Chapter 24: Lost Magic: Ring of Frost (2)

Adorable Creature Attacks!

Adorable Creature Attacks! Cuteness Overload!

Chapter 24: Lost Magic: Ring of Frost (2)

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Murong Zuoyu appeared in front of them. “I told you it wouldn’t be that easy.”

“Why can’t you just let us leave in peace?” Gu Qingyu couldn’t keep it in anymore, “I mean, forget about the plant, but you’re not even letting us leave now? Yo, don’t think we’re afraid of you just because you’re a prince!”

“You carry the Jewel of Desired Fate,” Murong Zuoyu looked at her with hard, cold eyes. Still, she saw greed flashing in his eyes. “Hand it over.”

“Ah??” Gu Qingyu looked at him strangely, “Jewel of Desired Fate? You’re after the Blood Jade too?”

Then again, who wouldn’t want to take hold of a priceless treasure waving before one’s eyes?

“Yeah,” he said noncommittally.

Then they heard the voices and footsteps of guards in the distance.

“I think they went this way!”

“After them!”

“C’mon, move faster!”

“Don’t let them get away!!”

Gu Qingyu stamped her foot in frustration, “Would you ask for something else? Anything but the Jewel.”

If they were to get caught now, not only would she be recognized, but they’d also implicate the other three members.

“Go with you,” said Murong Zuoyu after thinking carefully.

“What?” Gu Qingyu stared at him with big eyes. “This is not the time to be joking around.”

“I’m serious.” Murong Zuoyu tilted his head and looked at her, “After thinking carefully, I recalled that the Jewel of Desired Fate chooses its master, so I won’t be able to take it forcibly from you. Instead, I want to join you. Why? I can’t?”

“Oh, no, no. Of course, you can! Why don’t we leave immediately?” she asked hopefully.

“Sure.” Murong Zuoyu nodded faintly.

What a refreshing answer! I’ve been waiting for it for age! Pity me for worrying about getting caught!

Following Murong Zuoyu’s lead, the three of them left the palace very quickly.

Xiao Qi, Qi Yichen and Mo Bai had been waiting for them for a while.

When they saw Murong Zuoyu walking beside Gu Qingyu, the three mouths dropped open at the same time.

“Would you introduce us?” Mo Bai looked at Gu Qingyu.

Gu Qingyu explained indignantly, “He’s the one and only, Murong Zuoyu.”

“Murong Zuoyu?” Qi Yichen erased first the five words she said. “Why is he with you?”

“I wonder.” Gu Qingyu felt helpless. “Let’s go back to the inn first.”

“Alright.” Qi Yichen nodded, and glanced at Murong Zuoyu once, but didn’t say anything.


With Murong Zuoyu joining in as the newest member of the party, the trip back went very smooth, and they arrived safely at the inn.

“So tell us, what’s going on?” Qi Yichen seemed very curious.

“He——” Gu Qingyu got interrupted just as she tried to explain.

“I came to protect the Jewel of Desired fate. And...” Murong Zuoyu glared at Gu Qingyu, “... the master of the Blood Jade has given his consent.”


“Am I right?” Murong Zuoyu looked at her.

“Mm-hmm... yes.” In tearless grief, Gu Qingyu continued, “I have a name, so please stop addressing me with embarrassing titles in the future. My name is... Zhu Fan.”

“Oh, Zhu Fan,” he said her name again.

“But... are you certain you’d be willing to let go of everything? To go on a long journey with us? I mean, you’re a Grand Prince! Say, you might even become the next emperor,” asked Gu Qingyu cautiously.

Murong Zuoyu nodded, “Why not?”

“As you wish. I hope you have a great time with us...” Gu Qingyu stood up weakly, “I think I’m going to bed now. Good night, everyone...”

“Brother Zhu, are you feel unwell?” Mo Bai seemed worried. “Would you like me to have a look at your pulse? You might be sick.”

“It’s fine. I’m just tired. Xiao Qi, let’s return to our room...” Gu Qingyu pulled up Xiao Qi and left for the stairs.

She heard Murong Zuoyu’s surly voice behind her, “You two... sleep together?”

“Is. There. A. Problem?” Her words rang in his ears. She turned around slowly and glared at him, her face dark and sinister.

Murong Zuoyu, “...”

The look in Gu Qingyu’s eyes was just as cold as her words, sending shivers down Xiao Qi’s spine. “Xi-Xiao Fan, c’mon. Let’s go upstairs.”

Xiao Qi started dragging Gu Qingyu away from the others, and they disappeared up the stairs.

Everyone else watched as Gu Qingyu was dragged away pitifully by Xiao Qi, but at the same time, they felt relieved.


Once the two girls were gone, Jia Qizhe looked at Murong Zuoyu coolly, “Why are you even here?”

“I’m here to make sure the Blood Jade doesn’t end up in the wrong hands,” replied Murong Zuoyu coolly back. “I believe I was born with only one purpose in life, and that is to serve as the guardian of the Jewel of Desired Fate. Which also includes me watching over its current master, Zhu Fan, to make sure he isn’t someone with an impure, corrupt heart.”

“What would you do if that’s the case?” asked Qi Yichen.

“I’ll kill him,” replied Murong Zuoyu softly, without a trace of fear.

“And I’ll kill you before you do that.” Mo Bai blew softly into his cup and sipped at the tea.

Did Mo Bai just say what I think he said?

Jia Qizhe and Qi Yichen stared at him flabbergasted. It wasn’t something this gentle and docile man would normally say.

“Just try me,” said Murong Zuoyu coldly, and with that, he left the room.

Mo Bai was leisurely sipping his second cup of tea.


Nobody spoke.



Xiao Qi tried to calm Gu Qingyu down when they returned to their room, but Gu Qingyu was still angry with the whole ordeal when she went to bed.

Really, Murong Zuoyu actually followed us back to the inn!

“You looked like something bad happened.” Gu Qingyu looked up and noticed that she had unconsciously entered her own mental world again. Venerable Flame was still half lying on the bed like last time. “What is the matter? Was the spell I taught you insufficient? Did you fail?”“Not really...” Gu Qingyu put her head down on her knees, dispirited. “Murong Zuoyu decided to come with us, and he said something about protecting the Blood Jade...”

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