Chapter 647: Clean Him Out! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

“Definitely not!” Bai Xiaochun said without the slightest hesitation. He even rolled his eyes; as far as he was concerned, there wasn’t anything that could possibly be more important than his poor little life.

Outside in the city, the three great clans were going crazy searching for the Giant Ghost King’s true self, which meant that this was a very critical moment for Bai Xiaochun.

The chief of the Bai Clan would definitely take advantage of the chaos to try to kill him....

In a moment like this, Bai Xiaochun was in no mood to think about making money. That was especially true considering it was the little turtle who had suggested it. Over the years, the little turtle had caused one troublesome incident after another, so at the moment, Bai Xiaochun simply ignored him and hurried along with the captain, worried that he might not be able to get out of the prison in time.

Everyone in Devil Penitentiary was completely on edge. Guards and prisoners alike were rushing toward the entrance of the cellblock.

At this point, the little turtle anxiously flew out of Bai Xiaochun’s bag of holding and landed on his shoulder. 

“Ai, don’t be like that!” he transmitted. “I'm talking about a lot of money here, the kind of opportunity that only comes around once in a blue moon. It’s right here in front of us! Come on, don’t leave, ya little punk!”

Bai Xiaochun looked over at the little turtle and could see that he seemed really anxious. The turtle glanced behind them and then urgently continued to transmit his voice.

“Alright, listen punk, I know where the Giant Ghost King’s true self is!!” Originally, the little turtle had planned to use a different tactic to try to attract Bai Xiaochun’s attention. However, considering that Bai Xiaochun was clearly intent on leaving, he felt he didn’t have any other choice than to tell the truth. Furthermore, he was sure that this new revelation would provoke a response.

And he was right. This time, Bai Xiaochun’s reaction was more in line with what the turtle had expected. 

A tremor ran through him, and his eyes went wide as he said, “What!?!?” 

This turn of events was too sudden! The three great clans were turning the city upside down to look for the Giant Ghost King’s true self, and yet the little turtle actually knew where he was?

Despite his shock, though, Bai Xiaochun continued to head toward the entrance of the cellblock.

“What does that have to do with me?” he transmitted back. “You listen here, little turtle, the most important thing right now is my poor little life. You got that?!” As far as Bai Xiaochun was concerned, getting involved in this matter between the Giant Ghost King and the three great clans would be far too dangerous.

“What are you doing!?” the little turtle replied anxiously. “Listen to me, ya little punk. Slow down! Ah, fine... listen, Bai Xiaochun. You know the old guy in the cell right across from you, with the red birthmark on his face? That’s the Giant Ghost King’s true self!!”

Bai Xiaochun’s mind reeled in shock, and he even gasped. A look of complete and utter incredulity appeared on his face.

“He’s... he’s the Giant Ghost King?!?!?!” Even his aura was destabilized a bit. This bit of information from the little turtle was completely shocking. All of a sudden, the thought back to what that old man with the red birthmark on his face looked like.

“Furthermore, Lord Turtle can tell that Giant Ghost King is in the middle of a decay period. In other words, he’s weaker now than ever before. The chance to clean out a demigod expert is the kind of thing that only comes along once in 10,000 years!

“Think about it, punk. A demigod expert! He’s the Giant Ghost King! A demigod king! How much treasure do you think he has!? If we clean him out, we’ll be ultra rich! This opportunity... heavens! I’ve only come across chances like this a couple times in my entire life! Y-y-you... you can’t really be planning to just run away?!?!” By this point, the little turtle was so anxious his voice was transmitted in the form of a shout. Fearful of losing the opportunity, he had actually revealed everything he knew.

Sensing that Bai Xiaochun’s interest was piqued, the little turtle’s excitement began to grow. 

“He’s the Giant Ghost King, little punk!” he gushed. “We can clean him out! Clean him out!! Clean him out!!!”

“How is that even possible...?” Bai Xiaochun thought, stopping in place, his heart beginning to race.

The captain and the other guards looked back in shock, various expressions flashing across their faces.

“What's wrong, Bai Hao?” the captain said anxiously. “Hurry up, let’s go!”

“Wait just one moment....” Bai Xiaochun said. 

Feeling very conflicted, he transmitted a question to the little turtle. “Are you sure?”

