Chapter 604: If You Kill Me, You're A Traitor! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

After the ancestral land was closed, opening it from the outside required time. However, the clan chief was desperate, so much so that his eyes were completely bloodshot.

“Clan elders,” he said loudly, “lend me a helping hand! That unfilial bastard must die!!”

A few of the clan elders from the direct bloodline flew forward to help forcibly open the stone gate.

However, the other elders hesitated, especially the grand elder from the Hall of Justice.

Enraged, Madam Cai shrieked, “If you dare to stand idly by, and my Qi’er gets hurt in any way, then I won’t let any of you off the hook!!”

In her desperation, Madam Cai even turned to the representative from the Cai Clan to ask for help.

Although the man hesitated at first, they were related, so after a moment passed, he came forward to help. However, despite all that, the entrance wouldn’t budge.

Even with the help of a deva patriarch, the gate wouldn’t open quickly. At best, it might open after enough time passed for an incense stick to burn.

Rumbling sounds filled the clan, which was rapidly devolving into chaos. Inside the ancestral land, the mountain was shattered, and the restrictive spells were destroyed. As for Bai Qi, he had only been about halfway finished with his work on the restrictive spell; now his face was a mask of shock as he staggered to the side. Looking over his shoulder, he saw what looked like a massive tempest, within which shone the eyes of Bai Xiaochun.

The sight of those eyes struck Bai Qi to the core. Something like divine sense pierced into him with lightning-like speed, provoking a scream from him as intense fear and disbelief filled his heart.

What was most alarming of all was how Bai Qi suddenly felt like a bug, as if those eyes could determine his life or death with a single thought.

“Impossible! This can’t be happening!!” Bai Qi had never felt more terrified for his own life. He was shaking, every inch of his flesh, blood, and bones screaming out in terror. He immediately abandoned the restrictive spell he had been unraveling, and began to flee.

“If I hold out for long enough,” he thought, “father will definitely come save me!!” 

However, almost as soon as he turned to make his escape, Bai Xiaochun chuckled within the tempest....

“Why aren’t you taking down that restrictive spell? Allow me to help you out.” All members of the Bai Clan looked on with pounding hearts as Bai Xiaochun took a step forward.

Originally, he had been fully 9,000 meters away from Bai Qi. However, that distance was nothing to cause much pause for Bai Xiaochun.

He was like a heavenly god, with a single step propelling him 900 meters ahead, leaving behind an afterimage that made it seem almost like there were two Bai Xiaochuns standing in the ancestral land!

Furthermore, his killing intent was so powerful that the entire ancestral land began to shake, both the violet sky and the black soil alike!!

“He's going to kill Bai Qi!!” The clan members inside of the ancestral land were all dumbstruck. Bai Lei was shaking, gulping in fear, his face completely ashen.

As for the fifth young lady, she looked on silently, but with brightly shining eyes.

Outside of the ancestral land, Bai Xiaochun’s shocking killing intent, and Bai Qi’s abject fear, caused everyone to begin to shout in alarm.

“Bai Qi is in danger!!”

“Heavens! Is Bai Hao actually going to go so far as to kill him!?!?”

It wasn’t just the ordinary clan members who were shocked. The clan elders had very serious expressions on their faces. The fact that Bai Xiaochun had taken all of the magical items and other good fortune in the ancestral land didn’t matter too much according to the clan rules. But if he actually killed other clan members right out in the open, that would be a different matter.

Any objective observer would be able to tell how unfair the situation was. After all, if the roles were reversed, and Bai Qi was going after Bai Hao to kill him, the clan elders would likely frown, but wouldn’t take the situation as seriously.

But now, things were different. Bai Qi had been selected by the patriarch to prevail in the ancestral land. Bai Hao's sudden rise to prominence was completely unexpected, and there was no way that they could instantly discount Bai Qi’s importance.

Not even the grand elder from the Hall of Justice could sit idly by at this point. He also stepped forward to help open the stone gate. 

However, all of the other clan elders were thinking of things in a different way than those from the direct bloodline. Bai Hao obviously had incredible latent talent, and the fact that he had kept it hidden all this time proved that he was a true chosen of the clan. As such, they couldn’t simply watch as he did something unforgivable.

