Chapter 1: Transmigrated into another world

Adorable Creature Attacks!

Adorable Creature Attacks! Cuteness Overload!

Chapter 1: Transmigrated into another world

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[T/N: Transmigration of the soul - After death, the soul goes into the body of another being(empty).]

“Chirp chirp—————”

“Huh? Why am I lying on the grass?” Gu Qingyu looked around baffled by her surroundings. ”Where am I?”

Wasn’t I just stabbed?

She looked around and found herself in an unknown forest. There were a great many trees growing in the vicinity and a river flowed nearby.

Gu Qingyu stood up and approached the river. She leaned over and peeked at her reflection in the water.

Same ol’ me... But why do I feel a little strange? Hmm, did I get prettier? Also... Why am I dressed in clothes like those in historical dramas?!

“Gu Qingyu!” She suddenly heard a loud voice behind her. “Yer surrounded n’ outnumbered. Ya bettah hand ova’ da scroll! We can spare yer life!”

Uh-huh, that’s my name, but this escalation... Can someone explain to me what’s happening?

Could it be that I am in... another world!?

But doesn’t this only happen in novels!?

Wait, wait, wait. So I died for real? Is this a dream?


Something sharp and pointy poked her in the arm. She peeked inside her sleeve...

Oh my god, there are at least a dozen needles in here! Did I just plunge into a super troublesome situation!!?

She looked back up at the masked men with genuine bafflement in her eyes. “Who are you guys?”

As if I would get so easily intimidated, I am a black belt in taekwondo!

“Did ye get scared silly?” said one of the masked men as he brandished his sword in front of her. “Ye actually got the nerve to try an’ run from us. Aye, thank yer so much for makin’ it easy for us.”

The corners of Gu Qingyu’s mouth twitched, she didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Only then did she realized she was actually holding onto a scroll, which she quickly unfolded.

It was the painting of a young man.

The young man was a tall, elegant man with cold black eyes and beautiful long dark hair. He wore an ordinary long blue robe with long loose sleeves. Standing on a cliff, looking off into the distance.

“Why... What would you want this for?” she asked, stunned.

The masked man started laughing, so loud it could be heard from far away. He finally said, “Gu Qingyu, ye must have really been scared silly! Hero Jia won’t come to yer rescue just ‘cause yer holdin’ his painting!”

“Chia?” Gu Qingyu looked at him in confusion for a moment, then burst out laughing, “Bwahaha! Are you saying that I have to grow Chia Pets now?”

“Chia, my ass! Ye dare laugh! He is talking about Hero Jia, the name is spelt J-I-A!” said another masked man.

“What’s the point in arguing with her!” The leader drew his sword and sliced it through the air. Immediately the sword gave off a sharp current of energy, surging towards Gu Qingyu.

Gu Qingyu tried to dodge to the side when she saw the sword energy closing in, but her body refused to move, as if she was being pinned down by an unknown force...


The sword energy was flicked away by a flying dart.

Gu Qingyu sensed that she’d been released from the bind and subconsciously moved back.

Noticing a moment too late with the riverbank right behind her, she horribly lost her footing and slid down...

“Hyaaaa——!” A hand reached out, grabbing her by the arm, and pulled her up.

Gu Qingyu managed to stand firm again. She composed herself and focused her eyes on the newcomer in front of her.

Oh, a young man.

He stood there in front of her. His jaws clenched. His icy cold stare bore through the men, making them tremble. His long black hair flowed around his shoulder, giving the atmosphere an otherworldly air. He wore a plain long blue robe, yet he overflowed with control and authority.

Why does he look so familiar... Wait a minute, isn’t he the one in the painting? Where did he pop out from?

If I recall correctly, didn’t they call him something like ‘Hero Jia’? Yikes, so tacky! Who calls themself a hero nowadays?

“Hello, Hero Jia!” Gu Qingyu stood up straight and greeted him.

The young man gave her a faint glance and didn’t speak.

What the... Isn’t he here to save me? Why do I get the feeling he’s ignoring me?

“It’s Hero Jia!” The masked men took alarm as soon as the young man appeared. “W-we only tried to... tried to...”

“Leave,” said the young man faintly. His voice was sweet like the sound of a skylark but mild like the cool autumn breeze.

The group of men gave him a slight bow and fled immediately.

Gu Qingyu sneered at the fleeing crowd.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Seems like Hero Jia’s deterrence power is pretty high!

She cupped her fists like the ones she’d seen on TV dramas. “Many thanks for the help!”

He gave her an odd sort of glance, then said, “Let us return to the residence.”

“Hah?” Gu Qingyu began to feel uneasy. “Us?”

“Are you okay? Did you hit your head when you fell?” Hero Jia looked at her very suspiciously.

Gu Qingyu, “...”

Does he think I turned into a fool just from a fall?

“Uh... I forgot what I was going to say...” Gu Qingyu decided to play pretend and feigned oblivious. “Ahh! I suddenly can’t remember anything anymore... Oi, hey! Don’t just leave! Wait for me, Hero Jia!”

Without waiting for her reply, Hero Jia had already drifted off ahead by himself.

Gu Qingyu could only hasten her pace to catch up to him...


The General’s Residence.

Gu Qingyu stared wildly at all the people coming out of the manor to greet the two of them. One of them, a young girl, ran towards her. “Mistress! Welcome home!”


Hero Jia responded in her stead, “The young lady had an accident earlier. I fear that it may have damaged her memory.”

“Oh no! Mistress, how could this happen to you!” The young girl pulled Gu Qingyu almost immediately to her side and checked her over thoroughly to see if she had any visible injuries.

“Yu’er.” A middle-aged woman walked out. Gu Qingyu believed that this middle-aged woman would be her ‘mother’ in this world. “You’ve returned. How did it go?”

“I’m happy to say it was a fruitful one...” replied Gu Qingyu awkwardly. “But it’s just that I bumped my head into a large boulder, so I can’t seem to remember anything...”

“Oh dear, how many times have I told you! As a female, even if there’s nothing to do at home, don’t go out and attempt such dangerous missions! Why would you want to become some decoy or bait when you’re perfectly fine! You’re lucky you had Hero Jia to watch over you this time...”

Gu Qingyu listened to her mother rambling on and on, absorbing very attentively every single word, until she could more or less guess what had happened.

So it seems the young lady and Hero Jia were on a mission to retrieve a painting. But on the way back they were ambushed by the group of masked men. And while on the run, the young lady must’ve stumbled on something, then hit her head and died. Thus, for some unknown reasons, she’d managed to take over the body.

Coming through like this... I’m utterly speechless.


Entering the manor, Gu Qingyu couldn’t help but gasp in amazement at the sight of the interior.

Woah, I was right... I'm really in another world!!!

The young girl led her to her room.

Gu Qingyu studied the layout of the room——

Hmm, not bad. The room is to my liking. Hehe. Or perhaps say, the ancient Gu Qingyu and I share the same tastes?

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