Chapter 839: Unmatchable Battle! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

“That can’t be right….” Bai Xiaochun thought, his heart pounding. If the gravekeeper really had looked at him, it would mean he was in great danger. That would mean he was part of this dangerous fight between the gravekeeper and the Celestial!

“A little nobody like me couldn’t possibly matter to almighty people like that!” He immediately ducked his head down and hurried backward even faster. As he focused on fleeing, the battle above once again reached a fever pitch. Behind the projected image of the lands of Heavenspan, a figure appeared.

It was none other than the Celestial, and he appeared to be controlling every aspect of the lands of Heavenspan. Waving both hands out in front of him, he sent those lands rumbling toward the gravekeeper!

At the same time, the little girl in paper crane form erupted with black mist as she also shot toward the gravekeeper.

All onlookers were shaken to the core by what was happening. As for the gravekeeper, he sighed, and a glint of determination appeared in his eyes. He knew he had reached the point where hesitation wasn’t an option. The Celestial had manipulated things to provoke him into coming out into the open, and yet, it was also an opportunity for the gravekeeper to put an end to something profoundly problematic for the Heavenspan Realm.

“It's ahead of schedule, and will disturb the balance. It will also harm the world itself. But my time… is limited. I need to do this for the future generations.” The gravekeeper sighed in his heart, but his eyes gleamed with decisiveness. Even as the paper crane and the projected lands of Heavenspan closed in, he closed his eyes!

As he did, an intense, explosive rumbling sound filled the Wildlands and the lands of Heavenspan alike. All sects, all living things, all cultivators, all beasts, even the mortals could hear it!


The volume seemed too intense for the world to sustain. The ground in the Wildlands shook as intense force erupted from the ground beneath Bai Xiaochun’s feet, causing his face to fall. In Arch-Emperor City, in the four kingly cities, in countless tribes and clans, everyone was shocked by the violent quaking.

“What is that sound?!?!”

“The ground is shaking…. Don’t tell me that earth dragons are on the move!?!?”

It wasn’t just the Wildlands. The enormous Great Wall that had been built by the four riversource sects began to tremble. The armies encamped on the four major sections of the wall were rocked by astonishment, especially when they realized that the restrictive spell formations built into the wall itself were filled with cracks and vibrating dramatically.

“What’s going on?!?!”

“The enemy is attacking!!”

The effect wasn’t limited to the Wildlands and the Great Wall. Everywhere in the Heavenspan River region, from the delta regions, to the Lower Reaches, to the Middle Reaches, all the way to the riversource sects and even the rainbow structure of the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect, began to shake.

Countless individuals were in an uproar. Every living thing in the entire world was filled with shock!

As of this moment, there was only one way to describe the shocking divine ability that the gravekeeper was using… it was shaking the entire world!

The Celestial’s face fell, and the little girl in paper crane form lurched to a halt, a sensation of deadly crisis filling her heart.

“What magical technique is this?!?!” The girl didn't dare to fly any closer to the gravekeeper, and in fact, began to fall back rapidly. However, even as she did, cracking sounds filled the sky as an enormous rift opened up. It quickly spread out, reaching the nearly indescribable length of 300,000 meters!!

Everyone in the Wildlands could see it. Everyone on the Great Wall could see it. And as for the sects in the lands of Heavenspan, although they couldn’t see it directly, they could sense that drastic transformations were underway!

The rift almost looked like a wound… that would remain eternally in place in the heavens of the Heavenspan Realm!

The instant the rift appeared, the gravekeeper’s eyes snapped open, and he spoke in a voice that echoed like thunder!

“Spleen. Earth!”

The moment the words left his lips, the rift widened, and a buzzing sound filled the air as… a huge mountain descended!!

It was so enormous that it seemed like a heavenly body. It was such an unbelievable sight that Bai Xiaochun and everyone else were completely taken aback.

“There’s a mountain… falling from the heavens?” Not too far away from the stunned Bai Xiaochun, Mistress Red-Dust and the Giant Ghost King were also looking on in complete astonishment.

