Chapter 141: Another Fateful Encounter

VRMMO: Passing of the Sword


The spring rain was still pattering and didn’t look like it was going to stop today.

Afternoon had arrived, and the auction relied on bundle sales to end the long auction before it was scheduled to end. The Crystal-tier bow didn’t have any bidders in the end.

Nobody could bid an item which could fuse ice and fire of equal value. The auction would temporarily hold onto the bow, so that anybody who had such an item could come forward to exchange for it.

After all, not many people collected items which could fuse ice and fire. Rather, it couldn’t be found anywhere. Blue Maple had to wander around in Elven Forest for a long time before he could find one that he could barely use.

Every guild had a good harvest, especially so for the Deities Guild, who had just accepted to formidable players…

On the other hand…

“Wow, wow! That Crystal-tier bow has such great attributes! If I can have that bow when I’m Level 90….” Dazed Kitty’s eyes were sparkling as she exclaimed excitedly.

She had been chittering and chattering ever since she saw that bow, and the only thing she wanted to do was to grab that bow and run away.

“You can’t even use it even if you have it.” Grey Leaf chimed in with a dampening comment.

“Eh? Why, Little Tangerine?” Dazed Kitty looked very confused as she placed her small finger on her chin once more.

Grey Leaf glanced at Dazed Kitty seriously before he spoke with a serious look on his face.

“Because… the bow is too large.”

Everyone was momentarily stunned.

“Too large?”

Dazed Kitty followed Grey Leaf’s eyes and looked at herself, and then she imagined how big the bow was…

Dazed Kitty was very charming and enchantingly cute, but she also had a very glaring blemish…

She was too short…

Their companions immediately tried their best to control their laughter, and even Ice Rose had to cover her mouth.

“Little! Tangerine!”

Dazed Kitty finally recovered as she glared at Little Tangerine, and she looked like a furious little tiger.

“Shit! Run!”

Grey Leaf realized that he was in trouble as he immediately bolted away!

“Stop right there! I will tear out your mouth!”

Dazed Kitty chased behind him with her arms flailing, and her companions couldn’t control themselves anymore.

“Hahaha! Kitty is too short, hahaha…”

Dazed Kitty couldn’t restrain herself anymore either as she heard the laughter from behind her, and she began to run even faster.

“Stop right there!”

“No way!”



The rain seemed to get a little heavier.

“Plop, plop, plop…”

Hurried footsteps over the moist and slippery ground splashed some water out.

Everyone had already eaten their late lunch as they carried their newly obtained gear towards their quest’s destination in preparation to train.

Grey Leaf’s had two red marks around the corners of his mouth, and they hadn’t receded yet. Dazed Kitty had gifted those to him after catching him as she brutally tore his mouth, while Witty Doctor gave him a quick fix.

There were eight of them in the party: Dazed Kitty, Ocean Waves, Ice Rose, Grey Leaf, Witty Doctor, Magic Sword Envoy, and two more. One of them was a Fire Wizard, who was named Distance, and the other was a Shield Warrior, known as Contract Guardian.

Their team was could be considered quite complete. If they had a Tactician and a Summoner, their team would even more perfect.

“Do you really not want a raincoat, Kitty?” Ice Rose asked in a gentle voice.

They bought some raincoats along the way, but Ice Rose was the only person who actually put one on, while everyone else didn’t.

“Wearing a raincoat will affect my movement, sister Rose. I am an Archer, so I have to keep nocking arrows and shooting while moving around at the same time. A raincoat will be very inconvenient.” Dazed Kitty was speaking the truth.

The men just braved the rain as they wouldn’t fall sick in the game after all.

“Yes, yes. Kitty doesn’t need one. Let’s go, so that we can avoid coming back when the sky’s gone dark.” Ice Rose replied exasperatedly.

“Let’s go.”

Ocean Waves walked ahead after he spoke.



Dazed Kitty suddenly called to everyone to stop as they all stopped moving, and everyone became vigilant.

Everyone grabbed their weapons and prepared for battle. Dazed Kitty was an Archer, which was the best class for detection and counterintelligence!

Right in this moment, a set of gradual footsteps could be heard.

“Plod, plod, plod…”

Everyone’s eyes followed the sound of these footsteps as a sinister figure appeared!

This person was in stealth mode, so rain fell upon him like transparent glass, albeit a human-shaped one. Tiny drops of water splashed out as this person stepped across the wet ground. He didn’t try to hide the fact that he was invisible as he just walked along the path brazenly.

He was strolling towards everyone, and he seemed like he was about to walk right past them.

“Wew ~ He’s not an enemy. He should be just passing by.” Ocean Waves immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

After all, who would try to ambush in such a brazen way? Furthermore, he was by himself, and their small team was still one that was well-equipped after all.

“Forget about him. Let’s hurry along. He should just be some reclusive Thief.” Contract Guardian said calmly as players like that were quite commonplace.

“Hmph! I hate Thieves hide in the shadows. Why can’t they just show themselves?” Dazed Kitty pouted as she spoke unhappily.

She hated those fellows who were always sneaking around. They couldn’t compare to Grey Leaf, as those guys were always involved in shady business.

The invisible man disregarded Dazed Kitty’s words as he continued along his path. He was just about to cross paths with them, and he didn’t seem like he was looking for trouble.

