Chapter 648: How Exciting.... Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

The little turtle was completely wrapped up in the idea of getting some treasure. On top of that, the Giant Ghost King’s true self was just up ahead. Therefore, in response to Bai Xiaochun’s words, he immediately flew out and allowed Bai Xiaochun to grab him.

“Hurry up, hurry up!” the little turtle rebuked anxiously. “What’s with all the delays? Fudge! The chance to clean out a demigod is a good thing! Why are you hesitating? Rewards come only with risk! Without taking chances, how can you ever profit?!”

Chuckling inwardly, Bai Xiaochun kept his tone sincere as he said, “I'm just young and don’t have any experience in this kind of thing. My apologies, Lord Turtle. Please don't take any offense, sir.”

With that, he headed toward the cell that contained the Giant Ghost King’s true self.

This was the first time the little turtle had ever heard Bai Xiaochun speak so politely to him, and it felt wonderful. Very proud of himself, he decided that he should take some time to educate Bai Xiaochun a bit more in the future, to prove how wise, intelligent, and courageous he himself was.

Even as the little turtle reveled in his own pride, Bai Xiaochun flew closer to the Giant Ghost King’s cell. Inside was the old man with the red birthmark, who slowly looked up, his eyes shining with a sharp light, and a bit of disdain.

It was the type of look that someone might give to a bug.

However, before the old man could say anything, Bai Xiaochun pulled out his command medallion and unlocked the door of the skull cell. Then, before the little turtle could do anything, Bai Xiaochun shouted, “See if you can handle my secret attack, you old bastard!” 

At the same time, he took the pleased little turtle... and hurled him with lightning-like speed toward the old man in the cage!

He did everything with incredible smoothness, force, and speed. As soon as the little turtle left his hand, he slammed the cell door shut and then became a series of afterimages that shot backward away from the cage.

He stopped some distance away, looking back at the cage and preparing to flee at a moment’s notice.

“Don’t blame me, little turtle!” he said, feeling completely in the right. “You’re eternally indestructible, but I'm not!”

“Y-y-you, you little punk!!” The little turtle had been completely taken by surprise; never could he have possibly imagined that Bai Xiaochun would be treacherous enough to do this.

“Aaggghh, you little jerk! You're completely shameless! Despicable! Contemptible!!” However, there was nothing the little turtle could do at the moment. Enraged, he turned toward the frowning Giant Ghost King, and then flew forward at top speed.

“How impudent!!” the Giant Ghost King yelled, waving his hand out in front of him.

A boom rang out as the little turtle slammed into an invisible barrier roughly three meters in front of him. However, that only seemed to make him angrier. Looking at the Giant Ghost King, he shouted, “You think nobody would figure out you were hiding here, Giant Ghost King?! You might be able to trick everybody else, but you can’t fool Lord Turtle! Hand over your treasures this instant, otherwise Lord Turtle is going to beat you to death!” 

With that, he shot forward, again slamming into the invisible barrier, this time causing cracks to spread out in the air.

In response to the little turtle’s words, the Giant Ghost King’s expression flickered with shock and disbelief, which went to prove... that he really was the Giant Ghost King!!

“Who are you?!?!” he asked.

He had been a prisoner in this cell for two hundred years, and was also protected by the stone turtle’s spell formation. Because of that, he had assumed that he was safe, but now, his identity was exposed! How could he not be shocked!?

However, it was only a moment later that his killing intent erupted. As the little turtle closed in, he reached out and waved his right index finger!

“Spell formation: Evaporating Destruction!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the stone turtle vibrated, and an indescribable power stirred. Apparently, the single wave of a finger on the part of the Giant Ghost King would unleash an all-destructive divine ability.

Bai Xiaochun was shaken by this development, and yet, before anything else could happen, the little turtle’s eyes widened into a glare. Sticking his head far out from his shell, he roared, “NO destruction!”

Instantly, the air of extermination which had appeared moments ago... faded away into nothing!

The Giant Ghost King’s eyes bulged with disbelief, and before he could do anything else, the little turtle shot forward and slammed into his chest.

The Giant Ghost King let out a muffled grunt, his face turning ashen as he staggered backward a few steps, his heart raging with astonishment.

“Impossible! This is impossible! Be destroyed!!” Trembling, he yet again waved his finger at the little turtle. However, the stone turtle’s spell formation didn’t do anything in response. The blood immediately drained from the Giant Ghost King’s face.

As of this moment, his heart was racing more wildly than it had in countless years. At the same time, a sensation of profound danger filled him. What was happening right now was vastly more critical and astonishing that the rebellion of the three great clans.

“Destroy what, your ass?!” The little turtle threw his head back and laughed uproariously, then launched himself forward in another attack.

Outside the cell, Bai Xiaochun had been paying close attention to what was happening, and by now, his eyes were shining. Throwing his head back, he laughed loudly at the realization that this really was the Giant Ghost King. Clearly, his cultivation base really was at the Core Formation level, and furthermore, he couldn’t use the spell formation. The fact that he was like a sick tiger with no teeth or claws left Bai Xiaochun feeling very relieved. Laughing, he walked forward, and then entered the cage again.

“The majestic, illustrious Giant Ghost King is actually dressed up like a prisoner and hiding in this place.... How low of you, Giant Ghost King!” Sticking his chin up, he assumed his best pose and then waved his sleeve proudly.

