Chapter 139: Night Dream

VRMMO: Passing of the Sword

Just as Old Man Sayd was completing his appraisal, Feather tossed the few remaining items and gear out from his dedicated space, while Blue Maple had been taking from Feather’s space before this…

Blue Maple continued dozing napping peacefully, and he didn’t know anything.

Leah and Sayd glanced at each other in surprise, and only just did they realize that there was someone else who existed from the shadows.

So, the handsome boy already has a pet. Yesterday, we received an announcement that someone had attained their third class advancement. So, he’s the one. There’s no wonder that he’s been able to obtain so many powerful gear.

Leah stared at Blue Maple, who was still sleeping, as strange lights flickered in her beautiful eyes.

Feather’s voice suddenly appeared from the void in this moment.

“This bow will only be used in exchange for an item that fuses ice and fire, and it has to be kept a secret.” An extremely cold voice could be heard, and both Leah and Sayd jumped in shock!

“A Spirit Lord’s descendent?!”

Leah immediately blurted in surprise, and she was a little uncertain.

Pets’ ranks were categorized as: Normal (wild monsters), Spirit Monster, Spirit Elemental, Spirit Ancestor, Spirit Lord, Spirit King, and Spirit Sage.

Spirit Lord-tier pets could communicate through their thoughts before reaching Rank 120, and they could transform after reaching Rank 120.

Spirit King-tier pets could communicate through their thoughts before reaching Rank 120, and they could transform after reaching Rank 60.

Spirit Sage-tier pets could transform and speak from birth, except the form they would take before Rank 30 was a little baby, so that was meaningless.

Pets who could speak had to be at least a Spirit Lord-tier pet or better! Spirit Ancestor-tier pets could speak when they reached Rank 60, but Leah believed that the pets now shouldn’t have reached such high ranks.

Pets of all other tiers except normal wild monsters could possibly speak and transform, but that depended on their strength, or rather, their owners’ luck.

There was no response after Leah’s exclamation as Feather didn’t answer.

Feather was very cold like when he communicated, and his character was just as such in reality.

“Ahem… Old Man Sayd, please continue.” Leah could only clear her throat awkwardly as she hurried Old Man Sayd again.

“Oh, oh. Okay…”

Evidently, Old Man Sayd was also shaken. Spirit Ancestor-tier and higher pets were very difficult to obtain after all.

Even though… Blue Maple probably just picked Feather up out of nowhere…


These were all Dark-gold items over Rank 80, and they were mostly heavy armor. There was nothing much to say about their attributes!

There was a particular piece of armor that not even Blue Maple, assuming that he didn’t have any bonuses activated, could cut through if another player had it on! Otherwise, Blue Maple wouldn’t have had to open his seal and use his full strength to get the kill.

Old Man Sayd was full of praise when he started appraising the items towards the end.

The bow that he was appraising radiated with magnificent light!

“Crystal-tier gear!”

Old Man Sayd exclaimed as Leah’s eyes lit up!

They quickly settled down as they realized that Blue Maple’s pet probably wasn’t simple, so a Crystal-tier weapon seemed acceptable.

“This bow will definitely fetch a good price in an auction. Unfortunately… it can only be used for an exchange.”

Old Man Sayd seemed like he couldn’t bear to part with this bow as he caressed the radiating bow, while Leah glanced deeply at Blue Maple.

She seemed to have thought of something…

Blue Maple couldn’t appraise those items to discover their attributes, but he could still tell which items were of better quality.

This bow’s Level requirement was a little high: Level 90!

Judging by how difficult levelling up was right now, somebody reaching Level 90 would probably happen only months later. Right now, Blue Maple was the only player who was at Level 60, while almost three months had gone by since the start of the game.


Blue Maple was also awoken by this exclamation as he wasn’t in a deep sleep in the first place.

“Ah ~”

Blue Maple yawned.

“Are you done appraising?”

Blue Maple pinched his nose bridge between his eyes, but he wasn’t very used to doing this through his glasses.

“Yes. Everything can be auctioned at the same old rate: the house will collect 50% as commission. However, we also have to collect a commission of 50% of this bow’s approximate value if we are to help you exchange it.”

Leah flashed a faint smile at Blue Maple. She didn’t bother winking or flirting as all that would be useless on Blue Maple anyway.

“Alright, I’m leaving.”

Blue Maple got up and left just like that, and he kept the drink that he had sealed on the table with a sweep of his hand.

“Thank you.”

Blue Maple’s tone didn’t sound like he was very thankful for anything at all.

Leah and Old Man Sayd were left exchanging stunned looks as he left the auction…

Blue Maple was standing long the chilly street as cooling winds of spring swayed the corners of his clothes. He wasn’t as sleepy as before anymore.

He looked up at the sky.

“Looks like it’s going to rain tomorrow.”

Blue Maple suddenly said.

“Is there a problem?” Feather asked confusedly.



In the afternoon on the same day in the surrounding cities and two nearby Rank 2 Main Cities, Aika City’s auction was about to begin, while news about Gold-tier items and whatnot started flying everywhere. There was even some Darkgolden items which had higher level requirements, and even a Crystal-tier item!

A Rank 90 Crystal-tier weapon, a longbow, which could only be used to exchange for another item. The item required: an item which could fuse ice and fire!

There was immediately an uproar within the European region, while the Japanese region also found out at the same time.

