Chapter 4: Divine Physician Mo

Adorable Creature Attacks!

Adorable Creature Attacks! Cuteness Overload!

Chapter 4: Divine Physician Mo

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T/N: Divine Physician(Shenyi/神医): A title, refers to an exceptionally skilled physician. Also a term of respect. Could be used for when an individual has high medical skills and knowledge, or ability to treat various kinds of illnesses.


Next day.

Gu Qingyu rose up early in the morning, and dressed carefully in a lavender ancient-style chiffon dress, put her hair up in a simple hairstyle with a hairpin, then set out for the mountain.

As for her excuse for leaving the manor, she had long since prepared one together with Xiao Qi. If someone happened to come looking for her, Xiao Qi would just tell them that she had left early this morning to practise her art skills.


With her Light Body Skill and her strong, nimble body, Gu Qingyu arrived safely at the foot of the mountain. She hid away her ears and tail before she entered a nearby village.

The villagers were unusually welcoming and friendly.

She saw an elderly man walking past, and decided to ask him about the way up the mountain. “Are there any paths up the mountain?”

“Yes, but you might have trouble finding them... If you don’t mind, this ol’ man can show you the way,” said the elderly man with a laugh.

Gu Qingyu had an uneasy feeling, but she still answered with a cautious nod, “I’ll have to trouble you then.”

“No, not at all.” The elderly man chuckled and moved towards the mountain.


After they walked for a bit, Gu Qingyu started to get the impression that the landscape behind them got stranger the more they walked.

Something is not right here!

Why is there suddenly no path behind us? We definitely followed it here!

She turned back around, only to find that the elderly man had mysteriously disappeared too!!


Suddenly she felt an unfamiliar skin touching her shoulder.

“Nyaaaah!” Gu Qingyu screamed and turned around.

Behind her stood a young man. He had a beautiful face with sharp features. His lips were rosy,  and his teeth were white, glistening when he smiled. His long silky black hair touched his dark-cyan robe, so beautiful as if he was a deity descended from heaven.

“You almost scared me to death!” Gu Qingyu held her hand to her chest.

“My apologies. Are you all right, miss?” asked the young man softly. The corners of his mouth rose into a small smile, a beautiful sight.

Gu Qingyu shook her head. “I am... fine.” Her eyes glanced curiously behind him and asked, “Ehhh? How come the path appeared again??”

“This mountain is known as the Illusory Cliffs. Those unfamiliar with the place are easily led astray by the monsters below, like evil spirits and demons. I, myself, am here because I’m in the need of a certain medicinal herb. I saw you on my way up, so thought I’d lend a hand. Do you need any help, miss?”

“Yes, yes!” Gu Qingyu clung to him as if he was her last glimmer of hope getting somewhere on this mountain. “You're a kind man!”

She pondered for a moment, then asked, “...Um, I was wondering if you could also help me find a herb called Illusory Spiritgrass?”

The young man glanced at the hands wrapped around his arm, he opened his mouth and closed it again. After a while, he asked curiously, “What are you planning to do with it?”

“I’m getting it for a friend!” Gu Qingyu blurted out without thinking.

“The Illusory Spiritgrass is the jewel of the Illusory Cliffs. It grows high up on the steep cliffs, and is very difficult to get hold of.” He shook his head.

Gu Qingyu’s shoulders slumped and her head stayed down.

So Jia Qizhe was playing with me all this time... It sounds utterly impossible for me to find it! He clearly just doesn’t want to take me with him!!

The young man let out a faint sigh when he spotted the downcast and unhappy expression on Gu Qingyu’s face. “Like you, I am also in search for the Illusory Spiritgrass, and I also happen to know where they grow. If you don’t mind, we could look for it together, miss. But whether we find it, it’ll have to depend on our luck.”

“Sounds great!” Gu Qingyu nodded and followed him.

Forget it! If we can’t find any, I’ll randomly just grab one of the plants around here. Jia Qizhe probably doesn’t even know the difference between grass or some weed!

