Chapter 650: Miserable Giant Ghost King Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

“Bai Hao, you little bastard, I hope you die a painful death! You... you.... You’ll get your comeuppance one of these days!! If I can’t kill you myself, then my daughter will make mincemeat out of you!!” 

Although the Giant Ghost King was enraged, he was a demigod and a king; he actually wasn’t very proficient in cursing people. Therefore, he could only come up with some basic taunts, which he repeated using different variations.

Bai Xiaochun cleared his throat proudly and completely ignored the curses. In fact, he even considered looking for a chance to get the little turtle to teach the Giant Ghost King a thing or two about insults.

Even as that thought crossed his mind, he proceeded forward, not only using the Giant Ghost King as a shield, but fighting back with him. His actions, coupled with his shocking fourteenfold spirit enhanced treasures, ensured that he was already getting close to the entrance of Cellblock D.

Although everyone in the Bai Clan burned with unquenchable rage, they simply couldn’t kill Bai Xiaochun. Not only was he incredibly tough to begin with, he also had four clones to help him, and tons of eye-catching magical items.

There was his strange parasol which could suck away life force and replenish him, and also the fact that he could move with shocking speed. His fleshly body power was incredible, and he could teleport, making it completely impossible to kill him in any short amount of time.

The old man with the red birthmark on his face was an even deeper mystery to the Bai Clan cultivators. No matter how many times he got hit, even with powerful magical items, he didn’t even cough up a single mouthful of blood.

In turn, Bai Xiaochun was bashing his way closer and closer to the entrance.

The clan elders were starting to get very nervous, and even joined together in an attack that cause intense rumbling sounds to fill the cellblock. Powerful fluctuations rolled out, and multi-colored light spread out in all directions. However, Bai Xiaochun continued to use the Giant Ghost King, who never stopped cursing the entire time.

“You will die in pain, Bai Hao!! You’ll get what you deserve one of these days!!” The Giant Ghost King wanted to cry, but no tears would come. His hair was in complete disarray, and his clothes were in tatters. He now possessed none of the dignity of a demigod expert, and it was even possible to see welts and bruises on his skin.

Because this was his true self, and he was a demigod, his body wasn’t necessarily eternally indestructible, but was strong enough to be very difficult to kill in circumstances like this. With the exception of devas, any opponent he faced couldn’t hurt him any more than the bite of a mosquito. Only by wearing him down for a very long time could they possibly kill him.

The rage burning in his heart right now was so hot that not even the waters of the Underworld River could extinguish it. There was also no small amount of grief inside him; despite the many years he had lived, and his overall tenacity, he really felt like crying.

By this point, he felt like he was being struck by eight generations of accumulated bad luck.... It was simply impossible to describe how humiliated he felt to have run into this damnable Bai Hao. Then he thought back to his original plan, and how he was only supposed to remain in Devil Penitentiary for a few more days before emerging like a cicada shedding its carapace, his decay period completely behind him.

Even if the three great clans found him before the process was complete, with the spell formation of the stone turtle, they would have been incapable of defeating him. Because of all that, he had looked down with contempt on the three great clans the entire time, and had looked forward to watching their terror mount as time passed. From beginning to end, everything was to have been within his control.

His anticipation and confidence were so great, in fact, that he hadn’t even mentioned the current situation to his daughter in the imperial city.

It had been many, many years since he had gotten to do anything interesting, and as such, he had truly been looking forward to playing this little game.

However, never could he have possibly imagined that his game would end up like this....

“It shouldn't be happening this way....” he thought miserably. Regret gripped his heart. He had planned everything meticulously, and prepared perfectly. Never could he possibly have guessed that things would happen in this way, that one of the pawns in his game would ruin everything.

He could only watch as he was thrown this way and that to block various divine abilities and magical items. Booms filled his ears, and his heart sank further into lamentation.

“I refuse to accept this!!” he moaned inwardly, his eyes bloodshot. However, there was nothing he could do now. He had secretly tried to make contact with the spell formation, but there had been no reaction, causing his despair to deepen.

As the Giant Ghost King wallowed in hopelessness, Bai Xiaochun coughed up a huge mouthful of blood. His remaining two clones had been destroyed, and were now speeding back to him in the form of two motes of light. Although his fleshly body was powerful, his injuries were serious. And yet, he still managed to break through everything the Bai Clan was throwing at him.

Then, in a blinding flash, he, the little turtle, and the Giant Ghost King all burst out through the main door of the cellblock.

