Chapter 651: How Brilliant, Patriarch Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

“You got what you deserved!” Bai Xiaochun said angrily. “You listen to me, you old bastard: don’t push me! When I get pissed off, I frighten even myself!”

Fear still lingered in his heart from moments earlier. He knew that if he had been even a bit slower, allowing the Giant Ghost King to gain control of the spell formation, then he would have died.

As he wallowed in that lingering fear, he glared at the Giant Ghost King with such intense killing intent that it left the man shaken. Furthermore, considering that he was willing to humiliate his own father, was vicious and merciless, and had reviled his own clan, then obviously, provoking him would be a huge mistake.

At the moment, the Giant Ghost King could only bow his head and vent his anger inwardly. “He definitely wants something from me,” he thought. “Fine. I’ll just endure and refrain from provoking him.”

Even as he lowered his head, the clan chief and other members of the Bai Clan flew out from the stone turtle’s eye. Of course, the Bai Clan had their ways of protecting themselves from the corrosive water of the moat, and immediately began to chase Bai Xiaochun.

Face twitching with fear, and having no more time to deal with the Giant Ghost King, Bai Xiaochun burst into motion, heading toward the surface of the water as quickly as possible. However, only a moment later, the little turtle suddenly shrieked, “Back up!!” 

Without the slightest hesitation, Bai Xiaochun shoved the Giant Ghost King out in front of him and lurched in the opposite direction. As he did, a sound louder than heavenly thunder caused everything in the area to shake violently.

At the same time, an incredible force descended into the moat water, causing a massive eruption of water.

Thankfully, Bai Xiaochun was protected behind the Giant Ghost King, who took the entire force of the blow. Blood sprayed out of the Giant Ghost King’s mouth as his internal organs vibrated on the point of collapsing. Even large portions of his hair fell off of his head; it was as if a full twenty percent of his overall energy had been destroyed!

As for his cultivation base, in the blink of an eye it dropped from Core Formation into Foundation Establishment.... Obviously, that attack wasn’t a Nascent Soul divine ability, but rather... a blow from a deva!

As the boom continued to echo out, Bai Xiaochun realized that all the water around him had been destroyed, leaving him hovering in the middle of the air. Furthermore, up above him, with a grim, maddened expression on his face, was the Bai Clan patriarch!!

Bai Xiaochun was so nervous his tongue was stuck to the top of his mouth, and his heart was racing faster than ever. He knew that if the little turtle hadn’t warned him, he would have died from that attack. Furthermore, without the Giant Ghost King there to use as a shield, the little turtle’s warning would, at most, have enabled him to escape with serious injuries.

The Bai Clan patriarch had been searching for the Giant Ghost King, but had obviously received a message from someone in the Bai Clan, causing him to turn his attention to Bai Hao!

However, he could never have guessed that Bai Xiaochun could survive a full-force blow!!

Shocked, the patriarch looked closer, and immediately focused on the tool Bai Xiaochun had used to defend himself... an old man with a red birthmark on his face!!

“That’s....” The Bai Clan patriarch shivered, and his aura fluctuated unstably. Then his eyes began to shine with unprecedented light. He almost seemed hopeful, as though he had just been rescued from an impossible situation.

“This... this....” He couldn’t even speak straight. A moment later, he threw his head back and laughed maniacally, a laughter that filled all of Giant Ghost City, a laughter filled with delight, joy, and complacency.

As for Bai Xiaochun, his heart began to pound, and he looked over at the Giant Ghost King to see that his eyes were somewhat blank. He didn’t look at all like he had moments ago when arguing with Bai Xiaochun. As of this moment he realized that everything that was happening... was likely just fate.

“The heavens will not destroy the Bai Clan! Hahaha! We're saved!! Giant Ghost King! How could I have ever imagined that you would actually be here!!!” 

The patriarch was laughing so hard he was shaking, and his eyes were bright red because of the excitement he felt. During the past few hours, he had felt both indescribable torment and unending regret. However, there was no way to undo what had been done, and the realization that he was simply a pawn in the Giant Ghost King’s game left him terrified to the extreme. His chances of finding the Giant Ghost King were virtually nil, and even if he did find him... there was no way the Giant Ghost King would not be prepared to defend himself.

