Chapter 495: Devil Bai Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

The chiefs of the more than one hundred Wildlands tribes were all completely shaken.

During the course of previous skirmishes, the power of the exploding pill furnaces they had seen left them completely shocked. Now, the sheer size of the furnaces they were looking at left them incapable of even breathing.

“They're... they're so huge!!”

“If those ten furnaces explode....” The chiefs’ eyes went wide as their hearts were slammed by waves of shock. And they weren’t the only ones. Upon seeing the furnaces, the tens of thousands of madly charging giants were suddenly overwhelmed by painful memories.

“Devil Bai!!”

“Dammit, it’s that Devil Bai!!” 

In their terror, countless numbers of giants tried to retreat. Devil Bai was the nickname the Wildlands tribes had given to Bai Xiaochun after the appalling scenes of devastation he had wreaked upon them.

Not even Bai Xiaochun was aware that he had been given that nickname, and yet, it was already widely known in the Wildlands.

In that moment in which all eyes were locked on the pill furnaces, a shrill cry suddenly rang out from within the Wildlands forces. “Pay any price to lock down those pill furnaces!!” 

Instantly, numerous soul cultivators and tribal chiefs all drew upon the full power of their cultivation bases to summon a massive, all-encompassing net.

The net shot across the battlefield with incredible speed, and in the blink of an eye, had reached the pill furnaces. Although the net managed to block some of the furnaces, the furnaces were moving so quickly that four of them managed to slam into the ground, instantly crushing the giants who had been too slow to evade them.

As soon as they touched the ground, a deafening boom rang out that could shake heaven and earth, a sound that surpassed everything else on the battlefield, a sound that rose to the highest heavens and the furthest reaches of the earth!

As the first of the 300-meter-tall pill furnaces filled with cracks and exploded, lands shook and mountains were rocked. It was like the end of days as a blue sea of flames erupted out from the location of the pill furnace, instantly spreading out to fill an area ten of thousands of meters across.

Wherever the blue flames passed, agonized shrieks rose up as the giants were incinerated. In addition to the flames, the shrapnel from the furnace itself became meteoric blades of flame that slashed through everything in their path!

And things weren’t over yet! There was also a shockwave which spread out, picking up the burning giants and hurling them violently across the battlefield.

The boom of the explosion made it seem like heavenly lightning was crashing into the earth in an unceasing waterfall. Simultaneously, tendrils of five-colored smoke spread out rapidly, boring into the bodies of the giants, provoking bloodcurdling screams as the giants’ flesh began to rot and decay.

Others amongst the giants were seemingly struck senseless, and simply stood there unmoving as the flames burned them away!

And yet... things still weren’t over! The second pill furnace cracked and exploded, then the third and the fourth. One by one, massive explosions ripped across the battlefield, filling an area 300,000 meters across, and transforming it into little more than rubble!!

And that was only four of the pill furnaces. The other six had been wrapped up by the huge net and sealed.

Even still, the explosion of those four pill furnaces was a devastating blow to the Wildlanders!

Vast numbers of giants were burned alive. Meteor-like shrapnel pierced bodies left and right, and the shockwave sent countless savages tumbling across the battlefield.

Most calamitous of all was the five-colored smoke!

That smoke didn’t leave a single living thing in its wake. It was the result of countless types of mystery pills whose medicinal effects touched the savages in ways that not even Bai Xiaochun could have anticipated.

Agonized shrieks continued to ring out as blood sprayed out of the mouths of the soul cultivators, many of whom were sent tumbling backwards. Furthermore, those four pill furnaces had not only killed countless savages, but they had also wreaked incalculable damage on the survivors.

Those surviving giants... had their will to fight destroyed! Their determination was cut away, and as they backed away, their eyes were filled with fear, astonishment, and utter incredulity.

“Devil... Devil... Bai!!” Chaotic cries of alarm began to ring out, as if they were the only way to dispel the terror felt in the hearts of the Wildlanders. When their horrified gazes turned toward Bai Xiaochun on the Great Wall, he could sense how fearful they were.