Dazed Kitty watched the him disregard her, and she immediately grew furious.

“Hey! I’m talking to you. Did you hear me?”

Ocean Waves and the others felt their hearts skip a beat when they heard her because Dazed Kitty was very rude. The invisible man was just passing through, and he had no ill intentions at all.

The invisible man immediately stopped. He seemed to glance at Dazed Kitty before his gaze immediately shifted to Ice Rose, and he almost seemed like he was momentarily stunned.

However, his head quickly snapped back around and continued along his path. They were all travelling parallel to each other.

This man’s action immediately enraged Dazed Kitty.

“He’s disregarding me?”

Ocean Waves could tell that something was wrong, but he was too late to stop her! Dazed Kitty had already released a small air arrow!

“Don’t be unruly, Kitty!”


Dazed Kitty was taken aback by Ocean Waves’ words, but it was too late. The air arrow was like a tiny hidden weapon that fired quickly at the invisible man.

Right in this moment!


A dash of blue light flashed by the invisible man and knocked the arrow away, then he showed himself.

Everyone was a little surprised. Ice Rose felt a little uncomfortable, and she could feel that there was some kind of power suppressing her.

This man had dark blue hair as a long fringe covered half of his face. His white cloak was a little moist from the rain as it hung down softly. He was also wearing a pair of strange-looking glasses, and no information could be seen at all.

What a strange player. Have we met before? Ocean Waves wondered in his mind.

Dazed Kitty and the others were on this man’s left. They couldn’t see his appearance very clearly, and they couldn’t tell at first sight that this man was Blue Maple!

“Sorry, my companion is being rude. I’m sorry, my friend.” Ocean Waves said very sincerely. He stepped out of formation like a gentleman and bowed slightly to express his apologies to Blue Maple before he quickly pulled Dazed Kitty next to himself.

Dazed Kitty also lowered her head, looking like she was apologetic. She had also recovered at this point and realized that she had caused trouble again.

Blue Maple didn’t move from his spot. However, he didn’t answer immediately, which made everyone a little confused.

“You haven’t changed.” Blue Maple’s cold voice could be heard, and nobody could tell what emotions he was expressing.

But Dazed Kitty’s pupils immediately contracted!


This voice was like a thunderclap from the heavens in Dazed Kitty’s ears, and she froze like she had just been struck by lightning!

Ocean Waves and the others were all stunned, and they weren’t even able to react. Ice Rose was even more confused as she didn’t understand what was going on.

Dazed Kitty gradually lifted her head as Blue Maple also slowly turned his head around to look at her.

Blue Maple’s blue eyes seemed exceptionally cold beneath his glasses.

In that moment!

Everybody, except for Ice Rose, all froze like they had been struck by lightning!

Dazed Kitty stared at Blue Maple blankly. Emotions such as fear, anger, and self-blame… immediately surged through her mind like a nightmare that was echoing through her ears.


“Sometimes, will only hurt you, and will hurt…”

“The people around you.”


Her eyes contracted vigorously as her body couldn’t stop trembling!


That episode was the only time in their game that they had died, and her companions’ corpses were all lined up next to her while there was nothing she could do…

She could only watch fearfully as Blue Maple’s cold blade slit her throat!

Dazed Kitty was a spoilt young girl who had never been through war before, who had been living in a peaceful city which didn’t see the flames of war. She was also very kind girl, and this wasn’t something that she could take!

This was just a game, but she still couldn’t bear to watch her companions fall next to her with blood pouring down their bodies. She couldn’t stand the fear she felt when Blue Maple’s cold blade was pressed against her neck!

What she absolutely couldn’t accept was that everything had happened because of her!

She couldn’t let go of her own mistake, even if all that only resulted in a minor problem like causing her to drop one level…

And that moment when death came for them all was a horrifying one…


Blue Maple gradually took off his glasses. Bright light flowed through his eyes, and they were profound yet enchanting at the same time, with a hidden tinge of murderousness.

Blue Maple was like a devil from the deep who had been unleashed, instilling fear in all men’s hearts!

Dazed Kitty was still stunned and rooted to the spot. She had already forgotten how to resist and to dodge as the person that she resented the most was right in front of her!

“Everyone, back off!”

Ocean Waves hollered loudly to remind everyone there!

Ocean Waves grabbed Dazed Kitty as he spoke and retreated as quickly as he could! But that was too late!


Heavenly Fire Eye Beam!


Dazed Kitty only realized what had happened, but she reached out helplessly with one hand as she shouted as loudly as she could!

But everything was futile…

Two fiery beams of light blasted out from Blue Maple’s two dark blue eyes, and they went for the only Priest in the team: Witty Doctor!


An instant kill!!

Blue Maple’s Goblin Glasses’ 50% attack bonus in addition to his Heavenly Fire Eye Beam’s 200% attack bonus immediately murdered this soft Priest, who hadn’t completed this third class advancement yet!

The Priest wouldn’t have been able to take Blue Maple’s strike even if he had completed his third class advancement! Witty Doctor’s 800 physical defence couldn’t possibly survive Blue Maple’s attack, which had dealt more than 10,000 damage!

“How is that possible!!”

Everyone was shaken at their very cores, as the frightening damage points struck their hearts like a heavy hammer!

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