Chapter 1265: Sovereign Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

Bai Xiaochun could not see what was happening in the outside world, nor was he interested in it at the moment. His fight with the Arch-Ancestor had left him completely exhausted, but thankfully, his powers of regeneration were already at work.

On the upside, he had conserved a lot of cultivation base power, just in case he needed it to complete the repair of the sealing strip.

“The Arch-Ancestor must have put the sixth volume of the Undying Codex into my five yin organs!” he thought. As he sped along, he confirmed that five colorful motes of light were there inside of him.

They felt warm, but other than that, didn’t seem very special. Unfortunately, there was no time to think about the matter right now.

The final leg of the journey turned out to be a lot different than Bai Xiaochun had assumed it would be. No shadowy specters appeared. It was almost as if they were incapable of forming in this location.

However, that didn’t make him feel any less uneasy. He still had the feeling that he would face some spectacularly powerful enemy within the Mortal Renegade’s dantian region.

It was a feeling that came from being an archaean, and because of that nervousness, he actually slowed down a bit until a good portion of his fleshly body power had recovered. But as he was aware that long delays usually lead to trouble, he finally sped up.

Outside, the people in the Eternal Immortal Domains could see the light that represented Bai Xiaochun reaching the dantian region. As for Bai Xiaochun, all he saw was an enormous void!

It looked almost like an ocean of darkness, or a pitch-black sky. It was boundless, and endless, and Bai Xiaochun could instantly tell that all he had to do was enter that void, and the bloodline sealing strip would be completely repaired, from the spot on the Mortal Renegade’s forehead, all the way to his dantian region.

However… even as he was thinking of doing just that, he suddenly heard a voice speaking to him, almost like a sigh from the most ancient of times!

Along with the sigh came a burst of power that created something like a barrier, preventing Bai Xiaochun from entering the void.

Expression flickering, he tried to use his Undying Hex, only to find that it didn’t pierce through the barrier. This was the first time that the Undying Hex had ever failed to penetrate a restrictive spell!

After smashing into the barrier, he bounced back, his heart pounding. Moments later, he realized that a figure had appeared off in the distance.

It was a man, sitting cross-legged with his back to Bai Xiaochun. He wore imperial robes, and an imperial crown, and had a profound, unfathomable cultivation base. Just looking at him sent pain deep into the recesses of Bai Xiaochun’s mind, and caused his heart to start pounding.

The truth was… that he had already guessed that he might face another foe here, and had even speculated as to who it might be. Unfortunately, that person was someone he absolutely did not want to encounter.

It was with a very unsightly expression that he watched the person slowly turn to look at him, revealing a handsome, righteous face that radiated the demeanor of a transcendent being!

He looked threatening without being angry, and seemed capable of watching the earth be destroyed and the heavens crushed, and yet not reacting at all. He was none other than…

“Worldly Daoist, Immortal Imperator….” Bai Xiaochun said slowly, almost painfully. Inside, he sighed, completely aware that he couldn’t defeat an opponent like this. There was just no way he was a match for the Worldly Daoist.

However, there was still a bit of hope in his heart. After all, the previous opponents he had faced were all much weaker than they had been in life. Furthermore, he wanted to see if some of the Worldly Daoist’s consciousness remained behind to communicate with.

Before he could speak, the Worldly Daoist’s eyes glittered, and he waved his right index finger at Bai Xiaochun. Instantly, a beam of white light shot through the air toward him.

“Archaean Luminescence!!” Bai Xiaochun blurted, blurring into motion as he fell back. A moment later, the spot that he had just occupied was destroyed by the Archaean Luminescence!

“Don’t tell me Archaean Luminescence isn’t actually a magic from the Go board in the treasured fan? Was it actually placed there by the Worldly Daoist? If so, then it should actually be called… Sovereign Luminescence, right?” Although he had glimpsed some of the Worldly Daoist’s memories, he hadn’t gained any information about the divine abilities and magical techniques he had used. Based on what he was seeing, it seemed like some of his speculations about the treasured fan were wrong.

Even as he flew backward, the Worldly Daoist waved his hand, sending more deadly shots of Archaean Luminescence shooting toward him. Each beam seemed to radiate danger, forcing him to dodge left and right to avoid them. As of this moment, he was now experiencing the same frustration that the imposter Vile-Emperor had experienced when fighting him.

There were just too many beams of Archaean Luminescence. They seemed without end, as if the Worldly Daoist could summon as many as he wanted, creating a destructive rain that could abolish anything in its path.

The only thing Bai Xiaochun could do was flee. However, after a moment, he shouted, “Archaean Luminescence? So what?!” 

Slapping his bag of holding, he summoned some tongues of multi-colored flame. Twenty colors. Twenty-one. Twenty-two… all the way to twenty-seven-colored flame!

These were leftovers from when he had been working on thirty-colored flame. It was without hesitation that he threw them out, creating a massive conflagration, a huge sea of flames that managed to whittle away at the Archaean Luminescence.

When he saw that happening, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“So, it’s just like I thought. He is a lot weaker…. Seems like I might be able to win this fight after all!” Convinced that he was right, he was just preparing to make his move when the Worldly Daoist’s eyes flickered, and he pushed out with his left palm. Instantly, his hand turned semi-transparent, as though it were made from water. Then, it began to spew countless water droplets.

The water droplets rapidly transformed into a river, which swept back and forth like a gigantic dragon!

Each drop of water thrummed with incredible power, and radiated immense pressure in the area.

And there was more to it! A frigid qi also erupted out, suppressing the sea of multi-colored flame, to the point where more than half of it was completely snuffed out!

At that point, another round of Archaean Luminescence was unleashed!

Bai Xiaochun was yet again forced to retreat, chuckling bitterly at the sight of the raging river. As of this moment, he could tell that this was the same river that currently existed in the face of the treasured fan, further confirming his previous speculations. Eyes shining with determination, he waved his hand, unleashing the fourth of his major divine abilities, Gravitational Extermination!

The waters of the river immediately sank down, and time slowed, reducing the flow of the river.

Bai Xiaochun knew that his Gravitational Extermination was an Essence magic, and that it would definitely come up short if matched against the Worldly Daoist. Even if the foe he faced didn’t have the true battle prowess of the Worldly Daoist, it was still enough to crush him. Therefore, it was without any further hesitation that he launched himself at the Worldly Daoist!

“You've been sitting there this whole time. And if I'm close enough to you, it won’t be easy to use Archaean Luminescence. It’s time… for close-quarters fighting!” Gritting his teeth, he closed in, only to see that the Worldly Daoist had frowned slightly. Waving his right hand, the Worldly Daoist summoned… a mountain!

“A mountain of Dao Essence!!” Although Bai Xiaochun had been prepared for this, it was still shocking to see the very same mountain peak that housed the Dao Essence of Life and Death in the fan face!

“So, Worldly Daoist, you took all of your divine abilities and put them in that fan, didn’t you?” With every moment that passed, Bai Xiaochun’s frustration grew. After all, were it not for the fact that it wasn’t possible, he would summon the fan and use it to fight the Worldly Daoist.

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