Chapter 840: Lock Of Blood Hair! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

“The sun is falling?!?!” Bai Xiaochun’s eyes nearly bulged out of his head as he watched the sun shooting down from the rift toward what remained of the Celestial’s projected lands of Heavenspan.

It didn’t matter how the Celestial tried to avoid the blow, it was impossible. It only took a moment for the sun to slam into the projection!

The projection trembled violently, and immediately collapsed into fragments. The Celestial himself was revealed, his face ashen, blood oozing out of the corners of his mouth. This time, it was without the slightest hesitation that he turned and fled.

Although he could hardly bear to do so, he knew that his plan had failed. Even he and the little girl working together had not been a match for the gravekeeper, which caused rage to burn in his heart.

“Dammit! I already suppressed him in the past. But this time he resorted to a divine ability that can eternally damage the world! He clearly… will stop at nothing to kill me! What makes me illegitimate isn’t bloodline or approval, it’s the legacy? I knew that a long time ago!” However, the Celestial didn’t dare to stick around any longer.

The gravekeeper seemed to not care that he was trying to make a getaway. Voice cool, he spoke a fourth time.

“Lungs. Metal!”

A fourth world-shaking sound erupted into the Heavenspan Realm, and a fourth wound-like rift opened in the sky. Even as the Celestial began to accelerate, golden light spilled out of the rift and… a huge golden cauldron descended!

The cauldron emitted blinding light, along with intense rumbling sounds. It seemed capable of locking down everything in the air around it, which made it impossible for the Celestial to flee. It was a critical moment, and a fierce gleam appeared in the Celestial’s eyes as he performed a double-handed incantation gesture. Instantly, a multitude of eyes appeared around him, which all blinked, sending streams of sword light blasting toward the cauldron.

The powers of the cauldron were mysterious and enigmatic; when the countless streams of sword qi from the Celestial slammed into it, they were like eggs slamming into a boulder. They shattered, and the golden cauldron wasn’t harmed at all. A moment later, the cauldron then slammed into the howling Celestial himself.

A huge boom echoed out in all directions, and a shockwave blasted out. Blood sprayed out of the Celestial’s mouth; he instantly withered visibly, and his eyes turned completely bloodshot. However, he was the Celestial, the most powerful person in this world other than the gravekeeper.

It didn’t matter that the huge golden cauldron had slammed into him, all it did was cause him to cough up some blood. Without hesitating, he continued to speed away into the distance.

Everything was happening so quickly that Bai Xiaochun and the other onlookers had no time to react. The little girl fled, the Celestial ran away, and it seemed as if the fight was already over!

However, it was in this moment that, for the first time, a cold light appeared in the gravekeeper’s eyes as he spoke for a fifth time.

“Liver. Wood!!”

A fifth world-shaking noise echoed out. Most of the mountains in the Wildlands collapsed, along with all of the cities connected to them. By this point, there were absolutely no barriers between the Wildlands and the Heavenspan River region!

Countless cultivators had been rocked over and over again by what was happening, and now, many began to cry in alarm and flee from the region of the Great Wall.

Many of the mountains in the Heavenspan River region also collapsed, and one of the branches of the river itself was blocked off by changes to the land!

The entire world had been severely wounded, not to mention the sky, which now had four gaping wounds in it, the likes of which would strike fear into the hearts of anyone who could see them.

However, it was in this moment that a fifth wound-like rift opened up. Then, cracking sounds could be heard as a 3,000-meter-thick vine began to droop down. It was covered with countless leaves, and brimmed with life force as it slashed toward the area where the northern Great Wall had once stood.

It moved with blinding speed, shattering the air around it, and filling the world with heaven-shaking, earth-shattering noise.

It was an attack that completely shattered the air, landing directly onto the Celestial and forcing him out into the open!

More blood sprayed out of the Celestial’s mouth. His ashen face was a mask of fear and dread. Never could he have imagined that the gravekeeper would use a divine ability this incredibly powerful!

“Gravekeeper, you old ghost!!” he howled angrily. He turned and attempted to flee in a different direction, but the vine immediately slashed at him again!

Even the Celestial was shocked by the speed with which it moved. His hands flashed in a double-handed incantation gesture, causing golden light to spring out around him, which was none other than Heavenspan Sea water! The water rapidly formed together into the shape of a huge spear, which he stabbed toward the incoming vine!

The attack caused all light in the world to grow dim. Furthermore, the Heavenspan Sea off in the distance howled as the water within it began to rise up into the air!!

The entire Heavenspan Sea became an empty basin!

All of the water had risen into the air, and began to move with vast power and speed toward the north section of the Great Wall. Apparently, that spear within the Celestial’s hand was the nucleus of the Heavenspan Sea; wherever it was pointed, the sea would follow!!

Countless cultivators in the Heavenspan River region saw the Heavenspan Sea flying overhead, and began to cry out in shock!


“Heavenspan Sea water!!”

“Heavens, what’s going on?!?!”

Only the cultivators in the north could clearly see what was happening. They saw the Celestial, they saw his spear, and they saw that huge vine!

Although all of this takes some time to describe, it happened in the briefest of moments. As the Celestial stabbed out with his spear, Heavenspan Sea water filled the air behind him, rolling forward like a wave, with shocking power that defied description.

The resulting collision with the vine sent out a boom that shook the entire world. As it happened, more than half of the vine was completely destroyed!!

However, the vine also managed to slash the Heavenspan Sea water in two!!

The Celestial remained in between the two halves, trembling and coughing up blood. Furthermore, the red lock of hair hanging down his forehead was severed, and began to float down. He reached out to grab it, but before he could, it vanished, seemingly grabbed up by someone else.

“No!!” he screamed in rage, his eyes flashing with madness, terror, and fear.

The source of all that emotion was the fact that the red lock of hair had been severed!! That was no ordinary hair. It was a life-saving blood-hair that he had spent his entire life cultivating, a precious treasure filled with life force that could be used almost like a second life!!

In fact, the blow he had sustained just now had actually been enough to kill him…. He had used the blood-hair in the last moment to save his life!

Had he been able to catch the hair before it vanished, he could have continued to cultivate it. It would have been very costly, but once he absorbed it back into his body, he would have been able to use it again.

But now, that critically important blood-hair had been snatched by someone else. As a result, the Celestial was left trembling and in a rage. As of this moment, he didn't dare to stay in the Wildlands. Filled with frustration and rage, he fled back to Heavenspan Island to recover.

As he did, he looked at the collapsed Great Wall and then waved his hand, sending some of the Heavenspan Sea water streaming out to form a barrier that protected the lands of Heavenspan. For now, that barrier would act like the Great Wall had, and create a restrictive spell that would prevent the Wildlands from entering!

Because he had personally set the restrictive spell in place, only someone higher than a demigod, with a cultivation base as powerful as the Celestial, would be able to get past it!

Face ashen and unsightly, he shouted, “Gravekeeper, you old ghost, you win this round. But next time, I refuse to believe that you’ll be able to use that divine ability again. Next time, I’ll cut you down!!”

With that, he vanished to begin the lengthy and difficult process of recovery.

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