Chapter 25: Shopping with Jia Qizhe! (1)

Adorable Creature Attacks!

Adorable Creature Attacks! Cuteness Overload!

Chapter 25: Shopping with Jia Qizhe! (1)

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“Isn’t that great?” Venerable Flame looked relieved. “You’ll never have to worry about the Blood Jade getting stolen with another guardian sticking to your side. That Prince doesn’t look like he’s weak either.”

Gu Qingyu got angry and yelled, “What’s so great about it! You do realise it’s just going to give me more headaches in the future?”

“How so?” asked Venerable Flame curiously instead of being angry with her for yelling at him.

“What if he finds out who I am? Or that I’m a monster?” Gu Qingyu crossed her arms, annoyed just thinking about it. “Also, he’s definitely going to clash with Jia Qizhe often, given their personalities! The issue lies in that I’m completely powerless if they start fighting...”

Venerable Flame titled his head and looked at her, “Do you want me to teach you a few more spells?”

“Sure!” Gu Qingyu became excited and clapped her hands as soon as he mentioned new spells. “I’m in!”

He grinned at her playfully, then sat up, “C’mon, let me hear you call me Master first.”

“Ehh?” She became uneasy, “Master??”

“Ah, what an obedient disciple.” Venerable Flame nodded pleasingly.


That’s it? Did I even say anything? Hmm, I suppose I did... wait... when did I even acknowledge him as my master??

Well, fine! He can be my Master for now as long as he teaches me new spells. As the saying goes, 『Beggars can’t be choosers』!

“Master,” Gu Qingyu called out very reluctantly. “Now, teach me.”

“Alright,” Venerable Flame sounded satisfied. “I’ll show you some of my best techniques. They’ll be your ultimate trump cards in the future.”


The morning quickly arrived.

“Xiao Yu——wake up!” Xiao Qi shook Gu Qingyu’s shoulder. “It’s time to get up! Your butt is going to get sunburned!”

“Nnnngh... you’re not fooling me... the sun is facing the other side of the building in the morning...” Gu Qingu turned over in bed and fell asleep again.

“Xiao Yu...” Xiao Qi was speechless.

How does she even know??!

“Geeeet up——”

Hmm... how about...

Xiao Qi leaned close to Gu Qingyu’s ear and whispered softly, “The others are already eating.”

“WHAAAT?!” Gu Qingyu jumped out of the bed immediately. “Eating? Those traitors! How could they not tell me if they’re going to eat!”

“...” Xiao Qi quietly turned her eyes away.

Gu Qingyu quickly put on her clothes, then immediately barged out of the room and rushed down the stairs. When she saw them sitting around the table with food, laughing and chatting, she became even more furious, “You!”

“Me?” Qi Yichen looked up at her big-eyed. “Brother Zhu, did you forget to take your medication today?”

“I can write a prescription for you,” added Mo Bai.

Jia Qizhe rolled his eyes, “Why are you acting crazy first thing in the morning? We’ve been waiting for you.”


“You still haven’t eaten?” Gu Qingyu sat down at the table with surprise in her eyes.

Murong Zuoyu nodded silently.

“Oh, gosh! You didn’t have to~! Weeeeell, if you insist, I have no choooice~~!” She picked up a pair of chopsticks without hesitation. “Dig in, dig in! C’mon, let’s eat!”

Xiao Qi slowly walked down the stairs and sat down at the table. Her lips pressed together as she tried to stifle a laugh.

Qi Yichen asked curiously, “What did you tell her?”

Xiao Qi shook her head resignedly, “She wouldn’t get up from the bed even if her very life so depended upon it, so I told her that you all already finished eating breakfast, and she rose up like someone injected with chicken blood.”

Jia Qizhe, “...”

Qi Yichen, “...”

Mo Bai, “...”

Murong Zuoyu, “...”

Gu Qingyu was shovelling food into her mouth without pausing. She noticed that the others were staring at her and not eating, “Uh? Isn’t anyone going to have any? You not hungry?”

“Actually...” Qi Yichen was clearly trying to not laugh. “We already ate.”

“Whaaaat?!” The words just spouted out. She looked at him and said, “You’re too much!!”

“I’m just kidding! Hahaha——!” Qi Yichen let out a great, ringing laugh.

“Why are you so mean!”

After they finished breakfast, Gu Qingyu tried asking Murong Zuoyu earnestly, “It’ll be a long, hard, and dangerous journey. Murong Zuoyu, are you sure you want to come with us?”

Murong Zuoyu nodded solemnly.

Gu Qingyu sighed resignedly, “Great, more people, more expenses——” she stopped herself midsentence.

Wait, expenses? Oh my goodness, what am I talking about! Why would I need to help a prince, not to mention perhaps the future emperor, to save money??

“Alright, you can come if you wish,” she shrugged indifferently. “Um, let’s get a few things clear. If something dangerous happens, don’t come looking for us.”

“Okay.” He nodded.

With things said and done, Gu Qingyu got up from the table and clapped her hands, “Okay, let’s move out!”

“Where are we going?” asked Qi Yichen curiously.

“Bloodglass City.” She continued very seriously, “You know, yesterday, I had a revelation from the Blood Jade. It told me to travel to Xue Li City, to seek the 『Bloodglass Flower』.“

“Bloodglass?” Mo Bai’s eyes shone with interest. “I know about those flowers. It’s an extremely isolated plant and grows remotely at the summit of Xue Li City. I’ve heard that the City Lord tends the flowers personally.”

“The City Lord of Xue Li?” Gu Qingyu slapped herself in the face, “Oh my god, more hindrances! And this time it sounds like great trouble!!”

“Indeed. The City Lord of Xue Li rarely appears in the outside world. A mysterious existence. However...” Murong Zuoyu knit his brows and looked at her, “The flower is well known for its extreme toxicity. Why would the Blood Jade need this kind of plant?”

Gu Qingyu shook her head earnestly, “No idea. He never told me.”

“He?” Jia Qizhe remained alert. “Who is this ‘he’?”

“Uh... Hehehe...”

Shit! I slipped up!

“He... is my spirit,” she tried her best to make it sound very sincere, “It’s the conclusion after the talk my spirit had with the Blood Jade.”

“...” Jia Qizhe narrowed his eyes at her.

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