Amusement Park Omake

Adorable Creature Attacks!

Today is New Year's Eve, Gu Qingyu and friends decided to spend the day at the amusement park. 


Jia Qizhe stared at the roller coaster in a daze.

"Why, are you scared?" Gu Qingyu said with a clear smile.

"No, it just looks like a lot of fun..." Jia Qizhe said, pulling up Gu Qingyu to the roller coaster ticket office.

"Hey! Jia Qizhe, wait a minute!... I'm scared!..."


Gu Qingyu hobbled off the roller coaster. Her legs had turned to jelly while the world around her continued to spin. "So dizzy..."

Mo Bai walked up. "Yu'er, that looks quite interesting."

The direction he pointed to was...

"The haunted house? Are you sure you want to go there, Mo Bai?" She eyed in suspiciously and waved when he nodded in response. "Okay, have fun. Wait, why are you dragging me with you? Ahhh, it's so dark! Ahhhhhh, help!" 


Gu Qingyu escaped the haunted house and noticed a large crowd, they were all gathered around something. She squeezed her way to the front and saw Murong Zuoyu... in a go-kart?

"Racer Murong is leading the pack!" The host screamed, "He tears through the finish line! He has finished the race in first place and in record time!" 

Murong Zuoyu got a model racecar as a reward. He turned it over in his hand, then looked up at Gu Qingyu. "Do you want this?"

"Wow, how can you guys be so good at this?"


It turned out that Murong Zuoyu was not the only one. When they arrived at the area for carnival games, they spotted Qi Yichen at one of the booths with a group of onlookers. The owner of the booth cried. "Please, sir, we are running out of rewards! Please just spare us!" 

Qi Yichen held up a toy rifle as he took down yet another target. He blew the gun's muzzle and posed for the crowd. A headband with "Sharpshooter Qi Yichen" was wrapped around his forehead. 

"Just how many toys do you have left? " Qi Yichen looked at the tiny hill of "trophies" behind him. "Come on, give me ten more bullets!"


Xiao Qi finally found Gu Qingyu, holding her shyly. "Xiao Yu, play with me..."

"Okay!" Xiao Qi was so girly, she must have picked something dreamy and sweet!

Gu Qingyu was rapidly proven wrong. 

"Ah! Wahhh!" Gu Qingyu screamed as they rose and dropped on the elevator ride. Beside her, Xiao Qi was having the time of her life.  

She should never have agreed to this! She never thought that Xiao Qi would be into something so terrifying!


"Master, what do you want to play?" Gu Qingyu looked at Yan Zun with a curious look.

"I, well..." Yan Zun narrowed his eyes slightly, pointing at the spinning teacups, "That, it looks quite exciting."

Unexpectedly, Master, you have such a child-like heart!


She was perched against a cliff side, buffeted by the cold wind. 

"Be careful, Kitten!"

"Don't fall down!"

"Whatever you do, don't let go!"

"Bro..." Gu Qingyu looked at Xie Zang with dead eyes. "This is the rock climbing wall. It's all cushioned below. Why are you freaking out?"


Qi Wan walked with her with a giant ball of cotton candy in one hand and a cone of ice cream in the other. 

"You can still eat ice cream on such a cold day?" Gu Qingyu rolled her eyes and plucked it from his hand. "What are you going to play? Just so you know, I'm not going to go for anything that's too intense."

"Don't worry, Boss. Nothing of that sort!" Qi Yan gave her a cunning grin.

"Young Qi Wan, is this what you mean by not intense?" Gu Qingyu looked at the group of children around them and growled at him.

"The carousel is the best! And it's so cute!" He answered seriously. 

Okay, okay, better than a thrill ride at least, or a haunted house. 

Finally, everyone gathered at the center of the amusement park. "Happy New Year, everyone!" 

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