Chapter 603: Damn You, Bai Hao! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

Everyone was completely shaken by what they were seeing. The glitter of countless magical items, numerous soul medicines and endless soul bodies was enough to obfuscate the sky.

All of the cultivators on the mountain were having a hard time staying on their feet, but as soon as they saw the vast number of items flying up, their eyes began to burn with passion, and they began to shout out loud.

“That's... a mid-grade soul medicine!”

“The Magesword of Annihilation! Heavens! That’s one of the most powerful magical treasures in our clan!”

“That’s... a metal-type deva beast soul!!!” 

Bai Lei looked on in stupefaction as Bai Xiaochun waved his hand, causing whooshing sounds to fill the air as all of the items which had just flown up began to speed toward him.

That included almost everything that had been placed onto the mountain, and yet, Bai Xiaochun completely ignored them, and simply sent them to the fifth young lady.

“Hurry up and take them, Fifth Young Lady!”

The fifth young lady was completely taken aback. Despite having been prepared for something like this, to see it actually unfolding in front of her left her almost shell-shocked. That was especially true considering that the single stomp of Bai Xiaochun’s foot had destroyed all of the restrictive spells on the ancestral mountain, as well as all of the glowing halos.

She had never even heard of anyone who could do such a thing, not even the venerable clan elders.

It was even as she stared blankly that Bai Xiaochun’s words entered her ears and shocked her into clarity. Eyes shining with brilliant light, she quickly assessed the items, then gritted her teeth and opened her bag of holding.

“Even if Bai Hao plans to betray the clan,” she thought, “I'm claiming these things, and nobody will take them away from me!” Although the fifth young lady seemed weak, she was actually very tenacious, and thus, it was without the slightest hesitation that she drew upon the power of her cultivation base to drag everything into her bag of holding.

Bai Xiaochun used his control power to help. Magical items, soul medicines and soul bodies alike all flew toward the fifth young lady and disappeared into her bag of holding.

Everyone on the mountain could see what was happening, resulting in gasps and cries of alarm. However, most astonished of all was Bai Lei...

The entire situation had changed so quickly that he couldn’t even react. Instead of Bai Hao being the foolish brat he had taken him to be, he was now a dazzling, almighty being worthy of ultimate veneration.

Even more mind-shaking was how all of the treasures on the ancestral mountain were now being taken by the fifth young lady. Because of the incredible pressure Bai Lei felt from Bai Xiaochun, he didn’t dare to say a single thing, or even reveal by his facial expression that he wasn’t pleased. His intuition was telling him that...

Something big was happening in the Bai Clan!!!

His intuition was correct! And in fact, almost everyone in the ancestral land was thinking the same thing. As for the people outside, watching the screen on the stone gate... many of them were also being pricked by intuition!

The gathered crowd watched as Bai Hao suddenly powered up, shattered the ancestral mountain, and then took all of its treasures. The result was that they felt like their minds were beings struck by countless bolts of lightning.

“This... this... heavens! What’s going on?!?!”

“Is that... Bai Hao? Impossible! I thought he was in early Foundation Establishment!! But that’s clearly not early Foundation Establishment, that’s more like... the Nascent Soul stage!!”

“What exactly is going on here? Bai Hao... has terrifying self-control! He actually has a Nascent Soul cultivation base, but kept it a secret this entire time!!”


“Something big is going down! As of this moment, Bai Hao... is invincible within the ancestral land.... Heavens, the deva soul! His goal... is the deva soul!!”

“Bai Qi is in danger!!” 

As everyone began to cry out, the clan elders shot to their feet, their expressions flickering dramatically.

All minds and hearts were completely shaken. No one among the audience could actually see Bai Xiaochun’s cultivation base, so everyone just assumed he had a nascent soul. However, the clan elders were all Nascent Soul experts, and could see exactly what the situation was.

“Bai Hao is actually in the pseudo-Nascent Soul stage!!”

“Dammit! What if he’s not the real Bai Hao, but an imposter?!?!?!”

