Chapter 1266: Dantian Region Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

When Bai Xiaochun saw the mountain of Dao Essence preparing to crush him out of existence, he decided to throw caution to the wind. Even though his fleshly body power had not yet fully recovered, he unhesitatingly unleashed every bit of it he could muster.

His right hand clenched into a fist, and he unleashed his Undying Sovereign’s Fist. The shadowy figure behind him connected to him, and a massive fist strike slammed into the enormous mountain of Dao Essence!

A deafening boom echoed out as the mighty mountain shivered, cracks spreading out across its surface from the point of impact.

However, Bai Xiaochun did not come out unharmed. He coughed up four successive mouthfuls of blood, and his right arm was twisted at an odd angle as he was sent flying backward like a kite with its string cut. Even this weakened version of the Worldly Daoist was still a sovereign, and was matchlessly powerful.

In the end, though, Bai Xiaochun’s attack was so powerful that the mountain of Dao Essence eventually crumbled under the force of the blow….

And yet, even as the mountain collapsed, a tower flew out from the rubble, a tower filled with black and white mist, that pulsed with the Dao Essence fluctuations of life and death. Bai Xiaochun’s pupils constricted, aware that those streams of mist were the Worldly Daoist’s Essence of life and death.

“Waterswamp!!” he shouted, not holding anything back as he threw all of his cultivation base power into the divine ability.

Even as his words echoed out, the area around him filled with water vapor, which spread out rapidly to create a huge swamp.

The mist that was the Essence of life and death was contained within the swamp, and seemed to react to it, and even the Worldly Daoist’s eyes flickered with a strange light as he looked over at Bai Xiaochun.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaochun uttered the final word of the technique.


A beastly roar echoed out from the swamp, ferocious and threatening to an indescribable degree. Even the barrier behind the Worldly Daoist began to twist and distort in response to it.

Mountain-like spikes began to rise out of the swamp, followed by a huge landmass. Within moments, it became a scaled, clawed hand, dripping with black fluid, which first reached up, then slammed down onto the ground!

Things weren’t over yet! Another clawed hand appeared, which also rose high up and then slammed down onto the ground, opposite the other hand.

Bai Xiaochun was located behind the two clawed hands. From his perspective, there appeared to be something missing from the Waterswamp Kingdom, right in the middle. And it was from that location that, all of a sudden, he heard the roar of his life essence spirit, which was apparently struggling to crawl out into the open.

It had been waiting for this day for a long time, and as its two hands struggled to pull its snout out into the open, the land around it quaked.

However, that was when the strange light in the Worldly Daoist’s eyes grew even more intense. Quickly performing an incantation gesture, he caused the Essence of life and death to form two swords, one black, one white, which subsequently slashed toward the two clawed hands.

The black sword which represented death stabbed into one of the hands, causing it to wither rapidly, as though it were dying. As for the white sword which represented life, it was shoving so much life force into the hand that the hand seemed incapable of accepting it, and was about to explode!

The power of the two swords brought intense pain, as well as a roar of unprecedented rage from Bai Xiaochun’s life essence spirit, which was just about to appear in the open.

Then, in a scene which Bai Xiaochun would never be able to forget, the lands began to crumble as an incomparably large head burst out into the open, a head so large that the world of the energy passageway didn’t seem capable of containing it!

It looked like a dragon, and also like a turtle. It was pitch black, its gaping maw filled with mountain-like fangs that made it resemble a crocodile. Unleashing a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering roar, it reached down and gobbled up the two swords!

The Essence swords were incapable of evading, and were swallowed up. Then, the head of the enormous life essence spirit lunged forward and crashed into the barrier protecting the dantian region.

Everything shook violently, and began to crack and crumble, even the barrier! In fact, a huge opening had been punched into it!

However, the impact was too much for the life essence spirit to bear. Letting out an agonized shriek, it shrank back, disappearing into the swamp, which then faded away of its own accord.

It all happened too quickly, leaving Bai Xiaochun standing there with wide eyes. Although he couldn’t be sure, it almost seemed like his life essence spirit had been too eager to attack, and in its rashness had killed itself accidentally….

“Wait. Is it a crocodile?” However, there was no time for him to sit around thinking about his life essence spirit. Blurring into motion, he shot toward the hole that had opened up in the barrier, and prepared to enter the dantian region.

Before he could reach it, though, the Worldly Daoist suddenly blurred into nothing, then reappeared right in front of him. Reaching out with his right hand, he calmly said, “You shall not pass!”

“Like hell I won’t!!” Bai Xiaochun roared. He had no disrespect for the Worldly Daoist. He just knew that the person in front of him wasn’t really the Worldly Daoist. Furthermore, he was in a big rush. Anger flaring, he called upon an archaean-level magic of which he had gained enlightenment after gaining the qi flow of the Immortal World!

“Immortal World!!” he shouted. In the blink of an eye, his cultivation base power was almost completely depleted. At the same time, he drew upon the qi flow of the Immortal World to fuel a magical technique that… summoned an illusory version of the ruins of the Immortal World!!

They were enormous, and at the same time, profoundly ancient. The aura of the Immortal World was clearly present, and without even a pause, it crushed down on the Worldly Daoist!!

The area around the Worldly Daoist began to sink down as the ruins acted like sand, burying him and binding him in place!

For the first time, the Worldly Daoist’s expression flickered. As he looked around at the ruins of the Immortal World which were burying him, his eyes went blank. And it was in that moment of blankness that Bai Xiaochun used the last bit of energy he had… to enter the dantian region!!

As he did, the bloodline power within him surged, creating a dazzling light that all the cultivators down in the Eternal Immortal Domains could see. Then, the sealing strip that went from the Mortal Renegade’s forehead all the way down to his dantian began to glow. As its power built up, it became like a huge net that stretched out to cover the struggling sovereign and bind him tight!

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