One hundred gold coins for transportation wasn’t considered expensive anymore, while international cultural penetration has also begun. This was especially so for older guilds who had crossed paths before, they those larger guilds would naturally find about news from the auction.

Furthermore, they would definitely send people to bid in the auction. After all, these guilds had urgent tasks that required gear and items to support.

First, senior members in the guild needed gear to progress in their class advancement quests. This was especially so for quests for hidden classes as they were very difficult.

Secondly, they needed gear to benefit from the guild system. How could they kill Bosses without excellent gear?

Another round of exciting bidding was about to begin. However, Blue Maple didn’t care as much anymore, and he was very relaxed about this as he took Feather to start a SSS-rank quest, and they left to play.

Blue Maple was the only person who could think of accepting a SSS-rank quest so casually. However, probably only SSS-rank quests for normal people could arouse Blue Maple’s interest. He truly found those lower-tier quests completely uninteresting.

Guild members wouldn’t be the only attendees in this auctions and small parties would also participate. For instance…

“Wow, Little Tangerine, there’s a Crystal-tier bow. Let’s go take a look.” Dazed Kitty heard about Aika City’s auction, and she bounced up and down excitedly.

“Kitty, we don’t have any special item that fuses fire and ice.”

Little Tangerine glanced at the prancing Kitty as he said exasperatedly, and he glanced over at Ocean Waves, like he was asking for help.

“Let’s go take a look. It’s a good chance for us to bid for some new gear. What do you think, Rose?” He asked their newest member.

Rose was a European beauty with flowing blonde hair, and she had white and tender skin. She had a very gorgeous figure, with a slim waist and wide hips, while her chest was full and supple.

She was a Ice-type Wizard, and she was called: Ice Rose.

“Little Tangerine” was Grey Leaf, and he was a Thief.

“I have no opinions. It’s a good chance for me to see if there’s any gear for me.” Ice Rose actually wasn’t cold at all. Instead, she was very well-tempered, like a big sister to everyone else. This was especially so in comparison with Dazed Kitty.

“Great! We’re going to the auction tomorrow!” Dazed Kitty continued leaping up and down as she exclaimed chirpily.

The auction was to take place tomorrow, in the morning.

“I’m afraid we can’t make our way there tomorrow. We should go there now.” Ocean Waves frowned as he spoke.

“Ah? Why?” Dazed Kitty looked very confused as she placed a tender finger on her chin. She looked extremely cute.

“These aren’t normal times. Members of large guilds will be fighting to go to the auction. Large guilds won’t be the only ones there as small teams like ours will also want to participate. Therefore, we won’t have a spot unless we head over earlier to reserve a spot.”

Ice Rose explained with a faint smile on her face, and her voice sounded very gentle.

“Then, what are we waiting for? Let’s go! Our destination: the auction!”

Dazed Kitty was like a cute little cat as she dashed away elatedly, like she had no intention to wait for everyone else.

“Hey, wait for us, Kitty!” Grey Leaf immediately hollered at her and followed behind.

“Quick, guys.”

He didn’t forget to urge Ocean Waves and Ice Rose, who still weren’t moving.

“Seems like Kitty is no longer depressed or blaming herself anymore.” Ocean Waves exhaled lightly as he watched Dazed Kitty and his teammates running into the distance.

“Was Dazed Kitty really blaming herself and depressed back then, like you said?” Ice Rose was a little confused as she hadn’t joined this team for long.

“It is about right. Let’s catch up with them, so that Dazed Kitty doesn’t run too far.”



A bright system announcement could be heard in the afternoon.

Ding! Announcement: Player ‘Night Dream’ has completed his third class advancement quest. He’s the second player to successfully finish his third class advancement, so the system will reward him with a Darkgolden weapon. May all other players continue working hard!

Everybody sighed and lamented, as just one day had gone by before another player had successfully completed his third class advancement.

In a battlefield near a border city.

There were corpses of many demon soldiers strewn across the battlefield, while their bodies were cut with sword wounds of different types as black blood flowed across the barren ground. There was even a Rank 90 Demon General!

The Demon General’s head was lowered, and his body was in a kneeling position supported by a spear through his chest against the ground, so his body didn’t fall.

The dropped gear and items were all tainted with black blood and mixed with mud and dirt. Everything was extremely disgusting and uncomfortable.

A dense smell of nauseating blood permeated the air as a youth clad in battered armor stood amid all the black demon blood. He appeared exceptionally valiant as he stood among the wreckage and before Demon General.

There were sinister-looking gaps and broken edges on his blade, and it looked like it was going to break apart if it was used again!

Black blood gradually flowed down his blade and splattered onto the barren ground.

This youth could be considered extremely attractive, and not even the dirt and blood on his face could mask his handsome appearance. His features were exquisite, and his beauty was so insurmountable that people would wonder how such a beautiful man could exist in this world!

He was standing among the many corpses, while his aura was unparalleled, like he dominated the entire world!

This youth had a very confident smile on his face.

“This quest was very difficult. I might not have had a chance to complete it if it hadn’t been for my master’s scroll bonus.”

Those were his words, but he still had a confident smile on his face, and there wasn’t a single sign of trauma.

“I wonder how Snow is doing. She’s still not looking for a hidden class. Levelling up with normal classes is very troublesome.”

Night Dream felt a little exasperated.

This youth was the player who had just completed this third class advancement: Night Dream!

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