Chapter 11: You shouldn’t judge a person by their appearance

Adorable Creature Attacks!

Adorable Creature Attacks! Cuteness Overload!

Chapter 11: You shouldn’t judge a person by their appearance

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Qi Yichen was quickly spotted by the guards as he made his way to the stairs.

He smiled to himself because he knew he would be able to divert the guards’ attention.

“Halt! Identify yourself!” One of the guards rushed and barred his way.

“This one is called Qi Yichen. May I ask who you’re looking for?” Qi Yichen responded and gave the guard a faint smile.

“Gu Family’s Third Young Lady, Gu Qingyu,” the guard said, then softened his tone after seeing Qi Yichen’s radiant smile. “Have you seen her?”

Qi Yichen raised his finger and pointed in a random direction. “I believe she went that way.”

“You have our gratitude, sir.” The people from Gu Manor had, in all respects, no bad intentions. The guards cupped their fists and went into the direction Qi Yichen pointed to.

With a smile still on his face, Qi Yichen continued down the stairs leisurely and left the building.

A couple guards went searching in another direction, banging on the doors.

A beautiful young man opened one of the doors, coquettish and gracefully, dressed in full red.

“Have you seen——” The guard stopped mid-sentence. “Oh my god! It’s Lord Xue Zang!”

“Yes?” The young man smiled coquettishly.

“Ah! N-nothing. W-we... nothing at all!” The guards fled the scene almost immediately.

“Did they really have to run? It’s not like I eat people...” muttered Xue Zang to himself and shook his head dispiritedly.


While Qi Yichen was at the inn busily sidetracking the pursuers, the two girls and Jia Qizhe arrived at the little stream that flowed in the bamboo forest. Gu Qingyu crouched down by the water and tried to catch some small fishlings while they were waiting for Qi Yichen.

Sure enough, Qi Yichen didn’t disappoint them and arrived shortly after.

“He’s here! Let’s get going!” Gu Qingyu was very eager to get to their destination as soon as possible.

“Qingyu, can you fly?” asked Qi Yichen out of the blue.

“What?” Gu Qingyu stood up and looked at him confusedly.

“We’re going to be travelling quite a distance, so the quickest way would be by flying.” Jia Qizhe gave her a mocking look, “Could it be that you don’t even know how to fly?”


I really don’t...

“I...” She didn’t know what to reply in order to avoid being made fun of him again.

“Nevermind him, Qingyu. You can just hold onto me.” Qi Yichen grinned cheerfully.

“Well, we can split up into pairs of two since there are four of us.” Jia Qizhe glanced at Gu Qingyu, then turned to Qi Yichen. “You take the little one.”

“But I don’t want to be in a pair with you!” Gu Qingyu backed off two steps away from Jia Qizhe. “I have a fear of great heights! So I’ll leave Xiao Qi in your care!”

While the two of them were mouthing, Qi Yichen spread his summoned wings and made ready for flight. He had a pair of great, white wings protruding from his back.

He grabbed Gu Qingyu’s hand while she was shrinking away from Jia Qizhe, and took a leap upwards, ascending at a startling speed.

Jia Qizhe scoffed at them as they disappeared in the clouds, but without further ado, he began chanting and summoned forth a pair of huge blue wings, then gestured for Xiao Qi. Inadvertently looking back, he spread his wings and took flight with Xiao Qi on his back.

A short distance away, the hem of a red robe was peeking out on the side of a tall tree.


High up in the sky.

Gu Qingyu kept her eyes tightly shut and her head bent down. Her feet dangled high in the air while Qi Yichen held the crook of her arm as he soared through the wisps of fleeting clouds.

What have I done to deserve this!!? Imagine dangling, flapping in the air like a paper doll!

Gu Qingyu, looking very miserable, turned her head to see how Xiao Qi fared. In contrast to her, Xiao Qi looked very cheerful and seemed to even enjoy the flight.

If I knew Jia Qizhe’s flying skills were this good, I would’ve just gone with him from the beginning!

A myriad of regrets took place in Gu Qingyu’s heart.

“Qingyu, how do you feel?” asked Qi Yichen.

How do I feel? Hahahahahahaha.

“Nothing. Go faster!” answered Gu Qingyu tersely.


After five minutes of silence, Qi Yichen couldn’t keep quiet anymore. “Qingyu, would you like to sit on my fan instead?”

