your life.” At that moment, the Crawling Chaos activated his powers.

External interference elimination


Yeon-woo felt the Sky Wings holding him up release. The 5,000 Channels, the Black King’s power, and even his Dragon Body awakening were being sealed away. This was an illusory world created by the being’s thoughts, which meant that it was his territory. It was too easy to cut off all the Channels and disarm Yeon-woo.

However, Crawling Chaos didn’t stop there and forced the skills and powers given by the Tower to stop, as well. His rules invalidated the system that created Yeon-woo’s abilities. ‘But blocking the Demonic Divine Dragon Body…is a bit too much.’ For the first time after entering the Tower, he felt like he’d returned to his body on Earth. His body sank like wet cotton, his explosive firepower all gone.

His body was more developed than it had been back then, but it was still extremely weak compared to his Demonic Divine Dragon Body. Yeon-woo felt like everything he accomplished in the Tower was nothing more than a sandcastle. If a strong being like the Crawling Chaos trapped him in his territory, he had no means of resisting. He remembered what the Martial King said in passing after he completed Flawless Strike.

“Don’t become tied down to what you have. It’s not actually yours.”

“If it’s not mine, then whose is it?”

“It’s what the Tower has given you!”

Yeon-woo had been puzzled.

“Is the thing on top of your shoulders empty? Think about it. Is any of this really yours, or has it been fixed by the system?”


“What do you mean ‘oh’? OK, let’s put it this way. Skills, powers, and stats—these are all from the Tower, but what if they’re suddenly taken back?

Yeon-woo was startled.

“That hasn’t happened yet, but you never know what the future holds. Don’t become feeble overnight after such an incident occurs and prepare for it beforehand.”


“It’s obvious.” The Martial King smiled mischievously. “Change it. Not yourself, but the world!”

Skills and powers were a system set by the Tower, which meant that Yeon-woo needed to create a system of his own.

Yeon-woo had never forgotten this lesson from the Martial King. Skills and powers came from external forces, but strength that grew from the inside could never be taken away. Divinity was no exception to this. And what he created to materialize this internal energy was…‘Mugong.’

“Mu” described physical training, and “gong” was the mental cultivation that led you to new heights from that training. The consciousness that rose from it made you skilled, and you progressed from master to expert to arhat, then went beyond them to reach an unimaginable peak. This consciousness would become a platform that fixed you to the ground while allowing you to become a unique cog in the wheel of the sky.

“‘In the heavens and below, I am the most honored. The entire world is in agony, and I will bring it peace.’ You are the most special in the world, and only you can change the trembling world and be at peace!” Etching your thoughts onto the world and altering it as you wished was a peak called the realm of transformation in the One-horned tribe. “Moving the laws of the word according to your will is only the beginning of the arhat peak you are walking on.”

Yeon-woo emitted his thoughts to the outside. In that instant, light shone down in the dark world and embraced him. His thoughts had materialized. Now that he had regained his wholeness from within it, Yeon-woo grabbed the air and twisted it, warping the Crawling Chaos’ power. His thoughts were nothing compared to the being’s, but it was enough for him to escape.

Boom! Yeon-woo was flung back out to the world. His paused time began to flow again. The cut Channels were quickly restored, and Sky Wings also returned.



The timer began to move again. He had less than ten seconds left. He needed to finish this within that time.

Where. Are. You. Going.

Along the cracks of space, Crawling Chaos’ tentacles moved to grasp Yeon-woo.


What a bother. But it’s been fun to watch, so I’ll help you in return. Keekeekeek!

Yeon-woo attempted to pull forward the Demonism resting in his unconscious and merge with it. He had five seconds left, and he planned on defeating the Crawling Chaos within that time.


Yeon-woo’s consciousness was withdrawn into the Demonism’s. But this time, he didn’t disappear completely. Now that he firmly controlled his mind this time, he felt like he blended with it instead of being overwhelmed.

Ooh. You’ve grown a bit. I can use more power than last time. This is nice too. With the Demonism’s snickering laughter, an extraordinary number of thoughts spun like a typhoon.


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