Chapter 1003 - A Wager!

Against the Gods

Chapter 1003 - A Wager!

“This one is Flame God Realm Golden Crow Sect’s Huo Poyun.” Huo Poyun faced Yun Che as he gently said with courtesy, “What is the name of my esteemed opponent?”

“Yun Che. I was born in a lower realm but am now a disciple of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect,” Yun Che politely replied. In his mind, however, he was repeatedly pondering over the possible intentions of Mu Xuanyin.

“Yun Che?” Huo Rulie suddenly began to laugh, “To think that you would be surnamed Yun while my disciple’s name is Poyun (breaking cloud). It is truly well suited for the occasion, hahahaha.”

“Huo Rulie, are you not afraid of losing your tongue if you laugh so loudly?” Mu Xuanyin’s gaze became frosty. “Yun’er, begin!”

“~!@#¥%…” Yun Che could only bite the bullet as he moved his body and took a fighting stance… after all, his opponent was in the Divine Tribulation Realm! Even if he were ten times stronger, he would still not be an opponent for Huo Poyun. What exactly were Mu Xuanyin’s intentions… it couldn’t be that she wanted him to intentionally make a fool of himself, right?

Huo Poyun slightly cupped his hands as a fiery glow enveloped his body, “Please enlighten me!”

Although he took a fighting stance, he naturally would wait for Yun Che to make the first move. After all, he was a dignified practitioner in the middle stage of the Divine Tribulation Realm. How could he take initiative to make the first move against someone who had just entered the Divine Origin Realm?

The arrow had already been drawn. Thus, Yun Che already had no way of backing out. It was impossible for him to just duke it out, and in terms of strategies… the difference in their strengths was just too great. Moreover, with everyone observing him and Mu Xuanyin’s prestige at stake… he felt like even if he had suddenly grown ten more heads, he still wouldn’t be able to find a method to win.

“Sect Master.” Right as Yun Che’s heart became ablaze with flames of nervousness, a cold voice containing hints of gentleness suddenly resonated from nearby as Mu Bingyun walked forward and calmly said, “This is still the Sacred Hall, we should not fight here. Moreover, both sides are direct disciples who were chosen with utmost care. In a clash between ice and fire, it is extremely easy to accidentally cause serious injuries. If such were to happen, it would be an irreparable loss for both sect masters.”

“What? You want to forcibly call it off?” Huo Rulie sneered.

“How could we go back on the words said by our sect master?” Mu Bingyun’s brows knit together. “However, this is my sect’s Sacred Hall, not a fighting arena. Furthermore, your disciples are only clashing for superiority and not for each other’s lives. In this case, why don’t we just use a simpler method?”

“Fairy Bingyun, please speak,” Yan Wancang quickly replied.

Mu Bingyun turned to Huo Rulie and the other two and indifferently said, “My sect’s core profound art is the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon, whereas Golden Crow Sect’s is the renowned Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World. So why not let our two disciples demonstrate their sect’s core profound art? The two will move several hundred meters away from each other and each one will have three opportunities to use their sect’s core profound art to attack the other. The one defending can only defend. Once each side has made their three attacks, the outcome will be decided by scoring. As such, we can avoid a nasty clash. Let us use each sect’s profound art to determine the end of this matter.”

Before Mu Bingyun had even finished speaking, Yan Wancang had already begun to nod in agreement as he said, “Fairy Bingyun’s idea is so clever. Not only does it touch on all of the major points, such as avoiding injuries and ruining the atmosphere, it also presents us with a realistic way to compete. Sect Master Huo… if you must really force a competition, then let it be like this.”

As Yan Wancang spoke, his eyes glared at Huo Rulie, seemingly hinting… after all, he simply couldn’t agree more with the rules proposed by Mu Bingyun. Because this was the domain of the Snow Song Realm. With Mu Xuanyin’s personality, if these two disciples were to truly begin fighting, regardless of who won or lost, there would be severe consequences. Thus, this more “moderate” method was clearly countless times better.

“Good! Very good!” Huo Rulie didn’t hesitate as he slowly nodded his head. “This will also prevent certain people from becoming too ugly and angry… however!”

The sound of Huo Rulie’s voice abruptly changed, “Since we are letting our disciples compete to end this matter, how can we not bet! Mu Xuanyin, if my disciple who isn’t even worthy of carrying your disciple’s shoes were to somehow win, what should happen?”

“What do you want?” Mu Xuanyin’s face was expressionless.

“Hahaha, it’s very simple!” Huo Rulie laughed. “If my disciple, who isn’t even worthy of carrying your disciple’s shoes were to win, then you must acknowledge that you, Mu Xuanyin, are inferior to me, Huo Rulie, in front of everyone here!”

