Chapter 3: Illusory Spiritgrass

Adorable Creature Attacks!

Adorable Creature Attacks! Cuteness Overload!

Chapter 3: Illusory Spiritgrass

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“Idea-all country?” asked Xiao Qi as she looked at Gu Qingyu with a puzzled look.

Gu Qingyu rubbed her head. “Sorry, I went off a bit... But that’s not important! So will you help me?”

Xiao Qi nodded hesitantly, “... Okay, let’s do this then! So long as you are happy, I will do my best!”

“Thank yooou~~ Xiao Qi is the best~” Gu Qingyu gave Xiao Qi a playful hug, then started elaborating the plan, “I was thinking that we could do this... and then...”


Late afternoon.

“Anyone inside?” asked Gu Qingyu softly as she cracked open the door to Jia Qizhe’s room.

Jia Qizhe stood there in a blue robe, one shoulder leaning against the door frame. He lightly brushed past her. “Good afternoon. May I help you, Miss Gu?”

“Hero Jia!” Gu Qingyu looked at him with complete sincerity, “I heard that you’re very formidable!”

“Mmm, so?” Jia Qizhe gave her a fake smile.

Gu Qingyu blinked rapidly and her eyes shone with admiration. “So I thought that maybe you could help me escape? Since I helped you out in the morning!”

“You? Where to?” Jia Qizhe shook his head in disgust, “Help? Weren’t you the one who insisted on coming? Seems like the rumours about the Third Young Lady from Gu Manor were true after all. Notoriously willful and headstrong.”

“You——!” Gu Qingyu curbed the desire to lash out and managed to stay calm. “Hero Jia~ Don’t be angry, let’s talk it over~ You can ask of anything from me as long as you take me with you!”

“Hmm? Anything, you say?” His eyes narrowed to the almond-shaped eyes of a phoenix.

Gu Qingyu nodded a very sincere face.

“I have roamed the world many times, with my sword as my sole partner, there is yet to be anything I truly desire.” He raised his eyebrows playfully, “But lately, it seems that I am indeed lacking a certain something...”

“Tell me, tell me!” Gu Qingyu shouted out with excitement.

Jia Qizhe gestured for her to move closer. As she excitedly moved closer, he leaned in and whispered quietly in her ear.

Gu Qingyu nodded as she listened to him. “Uh-huh, okay! So if I can get it for you, you’ll take me with you?”

Jia Qizhe nodded.

“Yaay! Just you wait and see! I will definitely deliver it to you soon!” Gu Qingyu cheered as she happily bounced away.

When she left his sight, Jia Qizhe reverted to his cold, distant self, but a faint smile remained on his lips.

What he had requested from her was, 『Illusory Spiritgrass』.

「The Illusory Spiritgrass is an extremely rare spiritual-type herb. The plant possesses psychotic properties and can cause illusions and hallucinations. The plant is also very difficult to locate, let alone obtaining it.」

Regardless if he didn’t want her to accompany him, she did help him out in the morning. So refusing without a reason wouldn’t seem too good.

For him to come up with such a task, it was to act more or less like a rejection.



Gu Qingyu hummed a merry tune as she strutted to the dining hall. She seemed to be in an especially good mood.

Everyone was sitting down, but no one had begun to eat.

“I am sorry for being late, Father. Please forgive me.” Gu Qingyu gave him a deep curtsy.

“Come, Yu’er. Take a seat,” said the man, pointing towards a seat. Gu Qingyu nodded and seated herself.

The rest of dinner passed off without incident. Even so, Gu Qingyu couldn’t shake off the unsettling feeling that something was going to happen. She breathed a sigh of relief once she was certain there were no impending movements.

Suddenly, she heard a voice directed to her!

“Yu’er, the annual Performing Arts and Craftsmanship Competition is coming up. I hope you’ll be well prepared this year,” said her mother lovingly.


Gu Qingyu choked on the exhale. “Cough, cough——competition!?”

“Your mother is right! You seldom participate in these events, so you have no choice but to take part this year! Otherwise, how could you call yourself a lady of this house!” said one of her aunts, out of the ‘kindness of her heart’.

What’s with that smug and gloating face? Why don’t you participate!

Gu Qingyu wanted to shout in that old hag’s face, but she restrained herself and said in a flat, indifferent voice, “Yes, I know. As her eldest daughter, I cannot bring shame to my mother, the First Wife of house Gu.”

Gu Qingyu was indirectly reminding her aunt that she would always be of higher status than her children.

Her aunt was caught completely off guard by Gu Qingyu’s forwardness. She’d never thought Gu Qingyu would talk back to her, even to the point of rendering her inarticulate.

After having left the dining hall, Gu Qingyu decided to go to the rooftop for a little exercise. She was eager to test out her new physique.

Standing under the eaves of a roof, she took a light leap...


She flew straight up in the air and landed gracefully on the roof. Her body felt as light as a feather!

Suddenly, she felt a strange sensation on her head. She touched her head cautiously...

Woah, I have a pair of hairy ears! ... And a tail! Could these be the features of a cat?

Gu Qingyu was at a loss for words to express her feelings one minute then optimistic and hopeful the next.

With such a great Light Body Skill, shouldn’t it be easy for me to find that thing Jia Qizhe wanted?

Xiao Qi had told her earlier that a mountain not too far from the city, was the home to a wide diversity of rare herbs and other uncommon ingredients.

Gu Qingyu casually exercised for a while longer before she jumped down, and retired early to her room.

She put out the lights and went to sleep.

I have to get up early tomorrow and pick herbs...

Gu Qingyu did not give notice to the dark figure that had been following her in the shadows, and always watching her.

After a while, a young man emerged out of the shadows. Dressed in a plain blue robe, a faint smile played at the corners of his mouth.

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『T/N: First Wife(Di:嫡妻/正室) of a family is the only official and legal wife. A secondary spouse is called sidewife or concubine(Shu:庶妻/侧室)

Sons/Daughters(Di:嫡子/嫡女) born to the First Wife, regardless of age, holds much higher social status than those born of concubines(Shu:庶子/庶女).

An illegitimate child, born out of marriage, is also called “shu”, but the child would have a much lower status than those born to legitimate shu wives.

This system is to rank the offsprings’ entitlement to titles and assets(inheritance). Only when there is not a single Di-offspring available, could a Shu-offspring be considered as successor.

Which is the most likely the reason why Gu Qingyu is suffering enmity from her relatives without having done much.』

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