Chapter 1002 - Arrogant Claim

Against the Gods

Chapter 1002 - Arrogant Claim

Huo Rulie was evidently trying to find a psychological balance after suffering such humiliation, as forceful as it may have been. Though every single person of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect was enraged, at the same time, none of them were not ashamed or dispirited.

Because Huo Rulie’s words had firmly struck Snow Song Realm’s sore point.

For these ten thousand years, Mu Xuanyin alone was the reason why the Snow Song Realm could stay this mighty among the middle star realms.

Without Mu Xuanyin, their status would fall from the upper levels to the lower levels of the middle star realms and they would completely lose the power to match the Flame God Realm.

If this idiot doesn’t stop his mouth now… Even with Yan Wancang’s ten thousand years of cultivation, he wished that he could just step forward and kick Huo Rulie right in the head. Mu Xuanyin was already filled with killing intent in the first place. He shouted that it was his defeat and that he was his own undoing just earlier, yet in the next moment, he suddenly began to mock her right in her face. Furthermore, he even included the entire Snow Song Realm.

However, what shocked Yan Wancang was, in the face of Huo Rulie’s mockery, Mu Xuanyin did not burst into fury. That dreamily beautiful, yet heart-chilling face broke into an ice-cold, scornful smile. “Huo Rulie, this king suddenly realized how pitiful you truly are right now, pitiful to the point where even this king suddenly deems it distateful to kill you.”

Mu Xuanyin’s gaze slowly swept towards Huo Poyun who was next to Huo Rulie. That short moment of chilling light instantly stiffened Huo Poyun’s body and even after a long while, he did not dare to even fidget the slightest bit. “It’s understandable that Sect Master Yan Wancang and Sect Master Yan Juehai brought their own grandsons over for their first visit to my Snow Song Realm, yet Huo Rulie, you brought a disciple along with you. This king figured that you might have done it to make up the numbers but it’s actually for that pitiful bit of sense of balance in your heart. After hearing that this king has taken in a new direct disciple, you especially brought your own direct disciple to flaunt.”

“The mighty sect master of Golden Crow Sect actually has to rely on his disciple to make a desperate struggle to grasp that pathetic bit of pride, it sure is something that made this king take pity on you.”

Looking at Mu Xuanyin’s back figure, Yun Che was once again was stunned… Even her words were so venomous!

When his own new master was facing the three great sect masters of the Flame God Realm… It was simply as if she was poking fun at three little mice.

Yun Che was beginning to feel immense pressure… Was his decision to make Mu Xuanyin his master a huge blessing or a huge disaster? Back then, when he had Jasmine as his master, though there was an extremely huge difference in strength, Jasmine had to depend on his life and the Sky Poison Pearl. Their two figures were never separated and could be said to be a single body. There had never been something like “sense of distance” between them, nor was there ever a need to worry that she would kill or harm him.

As for Mu Xuanyin however… with her terrifying temperament and strength, the thought of killing him might just occur because of a sudden irritable mood. Furthermore, she wouldn’t even need to even lift her finger to do it, as he could be exterminated several times over with just a single blow of her breath.

Huo Rulie’s face was crimson red, either from the surge of bad blood from his injuries or from the anger he was forcefully holding in. However, he still laughed arrogantly, “That’s right! I, Huo Rulie, might not be able to beat you, Mu Xuanyin, for the rest of my life! Ever since you crippled my son back then and I was unable to take revenge, I no longer have the slightest bit of dignity in front of you! However… Whenever I think that your successors will never be able to beat my successors, that after this generation, your successors in the future generations to come will forever have to kneel before mine… I feel incredibly refreshed. Absolutely refreshed, I say! Hahahahaha…”

The faces of every single person in Divine Ice Phoenix Sect turned green, mixed with embarrassment and anger. However, when they looked at Huo Poyun who was brought along by Huo Rulie and then turned to glance at Yun Che who was standing absolutely still, every single one of them secretly sighed and shook their heads.

Mu Xuanyin had eight direct disciples in these past ten thousand years. Though all of them possessed incredible talents, had achieved impressive feats and a large half of them had even become sect masters of the various branch sects of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, when compared to the direct disciples of the sect masters of the Flame God Realm, they were still lacking by a huge margin.

