Chapter 1269: Go Home Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

Bai Xiaochun was actually shockingly strong, especially when he went all out. He even drew upon the sovereign aura in his right arm, which enabled him to easily drag the devilish specter completely out through the stone gate.

It happened so quickly that the specter almost couldn’t believe what was happening, and didn’t even have time to react. In the blink of an eye, he was standing there right in front of Bai Xiaochun.

He looked like a middle-aged man with disheveled hair, who now stood there, looking at Bai Xiaochun with a blank look in his eyes. Then he looked down at himself, and if he could have, would have begun to drip with cold sweat.

He knew exactly how tough that membrane was; after all, he had been struggling with it in vain for quite some time earlier. Then, along came this skinny, fair-faced young man, who simply ripped it open….

Even more importantly, now that he didn’t have the stone gate and the membrane to stand between them, he realized that Bai Xiaochun’s aura was enough to cause him to tremble physically.

“Er… hey, Senior,” he said, “this is just a misunderstanding….”

“Eee?!” Bai Xiaochun said curiously. “You’re a very special type of soul, aren’t you?”

“No no, this is all just a misunderstanding! Calm down, Senior. Well, I’ll head back now….” With that, he spun and lunged for the gate. However, despite the fact that he moved with incredible quickness, he quickly lurched to a halt as Bai Xiaochun grabbed his arm.

Then he saw Bai Xiaochun’s enigmatic smile, and his face fell.

“It was really a misunderstanding!” he wailed. “I… I was just shooting my mouth off, that’s all. I--”

“What are you in such a rush for?” Bai Xiaochun interrupted. “It seems to me that the two of us are connected by destiny! You actually talk like me!” Clearing his throat, he dragged the devilish specter back. However, that was when the specter suddenly bared fangs and claws, and tried to pounce on Bai Xiaochun.

The archaean power brimming within his attack would have been enough to give the Saint-Emperor some serious problems. But Bai Xiaochun was different. He wasn't afraid at all of close-quarters fighting.

“Well, what have we here? Attacking me?!” Glaring, Bai Xiaochun pulled out a tongue of multi-colored flame and smashed it into the devilish specter, who responded with an agonized shriek.

Bai Xiaochun’s methods were indeed profoundly harmful to soul bodies. After all, multi-colored flame was conjured using souls, and was particularly effective in defeating them. Next, more screams could be heard as Bai Xiaochun continued to vent his anger on the crafty devilish specter.

Before long, those screams became pleas for mercy.

“I’m sorry, Senior… aieee, don’t hit me….

“This was my mistake….

“Let me go! I just want to go home….” The screaming specter was growing weaker by the moment. Eventually, Bai Xiaochun let up a bit, whereupon the specter struggled to crawl back to the stone gate. Halfway there, though, Bai Xiaochun grabbed his leg and dragged him back.

“You’re not going anywhere. Take this!” Glaring, he took another multi-colored flame and slammed it into the ground, causing fire to blaze out in all directions. As the fire filled the bound portion of the world, the other devilish specters who were in hiding began to scream as they were destroyed.

“I beg of you! Let me go home! I can’t take this any longer….” Terrified, the devilish specter began to wail. Meanwhile, Bai Xiaochun lifted his foot up and slammed it down into the ground.

Booms rang out as the entire bound area began to collapse. The ground was first, then the volcano, and then the stone gate. As the stone gate began to collapse, the archaean specter struggled frantically to reach it, until Bai Xiaochun grabbed him by the leg and dragged him back.

“Still trying to make a break for it?” The devilish specter was so scared that he shivered and then passed out, much to Bai Xiaochun’s shock. However, he was obviously a very good specimen, and therefore, he flicked his sleeve and threw him into his bag. Then he looked around at the burning sea of flames that was eating up the entire bound portion of the world. Before long, everything… was shattering into fragments.

After the largest of the bound world areas vanished, Bai Xiaochun flew up into the air and sent his divine sense out into the rest of the Eternal Immortal Domains, immediately catching sight of the more than one hundred smaller nodes rising up like bubbles in different areas.

If you likened the Eternal Immortal Domains to a person, then they were like malignant boils, terrifying in appearance, corroding everything within and around them.

Expression unsightly, he blurred into motion toward the Arch-Emperor Dynasty. Obviously, the Arch-Emperor Dynasty was the first thing on his mind. He decimated each of the node worlds he came across with Soul Convergence Pills and seas of flame.

He moved without stopping, going from one to another, until almost all of the areas in the Arch-Emperor Dynasty were clear. Of course, a few areas were handled by the Grand Heavenmaster, Gongsun Wan’er, and other top experts.

However, there was no time for rest. Next, they headed to the Vile-Emperor Dynasty, where they were soon joined by forces from the Saint-Emperor. Before long, Bai Xiaochun and the Saint-Emperor were working together, excising the malignant boils from the surface of the Eternal Immortal Domains.

The Eternal Immortal Domains were now riddled with corroded craters, and had lost a significant amount of life force. At the same time, while the Mortal Renegade didn’t look any different from before, close examination would reveal that a certain area on his forehead had begun to shine less brightly than before!

The Saint-Emperor looked up for a moment, sighed, and then turned to Bai Xiaochun, toward whom he clasped hands and bowed deeply.

“Arch-Emperor, I will return to the Saint-Emperor Dynasty to calm my people. Afterward, I will come to your capital city to discuss our next step.” He spoke very politely, both in terms of his tone and his wording.

Sighing, Bai Xiaochun bid him farewell, then hovered there in the air looking up at the Mortal Renegade. Considering everything that had happened, he now felt more pressure than ever.

He felt like there was a sharp blade hanging right above his head, ready to fall at any moment, unstoppable and impossible to defend against….

“The Saint-Emperor said that the sealing strip would last for half of a sixty-year-cycle. After what just happened, though, I doubt it will be that long….” The fact that the Mortal Renegade could awaken at any moment filled Bai Xiaochun with an intense sensation of deadly crisis, something that left him feeling very agitated.

However, he knew that he couldn’t let that show. He needed to comfort and encourage the people of the Arch-Emperor Dynasty, especially his friends and family.

“If that day truly comes… then I’ll just have to use my fan to take away as many people as possible….” Even that thought provoked a sigh. After all, putting people in the fan wouldn’t make them any safer. The only reason the fan still existed was because the Mortal Renegade had been sealed. Once he woke up, it would be as easy for him to find and destroy it as turning over his own hand.

Heart sinking even more than before, Bai Xiaochun finally turned and flew toward the imperial palace in Arch-Emperor City. There, the Grand Heavenmaster and the other celestials greeted him with formal bows.

Although they didn’t have as full of an understanding of the matter as Bai Xiaochun and the Saint-Emperor, they knew more than the average cultivator. Furthermore, they also knew that the deadlier the crisis, the more they needed to rely on Bai Xiaochun. Therefore, the greetings they offered were those of complete allegiance, and also, supplications for protection.

The Giant Ghost King had long since been returned, and was now awake. After he found out about everything that had occurred, and learned that the proverbial fuse had been lit with the enormous sovereign in the sky, he shook his head and sighed.

Bai Xiaochun stood there quietly, and everyone looked on nervously. Nobody said anything. Zhou Zimo and Song Junwan were there, as was Hou Xiaomei, whose belly was now very large. All of them looked very anxious.

After a moment, Bai Xiaochun looked up, and a faint smile could be seen on his face. “Don’t worry, everyone. Everything will be okay….”

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