Chapter 2: Escape Plan

Adorable Creature Attacks!

Adorable Creature Attacks! Cuteness Overload!

Chapter 2: Escape Plan

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While keeping up the pretence of memory loss, Gu Qingyu managed to find out most of what she needed to know from the young girl that kept her company.

This young girl was a maidservant of the General’s Residence, supposedly Gu Qingyu’s personal attendant, and was called Xiao Qi. The two of them were supposedly close friends and shared most everything with each other.

Gu Qingyu, herself, was supposed to be the daughter of a general, born to his First Wife, the Third Young Lady of the Gu Family, and the jewel of this household. But the situation at home wasn’t as good as she thought, there was some bad blood between the Gu Qingyu of this world and her relatives. Really bad blood.

Xiao Qi also said that Gu Qingyu had always had a good eye for people and that she was talented in both literary and martial arts.

No wonder Gu Qingyu felt stronger and healthier than she’d ever been, and it also partly explained the feeling of strangeness and unfamiliarity. Although she didn’t inherit the past memories of the previous owner of this body, she did gain all the other traits. Furthermore... it so appeared she could use magic now!

If Gu Qingyu were to compare her past self with the current, then the two of them had sadly nothing in common, apart from their physical charms and name.

She also made some inquiries about Hero Jia.

His full name was Jia Qizhe, renowned for his great martial prowess. The reason behind his stay in the manor was because of a mission, while the reason why the young lady tagged along the mission was simply that she’d insisted on assisting him.

However, most shocking of all was when Xiao Qi told her that she wasn’t a human. She was a cat! A monster!

I can’t take this anymore! But what if I turned out to be a roach or something? How humiliating that would’ve been!

“Third Miss, the master wants to see you,” a maid outside the door said softly.

Gu Qingyu stood frozen for a split second before she realised the servant was addressing her. “Oh, got it! I’ll be there in a moment.”

Ahem? On bad terms with the people at home, was it?

It’s not like I have anything better to do, so why don’t I go greet them?


Gu Qingyu entered the Great Hall calm and collected. She saw quite a few people sitting inside already.

“Oh? Our third sister has come today,” said a young girl. She held a handkerchief to her nose and giggled, “Did you run into any difficulties on your little trip with Hero Jia?”

“Not at all. All went well.” Gu Qingyu gave her a faint smile.

This little girl looks very beautiful, but also very sly.

“Younger sister, is everything really okay? I’m glad to see you back,” another girl said, also smiling.

“You need not worry about me, sister. I’m perfectly fine,” replied Gu Qingyu calmly.

Xiao Qi stood off the side, smiling and nodding her approval of Gu Qingyu’s responses.

Woaah~ Mistress seems to have become so much brighter after she told us she’d hit her head! To think that she’d actually show up today when she usually stays away from family meetings! What’s worse is that she would have just stayed quiet when people talked to her... My Mistress has finally learned how to stand up for herself!

“Yu’er, someone told me you suffered memory loss after an accident. Is it true?” asked the man who sat on the master seat.

He was most probably the general, her ‘father’, as he looked very dignified and had a commanding aura about him.

Gu Qingyu gave him a quick curtsy. “Father, it is true that I did get into an accident, but I am perfectly fine.”

“Alas, I have told you so many times about doing dangerous work. Again and again. But you haven’t listened! I forbid you doing dangerous activities in the future! If it weren’t for Hero Jia this time, it could have ended up much worse!”

“Hero Jia is a person with immense power! He is an unrivalled powerhouse of this world, so it won’t be long before he’s leaving. There won’t be a next time.”

Gu Qingyu could tell that this man really doted on this daughter of his.

“Yes, father.” The corners of Gu Qingyu’s mouth perked up into a wide smile because at this very moment, she had an epiphany.

Powerhouse? Hehehe~ He must be a powerful expert then! I still don’t know much about this world, so I think it’s safer if I had someone experienced with me! I could ask him to bring me with him on his journey when he leaves!

I don’t think I can withstand the atmosphere here... I’ll definitely get eaten alive by my scheming and calculative relatives if I stay here any longer! Just look at their eyes!

“Good, remember that next time.” The man looked pleased.

“Bear in mind your station, younger sister! After all, you’re still a lady!” said her so-called elder sister with a ‘worried face’, but the scorn and contempt in her voice could be heard as clear as day.

Gu Qingyu smiled at her, “I thank you for worrying about me, sister! I’m aware of how virtuous, kind, and beautiful I am. And how I always attract the feeling of adoration from men. So lest you worry, my dear sister, I can assure you that I definitely have a sense of fair play. Unlike other bitter girls who are jealous of one another!” Gu Qingyu didn’t even try to conceal the self-praise, and the meaning behind her words was all too clear: You’re jealous of me because I’m prettier than you!

“You!” The young girl stamped her foot.

“Now, now. Yu’er must be tired. You may go back and get some rest,” said her father.

“Okies!” Gu Qingyu nodded. “I shall take my leave then!”

As she was finally allowed to return to her room and started walking back, another girl suddenly called out, “Gu Qingyu! Are you just going to leave without bidding us farewell?”

“Are we close? For you to call my name?” Gu Qingyu stopped and turned around. She waved to the young girl, “Well, since you adore me so, I’ll force myself to make an effort——See ya!” Before that girl could say anything else, Gu Qinyu had already vanished into thin air.

The young girl stood there gaping at the empty spot where Gu Qingyu had stood, stunned, then she bit her handkerchief with all her might. “Gu Qingyu!!” She started to regret calling Gu Qingyu out, because now everyone might actually think that she truly adored Gu Qingyu.


Gu Qingyu returned to her room and closed the door. “Pheew...”

“Are you okay, Mistress?” Xiao Qi had followed Gu Qingyu when she left the Great Hall.

“Yeah, I’m just great!” Gu Qingyu nodded. “Xiao Qi, I’ve made up my mind! Do you think you could help me out?”

Her top priority now was to let Xiao Qi know her aim! With Xiao Qi’s support, they could come up with a good plan to escape from this place!

“What’s on your mind? There’s no harm in telling me first, Mistress,” Xiao Qi replied with a curious look on her face.

Gu Qingyu began to tell Xiao Qi of her plan, “I... have decided to leave this place.”

“What?! Mistress, you have lived here all your life! No, absolutely not!” Xiao Qi waved her hands in protest. “Mistress, where did you get such an absurd notion-...Mmph!

Xiao Qi was silenced as Gu Qingyu’s hand covered her mouth. Gu Qingyu glared at Xiao Qi, “Are you trying to let the whole manor know that I plan to escape! Could you be any louder!?

Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes when Xiao Qi nodded her head firmly. She asked again, “Are you going to help me out or not?”

When Gu Qingyu saw that Xiao Qi still had a defiant look in her eyes, she switched her approach and tried to instead earnestly ‘persuade’ Xiao Qi. “Xiao Qi, look at me. Am I not always getting bullied at home?”

Xiao Qi nodded again.

“That’s right! Xiao Qi, do you also remember all the times when your little mistress, I, just silently endured all their taunts and humiliations?” Gu Qingyu slowly began warming Xiao Qi up to her idea.

Xiao Qi nodded yet again.

“Xiao Qi, my dear Xiao Qi! Are you able to bear watching me slowly getting torn apart and fall into depression?”

Xiao Qi shook her head firmly.

“Exactly! For the both of our sakes, we have to escape from this place! We can travel the world, find a place where we truly belong... Oh! And establishing our own ideal country!” Gu Qingyu placed a hand on her chest as she spoke with dignity.

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