Chapter 832: Second Deadly Blow! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

This was Bai Xiaochun’s first time ever seeing multiple demigods joining forces to attack like this, and it wasn’t quite what he had expected. After all, the political climate in the Arch-Emperor Dynasty was very delicate, and the demigods all had tenuous relations with each other at best.

He could never have imagined that they would all join forces so quickly to deal with a foreign enemy. In fact, the Giant Ghost King had paid a huge price just to buy an opportunity for the others to gain victory!

Then, the War Champion King and the Nine Serenities King were willing to play mere supporting roles, using their battle prowess merely to keep their opponent in check for a short moment. They even risked being injured to do so. Even the Grand Heavenmaster, who already had the ultimate level of prestige in the Wildlands, didn’t hesitate at all to unleash his most powerful blow to cut down the enemy!

Although the fight seemed to be happening very quickly, there was clearly a high level of cooperation between these various demigods. Although they all had separate goals in their political struggles, when it came to fighting a foreigner, they were all on the same page!!

Bai Xiaochun was both moved and enlivened. Everything around him was shaking and rumbling, and there was also the shriek of the young girl as her blood-colored hands collapsed. Then, the sealing mark descended onto the sea of blood!!

The lands quaked, and yet the effect didn't spread very far; the Grand Heavenmaster controlled everything perfectly to keep the effect localized. Even still, the resulting shockwave blasted out for tens of thousands of meters, destroying all plants and vegetation in the area.

In the face of the blast, Bai Xiaochun and the others near him all fell back even further. At the same time, he anxiously craned his neck to see whether or not the girl had been destroyed.

Even as he looked over, the Grand Heavenmaster’s 100,000 sealing marks caused the sea of blood to shatter. However, as it happened, a terrifying aura erupted out that sent Bai Xiaochun’s emotions spinning!!

The Grand Heavenmaster’s face fell, as did the faces of the Giant Ghost King, the War Champion King, the Nine Serenities King, and the ten heavenly dukes!

Without the slightest hesitation, all of them prepared to fall back. And yet, before they could, an eerie, sinister voice spread out that seemed to be composed of countless other voices….

“Unfortunately, you couldn’t quite pull it off….” As the voice rang out, the sea of blood erupted. In the blink of an eye, it transformed into something like a blood sphere that grew larger with every moment that passed. Rumbling sounds echoed out, filling the Wildlands to the point where it seemed like they might collapse as a result!

Despite being some distance way, blood sprayed out of Bai Xiaochun’s mouth, as well as from everyone around him. As for the Giant Ghost King, he had been severely drained, and was very weak, so he was sent tumbling backward, blood also spraying out of his mouth.

Blood oozed out of the mouths of the War Champion King and the Nine Serenities King, with the Grand Heavenmaster being the only one who seemed less affected. However, he was clearly having a tough time dealing with it, and his face turned a paler shade of white.

But then, the exploding blood sphere suddenly began to shrink back down. Soon, it was a sea of blood again, and then it was half of its previous size! And yet, it was far more viscous than before!

The young girl's face appeared again, and she laughed in sinister fashion.

“Truly a pity…. However, I have to offer you people my thanks. You really helped me to absorb a lot…. Well, you still have one more chance. If you don't take it… then I won’t have any weakness at all.”

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes nearly popped out of his skull. What was happening seemed almost completely unbelievable.

“Four demigods, including the Grand Heavenmaster… and they can’t kill her!?!?”

Even as Bai Xiaochun’s mind reeled, the injured Giant Ghost King looked up with shining eyes. Then he reached out and waved his finger at the girl.

Although he didn’t speak even a single word, the War Champion King, the Nine Serenities King, and even the Grand Heavenmaster all unhesitatingly unleashed the full power of their cultivation bases, causing demigod fluctuations to spread out as they charged again toward the sea of blood.

The Grand Heavenmaster, who actually occupied the most prominent position among them all, didn't seem to be paying attention at all to his status as he joined forces equally with everyone to try to kill the enemy!

As the three demigods closed in, the Giant Ghost King waved his finger. In response, ten blood-colored arms stretched up from the sea of blood. At the same time, the face of the young girl suddenly changed, going somewhat slack, as though her thoughts were muddled.

Gasping, she looked at the Giant Ghost King!


Another flicker of blankness passed through her eyes, and her thinking seemed to slow even further. In fact, the blood-colored hands also appeared to decelerate.

This was the third part of the Giant Ghost King’s plan, after the unleashing of the black sun!!

The black sun contained part of the Giant Ghost King’s cultivation base power. After consuming that power, the girl couldn’t digest it quickly, and therefore, the Giant Ghost King could use a special technique… something that the first generation Giant Ghost King had created, a divine ability used to control the Giant Ghost Incantation!

Bai Xiaochun was unfamiliar with that technique, but the weakened Mistress Red-Dust was not. In fact, it was the very same technique that the Giant Ghost King had told her could help her achieve a cultivation base breakthrough!!

Now, the very same thing that occurred with Mistress Red-Dust was occurring with the girl. Furthermore, the Giant Ghost King was exercising even stronger control; he was affecting all of the girl's thoughts!

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes widened as he got an inkling of what was happening. Even as the young girl’s mind was cast into chaos, and her blood-colored arms slowed down, the War Champion King, Nine Serenities King, and Grand Heavenmaster unleashed the full power of their cultivation bases to attack her, joined by the ten heavenly dukes! It was a deadly trump card attack!!

And yet… they weren’t the ones to be delivering the final blow!

By combining all of their divine abilities and magical techniques, they managed to shatter the blood-colored arms, which collapsed back down into the seething sea of blood. That was when, all of a sudden, a massive mountain of flesh appeared on the ground beneath the sea!!

That ball of flesh contained the power of a demigod, violent and explosive as it shot up into the air, destroying the ground that it left behind. The Grand Heavenmaster and other demigods and devas attacked from above, and the ball of flesh attacked from below. There was no way for the sea of blood to avoid the blow!

The ball of flesh smashed into the sea of blood, causing it to explode out into countless bits!

Rumbling sounds filled the air as the ball of flesh sped up higher into the air, transforming into an enormous, fat man who was… the Spirit Advent King!!

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes went wide as he was once again shaken by how these demigods all worked together.

“This time she's definitely going to die!” Even as Bai Xiaochun looked on nervously, the Grand Heavenmaster and the other demigods and devas called upon their previous experience to prevent the sea of blood from scattering. Instead, they unleashed intense power to reduce it to flying ash!

And yet, even as they destroyed the blood, all of a sudden, one particular clump of violet-colored blood suddenly rose up, moving with such incredible speed that it left behind nothing but afterimages. As it moved, it seemed possible to see something like an arm inside of it. Moments later, the arm vanished, to be replaced by the young girl’s face, which was twisted with rage!

“All of you are going to die!!” she shrieked, creating an indescribable sound wave that rolled out in all directions.

The sound was like the wailing of a ghost, and filled the entire 500-kilometer area, seemingly cutting it off from the rest of the Wildlands as surely as if an invisible blade had severed it!

From the pressure radiating down, it didn't seem like a magical technique that originated from this world. The sky began to shatter, and the intense noise caused the air to ripple and distort!

And yet, that wasn’t even the most terrifying thing. As the ripples of the sound filled the area, numerous shadowy souls appeared…. None of them seemed to possess intelligence, but they instinctually began to move toward that 500-kilometer area of sound, as if it were a holy place!

In fact… all of the souls in the Wildlands that were not controlled by some owner or master… began to fly in the same direction!!

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