Chapter 1111 - Comfort

Against the Gods

Chapter 1111 - Comfort

Yun Che was stunned for a while. He turned the jade stone around in his palm. Nine gleams of light that shone like stars entered his eyes. For a long while he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade… It was what he could only wish for in his dreams… He had been repeatedly told that was extremely difficult to obtain even in the upper star realms. He had “extorted” a vast amount of profound stones from Lei Qianfeng all for the sake of the Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade. In fact, he acknowledged that there was a huge possibility that he would never obtain it, but now… It had landed right in his hands.

It was as if it had just dropped down from heaven and he had simply bent over and picked it up!

Lei Qianfeng was a lower Realm King, how could he have had such a treasure on him!?

And he was apparently dead and it hadn’t been taken away from his body.

And he just so managed to pick it up… and it was what he had been seeking this whole time.

This was… an extreme stroke of good luck!

Were the heavens finally recognizing his needs, were their eyes finally open?

Although he felt a deep sense of shock and impossibility, it was without question that this was a very pleasant surprise. He grinned from ear to ear, wanting to laugh but his emotions were in such a flux that he temporarily forgot how to laugh.

Lei Qianfeng had been dead for quite a while, and his corpse had started to whiten, however that terrifying and threatening face of his suddenly looked so pleasing to Yun Che’s eyes.

“Lei Qianfeng, you committed countless evil deeds while you were alive, but in your death… You’ve done a really big, good deed! If you had handed this thing over to me earlier… I might even have let your sons die a faster and quicker death!” Yun Che started mumbling to Lei Qianfeng. His heart was racing as he put away this piece of jade that had literally “fallen from the heavens”.

“Jasmine,” Yun Che lifted his head and smiled with fond remembrance. “Looks like even the heavens want me to find you once more. All I’m lacking now is the stalk of Immortal Emperor Grass. I will definitely… definitely find you!”

Behind him, a weak yet familiar aura steadily neared him. Yun Che stopped his fantasizing and turned around. He saw a girl wearing a seven colored dress flying in his direction, her lips letting out a sweet and beautiful tune.

“Petals of jasmine are white, sprinkles of dahlia are rainbow, rose isn't cute at all, and moonflower’s a big perverted freak... Ah! Brother-in-law!”

She suddenly saw Yun Che, as Little Jasmine called out to him she flew over cheerfully laughing, “Hehe, so you’re here.”

The Darkya Realm was huge and yet he always ran into her. Yun Che had already gotten used to it. Although this little girl was an enigma, he was already too lazy to dig further. He replied with a helpless look on his face, “Where did you run off to?”

“Hmph, you still have the sincerity to ask me.” Little Jasmine scrunched her nose and swiped her thumb across it. “You suddenly sat there without moving and ignored me for so long. Of course I decided to go off and play by myself. When I came back, you had disappeared. Did you… Did you leave me behind on purpose!?”

“...” Yun Che was speechless for a moment.

“Ah! Brother-in-law, what’s that in your hand? What a pretty light.” Little Jasmine skipped up to him and held his hand up. She revealed a look of disappointment, “It’s only a Profound Imagery Stone, and I wondered what sort of fun toy it was. Eh… you’re holding it in your palm, did you record something fun? I wanna see! I wanna see!”

Lei Qianfeng had put these two Profound Imagery Stones together with the Nine Star Buddha Divine Jade. They obviously contained some very important recordings. Yun Che was also pretty curious, so he replied, “Alright, alright, but first you have to promise me. Whatever you see, you must absolutely not tell anyone else about it without my prior approval.”

“That’s a given, girls who spread nonsense are detestable,” Little Jasmine replied immediately.

“...” Yun Che tilted his lips, inserting a small amount of profound energy into the first Profound Imagery Stone.

An image projected outward from the center of the Profound Imagery Stone. Yun Che saw Lei Qianfeng’s figure, his official wife Xiao Qingtong was with him. At the side was an outstanding looking young man who exuded an aura of nobility. Behind that young man was a cold and hard looking middle aged man… Although it was an image from the Profound Imagery Stone, he still gave Yun Che a heavy and oppressive feeling.

Yun Che raised his eyebrows. He vaguely guessed the identity of these two individuals, however their conversation left him reeling in shock.

“Oh uncle, uncle. Concerning the Royal Wood Spirit, my royal father who rarely gets angry is furious right now…”

“Guike! You have to help your uncle…”

“Leaving the issue of the Royal Wood Spirit aside, these few years, your tributes of Wood Spirit Orbs and cultivation incubators have become fewer and fewer...”


Yun Che solemnly watched it to the end. His frowning eyebrows were tensed. As the images vanished, he kept the Profound Imagery Stone tightly held in his hand. Although it was just a Profound Imagery Stone, it suddenly seemed tens of thousands of times heavier.

This was because within this tiny Profound Imagery Stone, were held the recordings, voices which were more than enough to ruin the reputation of the Divine Martial Realm King, and would even cause them to suffer possible sanctions!

That young man in question was no doubt the son of the Great Realm King—Wu Guike! And as Ruyan had mentioned, the one who accompanied and protected him was most likely a frightening Divine Sovereign Realm expert. As for this recording, the undulations of the individuals within, the clarity of the images, all of their mannerisms, their gazes and expressions were recorded with utmost clarity. Every expression was perfectly captured and their voices were loud and clear, it was as if it was recorded at a very short distance. And this Wu Guike, who had this Divine Sovereign expert “Chengyan” beside him, actually hadn’t realized at all?

