Chapter 494: Not The Time To Fear Death Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

As Bai Xiaochun’s anxiety mounted, the twists and turns in the battle down below caused the red-garbed young woman fighting Chen Hetian to frown.

However, the intensity of the fight she was participating in ensured that she didn’t have much attention to spare. The blood cloud surrounding her seethed, and rifts snaked out into the sky as a result of the attacks being unleashed.

As the cracking sounds rang out above, some of the rifts even reached down to the ground, almost like lightning bolts that caused huge explosions when they touched the soil.

Bai Xiaochun’s scalp prickled in fear as he watched one of those rifts hit a soul cultivator who was comparable to the Nascent Soul stage. As soon as the rift touched him, he was ripped to shreds, destroyed in body and soul.

“Deva....” he breathed. This was his first time witnessing the true power of devas, and it left his mind reeling. The level of power on display far surpassed that which a human body could handle. It was something completely beyond what ordinary cultivators were capable of dealing with.

“Merge oneself with heaven and earth,” he murmured, “and borrow their boundless might....” From his perspective, everything around Chen Hetian and the red-garbed young woman became weapons to use at their disposal, whether it was the wind, or the clouds, or other things. Anything in heaven and earth could be used like divine abilities!

There were also illusory forms which took shape around them, figures from ancient times which began to battle each other....

Thankfully, the Great Wall still had the overall advantage in the battle. The cultivators of the five legions continued to advance, and the tide of souls was pushed away. Without the vengeful souls to protect them, the army of 700,000 savage giants had to fight the five legions directly, and were suffering one setback after another.

Bai Xiaochun felt quite relieved because of that. After all, despite having participated in quite a few wars, this was definitely the largest one he had ever been part of.

However, in the exact moment in which Bai Xiaochun breathed a sigh of relief, the over one hundred necromancers among the Wildlands forces suddenly looked up. Because of how the necromancers had just lost control of the vengeful souls, that meant that they now had attention to spare. One by one, they began to settle down cross-legged, after which they pulled out black sticks of incense, the smoke of which they inhaled deeply, causing them to instantly slip into deep trances.

Moments later, even as large groups of soul cultivators approached to guard them, shadowy figures appeared above the heads of the necromancers!

They were the necromancers’ own souls, which emanated shocking auras as they then shot toward the Great Wall’s shield!

Although the shield could keep most Wildlanders out, with the help of the incense they had just inhaled, the necromancers could now pass through it!

This was almost the same thing which had occurred during the assassination attempt on Bai Xiaochun!

As soon as Bai Xiaochun saw the souls flying out of the necromancers, he backed up again. As he did, the souls became beams of light that shot forth and pierced through the Great Wall’s shield.

Without hesitation, the five generals of the various legions, Bai Lin included, flew forth to meet the necromancer souls in battle, followed by the various major generals of the armies.

The souls of the necromancers were thus prevented from reaching the Great Wall itself. Furthermore, the huge eye also began to shoot out terrifying, destructive beams of light.

At the same time, the savage giants received new orders from their tribal chiefs. Eyes turning red, they howled and began to charge toward the Great Wall, disregarding all danger to themselves!

Booms rang out as they began to self-detonate, throwing themselves fearlessly at the shield, which began to distort and weaken once again!

The Wildlanders were making a major offensive!

Tens of thousands of giants blew themselves up, instantly shoving the shield backward across the battlefield. Many of the cultivators of the five legions who weren't quick to react were caught up in the explosions and died screaming.

However, such screams paled in comparison to the screams of the cultivators who the giants managed to grab ahold of.

Bai Xiaochun’s face went pale when the sounds reached his ears. He even personally watched as two of the giants ripped a cultivator in half and began to eat him alive. As a result, both giants clearly began to head toward a cultivation base breakthrough.

The savages also practiced cultivation, but instead of using spiritual energy, they absorbed soul power. However, that didn’t mean that they didn’t desire to absorb spiritual energy. In fact, they found spiritual energy to be delicious!

“Eat them!!”

“It’s been a long time since I dined on a cultivator....”

“Hahaha! Now that's the flavor I’m talking about!!” The savage giants charged forward with madness, grabbing any cultivators they could get their hands on and devouring them as ravenously as wild beasts.

Some of them continued to self-detonate, explosions which not only weakened the shield, but also completely destroyed any cultivators unlucky enough to get caught up in them.

Bai Xiaochun’s ashen face began to flush in response to what he was witnessing. Although he had heard that the savages ate human flesh, this was his first time seeing it actually happen.

“Now is not the time to fear death!!” he growled through gritted teeth. Although he had felt a bit guilty earlier because of his Soul Convergence Pills, now that he saw the brutality of the Wildlanders on full display, his heart suddenly turned cold and grim.

After a moment of silence, he spun and shot back down to Great Wall City, transforming into a beam of bright light that headed directly toward the Armory.

Back in the Armory, numerous pill furnaces were set up in concentric rings. Although the ten 300-meter-tall furnaces weren’t being attended by the Nascent Soul cultivators anymore, they were still bright red, and were emanating intense heat waves.

Bai Xiaochun quickly examined the ten huge pill furnaces, then took a deep breath and waved his sleeve. In response, all of the huge furnaces rumbled up into midair and then began to circulate around Bai Xiaochun.

Then, he performed a double-handed incantation gesture, causing numerous sealing marks to fly out to the furnaces, backed by the power of his Gold Core and filled with a Heaven-Dao aura. As they sank into the pill furnaces, muffled sounds like thunder began to echo out.

Although the huge pill furnaces had not quite reached the point of detonation yet, Bai Xiaochun was a skilled apothecary, and naturally had his ways of forcing them to explode early. By relying on the external power of the sealing marks he had just unleashed, he could prematurely destabilize the medicine within the furnaces.

Although the resulting detonation would be slightly less effective, a huge amount of power had already built up in the furnaces during the past several days. Having placed his sealing marks onto the furnaces, he shot back up toward the Great Wall, furnaces in tow.

When he returned, quite a few cultivators of the five legions noticed him, as did many of the Wildlands savages. After all, the 300-meter-tall furnaces were completely eye-catching, especially considering that they were all bright red, and emanated shocking fluctuations.

“Those are....”

“Grandmaster Bai’s pill furnaces!!” 

Expressions of excitement and profound anticipation appeared on the faces of the cultivators of the five legions.

Similar expressions could be seen on the faces of the generals and major generals who were fighting the necromancer souls, especially Bai Lin.

As for the faces of the necromancer souls, they flickered with shock, and the Wildlands savages gasped.

The tribal chiefs were especially astonished.

“They’re... they’re so huge!!”


Before anyone could recover from their shock, Bai Xiaochun flew up into the air above the Great Wall, howling as he hurled the ten enormous furnaces out over the battlefield. They were like ten burning suns that pierced through the air, sailing right into the army of countless savages.

In that instant, the entire battlefield went quiet, and all eyes came to be fixed onto the burning, sun-like pill furnaces....

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