“With the snap of a finger, I, Bai Hao, reduced the Giant Ghost King to the point of becoming ashes. Hahaha!” Even as Bai Xiaochun’s laughter rang out, the Giant Ghost King stood there feeling shocked and anxious. However, the look in his eye was cold and sinister. After all, he was a demigod king, and knew how to maintain his dignity.

“Bai Hao,” he began, “you--” However, before he could finish speaking, Bai Hao took a step forward and slapped him across the side of the head.

Instantly, the Giant Ghost King’s cultivation base was sealed. Off to the side, the little turtle let out a whoop of delight.

“Clean him out! Clean him out!” A tremor ran through the Giant Ghost King, who was now glaring at Bai Xiaochun with intense killing intent.

Despite that killing intent, Bai Xiaochun simply walked forward and began to search him. A moment later, he pulled out a ring of holding. Unfortunately, further searching didn’t reveal anything else.

“Only one ring of holding?” he said, less than pleased. “That’s it?”

As for the Giant Ghost King, the humiliation he was enduring had his heart pulsing with rage that simply couldn’t be described with words.

As far as he was concerned, this Bai Hao was nothing more than a pawn in his game, something to make the action a bit more interesting. He should be the type of person he could kill with a thought if necessary. Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that this pawn would end up holding his own life in his hands!

This sudden turn of events, and the sudden crisis, was something that the Giant Ghost King couldn’t simply accept. He was a demigod, and he had planned this entire event down to the smallest detail.

However, even as he seemed to sink into a cool calm, the little turtle shouted, “Searching for treasures isn’t your forte, ya little punk!” 

With that, he flew forward and began searching the Giant Ghost King’s robes and tossing all sorts of items out toward Bai Xiaochun.

There was a long, crimson spear, a blue jade slip, a multi-colored magic bottle, and also... a fist-sized chunk of black rock!

When the Giant Ghost King saw all of these things flying out, his expression flickered, and soon turned extremely unsightly. Those items had been hidden in various spatial pockets he had created, which no one should ever have been able to find. However, the little turtle... easily found them and emptied them.

“You....” the Giant Ghost King said anxiously, his eyes bulging. Although there weren’t many items, each one was the type that could shake heaven and earth!

That red spear was how he had earned his name to begin with, and could not be wielded by anyone under the Deva Realm. It had been forged with an object that fell from beyond the heavens, and contained 1,000,000,000 restrictive spells. Even among devas, it could be considered a top-rate item!

Then there was the blue jade slip. It looked ordinary in nature, but contained a legacy Dao of incredible importance. As for the magic bottle, it was called the Primeval Cosmos Bottle, and was similarly something that could not be used by anyone under the level of a deva. It could absorb any and all objects in creation and transform them into high-level medicine. He had paid a huge price to acquire this item, and was relatively certain that it was why the Nine Serenities King had gotten involved in the rebellion!

Finally, there was the black rock. It was a completely unique item in the world that not even the Giant Ghost King was sure of the origins of. Supposedly, it had once belonged to the first generation Arch-Emperor, although no one knew where he had acquired it.

These items were his most valuable treasures, so seeing them being taken away by the little turtle filled the Giant Ghost King’s heart with uncontrollable anxiety.

Bai Xiaochun was ecstatic to see so many things being pulled out. Although he wasn’t sure how to use any of them, and despite the fact that they all were branded personally to the Giant Ghost King, he could tell that they were extraordinary.

“Anything the Giant Ghost King kept hidden on his person should definitely be incredibly precious! Maybe I can’t use them now, but I’ll be able to eventually!” 

Bai Xiaochun did his best to hide his pleasure, but as for the little turtle, it was with immense pride that he looked disdainfully at the Giant Ghost King and said, “Think you can hide your stuff from Lord Turtle? Dream on!”

The Giant Ghost King fought to keep himself under control. He knew that at the moment, his rage could do nothing to resolve the situation, and that despite how his heart was dripping with blood... he needed to force himself to remain calm.

“What do you want?!” he said, uttering his words one at a time. Although his cultivation base was currently very weak, and he couldn’t even control his own life or death, he still managed to radiate calmness, and was even somewhat threatening. When Bai Xiaochun saw that, he couldn’t help but shiver a bit; after all, this was a demigod, even though his cultivation base was currently not at that level.

However, the fact that he felt scared also got him angry. 

“Trying to frighten me?!” he said. Then he thought about how the Giant Ghost King had been using him as a pawn in his game, and had even turned him into a prisoner. Influenced a bit by the little turtle, his eyes suddenly shone with disdain, and he smacked the Giant Ghost King across the side of the head again.

“Close your eyes when you talk to me!” he said angrily. The sight of the Giant Ghost King so angry that he was physically shaking was actually quite exciting. Licking his lips, he continued,

“I've never smacked a demigod! So exciting....” In fact, he couldn’t hold back from delivering another smack.

“Not gonna follow orders huh? Heh heh. I said close your eyes when you talk to me!”

“Do you have a death wish, Bai Hao?!?!?!” The Giant Ghost King raged angrily. If his cultivation base was at its normal level, he would teach Bai Xiaochun a long and hard lesson about the consequences of slapping people!!

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