Chapter 833: Ow... Oww.... Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

The Wildlands was a huge place, and there were so many vengeful souls there that no one could ever possibly count them. Furthermore, even with all of the soul cultivators in the Wildlands using them in necromancy and cultivation, their numbers would continually be replenished, or even increase.

Right now, all of the unfettered vengeful souls in the Wildlands, regardless of where they were, all looked up and let out soundless shrieks. Then, they began to fly in the same direction, almost as if they had been summoned!!

It didn’t matter how close or how far away they were. They seemed to be acting on instinct as they drew upon all the power they could to fly through the air. Some of them even began to teleport, lending them even greater speed than before!

The place that all the souls in the Wildlands were heading toward, as if it were a holy place… was the conglomeration of blood with the face of the young girl on it, and the 500-kilometer-area that had become a lake of soundwaves!

The fact that a collection of soundwaves in a 500-kilometer area could affect all of the Wildlands was hard to even imagine!!

The Giant Ghost King’s face fell. “Ghost Harmonization!!”

Blood sprayed out of his mouth as he staggered backward, helpless to do anything other than rotate his cultivation base to protect himself from the sound!!

He was trembling, seemingly hovering on the verge of collapsing completely, and it was the same with the War Champion King, Nine Serenities King, and Spirit Advent King, although all of them seemed to have it a bit better off than the Giant Ghost King!

The intense level of the sound battered at the demigods… to the point where they almost couldn’t handle it.

“She’s just a soulclone! How could she be so powerful!? And… what is the cultivation base of her true self!?!? It must be beyond the Demigod Realm!!”

“This magical technique doesn't belong to our world!!”

The War Champion King panted, madness rising up in his eyes, his sword qi erupting out to defend himself, and yet was completely suppressed by the sound.

The Spirit Advent King’s body was shrinking down, his fat disappearing, his facial features changing; clearly, he wasn’t holding anything back in his attempt to defend himself.

If they were affected in such a way, there was little need to mention Chen Haosong and his compatriots. The ten heavenly dukes were all trembling and withering up, their eyes filled with disbelief and terror. They were obviously completely powerless to defend themselves against this sound.

The face of the girl in the violet glob of blood shrieked continuously, and as she did, a look of scorn appeared in her eyes.

“This is legendary Archaean divine magic…. You’re the subordinate of an archaean from beyond the heavens? But which one?!” The Grand Heavenmaster gritted his teeth as a glittering defensive shield of light sprang up around him. Although he was still capable of movement, he could only do so with great difficulty, and every movement of his feet made him feel like he had mountains attached to them.

In response to his words, the little girl’s pupils constricted. Then, despite the fact that she continued to scream, that voice which seemed to contain many voices rang out from within the conglomeration of blood.

“You’re very well-informed….”

Even as the power of the sound within the 500-kilometer area continued to surge, a sea of vengeful souls was converging on the area. None of them hesitated for a moment to pour into the sound and then into the young girl, making her even stronger than before.

Everyone on the outside was shivering with terror, their faces pale and their minds reeling as if they had been struck by lightning. Never could they possibly have imagined that the most powerful forces in the Wildlands, five demigods, would all join forces in attack, and yet fail to destroy this one strange girl!!

In fact, not only did they fail to kill her, but they were all placed in mortal danger!

“Father!!” Mistress Red-Dust shouted, trembling in anxiety. She tried to wrest herself out of Bai Xiaochun’s arms, but he held her tight.

“Get your hands off me!!” she yelled. But she was too weak, and no matter how she struggled, she couldn't break free. She could only watch her father stuck in a position of imminent death within that lake of sound.

Furthermore, the Giant Ghost King had been injured and weakened more than anyone else, and was clearly not going to be able to hold out much longer.

“Calm down!” Bai Xiaochun barked, his eyes bloodshot. “If you go over there now, you’re dead for sure!”

