Chapter 470 - Vampiric Lord (2)

Second Life Ranker

‘It's cool.’ Yeon-woo stroked his neck with his hand. The Vampiric Lord was serious. She had met Jeong-woo on a brief whim, but Yeon-woo was meeting her after wrecking her plans. She must have attached herself to the manager of the cave, Tarneck, to bide her time and wait for an opportunity. Understanding both their predicaments, Yeon-woo thought, ‘I must speak well.’ Otherwise, his life would be in danger.

He would be crazy to turn a monster who rivaled the Martial King into an enemy. Furthermore, the Central Bureau and its people were probably frantically searching for him at this moment. “I need a path towards the heart of the cave.”


“Laplace is there.”

For a brief moment, the Vampiric Lord’s eyes gleamed. “You need an entrance ticket for the Tutorial. Are you trying to find Akasha’s Snake?”

Even though he had not yet mentioned Akasha’s Snake, she understood his objective right away. However, it wasn’t really a surprise since the Vampiric Lord had died in the Tutorial. She likely knew about the various hidden pieces there, including Akasha’s Snake.

“Akasha’s Snake… It’s like a dog dutifully waiting for its master to come back even without knowing if its master is alive or not. Do you have some connection to its master?” the Vampiric Lord asked as she curled and twisted her lips even more. She continued, “Then…”

While she was speaking, Yeon-woo could not help but think that her serrated teeth, which appeared as she talked, looked ferocious.

“Are you the Black King’s successor this time?”

Yeon-woo straightened his back instinctively at her unexpected question. He recalled the words the Demonism had told him after the battle with Allforone.

“Keekeekeek! You’ll have to work harder. You’re nearing the end of the time I’ve given you.”

“You don’t think that you’re the only one being given this opportunity, right?”

The Demonism had appeared to fight Allforone, only to cluck his tongue when he saw that Yeon-woo was unconscious. He declared that Yeon-woo still had a long way to go, and if he didn’t try harder, the chance that the Demonism offered would disappear.

Although he found the Demonism’s words curious at the time, Yeon-woo hadn’t attached any importance to them. He couldn’t really understand most of the things that the Demonism said, anyway. However, the Vampiric Lord’s question made him recall the Demonism’s words about opportunity. It was clear that he was telling Yeon-woo not to think he was anything special. The Vampiric Lord’s question about being the Black King’s successor “this time” was also an echo of what the Demonism said.

“Do you know who the Black King is?”

“Who do you think I am?” the Vampiric Lord asked as she set her chin on her left arm. Her arrogant appearance and cold energy added to her overwhelming aura. She continued, “I—no, we are the mother who cares for all who breathe under the moon. We are the queen who speaks and carries out the holy will of the night. Where do you think the power of the moon and night comes from?”

“The darkness.”

“Of course. Because there is darkness and the void, the moonlit night can fully illuminate the world. How can you dare discuss the Black King’s darkness without comprehending darkness itself?”

Yeon-woo stiffened and straightened his back. Every word spoken by the Vampiric Lord shook his heart. He felt like he was choking. The darkness he thought he already had understood was pushed aside and a deeper concept of darkness took its place, suffocating him. Yeon-woo finally realized: this was the night. ‘It’s the darkness.’ 

I haven’t seen a delicious prey like this in a long while. It’s developing very well.

Yeon-woo heard the Demonism within him talking to himself and momentarily saw an image of him drooling. Yeon-woo forcefully pushed aside his thoughts on darkness and asked the Vampiric Lord a question that had suddenly popped into his mind. “Were you a successor to the Black King?”

“That’s what we wished for, but in the end, we failed. Let’s just say that we became just another wanderer.”

“Then, is the Black King…”

“That’s all. No more questions.” An expression of lonely bitterness flashed on the Vampiric Lord’s face before she behaved arrogantly again. “We, not you, are asking the questions now. You have not yet answered our questions.” She wanted to know if he was the new successor and if he was looking for Akasha’s Snake to find the origin of the Black King’s darkness.

Yeon-woo wasn’t trying to hide what he was doing, so he saw this as a good opportunity to find out more about the Black King since the Vampiric Lord seemed to know a lot about him. He had to get on her good side, and so he nodded. “That’s right.”

“I see. Then…” the Vampiric Lord said as she narrowed her eyes. “How can we be of help to our subject? We were once given the title of queen by those who wandered the night and praised the glory of the Black King. However, that doesn’t mean we were a follower of the Black King. We have no reason to help, but we will listen to what our subject can offer should we sacrifice our plans and assist.”