How did Lei Qianfeng accomplish this?

“So boring. It’s just strange people saying strange stuff. No fun at all,” Little Jasmine grumbled with a disappointed look on her face. However her expression suddenly flashed. She giggled, “However that big sister wearing that green dress looks really pretty.”

With this piece of Profound Imagery Stone in hand, as long as the time was right, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he now had a hold over the Divine Martial Realm! And this was a relatively major hold.

Being able to have a hold over an upper star realm, and all the way up to its Great Realm King… what sort of concept was this?

Yun Che was now filled with curiosity towards the next Profound Imagery Stone, he quickly held it up and inserted some profound energy into it.

Before the images started to appear, the heavy breathing of a man and the pleasured cries of a woman rang out. Then appearing within the recording was a couple, a man and a woman, doing “it”. The time was in the middle of the night and the light of the moon shone on their faces making it so that their faces could clearly be seen.

The man, was Wu Guike!

And that woman… It was actually Lei Qianfeng’s official wife, Wu Guike’s Aunt, Xiao Qingtong!!

Yun Che was stupefied. On one side of his ears was the voice of an angry young girl screaming at him. Little Jasmine covered her eyes and jumped away, her face a deep shade of red. “You… You… You bad guy, sex fiend, super duper pervert! You’re actually so disgusting. This… This kind of disgusting thing… You you you…!!”

 “~!@#¥%……” Yun Che hurriedly put away the Profound Imagery Stone and held up both his hands in defense, “These are not my things, I just happened to pick them up just now.”

“You… You not only did such a despicable thing, you also refuse to admit your wrongdoings. You really are a big bad guy!” Little Jasmine cried out.

Yun Che shrugged his shoulders helplessly. “Alright alright, I’m a despicable super duper pervert, so in future you shouldn’t follow me anymore.”

After he finished, he grabbed Lei Qianfeng’s corpse and started flying.

“Hey! Where are you going? Ah!! Wait for meeee!” Little Jasmine brought both little hands down from her eyes as she rushed after him.

“...Why are you still following me?”

“Hmph! Who asked you to be my brother-in-law? Even though you’re a big bad degenerate pervert I still have to acknowledge you… wuu… I’m so pitiful.” Little Jasmine’s face was a picture of pity.

Yun Che rolled his eyes, too lazy to reply.

He didn’t check on the Soul Sect’s state. Yun Che brought Lei Qianfeng’s body with him and flew past Black Soul Mountain, circling around Darkya City, and arrived south of the Darkya City.

This was the destroyed secret realm where the wood spirit race had lived. It was also their final resting place.

When he arrived at this flower filled land, all expression vanished from Yun Che’s face. He threw Lei Qianfeng onto the ground and then knelt down and closed his eyes.

Looking at his actions, Little Jasmine’s mouth went wide. She asked, “Brother-in-law, where is this place. What are you doing?”

Yun Che lowered his head softly replying, “This place was once a hidden world. Many wood spirits lived safely in this place. They were very kind to me, but not long ago, all of them were killed because of me.”

“Oh?” Little Jasmine blinked

After a period of silence, Yun Che opened his eyes and reached out with his palm. A ball of fire landed on Lei Qianfeng’s corpse and started to burn. In a flash ashes started to fly and drifted everywhere.

“Granny Qing Ye, Senior Qing Mu… Qing He… Fei Yan… Qing Zhu… I owe all of you. Aside from bringing ingyou this evildoer who has harmed your race for countless generations and turn him to ashes as a comfort to your spirits, I can never repay this debt that I owe all of you. From now on, the only thing I can do, and what I will do with all my might, is to protect each and every other wood spirit I meet.”

“He Lin, I’m about to leave the Darkya Realm, but I promise you that I will definitely find your older sister. I swear this. Perhaps the Heavenly Mystery Realm can shed some light on her whereabouts. When I find her, if she agrees, I will bring her back to the planet I was born in. There, she will be safe and not suffer from any bullying.”

As Lei Qianfeng’s ashes had finished scattering, the wind here grew much gentler.

After observing silence for a long while, Yun Che finally stood up. Little Jasmine then said, “Brother-in-law, you said just now that you want to go to the Heavenly Mystery Realm, is that true?”

“Of course. I have things and people that I need to find. The God Realm is so vast, and I’m alone. Whoever can help me should most likely be in the Heavenly Mystery Realm… I hope that mysterious and secretive realm will not disappoint me.”

“Oh…” The girl had a conflicted expression on her face. She pressed her nose and hurriedly said, “Brother-in-law, I think it would be best for you not go to the Heavenly Mystery Realm. Even if you go, there’ll be no point.”

Yun Che glared at her. “How do you know?”

“This…” Little Jasmine struggled to think and after a while she giggled, “I haven’t thought of a reason, wait for me to think of one and then tell you again, alright?”

“...” Yun Che squinted and he lowered his head, “Little girl, you still have yet to tell me, who are you and where are you from? No matter where I go, you’re always able to accurately pinpoint my location… Who are you really? What is your motive for getting close to me?”

“It’s because… You’re my life saving benefactor, and also my brother-in-law!” Little Jasmine looked at him with sincerity.

Yun Che’s mouth twitched. “If I were to believe you… I’d be an idiot.”

He straightened himself and his eyes locked onto hers, “When I mentioned the Heavenly Mystery Realm, you had an odd look on your face. Are you someone… from the Heavenly Mystery Realm?”

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