Tears filled Mistress Red-Dust’s eyes. At the moment, she didn’t seem at all like a mighty deva. She seemed heartbroken. Turning to Bai Xiaochun, she angrily said, “My father showed you immense kindness, Bai Hao! If you don’t want to save him, fine, but how dare you stop me! You--”

“Shut up!” Bai Xiaochun shouted, unable to prevent the anxiety in his heart from showing in his bloodshot eyes. Perhaps he could ignore what was happening to everyone else, but not the Giant Ghost King. Staring bitterly at the 500-kilometer lake of sound, he wracked his brain trying to come up with ideas. At that point, the Giant Ghost King coughed up some more blood, and then swayed weakly. Mistress Red-Dust began to struggle even harder, and tears began to pour down her face.


Apparently, the Giant Ghost King heard her. He opened his weary eyes and looked over at Bai Xiaochun and Mistress Red-Dust, and a faint smile could be seen. He opened his mouth as if to speak, and yet, just like everyone else in the same predicament as him, was working too hard to fight back against the sound to say anything.

Mistress Red-Dust redoubled her efforts to free herself. However, it was at that point that Bai Xiaochun threw his head back and roared. Depositing Mistress Red-Dust off to the side, he shot through the air toward the 500-kilometer lake of sound.

He simply couldn’t stand idly by and not try to save the Giant Ghost King. The Giant Ghost King had treated him too well, and now was the time to try to repay that kindness. He couldn’t just watch him weaken and die right there. Furthermore, the little girl actually didn't seem to be moving!

“I’m gonna go for broke!” he shouted. “Go for broke!” As he closed in on the 500-kilometer lake of sound, the Giant Ghost King noticed. Although his gratitude was visible, he mostly seemed anxious.

“Get back, Bai Hao!! This ghostess is using a magical technique from beyond the heavens! We can’t move, nor can she! Just get out of here! Go back to the Underworld River Restricted Area!!”

Speaking out loud caused his defensive powers to waver. A tremor ran through him, and blood sprayed out of his mouth.

All of the onlookers got even more nervous than before, especially Mistress Red-Dust, who trembled, and seemed like she wanted to speak, but was too overwhelmed by tears. However, Bai Xiaochun continued on as if he hadn’t even heard the Giant Ghost King. Soon, he was at the border of the lake of sound. Not bothering at all about what secrets he might reveal, he sent his turtle-wok flying out from inside of him. Hefting it overhead, he charged into the lake of sound.

As soon as he was inside, he dropped to the ground and put the wok on top of him. It was exactly the same method he had used back when he was in the River-Defying Sect, when the Middle Reaches sects had been fighting each other in the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect’s legacy zone.

It was the only tactic he could think of that might work. Of course, as soon as he stepped into the area of the sound, it affected him, and blood sprayed out of his mouth. However, when he dropped down and placed the turtle-wok over himself, all of the sound around him disappeared!!

“No sound?” After a moment of feeling stunned, his blood-spattered face lit up with delight. At first it almost seemed too good to be true, but after a moment, he began to cautiously move forward. When the Giant Ghost King and everyone else saw what was happening, they were completely taken aback. Everyone observing from afar was so shocked they forgot to breathe.

As for Mistress Red-Dust, she began to gnaw on her lips in anxiety.

As he moved along, Bai Xiaochun realized that since he was on his way to save someone, he should try to make himself seem a bit braver. For that purpose, and in order to forestall any suspicions, he lifted the corner of the wok up and began to shout out as if in pain, making sure to be loud enough that everyone could hear him.

“Ow… Oww…! Dammit…. OWW…. I’m not holding back anything for you, father-in-law!! Ow…. Oh father-in-law… ow! Your son-in-law’s poor little life is going on the line to save you…. Owwww….”

And thus it was that on that bitter and somber battlefield, Bai Xiaochun’s voice echoed out for all to hear. He looked like a turtle as he crawled along, getting closer and closer to the Giant Ghost King. As for the onlookers, whether they were inside the lake of sound or outside, they all stared in complete shock.

Even the girl in the conglomeration of violet blood was stunned. The Giant Ghost King was the closest to the turtle shell…. Despite the intensity of the sound waves battering him, he could clearly hear the exaggerated cries of pain coming from inside, and it caused his jaw to drop slightly.

“Don’t worry, Zimo. Even if I die, I’ll definitely… ow…! I’ll definitely save our father!! Ow… Oww…!

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