Chapter 5: The annual Performing Arts and Craftsmanship Competition?

Adorable Creature Attacks!

Adorable Creature Attacks! Cuteness Overload!

Chapter 5: The annual Performing Arts and Craftsmanship Competition?

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“Miss Gu, take this 『Thousand Blossoming Grass』. It may be used to save your life when in immediate danger... Oh, I almost forgot. This is a 『Hundred Whirling Leaf』. When you feel like you're in the need of assistance, you simply blow on it and I’ll do my best to come as fast as possible...” Mo Bai seemed too worried to leave her alone on the mountain. He continued rambling, pointing out all the dangers and risks in an endless babble until she finally managed to make him leave.

Since Gu Qingyu was more familiar with the road, she returned to the cliff side without a problem. She summoned forth her spirit form, then climbed down very carefully along the wall towards the cave Mo Bai mentioned earlier.

Reaching the cave entrance shortly, she stepped inside carefully. It was pitch black, to the point of where she couldn’t even see her fingers when she held them out in the cave from outside. Once she was completely submerged in the cave, everything became much clearer due to her feline eyes that gave her excellent night-vision.

Gu Qingyu felt more nervous as she continued walking deeper.


Suddenly, a large group of screeching bats appeared and flew down towards her. Gu Qingyu immediately flipped her body aside and nimbly evaded the bats.

“Hawrgh-hawrgh, it’s been quite a while since someone cared to show up here...” A hoarse voice sounded through the cave. Gu Qingyu stayed on guard as she watched a man emerge from the shadows.

No! It’s not human!

A pair of black, gigantic bat wings protruded from his back, his long black hair hung loosely around his shoulders, and two long fangs stuck out of his mouth.

The creature greedily licked his lips. “It’s been too long since I’ve had a fresh meal and way too long since I’ve had something so delicious. I’ll enjoy your blood!”

His voice sent a shudder through her. Although she was slightly afraid, she had confidence in getting away. “Heh! You’ll have to catch me first!”

She quickly dashed past him to get deeper inside the cave. Her speed was astonishing.

The bat demon spread his gigantic wings and lifted into the air. He caught up to Gu Qingyu with a single flap and stopped in front of her to blocked her way.

She managed to find a stalk of Illusory Spiritgrass growing out of the rocky wall and clutched it tightly to her bosom.

“Ooh~~ So your objective was the Illusory Spiritgrass~” The bat demon sealed off the entrance. She couldn’t find any other way out.

Gu Qingyu tried to take a step back but her foot struck something hard and unmoving. She glanced over her shoulder to try and see what was blocking her way, and her heart skipped a beat.


It was the remains of a human skeleton.

“Hwarg-hwarg-ha!” The bat demon laughed and charged against her.

Gu Qingyu screamed out hysterically, “You creep! Don’t come closer! I have mysophobia!”

T/N: Mysophobia, fear of contamination and germs.

Hanging by a thread, a figure suddenly blocked her view. She then heard a cool, languid voice say, “Do you really have to scream like a dying pig, idiot.”

It is... Jia Qizhe!

He came to rescue me!!

Gu Qingyu’s entire body was tingling and joy rushed over her like a tidal wave.

“Jia Qizhe, you came!” Gu Qingyu was so excited she just shouted out his name, completely ignoring honorifics. “Gosh, you didn’t really have to~~”

“...” Jia Qizhe gave her a speechless look. “You really went all out, huh? I just said it for fun.” He shrugged his shoulders with a face of incomprehension, but this action of his made her hit the ceiling.

Her patience ran out. “Jia Qizhe!” She screamed, “How can you be like this! You hypocrite!!”

“Never did I say that I wouldn’t bring you with me.” Jia Qizhe smiled at her. “You said I’m a hypocrite? Very well, let me show you a real hypocrite then.”

“...?” His response flustered her. “It was just a joke! A joke! Don’t take it so seriously~”

While the two of them were busily chatting, one smiling, another sweating, they had completely forgotten about the creature next to them.