Yeon-woo did not miss the fact that the Vampiric Lord now addressed him as her subject. She recognized him as the Black King’s successor, meaning she would at least be willing to negotiate. Fortunately, Yeon-woo knew well what the Vampiric Lord wanted. “I can provide help,” Yeon-woo answered confidently.

“What are you willing to help with?” the Vampiric Lord asked with a slight frown, not understanding what Yeon-woo was talking about. Then, for the first time, she grew visibly shaken by the words that followed.

“I will help you find Count Ferenc.” For a brief moment, Yeon-woo felt as though something was sucking up his body. He did not even have time to resist before the Vampiric Lord was firmly holding his neck, choking him.

The Vampiric Lord growled with a twisted face. She seemed to be implying that if he spoke any further, he would face immediate death. Her bloody aura raged like a storm around him.

His shadow realized the danger and tried to move—thud! The black energy that leaked out of the Vampiric Lord took the forms of a dire wolf and giant bat. They pinned down the shadows like stakes forced into the ground. Grr. The animals did not hide their vicious and murderous intent, as if they were ready to destroy the shadows at any moment.

Morgrim and Roost were the creatures she used as though they were her hands during her reign. They possessed the combat power of high rankers and could easily battle anyone of that level. They were on a completely different level from the ones Mary had conjured.

Shanon and Hanryeong, who were struggling to emerge and help their master, knew that the two beasts would be tough opponents, so they prepared themselves.

“How dare the lower ones run wild in the presence of elders?” Mogrim’s and Rust’s howls were clear in their intent. It was as if they were warning the familiars not to intervene in the queen’s plans.


At that moment, two lines appeared behind Yeon-woo and a pair of eyes filled with anger burst open. Do…you…want…to…die…Bath…ory.

“Oh, so it’s you Faust. Did you finally get what you were looking for?” She was referring to Boo’s pursuit of the Demon King Mephistopheles and his choice to serve as the Black King's subject to realize his goal. The Vampiric Lord and Boo had a brief encounter with each other a long time ago.

Faust had been a follower of the Black King and the Vampiric Lord wished to become the successor of the Black King. Although the paths they pursued were somewhat similar, they ended up moving in different directions, so there was no bad blood between them.

However, things had changed. Hundreds of years had passed, and Boo had not yet regained all of his powers, so he was not at the Vampiric Lord’s level. However, his anger was real.

“Faust. It is certainly true that your madness and obsession in seeking out the Black King was commendable, and our empathy for your passion is strong. However, don’t interfere in this situation. There’s also a limit to my patience.”


Boo’s Inferno Sight began to rage and grow larger. Suddenly, Yeon-woo reached out to Boo to show that he was fine. Boo glanced at Yeon-woo and when he saw Yeon-woo shaking his head, he guessed Yeon-woo’s meaning and stepped back quietly. Shanon and Hanryeong also retreated. The Vampiric Lord burst out into laughter.

“Hahaha! Your subordinates listen well. You’ve raised faithful dogs.”

“Please apologize.”


“I can accept your contemptuous words for me, but I cannot accept any mockery of my subordinates.”

“Ha!” Even though she was holding onto his neck and had his fate in her hands, the Vampiric Lord was exasperated by Yeon-woo’s ridiculous reply. However, Yeon-woo continued to stare straight into the Vampiric Lords’ eyes impassively. She could sense his will. He was not going to give in and seemed poised to strike her at any moment.

The Vampiric Lord clucked her tongue and loosened her grip around his neck, realizing that it wasn’t just a show. His consideration and care for his subordinates were characteristics of a true Lord. Indeed, he seemed to really be this generation’s successor of the Black King.

She felt a fleeting sense of envy for a moment that she hadn’t obtained the title herself. Perhaps this was why she felt that his words carried some weight.

“Fine. I apologize,” the Vampiric Lord said as she looked at Yeon-woo’s shadow. The space around Yeon-woo trembled. Boo was surprised. The Vampiric Lord that he remembered was unpredictable, always on the cusp of madness. She was not someone who would easily submit and apologize to anyone. On the other hand, Boo greatly respected Yeon-woo for showing how much he cherished his subordinates. Shanon and Hanryeong were also feeling the same sense of pride in their master.

“But you know that you won’t end up with an apology from me for your actions, right?”

Count Ferenc was the only person the Vampiric Lord had ever loved in her life. He had been her husband and the reason she had fallen from grace.

‘He’s also the reason why she’s wasting decades here. She’s looking for him secretly.’

Lana also looked at Yeon-woo. She never thought that she’d hear her father’s name from his mouth since her father had gone missing a long time ago.

As he observed both mother and daughter, Yeon-woo slowly opened his mouth to speak. He was going to divulge the secret that only he knew.