The mountain was not a mountain from anywhere in the land around them. It was truly… descending from the heavens!

Deafening rumbling sounds echoed into the ears of all onlookers as the pitch-black mountain began to drop down aggressively toward the Celestial’s projected lands of Heavenspan, and the girl in paper crane form!

The Celestial’s face fell; this was not his first time fighting with the gravekeeper, but it was his first time ever seeing a divine ability like this. His hands began to flash in a double-handed incantation gesture, sending the projected lands of Heavenspan flying forth in a deadly counter attack.

However, when the lands of Heavenspan reached the enormous mountain, they simply passed right through it! It was as if they existed in different dimensions from each other! The mountain proceeded along as if nothing had happened, until it was directly above of the girl in paper crane form.

A scream escaped the girl’s lips; she knew that she couldn’t avoid this blow. Eyes shining with naked ferocity, she sent the paper crane flying toward the mountain, surrounded by dense black mist.

When the two of them made contact, Bai Xiaochun could see firsthand what was meant by the expression a mantis trying to stop a war chariot!

The girl simply didn’t qualify to challenge the weight of that enormous mountain. Her paper crane shattered into fragments, and the soul of the little girl screamed miserably as… the mountain crushed her back down onto the ground!

Her soul collapsed into motes of light. This time… only about half of the motes of light survived the blow, and when they formed back into the shape of the girl, she was even more blurry than before. She looked like the slightest wind might blow her away, and her eyes were filled with profound terror. Turning her head and not looking back, she fled.

The gravekeeper glanced at her, then ignored her. Voice cool, he spoke for a second time.

“Kidneys. Water!”

A second world-shaking sound echoed out, astonishing all living beings in the world. Many mountains crumbled, and vast gulches and ravines were opened up in the land. More cracks appeared on the surface of the Great Wall, and many mountain ranges in the Heavenspan River region began to shake violently.

At the same time… a second wound-like rift opened up in the sky. Cracking sounds could be heard again, and the Celestial gasped as… a huge river descended!!

This was neither the Heavenspan River nor the Underworld River. It was… a river of blood!!

Fresh, flowing blood shot toward the Celestial, who roared as he sent the projected lands of Heavenspan out to defend himself.

However, as soon as the two made contact, the Celestial’s projection proved completely powerless. The lands of Heavenspan were destroyed as easily as twigs!

Bai Xiaochun stared in mute shock at what was happening. First a huge mountain descended from the heavens, and then a river….

By now, the Celestial was alone up in the sky, an unsightly expression on his face that was a mixture of disbelief and shock. However, unlike the little girl, he didn’t flee, he shot toward the gravekeeper!

Voice cold and filled with mad killing intent, he said, “Let’s see how many times you can unleash a divine ability that eternally harms the world itself!”

As he closed in, he waved his hand in the direction of the gravekeeper.

Expression bitter, the gravekeeper sighed and spoke a third time.

“Heart. Fire!”

A third immense sound filled the entire world. As it did, the four sections of the Great Wall which separated the Wildlands from the Heavenspan region began to shake. Countless cultivators had been rushing in an attempt to repair the cracks that had begun to spread out on the Great Wall, but at this point, the wall couldn’t hold any longer. The Great Wall… collapsed!!

From the time the four sections of the Great Wall had been constructed until now, they had been breached and even broken in places. But they had never collapsed. But now, in the east, south, west, and north… the four sections of the Great Wall fell!

Countless cultivators stared in terror and shock at what was happening.

“Celestial phenomena!”

“The Great Wall… is collapsing….”

It wasn’t just the Great Wall. Many of the mountains in the Heavenspan region shook so violently that they began to collapse. At the same time, back in the Wildlands, Bai Xiaochun watched as… a third wound-like rift opened up!

From within that rift descended… not a mountain, and not a river, but rather… a globe of fire!!

More precisely, it was a sun!

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