The bat demon got so angry he couldn’t stand it anymore. “Oi! Hey, hey! Stop treating me like air!”

“Kukuku!” Gu Qingyu turned around and laughed maliciously at him.

The bat demon began to sweat profusely. He had scared others innumerable times, but this was the first time someone laughed at him like this.

“Kukuku!” Gu Qingyu was clearly in a bad mood right now.

“How about this?” Jia Qizhe gave her a fleeting look. “I’ll allow you to come with me if you beat him.”

“Really?” Gu Qingyu squinted her eyes at him. “Are you serious this time?”

“I never back out from my words.” Jia Qizhe chuckled helplessly.

“But you just did! You said you would let me come with you!” Gu Qingyu stamped her feet.

She glared at the approaching creature. The bat demon had a hideous grin on his face.

She gritted her teeth as she summoned her spirit form again. “『Increase Agility』!”

She put on a burst of speed and surged into one of the tunnels. The bat demon naturally sensed that Jia Qizhe was not to mess with, so he ignored him and continued chasing after Gu Qingyu.

After reaching a bit further in the cave, Gu Qingyu abruptly stopped in her tracks. She turned around facing the bat demon and extended her left arm with her hand in front of her, “『Feline magic: Will O’ Wisp』!”

A dusky, violet ball of ghastly fire formed in her palm. The fireball shot out from her palm, creating a graceful arc in the air, towards the bat demon.

There was no hint of surprise in Jia Qizhe's eyes when she changed to her spirit form.


The bat demon spread out his wings, trying to evade the ball of flame, but the speed of the ghastly fire was too quick!


Struck in the chest by the ghastly fire, the bat demon fell straight to the ground.

Jia Qizhe walked up to Gu Qingyu and stroked her fluffy ears. “Mm, how adorable.”

Gu Qingyu burst out, “Oi! You just said you’d bring me with you if I beat him!”

He shrugged. “I did.”

Does this mean... he agreed?

Gu Qingyu cheered, “Oh yeah!”

“Let’s not celebrate too early.” Jia Qizhe glanced at the creature on the ground.

Before Gu Qingyu could react, the bat demon spread his gigantic wings and charged straight towards her.

A golden sword conjured immediately in Jia Qizhe’s waiting hand. He swung the sword in the air, creating a golden light, and annihilated everything...



“Nnnn...” Gu Qingyu rubbed her eyes. “Whaa—”

“Mistress!” A light figure pounced on her. “I didn’t think I would see you opening your eyes again! Waaah-wuh-wuu...”

It took Gu Qingyu a while to realize she was lying in her own bed, and that the figure beside her was Xiao Qi.

The second she regained her senses, Gu Qingyu grabbed Xiao Qi’s arm and asked promptly, “Oh, right! Did you see Jia Qizhe?”

Xiao Qi’s eyes lit up the moment Gu Qingyu mentioned Jia Qizhe. Her eyes sparkled with gossipy glee, “Mistress, it was Hero Jia who brought you back~! Ahehe, he even held you... Ah, no... Dragged? That’s not it either... He carried... Yeah! He even carried you on his shoulders!” She felt extremely proud of herself to have found the exact description.

The more Gu Qingyu listened, the more her face darkened. “So what did he tell my parents?” she asked with her jaws clenched.

He actually carried me on his shoulders like a sack of potatoes?! It’d be a wonder if my parents didn’t throw a fit!

“No, no, you’re mistaken, Mistress.” Xiao Qi said earnestly, “Hero Jia brought you back through the back door. No one is aware of the fact that he carried you back, except for me. But, he did tell the old master that you were practising dancing very diligently, so much you fainted!”

“What did you just say?!” Gu Qingyu pounded on her bed with her fists. “Can he be more wordy?!”

Yes, as a matter of fact.

“Mistress...” Seeing her young lady being visibly upset, Xiao Qi continued weakly, “Hero Jia also wanted me to convey a message to you. He said that he would only let you come with him if you rank amongst the top three in the annual competition...”

[email protected]&¥/$...” Gu Qingyu’s anger made her words incomprehensible.

