Chapter 1244: The Worldly Daoist’s Tenacious Focus Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

As Bai Xiaochun stood there, his hair long, his skin fair, he looked almost the same as he had back when he first joined the Spirit Stream Sect.

But his aura would cause any cultivator who was not an archaean to tremble. Even other archaeans would be able to tell that, although he looked slim and fair, a terrifying power pulsed inside of him!

It wasn’t fleshly body power, it was cultivation base power. He was now filled with countless strands of Dao Will, and as for his sea of consciousness, it no longer contained a Daoseed, but rather… a flower of Dao Will!

The changes to his cultivation base felt strange. However, he could already tell that his fleshly body had now fallen behind the power of his cultivation base.

“The next thing I need to do is figure out how to get an archaean-level fleshly body….” It was only at this point that a certain level of excitement appeared in his heart, which was actually strange. He knew that he was the type of person who was usually excited to have achieved a breakthrough, but this time, he was very calm. At first, he hadn’t felt any emotions at all.

“It must be the influence of the Worldly Daoist, Immortal Imperator….” With each moment that passed, he felt that excitement growing, until finally, he threw his head back and laughed uproariously.

“I'm an archaean!! You just wait, Vile-Emperor! After I get back, I’ll show you a thing or two!” Off to the side, Bai Xiaochi stood there, blinking. Moments ago, the solemn figure standing in front of him had reminded him of his former master, and had filled his heart with reverence. However, that mood was instantly broken by Bai Xiaochun’s laughter. At that point, Bai Xiaochi sighed.

Still laughing, Bai Xiaochun sent his divine sense out to the fan face, summoning his two archaean slaves.

Now, it was much easier to summon and control them. Furthermore, they could exist outside of the treasured fan for much longer.

In fact, he could sense that he now had the power and authority to take his archaean slaves with him to the Eternal Immortal Domains.

Although they couldn’t stay there for long, perhaps a few days at most, that was still a significant improvement.

“With two archaean slaves at my side, who in the Eternal Immortal Domains would dare to look at me the wrong way!?” He was so excited that he almost felt like jumping up and down. Sending some more divine sense out, he made contact with the boat in the fan face, and then waved his finger!

Rumbling sounds then echoed out as the boat flew out of the fan and into the void, moving far faster than the fan ever could!

At that point, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes went wide. He could tell that, although the boat looked ordinary in nature, it was actually a sovereign-level precious treasure!

With the two archaean slaves on the boat, it would be dramatically fast, and also have incredible battle prowess!

“With this boat in my possession, and the fan as the core of my power, I am definitely a force to be reckoned with!” Still bubbling with excitement, he turned his attention to the river in the fan face. Waving his hand, he attempted to summon it, only to find that nothing happened, except that a few waves rolled out across its surface.

Bai Xiaochi cleared his throat. “Milord… that river can only be used by someone with a sovereign cultivation base….”

Not willing to give in that easily, Bai Xiaochun tried over and over again, only to fail every time. However, he could already sense that, if he could summon that river, then if he had to fight the Vile-Emperor again, he could easily kill him!

“A sovereign-level divine ability!” Next, he looked over at the mountain that the Daoist Tower of Life and Death stood atop, but before he could even try to reach out and control it, Bai Xiaochi once again spoke up.

“It’s the same with the mountain.”

Bai Xiaochun hesitated, then focused specifically on the tower.

“It's the same with the tower,” Bai Xiaochi said quietly.

“Shut up!” Bai Xiaochun snapped, glaring at him. His mood was already being ruined thanks to the spirit automaton. Snorting coldly, he put the boat away and then went back to the main surface of the fan. As he looked out at the ruins of the Immortal World, he mused that if he encountered that old ghost woman again, he would probably be able to crush her.

What happened next was even stranger. As soon as he thought about the old ghost woman, he suddenly felt his emotions stirring. All of a sudden, he realized that if she actually did show up, he would have the impulse to rush over and hug her.

“This is crazy! I can handle being less excited, and I can handle feeling like a relative of the Mortal Renegade. But why do I have feelings for that old ghost woman?! Heavens! This won’t do at all!”

He was so terrified that the blood drained from his face. The mere thought of what might happen if the old ghost woman showed up and he couldn’t control himself caused him to tremble, and even break out in a sweat.

“Listen here, Mr. Worldly Daoist. Don’t screw me over. I'm… I'm not you!” By now, his excitement had completely vanished, and he actually felt a bit like crying.

Scowling on the verge of tears, he sat down and sent the fan flying away, scanning the surrounding area for any signs of the old ghost woman.

However, after flying along with the fan for only a short time, and before he could even leave the ruins of the Immortal World, his expression flickered as he looked down at a certain area below!

It wasn’t the old ghost woman, but rather… something else that was now familiar. There in the ruins of the Immortal World, he saw a valley filled with black clouds!!

The land surrounding that valley hadn’t been damaged at all during the destruction of the world around it, and as such, looked exactly the same as when Bai Xiaochun had seen it in the Worldly Daoist’s memories!

It was the same place where the Mortal Renegade had parted ways with his brother!

The Mortal Renegade had changed dramatically because of that valley, and when he emerged, he began his quest to eradicate the starry sky!

All of a sudden, Bai Xiaochun felt unprecedentedly serious. Looking at the clouds in the valley, he suddenly felt a profound sensation of danger. At the same time, memories that once belonged to the Worldly Daoist stirred in his mind.

He remembered that the Worldly Daoist had thought of going into the valley to search for an explanation for why the Mortal Renegade had changed so much. At the time, he had already become a sovereign, and yet, had been unable to find the valley!

It was as if the valley had disappeared! No matter how the Worldly Daoist searched, he couldn’t find it. It was almost as if it had died….

But now, years later, after all that remained of the Immortal World was ruins, the valley appeared right in Bai Xiaochun’s presence! Considering Bai Xiaochun’s personality, it didn’t matter that he was now an archaean, he would never step into that valley. He would simply turn and leave.

And yet, even as he looked away and prepared to send the fan away, his expression flickered. Then, he slowly walked off of the fan and headed toward the valley, his body seemingly not under his own control!

At the same time, powerful emotions surged within him!

The emotions turned into a tenacious focus, something that didn’t belong to Bai Xiaochun. Instead, it came from the memories of the Worldly Daoist, Immortal Imperator. It was like a form of madness that forced Bai Xiaochun to enter that valley, and search for the truths that the Worldly Daoist had been unable to discover for himself in years past!

Bai Xiaochun howled, his eyes turning bloodshot as he struggled against the effects. It was like there were two consciousnesses in his head, and the side controlled by the tenacious focus of the Worldly Daoist was willing to do anything to unlock the secrets of the valley!

Even as the struggle continued, Bai Xiaochun walked onward. After all, this was the will of a sovereign that he was contending with. To the Worldly Daoist, the valley was simply too important. Soon, that will began to burn as if with fire, affecting Bai Xiaochun to the point where he shivered and stopped in place.

After a few breaths of time passed, he looked up. In that moment, an aura erupted out of him that was very different from Bai Xiaochun’s!

The ruins of the Immortal World began to quake, almost as if they wished to prostrate themselves to Bai Xiaochun! At the same time, Bai Xiaochi trembled and cried, “Milord!!”

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