Chapter 1268: What A Drag Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

Back when the Mortal Renegade exterminated all of the peoples of the starry sky, the resulting vengeful souls were sullied by his aura, and became these devilish specters, which had once been the terror of anyone who faced them in battle.

Because they were already dead, they didn’t fear being cut down in battle, and actually could not be exterminated without the use of spectacularly powerful divine abilities or magical techniques. Most other methods were useless against them.

Only a few groups out in the starry sky had possessed divine abilities that could target soul bodies. Those were people that the Mortal Renegade had dealt with personally. For the most part, his grand army of devilish specters was his most deadly and terrifying weapon.

Back when the three Eternal Sons sacrificed themselves to seal the Mortal Renegade, his army had been pulled inside of him, where they slept for countless years along with him.

Now that the Mortal Renegade was beginning to wake up, so was his army of devilish specters. As bits and chunks of his flesh and blood fell down in the form of meteorites, they began to bind the world, spreading out slowly to cover all of the Eternal Immortal Domains. At the same time, anyone who entered that area would quickly be devoured.

However… now they had run into Bai Xiaochun….

It was impossible to say how many souls Bai Xiaochun had captured in his life, and how many he had used in his necromancy. The number probably exceeded the current population of the Eternal Immortal Domains. Plus, when you added in his journeys through the void, his fear of ghosts had turned into the exact opposite. Of all the things he feared in life, he feared ghosts the least.

When he saw a whole horde of snarling, vicious devilish specters speeding toward him, he smiled. With the wave of his right hand, he sent out a whole collection of Soul Convergence Pills, which exploded into vortexes that dragged the nearby specters toward them.

The specters struggled, but were powerless to fight the forces dragging them toward the convergence spots. Now, they seemed weak and powerless, and could only howl as they were dragged into several dozen soul spheres.

Each of those spheres contained innumerable specters, all of them howling and snapping at each other, struggling to get free….

All of a sudden, Bai Xiaochun felt his weariness transforming into relaxation, and even excitement. Blurring into motion, he began to collect soul spheres in one location after another.

“If only things had been this easy back in that energy passageway.” Sighing, he collected up a whole set of souls spheres, and then looked around at the hordes of devilish specters still rushing in his direction. Eyes gleaming with the desire to do battle, he threw his head back and let loose a long cry.

“Bring it on! Today, you’re all gonna find out exactly how awesome Lord Bai is!” With that, he tossed out more Soul Convergence Pills, becoming a streak of light that crushed everything in his path.

In the end, the fearsome army of devilish specters was reduced to only a few wandering souls. Any of them that remained would flee as soon as Bai Xiaochun got near.

Back when they had swept across the starry sky, they had encountered terrifying opponents, but none of them could match up to Bai Xiaochun, who was like the king of all devils!!

He had already collected about thirty percent as many souls as he had collected on his journey through the void. In fact, it was so easy that, in addition to collecting souls, he conjured some flames on the side!

With the materials he had on hand, he was able to make all sorts of multi-colored flame, sending glittering light out in all directions. Before long, the devilish specters feared Bai Xiaochun more than anyone other than the Mortal Renegade.

They had no real consciousness, but they could sense how dangerous he was, and didn't dare to try to fight against him. They could only wish that they were faster than they were as they fled.

On another occasion, Bai Xiaochun might not have been in the mood to go after them, but seeing how much of a fortune was at hand, he headed toward the volcano in the middle of this bound area.

Nothing could get in his way, and thus, it was a short time later that he arrived at the volcano, which he immediately scanned with divine sense. Instantly, his eyes lit up with curiosity.

Within the volcano was an ancient stone gate!

It seemed to radiate a sensation of ancient time, and emanated muffled howls. Actually, it was less of a gate and more of a stone framework, within which was a chaotic, rippling membrane that resembled water.

The membrane pulsed in and out, as though something inside of it were struggling to free itself, and enter the bound portion of the world.

The sight of it caused Bai Xiaochun’s pupils to constrict. However, he soon sensed that whatever was on the other side was merely at the archaean level. Relaxing a bit, he shot toward the volcano.

Although the volcano continued to belch black smoke, it didn’t affect Bai Xiaochun at all, thanks to the fluctuations which rolled off of him and pushed the smoke away. Therefore, it was like a streak of lightning that he shot into the volcano and appeared right in front of the stone gate.

As he did, the entity on the other side seemed to sense his presence, and emitted a howl that could shake heaven and earth. Suddenly, a huge arm stretched out from inside, pushing against the membrane as if to break it.

Clearly, this entity was another devilish specter, although it was different from the others of its kind. It was far more powerful, being at the archaean level!

Furthermore, its soul body was whole and complete, very different from the archaean soul Bai Xiaochun had acquired from the palace he had encountered out in the void. Apparently, this particular devilish specter was like some sort of general within the Mortal Renegade’s army.

Given enough time, it would break through the membrane, and arrive to take control of this area of bound earth. At that point, it would take quite a bit of effort on Bai Xiaochun’s part to drive it away.

After all, an archaean devilish specter could exert a huge amount of control over the army. And although Bai Xiaochun’s Soul Convergence Pills would still work in a situation like that, they would definitely be less effective.

Unfortunately for this unlucky archaean specter, not only had Bai Xiaochun arrived much sooner than anyone could have expected, but he also had methods for capturing soul bodies. Therefore, before the devilish specter could even get out into the open, he was there to block its path.

Enraged, the devilish specter let out a howl, as well as an icy coldness, as it began to tear at the membrane. Another way that this devilish specter was different from its fellows was that… it was conscious, and even had divine sense!

“You got lucky this time!!” the specter shouted in rage. “If my true self were here, I would cut you down where you stand!

“However, there’s no need for you to get cocky. Before long, my master’s entire army will arrive, and my true self along with it. We’ll fill the lands and take your people to become part of our army of devilish specters!”

With that, the hand began to sink back down into the membrane.

Before it could disappear, however, Bai Xiaochun blinked a few times and then stepped forward. Reaching out, he grabbed the hand, which almost looked like it was gloved, considering how the membrane covered it.

“Hey, what’s the rush? Since you’re here, I can help you….” There was no way that Bai Xiaochun was simply going to let an archaean devilish specter escape. It was too valuable. To the shock of the devilish specter, Bai Xiaochun drew upon both his fleshly body power and his cultivation base, unleashing incredible force as he began to drag the arm back out….

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