“That’s not likely. Without the blood of the Bai Clan in him, he wouldn’t be able to get past the clan spell formation, not even with a Nascent Soul cultivation base!”

“With a cultivation base like that... if he really is Bai Hao, then he is the qilin son of the Bai Clan!!” 

These clan elders were stern and awe-inspiring people, but at the moment, their eyes were lit with shock.

The grand elders from the Hall of Corrections and the Hall of Justice had similar reactions, especially the latter, whose eyes were shining with utter incredulity.

“Pseudo-Nascent Soul stage.... this Bai Hao obviously came across some destiny-changing good fortune, and yet managed to keep it a secret! His level of self-control surpasses his own cultivation base!! Not only does he have shocking skill in spirit enhancement, but he also has an incredible cultivation base. Latent talent like this is the type that will only be seen in the clan once in a thousand years!!”

“Now that is what the qilin son of the Bai Clan should be like!!” 

The two grand elders felt their minds reeling; Bai Xiaochun’s sudden rise to prominence was something completely unexpected, an event which no one could ever have predicted would happen.

They weren’t the only ones to be floundering in shock. The representatives from the two other great clans and the emissary from Giant Ghost City were so shocked their eyes were bulging out of their faces. Never could any of that group have imagined that they would witness something so unbelievable during their trip to the Bai Clan!

“Latent talent like that... has never appeared in the Bai Clan before.... Furthermore, it's obvious that this Bai Hao has a beef with his own clan!”

“Well, this development is a good thing. If Bai Hao were on the side of his people, that could lead to a new rise of the Bai Clan....”

“Bai Hao, huh.... Interesting. I need to report this back to his highness the king. It looks like a schism might occur within the Bai Clan!!” 

The two representatives and the emissary were even more shocked than the clan elders, and yet, there was still a person whose shock surpassed everyone else’s.

Madam Cai was literally shaking, and began to scream, “Bai Hao, you little son of a bitch, you deserve to die! Damn you, you deserve to die!!! Men, get in there and kill him! Kill him!! Kill him!!!

Her eyes were completely bloodshot, and she seemed to be on the verge of going insane. Her hair was completely disheveled, and based on her unhinged and ear-piercing screams, she seemed like she couldn’t handle the situation.

There was really no other way for her to react. Her heart was filled with unprecedented terror and astonishment at the realization that Bai Qi’s previous explanation about Bai Hao getting outside help to kill his assassin was completely incorrect. Obviously... Bai Hao had done the deed himself!

When she realized how powerful Bai Hao’s cultivation base was, and that he had already dispatched previous assassins, as well as the fact that Bai Qi had essentially publicly stated that he wanted to kill him, it meant... that there was little question about what was to come in the ancestral land. Madam Cai’s vision began to grow dim, and she couldn’t help but scream in terror.

Bai Qi... was in great danger!!!

“No, this can't be happening. It can’t be! Qi’er, get out of there!!” Unfortunately, Madam Cai had already forgotten that her voice couldn’t enter the ancestral land, no matter how loudly she screamed. Ignoring all decorum, she rushed toward her husband and grabbed his arm madly. “Qi’er is the qilin son of the Bai Clan! He can’t die!”

Of course, the clan chief didn’t need any urging from Madam Cai to understand the gravity of the situation. Almost as soon as Madam Cai grabbed his arm, he threw his head back and howled with grief and rage that could pierce the heavens.

“Damn you, Bai Hao!!” As of this moment, the clan chief was reacting exactly the same as he had the previous day. Instead of being glad that his own son Bai Hao was rising to prominence, he was descending into the depths of fury.

“Why do you have latent talent like this? Why do you have a cultivation base like this? Your fate is to submit! You are the lowest of the low, a bastard son! Why do you have to fight back!?!?” Just like Madam Cai, the clan chief was desperately worried about Bai Qi, so much so that he took a step forward and waved his finger at the stone gate.

Rumbling sounds could be heard, and the gate trembled; shockingly, the clan chief was going all out to try to open the entrance to the ancestral land. Once he did, he would pass through that entrance, find Bai Xiaochun, and kill him!

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