Chapter 831: Experts Unite! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

The Giant Ghost King was a profound schemer and expert strategist. That much was possible to see from the game he had played with the three great clans back in Giant Ghost City.

Heart pounding with fear, Bai Xiaochun turned back to watch what was happening on the battlefield. After all, he found it hard to believe that the Giant Ghost King would so blithely shoot himself in the foot.

“My old pal Giant Ghost is a wily old fox, that’s for sure….” he told himself. However, he hoped that the Giant Ghost King could actually be a bit more wily than he normally was. Otherwise, Bai Xiaochun was certain that he would end up losing his poor little life.

Even as he pondered the possible outcomes, the Giant Ghost King’s cool voice echoed out into the area.

“How’s that speed of yours doing?!”

Even as the words left his mouth, the girl’s pupils constricted, and her face fell. In the process of absorbing the full destructive power of the Giant Ghost King’s black sun, she had lost several bodies. Although she had survived… even she could not quickly absorb all of that power. As a result, she was now much less quick and agile than she had been before.

Furthermore, she was now spread out into the form of a sea of blood, which essentially meant that she was locked in place. Although that wouldn’t last for long, at the moment, she was incapable of going anywhere. She might as well have been sealed!

And that had been the Giant Ghost King’s plan all along. This opponent was too powerful, and shockingly fast. Furthermore, her origin was too terrifying to ponder deeply at the moment. He had known all along that ordinary methods could not be used to defeat her, and therefore, he had to take a bit of a risk. That was why he had summoned his world-exterminating sun. If the sun ended up destroying her, then all would be well and good. But if it didn’t… then it would show that he was absolutely incapable of defeating her on his own, and that… he needed help!

And the truth was that the Giant Ghost King had long since used a demigod secret magic to send word to the Grand Heavenmaster!

Therefore, he only needed to buy enough time for the Grand Heavenmaster to come with reinforcements. If he could keep the girl locked in one place for long enough, that would give enough time for his allies to arrive and then join him in cutting her down!

And yet, all of that was only two thirds of his full plan.

The final step of the plan had not yet been enacted…. It was at this point that the Giant Ghost King suddenly reached out, summoning yet another gigantic ghost hand that stretched down from the sky toward the sea of blood.

A vicious expression appeared on the face of the girl as she suddenly caught on to what the Giant Ghost King was doing. Feeling both humiliated and enraged, she let out a piercing shriek, causing the sea of blood to seethe as it surged toward the ghost hand.

Bai Xiaochun was watching all of this happen, and when he heard what the Giant Ghost King just said, breathed a sigh of relief as he realized what he was up to.

“The Giant Ghost King really does deserve his reputation….” he thought excitedly. Everyone else in the area also seemed to be filled with hope. A moment later, four figures suddenly stepped out of thin air!

The first one wielded a massive battle-axe. He was burly and tall, with a frightening murderous aura. He wore a black suit of armor, and a helmet with two long, curved horns sticking out on either side. He was the type of person who caused the air to shatter around him wherever he went.

He was none other than… the Nine Serenities King!

The second figure was like a pile of flesh, fat to the extreme. And yet, that didn’t seem to make him any less nimble. Every step he took caused windstorms to spring up. It was as if the will of the heavens would bow to him wherever he went, and make way for his passage.

This person was none other than Xu Shan’s father, the Spirit Advent King!!

The third figure moved with incredible quickness, and radiated a fearsome desire to do battle. He was surrounded by countless sword projections that seemed capable of crushing worlds. Rumbling sounds echoed out in all directions, and in the middle of it all was a middle-aged man in a long green robe. He was handsome, and stood tall and straight, with features that somewhat resembled Gongsun Yi’s. This man was none other than… the War Champion King!!

The fourth figure came from Arch-Emperor City. He had white hair, and a wrinkled face, and yet his aura clearly placed him at the forefront of the other four. He was the person whose every deed and thought could shake the Wildlands. He was none other than… the Grand Heavenmaster!!

Behind the Grand Heavenmaster were the ten heavenly dukes, including Chen Haosong. All of them had extremely grim expressions as they strode forward!

A short time earlier, they had received messages from the Grand Heavenmaster, with information that caused dread to fill all of their hearts.