Huo Rulie once again put emphasis on “not worthy of being able to carry his shoes” to remind Mu Xuanyin again and again of the words that she had personally said! Words which had come out of her own mouth!

“Huo Rulie, you…” Mu Huanzhi shouted in fury.

“What about me?” Huo Rulie retorted, “Your sect master personally said my disciple wasn’t even worthy of carrying her disciple’s shoes, how could she be afraid of losing! She won’t dare to not accept!”

“You!” Mu Huanzhi’s body quivered as the veins on his forehead bulged out.

Compared to Mu Huanzhi’s agitated state, Mu Xuanyin still seemed calm and emotionless as she coldly asked, “Then what if this king’s disciple were to win?”

“Win?” The corners of Huo Rulie’s mouth rose and his eyes narrowed as he responded, “Then I will do whatever you command without hesitation.”

“Huo Rulie!” Yan Wancang exclaimed in shock. However, he had just shouted when Mu Xuanyin’s voice abruptly cut him off.

“Good! Remember what you said!” A frosty glint flashed through Mu Xuanyin’s icy pupils.

“I, Huo Rulie, am a man of my word. I will never take them back!” Huo Rulie ignored Yan Wancang as he solemnly said, “I am just afraid you will not dare to accept!”

“You two aren’t even worthy of me being afraid!” Mu Xuanyin gently waved her palm, instantly causing the blizzard to subside as her voice spread across the entire space, “If this king’s disciple loses to your disciple, this king will personally acknowledge here and now that I am inferior to you! Happy?!”

“Alright—” Huo Rulie slowly nodded his head as his pair of fiery eyes opened wide.

“Ah.” Having been obstructed again and again, Yan Wancang could only sigh as he watched the situation continuously develop to this point. He helplessly turned to Huo Rulie and said, “Mu Xuanyin is absolutely not an impulsive person who would do anything to maintain face. She is even less of a person who would dig their own hole and jump into it. You… alas.”

As all kinds of nasty words had already been said, it was useless for him to say any more.

“Hmph! Could it be that you believe that that garbage disciple she took in can compare to my Poyun?” Huo Rulie solemnly asked.

“...” Yan Wancang was speechless. From what he knew, there were several talented disciples younger than thirty in Divine Ice Phoenix Sect whose profound strength had reached the Divine Tribulation Realm, yet Mu Xuanyin had chosen someone who had been born in a lower realm. Moreover, the profound strength of the person she had chosen as her direct disciple had just entered the divine way. As such, it was clear that this “Yun Che” definitely had something extraordinary about him.

Perhaps Yun Che was extremely wise or perhaps he had an abnormal physique. Perhaps he was especially gifted in manipulating ice.

Regardless, considering he only had a cultivation of the Divine Origin Realm, there was absolutely no way for him to match with the middle stage Divine Tribulation Realm Huo Poyun… No matter how much Yan Wancang thought about it, he wasn’t the slightest bit of doubt in regards to Yun Che losing.

Moreover, the two were competing in sect profound arts. The difference between them could only be described as a “world of difference.” Regardless of whether it was the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World or the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon, the power and control that could be exerted was greatly related to the strength of one’s bloodline.

Huo Poyun was the direct inheritor of the Golden Crow’s bloodline.

As for the inheritance of the bloodline of the Snow Song Realm’s Ice Phoenix… it could just be ignored. After all, the greatest reason why the total strength of the Snow Song Realm was only a tenth of the Flame God Realm was the great restrictions over the inheritance of the Ice Phoenix bloodline.

“Let me remind you again, this is the Snow Song Realm!” Although Yan Wancang believed it was impossible for Huo Poyun to lose, he also couldn’t put down the fear in his heart when he thought about Mu Xuanyin’s character, “So what if Poyun wins? Do you truly believe that Mu Xuanyin will admit in front of everyone that she is inferior to you!?”

“I can’t wait for her to eat her own words!” Huo Rulie quietly said, “If she dares to not admit it, unless she dares to keep all of us here for the rest of our lives, I will definitely let the entire God Realm know what happened here today! I will let the entire God Realm know that Mu Xuanyin is someone who spouts outrageous nonsense and lies! It can be considered… me helping my son vent his frustrations!”

“...” Yan Wancang shook his head but remained silent. However, his heart still felt like something was wrong.

…As for Yun Che, he had suddenly calmed down at this time. Amidst his worrying, his mind had become flooded with coldness.

The machinations of the mind were so terrifying!

Huo Rulie had been played like a monkey the whole time yet he still didn’t know it.

However, for Mu Xuanyin to incite Huo Rulie and then cause his emotions to go out of control bit by bit… just what exactly did she want to achieve?