Gu Qingyu seemed to have forgotten something very important. Because for someone who had travelled back and forth the ends of the world, what possibly couldn’t he have seen yet?

As they walked further up the mountain, Gu Qingyu noticed that the trees and bushes closed the space behind them whenever they walked a bit.

“By the way...” Gu Qingyu finally broke the silence. “May I ask for your name, mister?”

“Mister?” He seemed somewhat puzzled by the word, but he quickly replied, “My family name is Mo and my first name is Bai. Healing people is what I do and I live my life in seclusion on another mountain.”

T/N: Mister seems to be an unknown word for that era.

“Oooh! So it's Divine Physician Mo!” exclaimed Gu Qingyu and nodded understandingly. “My name is Gu Qingyu.”

“Gu Qingyu?” Mo Bai tilted his head just slightly, giving her a quizzical look. “The young lady from Gu Manor, who is known as willful and headstrong?”

I’m really curious who started these rumours. How come even a lone and secluded hermit has caught wind of it!?

“Erm... about that... I...” She frankly didn’t know how to explain the rumours. Perhaps the Gu Qingyu of this world was truly as willful and headstrong as they say?

“But having met you in person today, I’d say it’s merely just rumours.” Mo Bai chuckled and continued walking.

She finally let out a small sigh and followed behind.


Moments later, they arrived at a steep cliff side.

Standing here, close to the edge, Gu Qingyu suddenly felt like screaming at the top of her lungs. But she valiantly resisted the urge. Why? Because a handsome guy was right next to her...

“We’re here.” Mo Bai stopped his pace, only a half step from the edge.

Gu Qingyu neared the edge, curiously gazing over, and looked down. Sure enough, she spotted some glowing grass.

To her own surprise, she didn’t feel as afraid of heights as she did back in her old world. Possibly one of the qualities of being a cat.

“I shall go down first. You can wait here for me unless something goes wrong.” Mo Bai took out a small piece of leaf from his sleeve.

Gu Qingyu answered with a nod, then tilted her head and looked at the leaf in his palm questioningly.

Mo Bai chanted softly under his breath as he tossed the leaf away. In the split-second the leaf touched the ground, it expanded and grew into a gigantic leaf.

Gu Qingyu stared bewildered at Mo Bai as he stepped on it. The gigantic leaf started to hover above the ground and then began gently descending down the cliff side.

Gu Qingyu watched him closely as he closed in the range, and with a single reach, the herb was effortlessly in his hands.

Isn’t this magic of his too much of a cheat?

Gu Qingyu stood there looking at the gigantic leaf with her mouth agape. Seeing Mo Bai coming back up so leisurely, her face filled with resignation. She silently mocked herself.

Why did I feel so thrilled when I could jump on roofs and leap over walls? It’s all just child’s play for these godly beings! To think I thought I was so special to have transmigrated into the mere body of a cat spirit...

“Only a single stalk of Illusory Spiritgrass remained,” said Mo Bai remorsefully. “Although I am not sure about that cave over there, I sense it to be a monster’s den. It’s too risky, Miss Gu.” Mo Bai shook his head in regret. “I have a patient in wait, so I ought to return immediately... How about we come back another day?”

“That...” Gu Qingyu hesitated.

I can only phantom all the schemes my relatives will set up for me after the competition tomorrow. Also, what should I do if Jia Qizhe decides to leave during the time period...

But it wouldn’t look good if I tried to steal the herb from him, especially when it’s for a patient. Moreover, this stalk was also harvested by him.

“Let’s just do as you say, thank you.” Gu Qingyu clenched her teeth and reminded herself that it was he who had brought her to this place in the first place. She decided to instead give that cave he mentioned a chance.

Mo Bai probed carefully, “The mountain roads are very dangerous. Will you allow me to escort you back, Miss Gu?”

Gu Qingyu shook her head. “Thank you for your kindness, Young Master Mo. But I can continue on my own now.”

“But...” Mo Bai tried to add something else, but he was quickly interrupted as Gu Qingyu pushed, pulled and butted him away with her.

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