Chapter 1243: Becoming An Archaean! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

When a celestial became an archaean, his or her Daoseed would bloom, sending roots out into every corner of the body, and producing a flower of Dao Will!

When the Daoseed disappeared, that was the moment of becoming an archaean expert. With boundless Dao Will, all it took was a thought to unleash divine abilities and magical techniques. Although Dao Will did not make one eternally indestructible, nor did it grant eternal life, to some extent it was like transcending, becoming a truly supernatural entity.

For example, a mere look from the Vile-Emperor could cause ordinary celestials to tremble in their boots. And all the Saint-Emperor had to do was unleash a bit of pressure, and wild colors would flash in heaven and earth. Were it not for Bai Xiaochun’s shockingly powerful fleshly body, and its union with his cultivation base, as well as his Archaean Luminescence, he would never have had the requisite battle prowess to fight archaeans.

The reason why archaeans could resurrect fallen celestials who served them also had to do with Dao Will. Upon receiving the portion of a celestial's Daoseed, the archaean would use Dao Will to brand it with an undying mark. If the celestial died, the archaean could then use Dao Will to activate the innate regenerative capabilities that existed within Daoseeds, but were beyond the control of celestials. Then, the Daoseed could form a new soul and body!

The abilities of archaeans to do such things were why imperial dynasties could stand the test of time!

As Bai Xiaochun sat there cross-legged, his Daoseed shone with dazzling light. It had already been years since the seed sent roots throughout his whole body, but it had never been able to bloom into a flower of Dao Will. Now that he had the qi flow of the Immortal World, the resulting reaction was akin to throwing some cold water into a vat of boiling oil!

Rumbling sounds filled him as all of the roots the Daoseed had sent out began to shine brightly.

If anyone could have seen him at that point, it would look like he was filled with innumerable, brightly shining veins. At the same time, his aura was rising higher and higher.

The ruins of the Immortal World began to tremble, and countless motes of dust began to rise up, and then slowly drift toward Bai Xiaochun.

As they swirled around him like a vortex, the sensation of a breakthrough grew even more intense. At the same time, the void vibrated, and more dust swirled in his direction.

Soon, he was surrounded by a vortex fully 300,000 meters from end to end, completely shocking and majestic in appearance.

Boundless light shone up from him as he sat there on the treasured fan. Off to the side, Bai Xiaochi knew that he had reached a critical juncture, and immediately sent out some divine sense as he stood as a Dharma protector.

Time passed. The light grew more intense, and the screaming vortex grew to a size of 3,000,000 meters, and even bigger….

That vortex seemed to contain power to shake all of the void, and that power was only growing stronger. Time seemed to slow. When celestials became archaeans, each one was different. Some could succeed quickly, others took time, the primary factors being one's level of strength, and the approval of the world.

Bai Xiaochun was already far beyond the Celestial Realm in terms of strength, and had the approval of the Immortal World in the form of some of its qi flow. Therefore, the process went relatively quickly for him.

In fact, Bai Xiaochun’s level within the Celestial Realm could only be described as heaven-defying. That much was evident from the vortex around him, which was a manifestation of the battle prowess of his cultivation base.

As the vortex spun with utter madness, it soon reached a size of 9,000,000 meters. And it didn’t stop there. Next was 15,000,000 meters! Not only was the size itself shocking, so was its speed of expansion.

In the end, it reached 30,000,000 meters, where it finally seemed to find an equilibrium. Because there was no other person to compare to, it was impossible to truly see how shocking that was.

For example, back in the Eternal Immortal Domains, vortexes greater than a few hundreds of thousands of meters had never been seen.

Even in the days of the Immortal World, it would be extremely rare. The Worldly Daoist, Immortal Imperator, had a vortex of 21,000,000 meters. And the only person who could rival Bai Xiaochun was the heaven-defying… Mortal Renegade, Devil Imperator!!

Time passed. The vortex lasted for three years, shaking all of the ruins of the Immortal World, even locations very far away. During the entire time, Bai Xiaochun wasn't affected at all by the screaming winds. And he shone so brightly that it wasn’t possible to even make out his body. He was like the only shining star in the void!

Then, a voice spoke out into the ruins of the Immortal World, a voice that rumbled like thunder, but at the same time, was little more than a murmur!

“The Archaean Realm!”

The 30,000,000-meter vortex exploded with intensity, screaming and howling in a way that shook even the most remote areas of the Immortal World, until all of it was affected!

It was a monumental and shocking scene!

The void itself trembled as the vortex which covered the Immortal World gradually took the shape of a flower, blooming right there within the void!!

It was illusory, but clearly visible. Next, all of the rubble and dust that existed in the Immortal World began to vibrate as the illusory image shrank down, rapidly forming into a corporeal flower.

For the first time in three years, the treasured fan finally became visible there in the middle of the Immortal World, along with the flower… that was Bai Xiaochun’s Dao Will!!

If any person could have been there to observe what was happening, they would have been profoundly shocked!

The flower continued to shrink for the time it takes an incense stick to burn. Then, Bai Xiaochun took a deep breath, and the flower collapsed into strands of mist that entered his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

Cracking sounds echoed out as his hair grew longer, and his skin more fair, leaving him looking even younger than he had before.

He was almost like a teenager now, and yet, when he opened his eyes, they were profoundly abstruse….

“The Archaean Realm….” he whispered again. He had assumed that some sort of tribulation would come, and it would have if he had been in the Eternal Immortal Domains. But now he realized that, because he was in the Immortal World, and had absorbed the last of its qi flow, he had become something like its protector, and therefore, no tribulation came.

He slowly rose to his feet, his aura causing the void to distort around him!

Off to the side, Bai Xiaochi shivered. Looking at Bai Xiaochun, and his surging energy, Bai Xiaochi almost felt like he was looking at his previous master!

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