After all, though Mu Xuanyin was incredibly powerful, she was the biggest anomaly in the several hundred thousand years of Snow Song Realm’s history. Furthermore, because of the restrictions in terms of the divine blood inheritance and environment, the resources of profound practitioners in the upper, middle, and even the lower levels of Snow Song Realm were a far cry from the profound practitioners of the Flame God Realm. This was a truth every single person knew.

The new direct disciple Mu Xuanyin took in this time… was even from the lower realms and he had merely just entered the Divine Origin Realm as well. It was no wonder Huo Rulie would forcefully bring his own direct disciple along after hearing this news.

Yun Che secretly sighed… This Huo Rulie is freaking crazy! When did your daddy here ever offend you!?

Mu Xuanyin was still not angry, her voice had instead turned sluggish. “Like I said, you truly are pitiful and pathetic. Huo Rulie, just where did you get the confidence to suggest that your successor can beat this king’s successor? Aren’t you afraid that in the end, that little bit of pitiful face that you have left will be thrown away under this king’s feet!?”

Yan Wancang and Yan Juehai were speechless from hearing her words, their eyes happened to sweep towards Yun Che at the same time.

From these two gazes, Yun Che instantly felt as if two suns had shone past his body.

Such terrifying auras… Yun Che was stunned in his heart.

However, such terrifying people were still seemingly vulnerable under Mu Xuanyin’s hands… Yun Che looked at Mu Xuanyin’s back, growing even more nervous.

The shaking Huo Rulie stood up from the ground and Huo Poyun hurriedly stepped forward to support him. However, Huo Rulie pushed him away and he stood there firmly, coldly laughing. “What? Could it be that you’re trying to say that this king’s disciple can’t be compared against your disciple?”

“Hmph…” Mu Xuanyin let out an extremely disdainful snort and scornfully said. “Let’s set aside my disciple for now. Just based on the new disciple you took in, he’s not even worthy of bringing this king’s new disciple his shoes!”

When these words fell, not just the six people from the Flame God Realm, every single person in Divine Ice Phoenix Sect was jaw-droppingly stunned.

“Sect… Sect Master…” Mu Huanzhi, who was nearest to Mu Xuanyin, reached out his hand and softly called out, his skin crawling. Though Huo Poyun had the weakest profound strength out of the three youths brought by the Flame God Realm, he was still already at the fifth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm. Furthermore, his life aura was especially youthful, indicating that he was definitely below the age of twenty five.

Furthermore, for Huo Rulie to have taken him as his direct disciple and to have brought him over to flaunt, he most definitely had incredible attainments in the laws of fire. Not to mention, he definitely possessed a direct or side inheritance of the Golden Crow’s bloodline… No matter how, he was not someone Yun Che, who had just entered the Divine Origin Realm, could go toe-to-toe with.

Huo Rulie’s eyes were staring wide, the muscles on his face began to twitch. Following after, he let out a thunderous, arrogant laughter.

“Ha… Hahahaha… Hahahahahaha…”

“He? Not even worth bringing his shoes…” Huo Rulie reached out his hand and pointed his finger straight at Yun Che, as though he had just heard the most ridiculous joke in his entire life. “Based on him? Just based on him alone!? Hahahahahaha…”

Mu Bingyun’s brows tightly furrowed, as she hurriedly sent a sound transmission to Mu Xuanyin. “Elder Sister, what are you doing!? If you state such a thing, aren’t you giving Huo Rulie control of the situation?”

Just as she sent the voice transmission, Mu Xuanyin’s voice resounded in her soul, causing her to stay silent.

“That’s right, just based on the new direct disciple I took in, standing behind this king.” Not only did Mu Xuanyin not retract her words, she once again repeated them with a solemn voice, “That disciple of yours isn’t even worthy of bringing him his shoes!”

Yun Che, “...”

Mu Bingyun’s words had immediately come true. How could Huo Rulie, who was carrying a stomach full of fury and hatred, not grasp onto the reins of the conversation which Mu Xuanyin had just let go of? He let out a heaven-shaking roar. “Good! Good! Well said!! Since you claim that my disciple isn’t even worthy of bringing him his shoes… Then do you dare have him compete against my disciple!?”

