Chapter 6: Preparing for the competition

Adorable Creature Attacks!

Adorable Creature Attacks! Cuteness Overload!

Chapter 6: Preparing for the competition

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Gu Qingyu wanted to slap Jia Qizhe.  She truly did. She wanted to just go to his room and slap him so hard it would send him flying through the roof. So hard he wouldn't even be able to pull himself out.

However, thinking back what to what happened at the Illusory Cliffs, she decided ultimately to just quietly leave for practice...

So many annoying and bothersome chores to do, one after another... Sigh~

Just as she arrived at the Zither Hall she saw one of her elder sisters sitting there practising her zither.

The young woman noticed Gu Qingyu and gave a faint smile. “Oh? I do know you were interested in martial arts, though it never occurred to me that you would also be interested in the other arts...” She looked back down at the strings and continued, “But you shouldn’t overreach yourself.”

Gu Qingyu returned her smile. “Rest assured, sister! I’ll only do what’s within my abilities to do...” She paused. “... Hmm, if I utilize my talents and skills, I think getting first place wouldn’t be a problem! You must come and see my performance!”

The young woman was slightly taken aback by Gu Qingyu’s reply. She looked as if she hadn’t even expected Gu Qingyu to reply, but she quickly regained her composure. “Worry not. Your sister, I, will definitely be there to see how exactly you plan to win and seize the championship.”

Gu Qingyu smiled proudly. “I shall give you my thanks first then!” she said and walked further into the hall.

Her only focus was to create a perfect performance for the competition tomorrow.

Seize the championship and escape from this rancorous place!


The afternoon sun shone lazily over the trees as the light illuminated through the foliage onto the ground.

Gu Qingyu sat in alone in the pavilion, staring gloomily into the emerald-green and crystalline water.

The lotus flowers stood tall and beautiful, while the lotus leaves swayed gently in the autumn breeze.

Everything in this scenery was delightful to one’s eyes and gladdening to the heart, but her mood was still as depressed and showed no signs of improvement.

“What should I perform... Haaaaa~~” Another deep sigh escaped Gu Qingyu’s ample lips.

“Mistress,” Xiao Qi called out as she brought over a bowl of fruit. “I brought some fresh fruit.”

“You eat, Xiao Qi. I don’t have much of an appetite...” Gu Qingyu sighed for the umpteenth time. “It wouldn't be this hard if we were in the modern world...”

“Mistress, what kind of world is ‘modern’?” Xiao Qi looked at her curiously. “Mistress, you should eat more fruit!”

Gu Qingyu’s eyes suddenly flashed. “What did you just say?!”

Xiao Qi guilelessly repeated what she just said, “You should eat more fruit——”

Gu Qingyu shook her head. “Nonono! What you said earlier!”

“I brought some  fresh fruit?” Xiao Qi tried again.

“Next sentence!”

“What kind of world is ‘modern’?”

“You don’t know right?” Gu Qingyu’s face beamed with joy as she clapped her hands together. “Thank you, Xiao Qi! I finally know what I’m going to do now!” Before Xiao Qi could say any more, Gu Qingyu was already gone.

Xiao Qi could only follow her to her room. “Mistress?” There was no reply. She stood out there just staring at Gu Qingyu’s closed door. “Your fruit...” Finally, she gave up and ate the fruit by herself.


Next day.

Gu Qingyu bounced cheerfully out of her room early in the morning. The competition was just in a few hours, so she decided to take a walk in the courtyard, to relax and loosen up the tension that’d built up over the past few days.

She walked leisurely in the garden, enjoying the early morning sun as she moved towards her favourite pavilion.

Inside the pavilion, she saw a person standing there.

Dressed in a long blue robe, a young man stood there, his back turned to her, as he gazed out across the pond. His long black hair flew gracefully over his shoulders as the wind teased his hair, sending it fluttering about his robe.

Taciturn and aloof, devilishly handsome.

Gu Qingyu stood still for a moment, thinking, then decided to join him. She walked up quietly behind him, trying to sneak up and ‘surprise’ him.

“Oi.” The young man turned around. “What are you doing?”

“Guuu... This is awkward!” Her hands hung awkwardly in the air. She swiftly withdrew her hands as if nothing ever happened and quickly changed the topic, “Cough, cough! I just came to ask you if you are all packed?”

“Packed for what?” Jia Qizhe looked rather confused.

“For when we’re leaving!” said Gu Qingyu assertively.

He smiled at her and said, “Let’s talk about this later when the results are out.”

Gu Qingyu returned his smile. “Just you wait then!” Having said this, she turned and tossed her head to flick her hair back over her shoulder as she strutted away, hips swaying back and fro, leaving Jia Qizhe alone in the pavilion with a speechless face.


The Performing Arts and Craftsmanship Competition.

Gu Qingyu arrived at the venue where the competition was being held. “Ooooh~ It’s quite lively~” She looked around at the crowd and exclaimed, “This is great! What a grand event! But who could have so much time and money and nothing better to do but to hold such an event...”

Whoever it is, I greatly thank that person for arranging this competition! If it weren’t for this, Jia Qizhe wouldn’t have given me another chance, right?Both the Illusory Spiritgrass and the bat demon were completely destroyed last time... I’m sure he won’t go so easily back on his words if it’s all fair and square this time.

“I cannot agree with you, miss!” She heard an upset boyish voice say. It was a young boy who was dressed like those who maintained order in the venue. “This competition is organized every year by our young master! Unlike other competitions, this is not one of beauty, but one where young women can showcase their true abilities. And each year, the prizes are all prepared by our house. The winners may freely choose between an exquisite musical instrument or three favours of choice. Not only that, but this stage is also a means for all the literarily and artistically talented young women to shine. How can you say that we’re only doing this for we have nothing better to do?”

Everything he said was well founded, and Gu Qingyu likewise acknowledged it all. She bowed deeply in a gesture of profound humility. “Pardon me, it was a thoughtless thing to say. I shouldn’t have ridiculed your noble household.”

The boy didn’t try to argue anymore when he looked her in the face and saw her sincerity. “It is of no matter, miss. What you said about our house, you have apologized for. Our young master has always been good-natured and kind, so I’m sure he won’t pursue the matter either. However, I do suggest you be careful with your words in the future,” he reminded her again in a gentle but firm manner.

“I’m most grateful!” Gu Qingyu bowed once more.

“Don’t mention it,” said the boy and walked away.

Gu Qingyu gazed at the young boy as he walked away and rubbed her chin in deep contemplation.

Hmm, this highly distinguished young master of his must be an extraordinary individual. One of his lackeys is already such a great speaker, wouldn’t the case usually be so that the person, himself, is even more amazing?

Sigh, why do I care? It has nothing to do with me anyways!

Gu Qingyu swung her sleeve, turned around, and walked to a vacant place to sit.

The competition was about to start.

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