“Bai Hao, don't do something that you’ll regret,” thought the grand elder from the Hall of Justice. “Just wait until you get out of there, and I’ll handle everything for you!”

He knew that if Bai Hao killed Bai Qi, especially in a situation like this, then he would damage his relationship with the clan permanently!

Killing Bai Qi would essentially be a public act of rebellion against the clan!!

As the clan elders burst into action, the emissary from Giant Ghost City looked at the image of Bai Xiaochun on the screen with shining eyes.

The sight of Bai Xiaochun stepping toward Bai Qi caused the clan chief to go even more crazy. Throwing his head back, he roared, “How dare you, you unfilial bastard!!”

Then he attacked the gate with renewed vigor.

“Stay your hand, you son of a bitch!!” Madam Cai screamed shrilly, trembling with madness, her hair flying about in complete disarray.

It was almost as if, despite being outside of the ancestral land, she could sense the intense level of Bai Xiaochun’s killing intent! After taking his 900-meter step, Bai Xiaochun looked over his shoulder at a spot high up in the sky, where the faint outline of a stone door was visible. It was almost as if he could sense the maddened glares of the clan chief, Madam Cai, and the other members of the direct bloodline.

“Finally getting anxious, huh?” he said with a cold chuckle. Based on the vortex that was forming up above, he didn’t need to analyze the situation at all to realize that they were trying to open the ancestral land from the outside.

“I wonder if that deva patriarch will do something...?” he thought, his eyes flickering. But now wasn’t the time to ponder the situation. Looking back at Bai Qi, his killing intent soared, and he took a second step.

By this point, the entire world was shaking as violently as if a giant had stamped his foot down. The air rippled and distorted as everything slowed down from Bai Xiaochun’s perspective. His second step propelled him even farther than the first step, a total of 2,100 meters!

Everything around him was shaking violently as he moved with blinding speed. By this point, he was only about 6,000 meters away from Bai Qi, who suddenly shrieked, “The clan elders can all see you, Bai Hao! How dare you think about killing me!!” 

Bai Qi was so scared he couldn’t even think straight. Although Bai Xiaochun’s second step had been taken casually, the speed on display was so terrifying that Bai Qi obviously couldn’t escape.

The sensation of deadly crisis he felt was like a flash flood that caused even his soul to shake.

Outside of the ancestral land, the souls of the clan chief and Madam Cai were shaking just as hard, and it was with complete despair that they watched Bai Xiaochun speeding toward Bai Qi.

Regardless of what they did, the ancestral land needed time to open, and clearly, they didn’t have enough of it to get inside and rescue Bai Qi. Eyes completely bloodshot, Madam Cai screamed, “You’ll die in pain, Bai Hao!!”

The clan chief’s chest ached with fear, and his expression was unsurpassably grim. The prospect of seeing his own son killed in front of him had him descending into madness.

And of course, he couldn’t forget the fact that Bai Hao was also his own flesh and blood!

All the other members of the clan were panting in shock as they looked at the screen on the stone gate, and the image of Bai Hao descending upon Bai Qi like some sort of immortal devil!

Flicking his sleeve, Bai Xiaochun took a third step, a step which propelled him with lightning-like speed that vastly surpassed his previous movements. It was almost a teleportation, a movement which people couldn’t even track with their eyes as he moved 6,000 meters in the blink of an eye!

He was now directly in front of Bai Qi, his energy surging, a string of sonic booms echoing out behind him. Bai Qi felt like a cotton ball facing a hurricane; he was incapable of doing anything, and wracked with despair.

First step: 900 meters. Second step: 2,100 meters. Third step: 6,000 meters! The speed on display here was so unbelievable that the members of the Bai Clan who were watching felt like their hearts were being bashed by tidal waves of shock!

Most of them couldn’t even breathe....

Bai Qi stared at Bai Xiaochun, panting, wilting under the pressure he was facing. Scared out of his mind, he shrieked, “I’m your brother, Bai Hao. If you dare to kill me, you’ll be a traitor to the clan!!” 

When Bai Xiaochun replied to him, it was with a voice as cold as midwinter snow. “Yeah? So what?!”

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