“Huo Rulie!” Mu Huanzhi could no longer stay calm, as he roared out heavily. “Don’t take things too far!”

“Sect Master Huo, this is really inappropriate,” Yan Wancang said solemnly as well.

Huo Rulie however took a step forward, his voice reverberated in all four directions. “Taking things too far? Who’s the one taking things too far!? Mu Xuanyin, do you dare? Do you dare!? Hahahahaha!”

He knew Mu Xuanyin definitely would not dare to do so, which was why he was laughing so joyfully. This was the first time in his life, where he held the upper hand when facing Mu Xuanyin and it was even Mu Xuanyin herself who had offered it.

“Sect Master Huo, enough.” Yan Wancang held onto Huo Rulie’s arm and then said to Mu Xuanyin, “Snow Song Realm King, we will not disturb you any longer and shall take our leave now. The matter concerning the ancient horned dragon benefits both our sects, so we hope that Snow Song Realm King will consider it carefully. We bid you farewell…”

“Wait a minute!!”

Huo Rulie shook off Yan Wancang’s hand, his fiery eyes stared straight at Mu Xuanyin. “Mu Xuanyin! Never did I expect that the Snow Song Realm King would make such an outrageous and laughable claim just for the sake of the slightest bit of face and to disgrace others. Heh… Mu Xuanyin, even you have a day where I, Huo Rulie, can look down upon you! You might as well openly admit it now, so I can still think somewhat highly of you!”

Not just today, in these ten thousand years, Huo Rulie had always been the one being suppressed in front of Mu Xuanyin. On this day, where he had such an extremely rare opportunity to slap Mu Xuanyin in the face, how could he possibly let go of it?

Mu Xuanyin slightly narrowed her eyes and coldly said, “You’re not going to shed a tear until you see the coffin, huh!? Fine, since you insist so, then this king shall grant you your wish.”

Mu Xuanyin’s snowy figure shook as she turned around. “Che’er, go on and have a spar with this so-called great disciple of Sect Master Huo. Though he’s a visitor… there’s no need to show any mercy!”

Every single person in Divine Ice Phoenix Sect was stunned and several elders stepped forward at the same time. “Sect Master…”

“Silence!!” Mu Xuanyin coldly commanded. The elders who had just taken half a step forward instantly shrank back, not daring to say another word.

“...Yes, master.”

Yun Che walked out with forced calm, however, his feet were trembling and his skin was crawling.

Huo Poyun, who was brought along by Huo Rulie, was comparable to him in age but the aura of his profound strength was not weaker than Mu Hanyi in the slightest! In other words, his profound strength was at least in the middle stage of the Divine Tribulation Realm as well.

This was the Divine Tribulation Realm they were talking about! How the hell was he going to fight that!?

By relying on Star God’s Broken Shadow, he could probably barely hold on for a short while… and it would just be barely. However, since he could not even use the Star God’s Broken Shadow, the only conclusion from exchanging blows with Huo Poyun, was instant defeat!

The fright of the entire Divine Ice Phoenix Sect and the uneasiness in Yun Che’s eyes all fell under Huo Rulie’s eyes. He widely threw out his hand. “Poyun, go on and get some experience from this great disciple whom this Snow Song Realm King claimed that you’re not even worthy of bringing his shoes to! Hahahaha…”

“Yes, master.” Huo Poyun respectfully responded and then walked forward.

Huo Poyun stood firmly as he faced Yun Che from afar. However, when he sensed that Yun Che’s profound strength was just at the first level of Divine Origin Realm, someone who had clearly just entered the divine way not too long ago, his expression turned a little complicated.

He entered the divine way at the age of fourteen and broke through into the Divine Soul Realm at the age of seventeen… He was now twenty four years old and it had been exactly seven years since he last exchanged blows with someone at the Divine Origin Realm, let alone someone who had just entered the Divine Origin Realm.

Facing Yun Che who was just at the first level of Divine Origin Realm, though he was the new direct disciple of the Snow Song Realm King, he truly found it a little hard to make a move.

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