After he finished speaking, the Vampiric Lord gazed quietly into space with her mouth in a grim line. In the heavy silence, no one dared approach her. Lana looked at her mother with a sad expression.

The Vampiric Lord had never been able to find her husband. After hundreds of years of searching, she learned that he had gone to the Cave of Yaaneck from an unexpected source.

“What evidence do you have that proves he is there?”

“I cannot say for certain that Count Ferenc is there. However, you’ll soon be able to track him.”

“Is that so?” the Vampiric Lord said as she glared at Yeon-woo with sharp eyes. “If what you’re saying is false…”

“I will die at your hands.”

“It won’t end with mere death.”

“I know.”

“So cheeky,” the Vampiric Lord retorted before turning her back to him. Yeon-woo nodded as though her retort and action meant that she agreed. Lana nodded and touched Yeon-woo’s shoulder as if to say that everything had worked out well. Yeon-woo looked at Lana and was about to thank her in return.

It was then that Mary, who was still bound in the shadows, cried out to her Lord, “Us, too! Take us too, my lord!”

The Vampiric Lord glanced over with an annoyed face. “Who are you?”

“My lord…! Do you not remember me? At the time of your rule, Your Majesty called me your left finger!”

“What did you do?” The Vampiric Lord cocked her head thoughtfully as she looked at Mary. Then, as if she recalled something, she smiled. “You’re a Strigoi. You’re the girl from the Blood-Lord Family.”

“Yes, yes, Your Majesty!” The color returned to Mary’s face at the mention of her family’s name. After the vampires fell, her family’s history and achievements had faded into insignificance. However, she was still filled with desire to resurrect it, and that was the reason she’d entered the Daud Brethren in the first place.

Although the Vampiric Lord had pretended to be Ohn and stood at Tarneck’s side, she had no idea about the Daud Brethren’s presence—or perhaps more accurately, she had no interest in them. Moreover, after putting on the Soul Mask, her whole personality changed, and her powers had gone dormant.

“Why is the precious daughter and heir to the Blood-Lord Family in such a dingy place?”

“To revive the family…no, the details of my petty goal isn’t important to Your Majesty. I only plead with you to bless us once more with the grace you once bestowed upon my family and our race.”

“So, you’re asking me to take you to the heart of the cave? Why?”

“Because…” Mary realized that her destiny would be determined by the Vampiric Lord’s response. Since she had overheard their conversation, it was unlikely that Yeon-woo would let her be. Death was the best way to silence someone and erase all traces of their existence. However, if she attached herself to the Vampiric Lord, the outcome would be different.

Not only would she be able to live, but she would even be able to find the Blood Essence. If the Vampiric Lord decided to revive and retrieve her glory, Mary would be able to survive and recover her status, too.

“Me too! Please take me as well, Your Majesty! I’ll give Your Majesty anything, please take me with you as well,” Gylfi quickly cried out as she knelt and begged like a dog. Chemical was also bowing as he realized what was going on.

The Vampiric Lord looked at the three and stroked her chin. “Since I’ve decided to make a move, it will be helpful to have some additional hands.”

The expressions of the three grew clear and bright.

“Don’t you remember the Blood-Lord Family’s contributions and dedication to Your Majesty? I will do whatever Your Majesty asks of me,” Mary continued to say.

“Dark Elves specialize in all kinds of handiwork. We are good at dealing with metal, wood…just leave it to me, Your Majesty,” Gylfi quickly added.

“I am confident in my strength. Please feel free to use me freely,” Chemical added.

A sinister smile appeared on the Vampiric Lord’s face, but the three were so busy bowing that they didn’t see it. “Good. I accept. You’ll do anything, right?”

“That is so…!”






Before the three could even react, the Vampiric Lord made a hook with her right hand and lashed out. Three heads with confused expressions soared into the air as blood splashed violently around them. At the same time, the darkness around them revealed a vicious set of serrated teeth that bit into their heads and made crunching noises as they chewed.

<Bathory’s Vampiric Spirit>

The unique skill was an evolved version of the Vampiric Sword that she had left in the Tutorial. It ravenously ate the heads and the corpses before it disappeared. At the spot where the three had previously knelt, three weak souls appeared and circulated around Morgrim and Roost. The Vampiric Lord’s unique skill of absorbing the bodies and souls of those she consumed was completed.

“There’s nothing more comforting than offering up one’s life, right? Hahaha!” The Vampiric Lord laughed happily as she licked her bloody hands. It felt wonderful to taste blood again after a long time.

Seems like there’s a person with a worse personality disorder than our master… Shanon murmured as he looked at the Vampiric Lord with distaste.

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