Chapter 12: Qi Yichen in critical condition!

Adorable Creature Attacks!

Adorable Creature Attacks! Cuteness Overload!

Chapter 12: Qi Yichen in critical condition!

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Xiao Qi stood there, frozen and petrified. The horror that Gu Qingyu could be hurt entered every cell in her body. Her mind was in turmoil and her face clearly said, ‘I am sincerely terrified right now’.

“Xiao... Yu...”

Even Qi Yichen, who always kept a calm demeanour and a smile on his face, stared at Gu Qingyu in disbelief.


Jia Qizhe crouched down beside her after a few moments of silent contemplation and petted her head, “All right, let’s have a short break.”

Gu Qingyu repeated, to be sure she hadn’t heard him wrong, “You... You’re sure?”

“Yes. I was planning for us to take a break anyways. Just wanted to make sure we were at a safe spot before we stopped.” He smirked and shrugged a helpless shoulder.

... He’s deliberately taunting me!

Gu Qingyu felt herself boil over.


“Monsters?” Gu Qingyu quickly picked up the faint rustling in the woods behind them with her keen sense of hearing.

Qi Yichen immediately cast his fan in the air. “『Barrier』”

The moment the words left his mouth, the fan glowed a golden radiance. The glow instantly expanded to cover them, parrying off a wave of silver needles.

Gu Qingyu smelled poison on the needles with her enhanced sense of smell. “The needles are poisonous!”

Qi Yichen recalled his fan swiftly.

“Our enemies are not monsters, but humans this time.” Jia Qizhe chuckled lightly. “In that case, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

... Of course, you got nothin’ to be afraid of! But what about me!?

Gu Qingyu started to get anxious again. She found herself in a really precarious situation because of Qi Yichen. There was no way for her to use her spirit form with him present!

Several figures leapt down from the trees. They all wore skin-tight black bodysuits with black masks covering their faces.

I’m a hundred percent sure they’re professional assassins!

Gu Qingyu cursed to herself silently.

Who in the world did ‘she’ offend?! People are chasing me everywhere!

“Why are you attacking us?” Jia Qizhe conjured a new sword in his hand, a faint blue mist played around its edges.

Even in a situation like this, his manner and his aloof demeanour stayed the same, without sounding the least bit panicked.

“It’s a big misunderstanding, sir. We have nothing but respect for you, Jia Qizhe,” said one of the black-clothed men, who seemed to be the head assassin. The head assassin drew an arrow from his quiver. He placed the arrow in the centre of his bow, lifted his arms, pulled back the bowstring, and then pointed the arrow towards Gu Qingyu. “Our target is next to you, the young lady from the Gu Manor. As long as you don’t interfere, we won’t harm you or your friends.” The head assassin turned his head to Qi Yichen, “I would like to apologize on behalf of the others for their earlier actions.”

“Well, she is my friend too.” Jia Qizhe tilted his head to the side slightly. A sudden and unexpected blue flash lit up and the head assassin collapsed to the ground.

So quick! I couldn’t even see when he drew his sword!

Gu Qingyu began to see Jia Qizhe in a different light and her respect for him overflowed like a roaring river.

Once their leader was down, with no more intention of courtesy, the rest of the assassins began their attack and advanced in lockstep towards Gu Qingyu.

Jia Qizhe tightened his grip and swung his sword upward, and a blast of sword energy flew forward, flying towards the men. He swiftly killed a dozen of them within seconds, but their numbers were still great.

“『Barrier』!” Qi Yichen jumped in front of Gu Qingyu, casting his fan to the front this time. He muttered a chant under his breath as he performed a hand seal. Holding his right hand in front of his chest, all fingers extended upwards, he directed his left hand, index and middle finger extended, towards the fan and channelled more magical power into the weapon. The radiance of the golden shield intensified, parrying all the ranged attacks that came flying from every direction.

Xiao Qi managed to barely defend herself with her magic, as she wasn’t the assassins’ main target. Most of them disregarded her presence. She wasn't as weak as it might seem, but her magic definitely paled in the comparison to the high experts.

Having finished her own battle prematurely, she could only watch everyone fight while standing helplessly on the sidelines, “...”


A myriad of hidden weapons flashed across. One of the flying darts slipped past the golden shield and cut a slash across Qi Yichen’s snow-white sleeves. Blood seeped from the wound, dying the cloth scarlet red.

He’s wounded!

“Qi Yichen, why——” Gu Qingyu stared bewildered at his wound as frantic panic filled her head. “Why are you going so far to protect me?”

You could’ve easily avoided the dart if only you weren’t shielding me!

“Because I am responsible for inviting you here.” Qi Yichen smiled, his smile was always so gentle. “And... you’re my friend.”

Friend... He said I’m his friend...

Gu Qingyu swayed slightly, stunned by his words, but seeing the scarlet blood turning black brought her quickly back to reality.

“Y-you’re poisoned!!” Gu Qingyu looked at his face and noticed that his lips were turning purple. “Don’t move! The poison from that dart is very deadly!” She turned around and yelled, “Jia Qizhe! Qi Yichen is poisoned! What should I do?”

“Do as you see fit.” Jia Qizhe set up a blue barrier around them and called Xiao Qi to his side. The two of them fended off the black-clothed men to stall some time for Gu Qingyu.

I going to die here, aren’t I? Please not again! I just died a few days ago! And powerful figures like Jia Qizhe, Mo Bai and Qi Yichen, I’ve only met three so far!

Hold on, Mo Bai?

Gu Qingyu, you’re a genius!

She suddenly had a flash of intuition. She opened the small pouch at her waist and took out the Thousand Blossoming Grass she’d received from Mo Bai back at the Illusory Cliffs. “So, this thingy... What am I supposed to do with it? He did mention it could be used to save someone...” She’d kept the herbs Mo Bai gifted her because she didn’t think he seemed to be someone with ill intentions.

These herbs ought to be useful! After all, they were gifted to me by a prominent physician~

“What’s that, Qingyu?” Qi Yichen looked curiously at the grass stalk in her hand.

Is this the time and place for you to be asking me questions?!

“How should I know! I think it’s called something like ‘Thousand Blossoming Grass’... Why don’t you try it out first?” Gu Qingyu passed over the grass stalk to him.

The moment Qi Yichen touched the herb, it began to shine. Green light oozed from the grass stalk, gradually expanding until it completely enveloped him.

Even without being bathed in light, Gu Qingyu could feel the might of the Thousand Blossoming Grass. There was a gentle, soothing and peaceful comfort in the presence of the faint green light.

His wounds were healing and cleansing, visible to the naked eye!

Gu Qingyu blinked a few times. She couldn’t believe what was happening before her eyes.

This is unbelievable!

“Thousand Blossoming Grass...” Qi Yichen chuckled as he tilted his head to the side and looked at her. “This is a very valuable plant, Qingyu. I can’t believe you actually would use it so eagerly on me.”

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