How could he do this to me!

We had a deal!!

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-Petie's theory story teaser-[expand]

A long time ago, a youngling visited a faraway water village...

The youngling had a pretty bad sense of directions, so he got lost easily and often. He was only supposed to go and to the supermarket to buy an onion and a leek but somehow ended up walking around and around, changing directions, circling and turning. He travelling on a boat, walked across mountains, through forests, until he finally reached the outskirts of a water village.

When the youngling arrived at the water village, he noticed that many young ladies were walking along the river, crossing over the bridge, all in the same direction.

He saw in particular three ladies walking side by side, all three dressed in beautiful colourful dresses, and decided to ask them about it.

Let's call them Red, Blue and Yellow, in accordance with their dresses. Heh~

Petie walked up to them and asked curiously, "Excuse me, ladies. Where is everyone going?"

The three ladies began to giggle.

Red raised her handkerchief to her nose bashfully, "We're going to visit my husband."

Blue threw her handkerchief in Red's face, "Don't be shameless. He's clearly my husband."

Yellow twirled her handkerchief in a circle, "Gosh, both of you stop showing off."

Oh, finally a sensible one.

She continued, "Mo Bai is definitely my husband! Hihi~" Having said that, she quickly brushed past them, giggling.

Red and Blue said simultaneously, "Wow, how can someone be like that!" Then walked after Yellow.

Nevermind.. but this Mo Bai seems to be a playboy... I want to see him!

Petie turned and ran after them, "Ladies! Can I come with you to see this Mo Bai?"


More and more ladies showed up on the road as they walked.

In the distance, Petie saw a large brown building where even more young ladies gathered. There was a sign outside that read, 『Mo Bai's Pharmacy』. The girls sat on the floor, leaned against the door, walls, everywhere, and even more entered.

"He's so handsome!"

"I know right~"

"Wooow, we're so blessed!"

"Oh my gosh!"

A handsome young man, dressed in a long white robe with loose sleeves, was taking a middle-aged woman's pulse.

The woman smiled and asked, "Why don't you come by my house tomorrow? I'll make you some nourishing soup."

Mo Bai sighed, "You're not sick."

The woman withdrew her hand and pouted, "What do you mean? I'm sick." She grinned and continued, "My liver lacks yang energy."

Mo Bai sighed again, "People in your condition should be fatigued. My office is so far away. You come here every day. Your body is fine."

The woman sighed dreamily, resting her chin in her hand, "Physician Mo, why are you so amazing? I'll come back tomorrow if I am sick, okay?"

Mo Bai averted his eyes and called, "Next."

Yellow walked up and sat down opposite him. She looked up at him big-eyed, "I'm not sick. I just came to look at you. Hehe~"


Blue, "I am sick!"

"Didn't I just examine you a moment ago?"

"I just missed you..."


"Physician Mo?"

Mo Bai was trying to avert his face when he suddenly heard a different sound of a voice. He looked up slowly, " A man?"

Petie asked, "What about it?"

"Hehe. Nothing, don't mind me. I just haven't had any male patients for awhile. You had best be sick."

Petie looked away awkwardly, "Actually, I didn't come to get an examination... I'm looking for directions."

Mo Bai immediately grabbed his hands and pulled him closer, "How can you say you're not sick? You have Yin deficiency in the kidneys."

Woah, he's so handsome, and his hands are so soft... cough, cough... Stop staring, Petie!

"Yin deficiency?" Petie looked miserable.

I know that I'm a single dog, okay! You don't have to rub it in my face!


Petie looked at Mo Bai, then turned his gaze downwards. He narrowed his eyes and grinned. "Are you jealous of me?"

"Jealous of what?"

Petie turned his eyes sideways and nudges his chin towards the crowd of girls blocking the entrance. "If you keep up this life, it's your kidneys that are going to fail."

The girls all burst out laughing and giggling, waving their handkerchiefs bashfully.




Mo Bai decided to live in seclusion to save his kidneys. Story end.[/expand]

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