ACA Prologue

Adorable Creature Attacks!


Adorable Creature Attacks! Cuteness Overload!


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One dark and stormy night, a young woman hummed quietly to herself as she walked down the hall to her office.

Gu Qingyu was a 23 years old promising psychologist who worked at the most prestigious hospital in the city.

The thunderstorm raged outside, and the heavy rain created a frightening cacophony of sounds as the barrage of raindrops beat against the pane, slamming against the glass.

“Hmm~ Mm-hmm~” Gu Qingyu efficiently tidied the paperwork on her desk. She grabbed her backpack, put in several important files into the pack, and then looked at her watch. “23:55... I didn’t think it’d be this late already.”

Finishing up the last of it, she put her backpack on and walked to the elevator.



The elevator stopped suddenly at Floor 12.

Huh, didn’t I press the button for the lobby?

She thought of all the horror stories she read online about accidents in elevators...

She glanced at her wristwatch: Both of the hands were pointing exactly at twelve!!

She took a step back in the tiny space as the elevator door slowly opened.

Lightning flashed. She gasped. A dark figure in black stood in front of her, its face covered by a hat. It stretched out a trembling, dry, and twig-like hand towards her.

What the f*ck?!

Gu Qingyu pushed the handaway fiercely, kicked the figure in the chest, and ran away at full speed.

What in the world was that about?! How did that creep even enter the hospital?

Gu Qingyu ran as fast as she could down the long empty hospital corridor.

Why is there no one around? Where are all the doctors and nurses that are supposed to work overtime?!

Her bodily instincts made her incapable of slowing down. She had a very bad feeling that she shouldn’t stop for even a second. She didn’t even dare to think about what would happen if she got caught.

Gu Qingyu reached the hospital’s stairwell’s door and frantically pulled up her ID card to swipe the keypad. It made a beep and the red LED turned green. Finally, she opened the door and went inside.

Click clack————


Gu Qingyu heard the sound of heavy steps closing in, but she could only quicken her pace more.

Without looking back she ran down the stairs, floor after floor, until she reached its end.

The lowest level of the hospital... B2, the mortuary!

Gu Qingyu stared at the white door and hesitated. Suppressing her fear, she braced herself and grabbed hold of the door handle. She slowly opened the door and entered the room, shutting the door behind her.

She looked around cautiously. “This plac-...Mmph!!”

A hand was placed over her mouth. Immediately after she felt a sharp aching pain well up in her chest. As she slowly lowered her head, she saw the tip of a knife sticking out of her chest with thick blood dripping down from the point.

She tried to turn her head...

I have never wronged anyone...

Why would anyone harbour such deep hatred and do this to me...

Could it be an evil spirit?

The knife was slowly pulled out, and Gu Qingyu gave a low moan as she collapsed on the ground.

She felt her consciousness fading...

Why is this happening to me...

She opened her eyes wide, desperately trying to get a clearer look at her perpetrator's face, but her vision was cloudy, and gradually grew worse. Her eyelids felt heavier with each passing second. Her soul seemed to be trying to break away from her body.

I-I don’t want to die...

S-somebody... Save me...

Gu Qingyu emerged into a black void of empty space, no sound and no light.

Suddenly, a faint and indistinct voice called out to her in her most desperate time of need...

“I shall grant you another chance at life. Travel to another world and retrieve your...”

My? Retrieve my what?

Gu Qingyu tried to listen carefully, but the sound grew faint...

She saw the dark silhouette of a man in front of her, but it was all a blur...

At last, complete darkness.

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