Chapter 493: Soul Convergence Power! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

Although the hundred Wildlander tribes vastly outnumbered the five legions, they were as disorganized as a plate of loose sand.

Normally speaking, the five legions would never have such an advantage. Considering how things normally went during such battles, the vengeful souls would always cause a huge headache for them, and also provide a powerful measure of defense for the Wildlanders.

Usually, the charge of the vengeful souls would prevent the Great Wall's shield from advancing across the battlefield, and could even push it back or threaten to break it.

After all, the attack of such a vast number of vengeful souls was difficult to even describe. Although a single soul couldn't do much to the spell formation shield, masses of them together were terrifying.

But now, as soon as that tide of souls got close to the five legions, Soul Convergence Pills were unleashed, instantly hewing out enormous spaces that were completely free of vengeful souls. Furthermore, the explosions would also injure the savages.

It was almost as if the Wildlands army had been grabbed by its figurative neck and was being shoved backward.

“Dammit, how come they have so many of those pills?!?!?”

“This is impossible! I thought the Great Wall only used pill furnaces!!”

“What kind of medicinal pill is that? I remember something like this happening once, but that was a single pill. Dammit! They’re throwing out thousands of them!!”

“How... how do we fight back against this?!?!”

The fury of the tribal chiefs rose high into the heavens, and even the soul cultivators were left frowning.

As for the esteemed necromancers, of which there were only a few more than a hundred, all they could do was force the vengeful souls to attack in an attempt to somehow reverse the situation. Unfortunately for them, that was no simple task.

“This is all the doing of that Bai Xiaochun!!”

“Dammit! If we don’t get rid of him, our Wildlands forces are going to suffer a huge loss!!” Numerous hateful gazes were cast toward the Great Wall from the tribal chiefs and the necromancers.

All of that made Bai Xiaochun quite nervous, and he even backed up a few steps in his position on top of the wall, worried that there might be another assassination attempt. Down on the battlefield, Zhao Long and the rest of the battalion were engaged in fierce fighting.

Compared to the five legions as a whole, Bai Xiaochun’s battalion wasn’t very large. However, they stuck out quite a bit. After all, they all wore multiple layers of armor, and when they attacked, they destroyed their opponents as easily as a boulder crushing a drinking glass. In moments of danger, they would toss out vast quantities of Soul Convergence Pills, to the point where the other cultivators of the five legions were looking over at them enviously.

Most over the top was how they wouldn’t hesitate to detonate their own magical items to defend themselves. Even some of the colonels in the army noticed what was happening.

“Whose men are those!?!?”

“Heavens! Look at how many Soul Convergence Pills they’re using. How do they have so many?!?!”

“And the magical items! I just saw them blow up six at the same time! Those things are expensive!”

“That’s nothing. Look at how much armor they’re wearing. Five or six layers at least! They don’t even get hurt when the savage giants self-detonate!!”

The performance of Zhao Long and the rest of the battalion couldn’t have been more eye-catching, and the numbers of vengeful souls and savages that they cut down far exceeded any of the other cultivators.

Nothing could stand in their way as they fought their way across the battlefield.

“Keep it up guys!” Bai Xiaochun shouted excitedly. Turning to some of the soldiers manning positions on the wall near him, he proudly said, “Those are my men! What do you think? Pretty awesome, huh?”

The other cultivators were left speechless by how well-equipped Bai Xiaochun's battalion was. Many of them even looked over at Bai Xiaochun and sighed in envy.

“They’re not Skin Flayers, they’ve obviously become Grandmaster Bai’s personal retinue....”

It was in that very moment that something like a sudden clap of thunder rang out in the distance. Bai Lin and the other leaders of the army were clearly startled, and as for Bai Xiaochun, his heart leapt in fear. Everyone looked over to see the clouds parting off in the distance as a river appeared!

The river was so wide it was almost like a sea, and was pitch black in color. Within those waters could be seen countless vengeful souls, all of them howling as they attempted to break free from the water. However, none of them seemed capable of doing so, and were swept away with the current.

“Underworld River!” someone shouted in alarm. Bai Xiaochun immediately backed up a bit more, looking up wide-eyed at the huge Underworld River. Moments later, an enormous hand suddenly appeared next to the flowing waters of the Underworld River.

Instantly, incredible pressure erupted out, causing the Great Wall’s spell formation shield to tremble. Even Chen Hetian, who was in the middle of battling the red-garbed young woman, was shocked by what was happening.

Next, the huge hand began to chop down like a blade, slashing into the Underworld River, causing intense, mind-numbing rumbling sounds to fill the air.


It was with a deafening roar that the Underworld River was ripped open, creating something like a tributary that poured out in the direction of Great Wall City!

The gap that had been opened up began to close, but couldn’t prevent a massive number of vengeful soul from pouring out. Black Underworld River water rushed through the air toward the battlefield, and the Great Wall shield.

Some of the savage giants weren’t quick enough to react, and were swept up by the water. Screaming, they were dissolved away, instantly becoming part of the river itself.

Although all of this takes a bit of time to describe, it happened so quickly that before anyone could react, the countless vengeful soul from the Underworld River had reached the Great Wall’s shield.

A huge boom echoed out as the shield trembled in unprecedented fashion, and rapidly began to weaken!!!

As the shield weakened, it shrank back, forcing the cultivators of the five legions to retreat. Bai Xiaochun immediately began to get nervous.

As for Bai Lin, when he saw what was happening, he roared, “Everyone, toss out your Soul Convergence Pills! I refuse to believe these vengeful souls can’t be vanquished!!”

The cultivators of the five legions gritted their teeth and began to toss out Soul Convergence Pills as they backed up.

It took only the briefest of moments for the sky to fill with countless medicinal pills. The pills were designed to affect the souls, not the waters of the Underworld River, and yet, they were still partially effective.

Furthermore, there were so many of them that when they exploded, they transformed into numerous whirlpools within the Underworld River.

Instantly, those whirlpools began to absorb the nearby vengeful souls, and at the same time, began to merge together with each other as they grew.

Soon, one gigantic whirlpool could be seen in the Underworld River, which sucked in a massive amount of soul bodies before it trembled and then detonated!

The blast spread out, sending Underworld River water splashing out in all directions, along with countless miserable shrieks.

Although the Great Wall’s shield had been weakened, the cultivators of the five legions still had the advantage. The Underworld River began to fade away, and the gap that had been opened up in it had already closed up. Apparently, the hand which had opened the gap could only do so once.

Countless vengeful souls on the battlefield had been destroyed, and the ones which remained behind had been thrown into such chaos that the necromancers couldn’t control them, and some even began to flee or attack the Wildlanders.

It was the perfect opportunity for the five legions to make their move. Without the slightest hesitation, Bai Lin sent out orders to counter-attack. The shield once again began to advance, the cultivators of the five legions moving with it.

Zhao Long and the other members of Bai Xiaochun’s battalion were like razor-sharp blades that slashed through the enemy with reckless abandon.

In response to everything which had just occurred, Bai Xiaochun frowned. Even he hadn’t been aware that the detonation of his Soul Convergence Pills could be so devastatingly effective.

“Weird,” he thought, blinking a few times. “I never thought they would be so powerful....” He could also see numerous leaders among the savage giants glaring at him in hatred. If looks could kill, then he would definitely have been chopped to pieces and boiled to death on the spot.

“Um....” For the first time, Bai Xiaochun actually felt a bit guilty. At the same time, he felt more in danger than ever. Sadly, they were just on different sides, and there was nothing he could do about it.

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