Chapter 15: A roadside pebble!

Adorable Creature Attacks!

Adorable Creature Attacks! Cuteness Overload!

Chapter 15: A roadside pebble!

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“What——” Gu Qingyu stared at the crimson red rock that appeared in his hand. The rock pulsated and glowed an extremely bright red light which lit up the whole chamber. It could easily pass off as a precious gemstone or crystal.

“Its name is 『Jewel of Desired Fate』. For some, it is just an ordinary stone. But for others, it is the greatest treasure which they would rather give up their lives than leave it!” He passed over the red rock to her. “The Jewel of Desired Fate has its own will. It told me about you. Take it with you and it’ll show you the way...”

“I don’t take orders from others. Especially not from a worthless roadside pebble.” Gu Qingyu shrugged as she looked at it. “So what if it knows about me? Since fate brought me here, I might as well enjoy my stay. I made all new friends, and I don’t mind one bit staying this way!”

“A useless piece of rock you say?” The black robed man began to laugh. “You dare say it’s worthless? Roadside? A pebble?”

... What’s his problem? Now I see why Qi Yichen said his mentor was mentally ill.

Gu Qingyu opened her mouth to say something, but the black-clothed man suddenly threw his hands out. “A roadside pebble! Absurd! Its significance goes beyond that of a mere rock!”

As the words fell from his lips, the pulsation of the rock strengthened, and an intense, red radiance emanated from within. Gu Qingyu put a hand over her eyes as the light continued getting brighter.

Gradually, the light faded, and Gu Qingyu opened her eyes again.

A world dyed in crimson red.

A young man in crimson red.

His face had a bewitching cast, and his mouth curved in a devilish smile.

What a... heavy burning presence!

Gu Qingyu drew back slightly by the pressure. “Wh-who are you?”

“Hah, aren’t you the silly one? Didn’t you just call Me ‘a roadside pebble’?” asked the young man in a soft alluring voice.

“S-so you’re the Jewel of Desired Fate that he’s been speaking of?” Gu Qingyu stared at the coquettish man in astonishment. “No way...”

“Am I?” He turned the question back on her. “Heh, you are the first one to ever call Me ‘a worthless roadside pebble’...”

“Wow! You really are a rock!” She stared at him unbelievably shocked. “If I recall correctly, Qi Yichen’s mentor mentioned that you know where I am from and that you also selected me as a chosen one? Why am I the chosen one? Based on what?”

“Heh, that’s not all. This Venerable One even knows who killed you in your former life.” The red-clothed man smiled devilishly. “Would you like to know——”

“I do not!” The words escaped her lips before he would finish. “It’s not like you can send me back. And if so, what’s the point? I wouldn’t even accept if you offered. Do you realise how precious my current physique is? One could only dream of using magic in my previous world! Also, I’m still planning to venture through these unknown lands with my newly found friends, so could you please stop bothering me?”

“Bothering you? You say This Venerable One is bothering you?” There was neither anger or fury in him, instead, he looked at her with ridicule, “How laughable!”

“How so? I don’t see you laughing either!” She twisted the words back sarcastically. “Let me tell you something, Mr.Rock, I have some very powerful friends back out there, so I suggest you let me out of this place in this instant!”

“Oh really? Powerful, you say?” His voice was slightly agitated. “I would very much like to see if they are as powerful as you say!”

“Argh, you’re driving me crazy!” Gu Qingyu was about to lose her cool altogether. “Alright, you win! Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do for you! Just let me out, okay?”

“It’s very simple.” The red-clothed man smiled enchantingly. “From henceforth, you will carry the 『Jewel of Desired Fate』 with you at all times. That is all.”

That’s all?

“I can’t believe you! You wasted so much of my time just for something so trivial! Couldn’t you have told me earlier?!” She glared at him resentfully.

“Ehem. I’m not done yet.” His voice was soft and unhurried. He held out his hand and the red rock appeared in his grasp in a flash of light. He pointed his chin at the rock, “You have the permission to disclose the matter regarding the Jewel of Desired Fate to your ‘friends’. But you must never tell anyone that you met Me.”

Pfft. He’s clearly hiding something.

Gu Qingyu cast him a sidelong glance and a nod, “That’s fine with me. But in exchange for my silence, you must tell me everything!”

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. I, Gu Qingyu, shall seize all opportunities and advantages that come my way!

“It’s a deal. You must be curious, but now is not the time.” He continued smiling. “Oh, before I forget——the Jewel of Desired Fate is one of the great treasures of this world. As long as one has ties with the Martial World, they would all be keen to get their hands on it as soon as the words spread that it has surfaced again. I suggest you be vigilant.”

“Eh? What do you expect me to do?” She frowned. “I’m not a martial master like them. There’s no way I can’t have my friends with me every second and minute. If by any chance someone really comes for the jewel when I am alone, wouldn’t I be dead then? It’s not a hobby of mine to keep dying, no matter if it’s the first or second time!”

Hmpf, rest assured. I won’t let my people get in any harm.” He picked up a stone, and slowly, slowly, crushed it into dust. “When that time comes, This Venerable One shall take care of them for you.”

So I’m one of yours now? Well sure, I shall allow myself be for the moment. But... ‘take care of them’? Why does it sound so terrifying! Best if I left it not asked.

“I have another question... Why do you keep referring yourself as ‘The Venerable One? Who are you?” she asked curiously.

He actually lowered his head and closed his eyes. “A long time ago, This Venerable One was once known as... Venerable Flames.”

A long time ago?

Venerable Flames waved his hand in dismissal when she tried to ask for more details, “That’s all for today. I’m tired.”

Gu Qingyu opened her mouth but the world turned giddily before her eyes. Her eyelids slowly closed, and with a deep sigh, she sank back into unconsciousness.

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