Roars of rage echoed out behind him. Obviously, the clan chief and clan elders weren’t going to just give up. They wouldn’t rest until Bai Xiaochun was dead!

“Maybe you can escape from this place,” the clan chief howled, “but the three great clans control Giant Ghost City now! You won’t get out of the city!” 

By this point, Bai Xiaochun was speeding toward the exit of Devil Penitentiary.

Moments later, the clan chief and clan elders appeared behind him and gave chase.

Bai Xiaochun’s heart was pounding, and his aura was in chaos. However, what worried him wasn’t his injuries, which were significant, but rather, the fact that he needed to get out of the prison as quickly as possible. If he didn’t... then eventually the little turtle would lose control of the spell formation. And when that happened, the first thing the Giant Ghost King would do would be to kill him!

At the moment, the Giant Ghost King’s eyes were closed, making it obvious that he must be trying to make contact with the stone turtle’s spell formation. More nervous than ever, Bai Xiaochun suddenly slapped him again.

“I’m warning you!” he yelled viciously. “You better not force me to tell them who you are!”

The Giant Ghost King’s eyes snapped open and he glared at Bai Xiaochun, panting so hard he felt like his chest was about to explode. However... he had to continue to endure. At the moment, he had no other options available.

Bai Xiaochun whizzed along; thankfully, he was very familiar with Devil Penitentiary, so he quickly made his way through the various tunnels until he was at the exit. Just before leaving, though, the little turtle’s face fell.

“I'm gonna lose control!!” he shouted. A tremor ran through the Giant Ghost King, and his eyes began to shine with intense light. He could sense that the spell formation was beginning to awaken, and in fact, the entire stone turtle was beginning to vibrate. Further back, the clan chief and clan elders’ faces all fell.

As for the Giant Ghost King, his excitement grew, and he was just preparing to reach out to the spell formation when, all of a sudden, Bai Xiaochun, aware that he couldn't easily slap the man unconscious, suddenly reached into his bag of holding and produced a handful of Aphrodisiac Pills....

Even as joy spread out across the Giant Ghost King’s face, Bai Xiaochun stuffed the pills into his mouth.

“You....” There was nothing the Giant Ghost King could do to fight back. As soon as the pills entered his mouth, they melted, and the medicinal effect of the pills erupted explosively. At the moment, the Giant Ghost King’s cultivation base was incredibly weak, and he couldn't do anything to control the effect of the pills. Rumbling sounds filled his mind, and he instantly lost contact with the spell formation.

Although he wanted to reestablish contact, the burning heat that spread through his body battered at his mind, making it difficult to even think straight. However, he made a mad effort to control himself, and once again reached out to the spell formation. The stone turtle instantly surged with power, causing pressure to weigh down everywhere, and filling the hearts of the Bai Clan cultivators with sensations of imminent deadly crisis.

However... Bai Xiaochun’s Aphrodisiac Pills were simply too devastating, and the Giant Ghost King had been given too many. Soon his face began to turn bright red, and he started shaking visibly. A moment passed, and... despite the fact that his connection to the spell formation was tenuous at best, it had not been broken.

But all Bai Xiaochun had needed was a bit of time. Howling, he pushed forward with greater speed, using everything at his disposal to shoot out of the stone turtle’s left eye and then into the moat beyond.

In that instant, the Giant Ghost King called upon his indescribable levels of self-control to suppress the burning fire within him. He gripped tight on his connection to the spell formation, and then tried to activate it. However... as soon as Bai Xiaochun burst out of the turtle’s eye, the rising energy of the spell formation faded away.

“No!!!” the Giant Ghost King howled as he watched hope vanish right in front of him, sending him plummeting into the depths of despair. As soon as the word left his mouth, Bai Xiaochun looked over angrily and slapped him across the side of the head again.

“Shut up!”

“I'm gonna kill you, Bai Hao!” the Giant Ghost King roared. “Kill you, ya hear? You’re dead! Aggghhhh!!”

Whack! Bai Xiaochun slapped him again.

“Don’t hit me, you--”

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Bai Xiaochun proceeded to slap him eight more times, until finally, some blood oozed out of the Giant Ghost King’s mouth. Having no choice but to endure the humiliation, the Giant Ghost King bit down on his bottom lip and stopped talking.

The current Bai Xiaochun seemed even more terrifying than the Bai Xiaochun who had just fought his way out of the cellblock. As of this moment, he seemed like nothing more than a devilish ghost!

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