Actually, it wasn’t just the savage giants who were reacting in such a way. As of this point, many of the cultivators of the five legions had forgotten to breathe, and were looking over at Bai Xiaochun with looks of extreme reverence and awe.

He had created the original exploding pill furnaces, and he had concocted the Soul Convergence Pills. As for the supernova-like detonations just now, they had also originated with him.... He had crushed the enemy with impunity over and over again, to the point where every last individual among the five legions knew his name.

As the effects of the explosion began to fade away, it became clear that the space in front of the five legions on the battlefield was almost completely empty.... There were only four enormous craters... and six ruined furnaces that had not exploded.

The battlefield was almost completely silent, the only sounds to be heard coming from the deva battle, and the fighting of the souls of the necromancers against Bai Lin and the other leaders of the armies. Everyone else on the battlefield was simply staring in complete and utter shock.

Further off in the distance were the five altars in pentagram form and the black beams of light. The black-robed old men sitting there chanting scriptures were trembling as they looked out at the battlefield. Then they glanced up at the devas fighting, and then looked silently over at Bai Xiaochun standing on the Great Wall.

Despite how far away they were, it was almost as if he were standing right in front of them.

Currently, Bai Xiaochun was staring with gaping jaw at the battlefield. After a moment passed, he remembered to breathe, after which, his heart began to thump in fear. At the same time, he realized that his battle credit was rising at shocking speed.

“At this rate, I'm definitely going to be promoted to colonel!” Even as his heart began to swell with excitement, a gaze was suddenly leveled upon him from within the blood cloud.

At the same time, a stream of blood mist shot out in his direction; it was none other than an attack by the Deva Realm young woman in red clothing.

However, there was no way Chen Hetian would simply allow that to happen. Laughing loudly, he blocked the attack, and then, the fighting between the two of them resumed at even more intense levels.

At first, Bai Xiaochun was startled, but seeing that the attack couldn’t reach him, he sighed in relief. However, before even half of that sigh could escape his lips, more gazes fell upon him from within the Wildlands army. Those gazes came from the numerous tribal chiefs, all of whom were now staring fixedly at Bai Xiaochun.

The ferocity and madness in those gazes completely surpassed anything from before....

“What are they all looking at me for...? Well, I think my work is done here anyway. This place is way too dangerous now. I’ll just head off the wall.” Having made his decision, he was just about to leave when, all of a sudden, a howl rippled through the air that seemed intense enough to shred the heavens.

As it did, the rifts which had previously opened up in the heavens were completely ripped open, creating a pentagram-shaped hole.

Muffled cries could then be heard. “Hungry... so hungry....”  

At the same time, one terrifying ghost hand after another stretched out, which quickly grabbed the black-robed old men and dragged them up into the rifts.

The old men didn’t resist at all! They simply allowed the ghost hands to drag them up, whereupon sickening crunching sounds echoed out!!

That strange scene instantly caused the cultivators of the five legions to stare in shock, and threw their breathing into chaos.

As for Bai Xiaochun, his eyes went wide as he looked at the pentagram-shaped opening up in the sky, a bad feeling rising up in his heart. Even as he began to race backward toward the city, an incredible rumbling sound erupted from the pentagram, revealing a gargantuan mouth!

Apparently, that mouth existed in some location beyond the heavens, and was so huge that the opening could only reveal part of it.

It was greenish, with black teeth that were stained with blood and gore. Almost as soon as that mouth appeared, more words could be heard.

“Hungry... so hungry...!” Even as everyone was shaken, the mouth shifted to face the direction of the Great Wall and then begin to inhale deeply....

Heaven and earth dimmed, and everything began to shake as an indescribable gravitational force erupted from the mouth. Not even the spell formation shield could do anything to stop it, and within moments, many of the cultivators of the five legions were shocked to find themselves flying up into the air, their bodies completely beyond their own control!

Whooshing sounds could be heard as more than half of the five legions’ cultivators were suddenly sucked beyond the shield and toward the huge mouth!

There were quite a few cultivators on the Great Wall itself who were affected, even Bai Xiaochun. Trembling, he found that he was completely incapable of retreating. A scream escaped his lips as he was sucked off of the Great Wall and out onto the battlefield beyond the shield.

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