“A soul has appeared which is suspected to be from beyond the heavens!! It has terrifying powers of absorption and consumption!! It has an unknown cultivation base that can consume demigods!!”

It was a matter that left the Grand Heavenmaster feeling very shaken. Never could he have imagined that the person suspected of being Bai Xiaochun would be so powerful. After receiving the report from the Giant Ghost King, he hadn't wasted a moment to summon all of the most powerful experts to go deal with the situation!

Although it all takes some time to describe, they all began to arrive in the roughly same moment that the Giant Ghost King once again began to fight with the young girl. The first person to reach the scene wasn’t the Grand Heavenmaster, it was… the green-robed War Champion King with his towering sword energy!!

A sword slashed through the air, creating an opening through which he stepped. The first thing he saw was the young girl in the form of a sea of blood, locked in place down below.

“Aberrant soul, how dare you cause trouble in the Arch-Emperor Dynasty!” The War Champion King’s voice was as cold as ice, and as he spoke, he extended his right hand. Immediately, the sky behind him grew blurry, and then a massive green greatsword materialized, which he grabbed and slashed down toward the sea of blood!

A gold sword light appeared that seemed capable of ending all forms of life. Anyone who saw it would be shocked, regardless of the level of their cultivation base. Even devas. They all knew that if they were the ones to face this sword, they would be powerless to defend against it, and would surely perish!

The Giant Ghost King chuckled. Although his face was pale from all the exertion, he immediately joined the War Champion King to attack the enemy.

The girl’s expression flickered, and she began to howl piercingly. The sea of blood began to surge as two blood-colored hands stretched up from within it toward the War Champion King and the Giant Ghost King!

Intense rumbling sounds filled the air as that shocking sword made contact with the blood-colored hand. The hand grabbed it, but subsequently shattered into pieces. And yet, even as it shattered, it reformed!

Bai Xiaochun was so shocked his scalp had gone numb. Every time he assumed this girl had reached her limit, she would do something even more shocking than before. Astonishingly, she was using these two blood-colored hands to fight against two demigods!

“She absorbed that black sun, which made her stronger…. Although she fell into a bit of a trap, it could be that she did it intentionally… all to be able to consume more energy!” Forcing his thoughts into order, he grabbed the recently awakened Mistress Red-Dust and began to flee again. However, that was when a howl ripped through the air, along with a black battle-axe, which slashed down toward the sea of blood.

The power of that battle-axe defied description. Bai Xiaochun could tell just from looking at it that it had the power to destroy the heavens and extinguish the earth. Clearly, any deva who tried to accept a blow from that axe would be destroyed in body and soul.

And yet, as the axe fell, the girl in the sea of blood let out another soul-trembling scream, whereupon a third arm rose up to meet the attack of the Nine Serenities King!!

Three demigods were fighting this young girl!!

Things weren’t over yet, though. The battle caused the sky to darken and winds to scream, and yet, that was when a cold snort ripped through the air. A gigantic sealing mark appeared, larger even than the sea of blood. As it descended from the sky, the eyes of the young girl finally… focused into a very serious look.

Rumbling sounds could be heard as a fourth and fifth blood-colored arm stretched up to deal with the sealing mark. That was when the Grand Heavenmaster himself stepped out into the open from within the sealing mark!

Heaven and earth trembled in response to his appearance. Fluctuations that vastly surpassed ordinary demigods rolled out as he extended his right hand and pushed down, causing afterimages of the magical sealing symbol to appear as more than 100,000 duplicate layers of it came into being!

“Be destroyed!” he said, his eyes narrowed. Then he pushed his hand down, and the 100,000 sealing marks descended toward the blood-colored hands with mountain-toppling, sea-draining power.

When the hands met the sealing marks, the hands shattered instantly. The sealing marks destroyed them like a boulder crushing a drinking glass!

At this point, Bai Xiaochun’s heart began to pound with excitement. For the first time, he finally felt hope!

“Nice one, Giant Ghost King. Your scheming powers are terrifying! You got the enemy stuck in place. Then the War Champion King and the Nine Serenities King attacked with full force. And yet, just in case they couldn't complete the job, the deadliest blow was launched… by the strongest of all, the Grand Heavenmaster!!”

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