The little turtle was trembling with indescribable excitement, and also trying to look as impressive and incredible as possible as he replied, “Of course I'm sure. I’ve been keeping my eye on the Giant Ghost King from the first time I saw him. Why do you think I woke up back then anyway? I could tell what was going on as soon as I saw him, and was just waiting until his decay period hit!

“Hahaha! This is the moment I've been waiting for. At the most, he's at Core Formation right now. Listen, there’s nothing to worry about. The Giant Ghost King is a crafty fellow. Nobody would ever possibly think that he would actually be hiding as a prisoner in this place. It’s just too bad that he ran into Lord Turtle!” 

Bai Xiaochun thought back to what the little turtle had said back when he woke up… that the Giant Ghost King smelled like treasure....

“This little turtle....” Bai Xiaochun thought, his heart beginning to race even faster, and his eyes beginning to shine. If he had really found the Giant Ghost King’s true self, and the man was currently weak, then just as the little turtle had said, it would be an incredible opportunity. The benefits of cleaning him out... would be difficult to even describe.

In fact, it could also be a secret weapon to cause some problems for the three great clans.... Of course, whether it was simply robbing him, or using his status in a clever way, both would be very dangerous.

Even when Bai Xiaochun got very excited, he wouldn’t lose his sense of reason. Hesitating, he said, “The Giant Ghost King is a demigod. Even though he’s hiding here, he definitely would have some trump cards prepared to defend himself just in case.” 

“Don’t worry, his trump card is none other than the invisible spell formation in the stone turtle that contains Devil Penitentiary. Once that spell formation is activated, it will be almost as strong as the Demigod Realm. Devas would be able to break through it, but not right away!

“Unfortunately for the Giant Ghost King, he was just unlucky enough to run into Lord Turtle. Hahaha! I wouldn’t dare to speak about any other spell formation, but this is a turtle spell formation. Lord Turtle can’t control it, but I can nullify its effects, at least temporarily. In fact, I already did! Come on, let’s clean him out. We’ll definitely succeed!

“He's a demigod, he definitely has a bunch of treasure on him.” The little turtle’s eyes were shining with unprecedented excitement, and he was shaking visibly.

“Will he have a deva soul?” Bai Xiaochun said, his eyes bloodshot. The fact that a demigod king was right there waiting to be grabbed caused even him to start to go a bit crazy.

“Of course!” the little turtle screeched. “To you, deva souls are priceless, but demigods can get them without even trying. Hurry up! Let’s just grab him and get out of the turtle statue. I can only keep the spell formation suppressed for so long. Once my control slips and the Giant Ghost King is able to control it again, we’ll be in great danger!”

Bai Xiaochun took a deep breath and looked over at the captain and other guards, who were anxiously waiting for him to speak. Gritting his teeth, he said, “Captain, you go on ahead. But please give me the key to the cells. There’s a guy back there who pissed me off, and I want to teach him a lesson before I leave.” 

With that, Bai Xiaochun clasped hands and bowed deeply.

At any other time, the captain would never have been able to agree to this request. But considering everyone was completely on edge, he looked at Bai Xiaochun for a moment, and then sighed and said, “Alright, Brother Bai Hao, you’re on your own now. We’ll take off now.” 

Naturally, the captain could tell that Bai Hao had some secret he wasn’t willing to divulge. However, that didn’t matter. Even if Bai Hao wanted to kill one of the prisoners, it wouldn't matter in the end. The captain tossed a command medallion over to him, then turned and left with the other guards.

Bai Xiaochun grabbed the command medallion that acted as the key to the cells, then adjusted his aura and settled his thoughts. He knew that if he slipped up in the slightest way right now, he could get into a lot of trouble.

But his decision was made. Gritting his teeth, he began to speed toward the cell that contained the old man with the red birthmark on his face. Along the way, he had a short transmitted conversation with the little turtle to confirm that the old man was in the Core Formation stage.

However, he was still feeling nervous. Although the little turtle didn’t notice, he looked up in thought for a moment. Then he lowered his voice and said, “No, little turtle, it’s too dangerous. He’s a demigod! If you’re wrong about everything, nothing will happen to you. You could escape any time you wanted. But I would lose my poor little life. You fly over into my hand. That way, if the situation gets dangerous, we can face it together! If we’re going to clean out a demigod together, you need to show some good faith!”

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