Chapter 7: A breathtaking song

Adorable Creature Attacks!

Adorable Creature Attacks! Cuteness Overload!

Chapter 7: A breathtaking song

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What a crafty woman...

The first contestant to enter the stage was the sister Gu Qingyu met the other day in the Zither Hall.

Though I cannot say that I’m surprised... unless one performed exceptionally well, weren’t the first and the last performers usually the ones that left the deepest impressions on the audience?

Gu Qingyu sucked in her cheeks.

I must win today. Regardless of what they do, I will seize the championship.

The young woman on stage took her zither, a guzheng, and played upon it so beautiful and sad at the same time. The sad and happy melodies intertwined, telling the thoughts and desired of a young maiden, and stories of the past. A song of faint melancholy, the mood followed its sentiment as a faint mist slowly swirled around the young woman.

The last note rang out for a few seconds as the young woman held down the last string plucked with her finger. Immediately, the audience stood up to applaud and cheer.

“Well done! What a great performance!”

“This should be the Second Young Lady of Gu Family? As expected of their second miss!”

“Someone mentioned that their third miss is also going to participate this year!”

“Really? I thought she was only interested in martial arts?”

“God knows! It does sound quite odd!”

“Let’s see what she has to offer first!”

“Heh, I hope it’s not a swordplay”


“Humph.” Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes listlessly at the loud men in front of her.

Laugh while you can, bunch of idiots! My performance will blow out your eardrums and blow your minds!

The competition continued, and more contestants performed one after another. But none of them were as good as the second miss, so they only received mediocre reactions from the crowd.

Suddenly, Gu Qingyu’s instincts told her someone was near, and watching her!

She turned around, instantly on guard, and looked up.

High above, a tall figure stood alone upon the rooftop. The hem of his blue robe fluttered in the autumn breeze.

Jia Qizhe.

Is he here... to watch my performance?

Their eyes met. He smiled at her.

Argh, that smug look on his face! He must be here to see how I make a fool outta myself!

I won’t let him! I must not fail! I refuse to become a laughingstock!

She clenched her fist at her sides and glared at him.

Next contestant, a young girl, who wore a long flowy violet dress, carried a pipa up the stage.

The young girl sat herself down on a chair and set up her instrument. She looked out over the crowd, smiled a charming and lovely smile, and began to softly play a melodious tune on her pipa.

Gu Qingyu turned her gaze towards the sound as she was slowly drawn into the enchanting sea of music.

The notes almost seemed to dance in the air as gentle waves of the melody spread among the people. Suddenly, sprinkles of magic glittered in the midst of the pristine and pure sounds.

This young lady is definitely not a common personage.

Gu Qingyu merely gave it a slight thought and wasn’t too concerned.

Applause roared like thunder when the song reached its end, even more so than the first performance.

Now it was Gu Qingyu’s turn. She carried a guzheng, the same kind of zither her sister used, as she entered the stage. She took her place and began playing.

Using the skills of the previous owner of the body, she plucked the strings, and brought out a soft and smooth melody, soothing the crowd and draining the tension from the previous performances.

Now that she had everyone’s attention, using her other superior instrument——her voice——she officially began her performance.

~♪Falling peach blossoms drift across the skies♪~

~♪Smiling over the ever-changing world as they twinkle and dance in a never-ending line♪~

~♪Oh, how lives of mortals are entwined in their sad and joyous destinies♪~

~♪Living within the flow, guided by the oblivious fate♪~

Her voice softly trailed off, while letting her slender fingers continue playing. The melody flowed, continuously mesmerizing the crowd. Then she opened her mouth and began again,

~♪Strangers in this life, though bound by the red string of fate♪~

~♪Just a single glance♪~

~♪The world around them became colourless and quiet as time seemed to freeze♪~

~♪The shimmering water reflects the image of the young couple, tenderly embracing their pure and beautiful love♪~

Gu Qingyu smiled as her fingers moved faster and faster across the strings. The song gradually reached its climax.

~♪Engrave the everburning seal of eternal impenitence♪~

~♪For naught will change, no matter how many lifetimes pass♪~

~♪Turning back for a moment, reminiscing the memories♪~

~♪In the end, it all melts away, like snowflakes in the sun♪~

~♪Waking up from the dream of past, present and future, the buried promises bloomed yet again from the depths of their hearts♪~”

The music ceased and everyone froze in place. Though it was quiet, the sweet and soft melody lingered in everyone’s minds.

The crowd were all stunned, confused and blown away at the same time. It was the first time for everyone to experience this style of music and lyrics.

Fufufu~ As I expected!

Gu Qingyu grinned to herself.

Stay amazed everyone!

A few hands started to clap, then as if everyone just woke up from a dream, a thunderous applause began. The crowd roared and cheered, louder and louder.

“Goodness, this is the Third Young Lady of Gu Family? What graceful demeanour!”

“I agree! Who said earlier that she only knows how to fight?”

“What a wonderful song! What a wonderful concept!

Gu Qingyu gave a small smile as she dropped into a graceful curtsy. Then she walked slowly off the stage, keeping up her role as a lady of nobility.

Jia Qizhe’s eyes narrowed in contemplation.

I only thought that she only knew some martial arts... She’s actually quite gifted...

I suppose I could make an exception this time...

He vanished like a wisp of smoke dispersing in the wind.

Gu Qingyu looked up to the roof at the exact same time, but she missed him by just a millisecond.

Huh? Where did he go! Did he leave already? How come I never noticed? Don’t tell me he missed my brilliant performance?!!

“Miss, I must say that you are very talented,” said a voice behind her.

Gu Qingyu turned her head around. “Uh? May I ask who are you?”

A young man stood there with a fan in his hands. He had an otherworldly air. His long elegant white robe made him look as though he was an angel descended from the heavens.

“This scholar is called Qi Yichen,” he said.

“A pleasure to meet you, Young Master Qi.” Gu Qingyu gave him a slight curtsy. “What may I do for you, Young Master Qi?”

Gu Qingyu continued speaking in a formal language because she had to keep up this noble facade of hers while they were still at the event.

“After your performance, I couldn’t help but come to praise you in person. Your literary talent is absolutely striking.” He smiled and continued, “I believe there is none other than you to be worthy of receiving the crown this year, miss.”

“You flatter me, Young Master Qi.” Gu Qingyu returned his smile. “There are yet plenty more talented performers than me, Qingyu, to perform.”

“Qingyu?” Qi Yichen froze still, and then asked, “Does your family name happen to be Gu, miss?”

Gu Qingyu nodded, “Yes.”

Qi Yichen laughed. “Then I have not come in vain. I’m going to be frank with you, Miss Gu. On the orders of my mentor, I have come to find you.”

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Guzheng is a Chinese string instrument, belonging to the zither family. It usually has 16 or more strings, 160cmx32cm, ~12kg. 

Pipa, also called the Chinese Lute, is a Chinese string instrument, belonging to the sub-category Plucked String Instruments. It has 4 strings and is a pear-shaped instrument. Weights and heights vary.

Guzheng.   Pipia.  Another pipa, because they're so pretty!

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