Chapter 14: What everyone is good at!

Adorable Creature Attacks!

Adorable Creature Attacks! Cuteness Overload!

Chapter 14: What everyone is good at!

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“Mo Bai, do you know how to handle mental illness?” Gu Qingyu looked at Mo Bai.

Mo Bai shook his head, a faint smile graced his lips.

“Well, I do...” Gu Qingyu heaved a sigh.

She suddenly realized that their team composition was actually nearly perfect. There was almost nothing lacking.

Enemies attacking? Jia Qizhe. Wounded? Mo Bai. Negotiations? Qi Yichen. Shopping and bargaining? Xiao Qi.

[Xiao Qi: Hey! Why am I only good for errands and haggling!?]

As for herself... Guidance and Counselling?

Gu Qingyu felt good about herself, knowing how beneficial she was for the team. The mere thought boosted her confidence, and she strutted up the mountain gleefully.

The other four looked at her strangely.


Roughly an hour later.

“Wheeew~~!” Gu Qingyu took a long breath. “We’re finally here!”

She looked towards the cottage in the distance. Tall bamboo plants surrounded the cottage like a barrier, and a burbling brook flowed through the green verdant forest. The place looked like a scene out of a fairy tale.

I can’t say it’s pretty, and beautiful won’t do it justice. It’s... it’s wonderful!

“It’s wonderful!” said Gu Qingyu dreamily.

“If you want, you could settle down here and stay here for as long as you wish, Qingyu.”

“Tsk, as if! This is your home, not mine.” She poked at Qi Yichen with her elbow, “Go tell your mentor we’re here.”

Suddenly, she heard a voice from above say, “No need.” A figure descended slowly in front of them. “I’m here.”

Gu Qingyu lifted her face, her ears pricking.


Gu Qingyu stared at the young man in front of them with wide eyes and mouth gaping open.

This is his mentor? Whattaheck! He’s completely different from my imagination!

The young man looked to be around Qi Yichen’s age and was dressed in a long black robe. He was a sharp contrast from Qi Yichen. His eyebrows were slightly arched like the crescent moon, and his hair was twisted in a bun, tied with a strip of black cloth.

Qi Yichen, are you sure he’s mentally ill? Isn’t it normal to mess around at his age?

“Are you... by chance the mentor of Qi Yichen?” Gu Qingyu could not refrain from asking, just to make sure.

Everyone else remained calm and showed indifference.

“It is I. It is so great to see that Xiao Chen brought you here. Come in and sit~” He walked in first and Gu Qingyu followed behind quietly as the others followed her.

“It’s getting rather late now. Since we have plenty of empty rooms, everyone can pick the ones they see fit. Qingyu, come with me.” Qi Yichen’s ‘mentor’ called her by name very familiarly.

The corners of Gu Qingyu’s mouth twitched. “Sure,” she said and followed him.

Mo Bai gave her an uneasy look but didn’t say anything. When no one paid attention, a green light emanated faintly around his hand.


Gu Qingyu walked behind the black-robed man. She followed him through the place, turning and twisting. Never had she imagined this little cottage, which looked quite small on the outside, to be this complex inside.

He finally stopped in front of a door. It seemed to be a secret chamber.

He pushed open the door and walked inside. Gu Qingyu stepped in quietly after him, and the door shut itself behind her.

A candle lit up on a table in the room.

The black robed man turned around and smiled at her. “Well, hello. Traveller from another world.”

“You——” She stared at him in astonished surprise.

He knows my identity? Does that mean that... he could possibly also know the story behind my death and how I got here?

“This old one knows what you’re thinking. Take your time and calm your distraught spirit...” The black robed man rubbed his hand over his chin several times, brushing his non-existent beard.

Old? How old could he be?

“Uh, right...” Gu Qingyu asked softly, “May I ask your age?”

Her question caught him unaware. He stood there, completely crushed, eyes twitching, with a frozen smile on his face.

My age?? Isn’t she supposed to be asking me about her purpose of being here, but my age??

Cough, cough...” He coughed weakly a couple times. “This old one is past fifty.”

She looked at him suspiciously. “I don’t think so?”

“As expected. The chosen ones of the 『Jewel of Desired Fate』are... always so... peculiar.” The black-robed man suddenly struggled to stand up. He coughed a few more times, looking very weak. “I don’t have long to live. You... must do this one last thing for me.” As he spoke, he held out his hand, and a bright red light flashed from the palm of his hand. 

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