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My name is Qi Yichen, I am a scholar, and at the same time, I am the Prime Minister of Xiqian.

I have lived with my teacher since young. When I was sixteen, I rescued a teenager from the river near my home.

He was very good-looking, and he looked like he was eighteen or nineteen years old. His hair was long, dark, and very soft. He was dressed in dark brown clothes and was seriously injured. A jade pendant was tied to his waist, it was the emblem of the royal family. There was no way he was a normal person. 

If I saved him, then I would be in trouble too...but I saved him anyway. There was something in him that made it impossible for me to leave him behind. I took him home and nursed him back to health. My teacher didn't say anything when he saw him, he just sighed. 

A few days later, he woke up, and I saw that he had very beautiful eyes.

"Who are you?" The boy looked at me, his eyes filled with softness.

"I... my name is Qi Yichen." I lowered my eyes and dared not look at him.

"My name is Zhi Wei, thank you for saving me." The boy smiled sweetly.

Later, at my request, he took me back to the palace. At this time, he was just one of the princes of Xiqian. I asked him if he wanted to be the emperor. He hesitated and nodded.

"Okay." I smiled, "Then, this throne will be yours, Wei."

He smiled back, his eyes sparkled with innocent ambition and longing.

Wei, since you want this country, then I will personally offer up this country to you. 

As a result, I became cruel and violent, eradicating anyone and everyone who stood against Wei. But I maintained the image of the Prime Minister who always wore white and always had a kind smile. I did not want him to see the blood on my hands. Until he ascended to the throne. 

When he heard that the one who obtains the Lifeblood Jewel of Destiny shall gain the world, he asked me to search for the Lifeblood Jewel of Destiny. So I went to my teacher, knowing that the stone was with him. My teacher told me that only someone whose fate was entwined with the stone can undo the seal on the Lifeblood Jewel of Destiny. So I travelled to Dongxuan to find a lady named "Gu Qingyu", to unlock the true power of the stone.

When I first saw her, she was on the stage, playing the Gu Zheng, singing a song I had never heard before. It's very nice, her voice is clear and it helped me find something that I had lost for a long time. 

I concealed all my personalities and put on a new mask. Later, during our adventures, I saw that she was different. She was spirited, intelligent and brave. It can be said that sometimes, even I don't know what was going through her mind, despite my own intelligence.

But I need to do what must be done. I visited Zhi Wei the night we returned to Xiqian. I knew she could come here, and that was the best way to capture her. So I did that. The look on her eyes when she saw me was filled with shock, disbelief, and disappointment. That look made my heart tremble for a moment. I was the first to betray her.

She should have been prepared for this.

But when I went to see her the next day, I suddenly lost that courage. What was I scared about? So many have glared at me with hateful, despairing eyes, and I have not once felt a thing. Why was I afraid to see the same look in her eyes?

I walked towards her cell with heavy steps and saw her. She was huddled in the corner, her hands and legs were shackled, she could not even turn to make herself a little more comfortable. Her face was pale, tiny beads of cold swear clung to her forehead. It pained me to see her like that. 

Sorry, Gu Qingyu. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I was the first one to betray you.

In the palace, I had a premonition that my death would come, so I drew out the parasite in her. 

Sorry, Qingyu. This was all I could do to help, even though it was hardly any of note. 

I felt something pierce into my back and through to my chest. It was cold. A jolt of pain came from my chest. 

I was going to die...

I should apologise to you as well, Wei. 

I led you on this path of no return, a road full of thorns and blood. The glint in your eyes had vanished as you became the emperor. Power and wealth had covered your eyes. 

I remember that in the beginning, your eyes were filled with longing for the throne. You wanted to change the world, to make it better for the people of Xiqian, to give them peace and prosperity. I'm sorry, perhaps I had restricted you too much. 

My consciousness was fading, but I heard a familiar voice. 

"Yu'er, do you want to save him?" "Yes, Qi Yichen is my friend!"

Heh, friend... Qingyu, you still consider me a friend. Are you just too kind or was it...

And then I blacked out. 

When I opened my eyes again, the first thing I saw was her face. At that moment, I reached out and tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear. "Qingyu, I'm sorry..."

"Qi Yichen, you don't actually have to say such things to me." She clasped my hand in hers. "I saved you, not because I want something from you. Qi Yichen, I want you to just be yourself."

Okay, I know, thank you, Qingyu. I will be Qi Yichen.

The Prime Minister of Xiqian no longer existed. He did not let Zhi Wei down, for he had given his life to him. The one that survived was a scholar named Qi Yichen. From now on, I will live for you, and for myself. 

Our adventure resumed without a hitch, as if all of my actions were just a child's tantrum. You still laughed and joked with me, and I could not see a hint of resentment or defensiveness in your eyes. 

Later, it was Xiao Qi's betrayal, and you still chose to forgive.

Ah, you're just like that, Qingyu. Even if everyone has betrayed you and hurt you, you still held out and believed the good in us. A lot of incredible things happen when you're around. And only in the last few moments of our adventure did I realise that it was all written in the stars. I was so fortunate to meet you, a lady that I found to be more than worthy of my love.

There was a man who was goofy, yet got along well with me. Qi Wan. I'm really glad to have met you as well, even though we got into all sorts of weird fights. 

When I woke up after traveling millions of years into the past, I remember being encased in something. Then I saw you in the distance, hobbling towards me. You had such a determined fire in your eyes. You swung a fist and smashed opened whatever that I was kept inside. At that moment, I lost all support and dropped through the air. The distance between us shrank until I fell into your arms. There was no way I could resist planting a soft kiss onto your cheek. "Of course it's Qingyu."

I saw the incredulous look in your eyes, you did not believe me.

Well, maybe this was for the best.

I am very happy to see your happiness in the end and see you in your red wedding gown as he carried you in his arms.

Perhaps, compared to that idiot Qi Wan, I'm lucky. 

Be happy, Qingyu. 

And... to my brother Qi Wan, rest in peace.

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