“Fan?” Gu Qingyu suddenly had a bad feeling. A very, very bad feeling!

Qi Yichen waved his hand, and instantly below her feet appeared a gigantic fan. He dispersed his wings and swooped down beside her.

The fan resisted the wind as it glided through the sky at tremendous speed.


Gu Qingyu suddenly realized something. The innocent, harmless looking Qi Yichen, who had the appearance of an angel, was actually a two-faced, mischievous wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Gu Qingyu waved her hand in resignation. Through a clenched mouth, she said, “This is sooo most kind of you!”

“Don’t be so polite, there’s no need with me, Qingyu,” replied Qi Yichen with a gentle smile.


I shall humbly accept my defeat.

Gu Qingyu cast an unhappy look at him.

Jia Qizhe noticed that the two ahead had changed their form of flying, so he summoned forth a sword and withdrew his wings. Xiao Qi didn’t seem to mind either form of transportation method.


The sky gradually grew darker as they approached their destination.

The stars were shining brightly in the night sky by the time they landed at the base of the designated mountain range.

“Why are we stopping now?” She looked at Qi Yichen, half-smiling, half-doubtful. The bad feelings she had earlier were on the rise again.

“It’s quite straining on the body to keep flying for long.” He batted his eyes at her innocently. “But also this place is home to many monsters. They tend to get more active at night, so it’s more convenient to go on foot!”

... Convenient?

Gu Qingyu pouted. “Alright then.”

“Eh, you’re actually okay with it?” He shot her a surprised look.

Can you stop being so transparent!

“[So?]” Gu Qingyu gave him a frustrated stare. “Does it look like I’ve got much of a choice?”

“No,” replied Qi Yichen truthfully.

“That’s right.” She threw Qi Yichen another glare, then hooked her arm with Xiao Qi’s and started walking up the mountain path.

Jia Qizhe conjured his sword and walked calmly, unhurriedly behind.

Qi Yichen took out his fan and did the same.


There was a kind of awkwardness in the air and no one said anything for a long time.

Suddenly, something dark flashed past Qingyu’s eyes and Jia Qizhe’s sword immediately shot out a blue ray of light.

Oblivious to what just happened, Gu Qingyu turned around and saw Jia Qizhe leisurely putting away his sword.

Gu Qingyu stared at him blankly. “What was that just now?”

“Don’t concern yourself about it. It was merely just a tiger.” Jia Qizhe gave a nonchalant laugh.

Gu Qingyu’s facial expression seemed to say, ‘I am very perplexed and in deep shock right now’.

“Wh-what you’re saying right now is that you just exterminated a monster?!”

“Uh-huh, if not?” Jia Qizhe tilted his head, looking at her a bit strangely.


“Jia Qizhe has quite the reputation throughout the four empires. This is to be expected and nothing to marvel at, Qingyu,” said Qi Yichen with a smile.

“Oh right~ In case you didn’t know,” Jia Qizhe grinned sinisterly at her. “I do quite enjoy monster slaying. Especially cats~”

“Uhh...” Gu Qingyu became very distressed when she heard him mention cats. Her face changed instantly as she feigned laughter, “Ha-ha, what an interesting hobby you have! Don’t you agree, Qi Yichen?” She poked Qi Yichen with her elbow playfully.

She did her best to not ‘let the cat out of the bag’, especially given her current background.

“I know right!” Qi Yichen smiled back at her. “Let’s catch some later for Jia Qizhe as training dummies!”

... I have to stop talking or I’ll die prematurely one day!

Gu Qingyu resisted the urge to slap herself in the face.

“He-he-he!” Gu Qingyu laughed bitterly.


One-third of the way up the mountain, a certain young woman had finally reached her limit.

“Argh! I can’t... My feet... I can’t take another step!” Gu Qingyu leaned against Xiao Qi’s shoulders, all miserable and exhausted. With her umpteenth sigh of the day, she grumbled, “Why is the mountain so tall! Why is everything so hard!”


Jia Qizhe and Qi Yichen continued walking, acting as natural as can be while ignoring Gu Qingyu’s cries of despair.

Gu Qingyu noticed her old methods weren’t working anymore, so she decided to change strategy.

She gathered the last bit of her strength and rushed past them with a roar, and then threw herself fiercely on the ground in front of them...

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