The faces of the elders and palace masters on both sides were pale.

On one side stood Yun Che and on the other stood Huo Poyun…

The thoughts running through their minds were the same ones which had been going through Yun Che’s when he had first walked out… how the f*ck was Yun Che supposed to fight!?

Moreover, Yun Che had just completed his discipleship ceremony today and had yet to obtain the blood of the Ice Phoenix God. It was impossible for him to display the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon.

Just what was the sect master doing!?

Could it be that once the words had been said, she couldn’t help but accept under Huo Rulie’s continued attacks?!

It seemed like this could be the only explanation.

“Huo Rulie, remember what you said just now,” Mu Xuanyin solemnly said. “Let it begin!”

“Please enlighten me.” Huo Poyun once again took a fighting stance… and it was clearly a defensive posture.

“Wait, wait!”

At this time, another voice suddenly interrupted them as Mu Hanyi’s figure flickered, leaving behind an extremely beautiful blue light as he gently floated to beside Yun Che.

Mu Hanyi deeply saluted Mu Xuanyin and then turned to Huo Rulie, saying, “Sect Master Huo, this junior is Divine Ice Phoenix Sect’s Mu Hanyi. It might be presumptuous but I would like for Sect Master Huo to let me say something.”

Mu Xuanyin’s brows slightly furrowed but she remained silent.

“Ah!” Huo Rulie sneered. It was clear that he thought Mu Hanyi was someone who Mu Xuanyin had silently arranged for to come out to disrupt the clash between the two, “Okay, then I shall listen to what you have to say.”

Mu Hanyi said, “This junior once wished to become the direct disciple of the sect master but was too mediocre and lost to brother Yun Che in the competition. As Yun Che is the Sect Master’s direct disciple, this junior is completely convinced that this junior is not able to compare to Yun Che. Sect Master Huo’s disciple is certainly extraordinarily talented and that has caused this junior’s hands to become itchy. There should be no harm in letting this junior exchange a couple blows with Brother Poyun to learn from each other, right?”

“If this junior were to, by chance, luckily defeat your precious disciple…” Mu Hanyi casually smiled as he arrogantly said, “Then, I’m afraid your disciple just isn’t qualified enough to exchange blows with my sect master’s beloved direct disciple.”

Once Mu Hanyi finished speaking, Huo Poyun’s brows greatly furrowed as hints of anger arose on his face.

As for all of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect elders with strange lights in their eyes, those seniors whose hearts had been tightly clenched, their expressions seemed to become more comfortable as they silently nodded in relief. It seemed like they had all suddenly relaxed a lot.

Mu Hanyi was indeed Mu Hanyi… his confident emergence and clever words had caused this situation, which seemed so lost for the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, to suddenly turn.

Especially his “if this junior were to, by chance, luckily defeat your precious disciple… I’m afraid your disciple just isn’t qualified enough to exchange blows with my sect master’s beloved direct disciple.” This made it so Huo Rulie couldn’t refuse even if he wanted to.

Moreover, if Mu Hanyi were to defeat Huo Poyun, then the dangerous matter of face between the two sect masters would also be resolved.

“Hanyi, you’ve done well!” Mu Huanzhi generously praised, greatly relieved.

Huo Rulie had not yet spoken when Huo Poyun stepped forward and sternly said, “Alright! Then I, Huo Poyun, will ask Brother Hanyi to enlighten him first!”

“I couldn’t be more willing!” Mu Hanyi’s expression turned serious as he turned to Yun Che and then gently said, “Senior Brother Yun Che, as of right now, he still doesn’t deserve to exchange blows with you. Let me fight with him for a while first.”

“...Then please be careful.” Yun Che silently withdrew.

Yun Che had just withdrawn several steps when profound lights simultaneously exploded from Mu Hanyi and Huo Poyun’s figures as two equally shocking profound energies of opposing attributes began emanating from their bodies… the energies released were so tyrannical and overbearing that no one could believe that they came from two youths who were still not yet thirty years old.

In terms of their cultivations, the two were both at the fifth stage of the Divine Tribulation Realm. The only difference between them was—Mu Hanyi being three years older than Huo Poyun.

But in terms of bloodlines, Mu Hanyi’s was naturally inferior to Huo Poyun’s.

However, Mu Hanyi’s cold gaze still contained hints of confidence because this was the Snow Song Realm and moreover in the Sacred Hall, the place closest to the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake. This could be said to be the coldest place in the Snow Song Realm outside of the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake itself.

The frost aura here was greatly beneficial for Mu Hanyi’s Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon while also being greatly detrimental for Huo Poyun’s Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World.

Thus, he believed he had enough control.

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