The patriarch had already begun to sink into complete despair and insanity. Upon encountering Bai Hao, he was so upset that he forgot about his plans to use him as a future incarnation, and immediately unleashed a killing blow. Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that right there, in the middle of his complete despair... a ray of hope would appear, and that he... would find the Giant Ghost King. Furthermore, the Giant Ghost King was incredibly weak. The patriarch’s eyes immediately began to burn with fiery passion as he ignored Bai Xiaochun and focused completely... on the Giant Ghost King!

As soon as the Bai Clan patriarch’s words echoed out, the clan chief and the other clan members further back stared in wide-eyed shock. Then they gasped and looked at the old man Bai Xiaochun was holding out in front of him.

“He’s... he’s the Giant Ghost King!?!?”

“Heavens! The Giant Ghost King has been hiding here!!”

“I told you there was something weird about that guy to be able to take so many attacks from us and not be hurt!! It turns out he’s actually the Giant Ghost King!!”

They weren’t the only shocked ones. There were cultivators from the other great clans in the area as well, plus some soldiers from the armies of the six heavenly marquises who had rebelled. There were even spies loyal to other forces and groups. Everyone turned to look at Bai Hao, and the Giant Ghost King whom he held by the neck, clearly a captive.

Everyone who could see the scene was completely and utterly shocked.

“This... this is impossible! That’s Bai Hao? He... he kidnapped the Giant Ghost King?!”

“This Bai Hao is completely ferocious! He... he actually kidnapped the Giant Ghost King!! Everyone’s looking for the Giant Ghost King’s true self, and now he has him!!”

“Heavens! I actually underestimated this Bai Hao. He’s incredible! So tough! He’s definitely going to become completely famous because of this!!” 

Countless gasps rang out, and within moments, people began sending the news back to their superiors. It was easy to imagine how, within mere moments, everyone in Giant Ghost City would know that Bai Hao had kidnapped the Giant Ghost King!!

Quite a few people immediately recalled how Bai Hao had kidnapped the chief of the Bai Clan, and were even more shocked than before.

“Bai Hao... is vicious and merciless, and reviled his own clan! How fierce! He didn’t just kidnap his own father, he actually also kidnapped the Giant Ghost King!!”

As of this moment, Bai Xiaochun’s actions had truly shaken the entire city!!

Of course, that had not been his intention. Currently, he was looking around nervously, his eyes bloodshot, his chest swelling with fear and anxiety.

As for the Giant Ghost King, he maintained his silence, not uttering a single word. However, his eyes were calm, and the dignity which had previously escaped him returned. He might be about to die, but he would die with honor. There was also a flash of regret in his eyes.

“What a pity,” he murmured to himself. “There’s not enough time for the Ghost King Orchid to bloom....”

When he did speak out loud, his voice was cool and collected. “Bai Hao, you can release me now.”

Looking up, Bai Xiaochun saw the Bai Clan deva patriarch reaching out with his right hand. 

“What do I do, what do I do...!?” he wailed inwardly. 

At that point, a fiery gleam appeared in his eyes, and he said loudly, “Patriarch, you really are brilliant to have anticipated that the traitorous Giant Ghost King would have a secret plan at work. Well, I’ve accomplished my mission. I followed your orders, enduring all sorts of humiliation, even betraying the clan, all to earn the trust of this traitor. And now, I’ll hand him over to you alive and in one piece!

“Patriarch, I hope that you come to be bathed in the most spectacular honor and glory! Long live the Bai Clan!” 

Everyone was stunned by this development. The Giant Ghost King smiled wryly, and the Bai Clan patriarch stared in shock. It was to the utter astonishment of everyone that Bai Xiaochun proceeded to head toward the patriarch, seemingly excited to hand him the Giant Ghost King.

The Bai Clan patriarch was so taken aback that he didn’t have time to ponder the matter closely. Bai Xiaochun had worded things perfectly, to the point where no one even thought to question his words.

He had even gone so far as to offer all the glory to the patriarch. All the patriarch had to do was confirm that what he had said was true, and it would actually be of great benefit to the patriarch in the subsequent struggle to secure the crown. The patriarch’s eyes immediately glittered brightly as he realized all of this.

“This Bai Hao... is very interesting....” A smile broke out on his face as he looked at the charming, nervous Bai Xiaochun. Then, he prepared to respond.

However... that was when something completely unexpected changed everything!!

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