Chapter 1112 - Heavenly Mystery Realm Closes alyschu's Thoughts

Against the Gods

Chapter 1112 - Heavenly Mystery Realm Closes

Yun Che was only casually probing and did not have any hopes. However, he did not expect that sentence of his to cause the girl to explode, “Nonsense! Of course I’m not someone from the Heavenly Mystery Realm! There are only old, weird, and ugly old grandpas in the Heavenly Mystery Realm! I’m such a cute loli… and you actually said that I’m someone from the Heavenly Mystery Realm!? That’s too much! Despicable!!”

“...” Yun Che stared as his aura instantly weakened. “That’s… not what I meant. I was only casually…”

“That’s exactly what you meant!” Little Jasmine’s face was filled with anger, “This is the worst thing you could do to a beautiful girl. Hmph! I’m going to ignore you!”

Little Jasmine actually turned around and flew far away after angrily finishing her words.

“Hey!” Yun Che instinctively stretched out his hand but after thinking about it, he did not go ahead to stop her and merely muttered to himself, “What a weirdo.”

“You aren’t going to chase after me to coax me!?!” The angry shouts of the girl could be heard from far away, “Now I’m really going to ignore you!”

As she finished speaking, the girl left even more swiftly and quickly disappeared from Yun Che’s sight.

After Little Jasmine left, she did not appear again even when Yun Che returned to Darkya City.

She seemed innocent and untainted, childish and unreasonable but now that Yun Che thought about it, she had remained tight-lipped the whole time. However, her eyes were exceptionally flawless and pure, just like gems embed with stars. Furthermore, she never brought along any sense of danger to him. Even though she had nearly caused his death twice, Yun Che did not know why but there was no hatred growing within him at all. Even though he heaved a sigh of relief when she left ridiculously in anger, he was still missing her slightly.

“It’s time to go to the Heavenly Mystery Realm. Let’s hope there’ll be some rewards to reap there.” Thinking about the several billion profound stones in his possession, Yun Che was feeling confident. No matter how “upper” the upper star realms were, he did not believe that so many profound stones would not be able to be exchanged for two “heavenly mysteries”!

Arriving at the Black Feather Merchant Guild, Mister Ji had already returned. Looking at Yun Che, he instantly rose and exceptionally agitatedly told Yun Che, “Sir Ling Yun, Soul Sect is doomed. The situation in Darkya Realm is going to change drastically. My Black Feather Merchant Guild will be able to breathe new life once again. All of this was bestowed to us by you, yet we have no way to return your kindness… Please accept my bow!”

After his agitated speech, Mister Ji bowed deeply in front of Yun Che.

Although Yun Che did not do any of this for Black Feather Merchant Guild, the results were indeed akin to the gratitude of reformation.

Yun Che went forward to help him up and said, “Mister Ji, you do not need to do this. I’m here today with a request.”

“Is Sir Ling Yun about to head to the Heavenly Mystery Realm?” Mister Ji asked before smiling and continuing, “Ruyan has already informed this Ji about your matters. To find objects of mystery like the Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade and the Immortal Emperor Grass in a short amount of time, the Heavenly Mystery Realm would indeed be the best bet, but the cost will also be huge. However, since you have such intentions, I’m sure you’re already well prepared.”

“As for going to the Heavenly Mystery Realm,” Mister Ji smiled even more brightly, “Actually, Ruyan has already personally attended to the matter an hour ago. You just have to rest a little here, and soon…”


Even before Mister Ji had finished speaking, Ji Ruyan’s voice, that was slightly anxious, could be heard from behind. Mister Ji turned around, frowned when he saw Ruyan and asked, “What happened?”

“Sir Ling Yun, there has just been news.” Ji Ruyan looked at Yun Che, “Several hours ago, the Heavenly Mystery Realm suddenly announced the closing of their borders. They are refusing anyone from entering and all dimensional formations heading to Heavenly Mystery Realm can no longer be activated.”

“This…” Mister Ji frowned, “Why would such a thing happen?”

“It is said to be because of the Profound God Convention. However, only the Heavenly Mystery Realm itself would know whether that is true or not,” Ji Ruyan said.

“...” Yun Che’s chest rose as he asked, “Did they say how long their borders would be sealed for?”

“It will be for two years. It’s been said that the borders will only open after the Profound God Convention has concluded.” Ji Ruyan’s expression darkened. No one could have expected matters to be so coincidental.

“...” Yun Che currently felt as though he had be drenched in cold water. He remained silent for quite some time before saying, “Since I am unable to go to Heavenly Mystery Realm, then any upper star realm will do. As long there’s a chance to find the Immortal Emperor Grass, it’ll be fine.”

“Sir…” Ji Ruyan bit her lip lightly but suddenly said with a confident gaze, “How about you temporarily stay in the Darkya Realm. Leave it to us to search for the Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade and the Immortal Emperor Grass. You are our great benefactor. We will undoubtedly do our best in this matter.”

“No need. I can find it myself. The Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade has already been obtained. As for the Immortal Emperor Grass… there’s always hope.” Yun Che shook his head. Although Black Feather Merchant Guild had vast influence, and strong connections, it was still a lower star realm. To find the Immortal Emperor Grass, the only glimmer of hope lay in an upper star realm of the highest standing.

“Sir!” Mister Ji said solemnly, “Ruyan is right. It’s better to leave this matter to us. In terms of strength and spirit, you are unparalleled and I have not seen anyone like you in my entire life. However, you are still alone and have not been in the God Realm for long. Although my Black Feather Merchant Guild belongs to a lower star realm, we still have fifty thousand years of history. Our information is not only limited to the numerous lower and middle star realms. We are also frequently in contact with upper star realms as well. In terms of ability to find things, our Black Feather Merchant Guild would definitely be superior if compared to you alone.”

“...” Yun Che seemed slightly persuaded.

“This Ji is a businessman who never wishes to owe anyone anything, especially favors. Today, Sir Ling Yun is a benefactor as great as heavens and yet, we are unable to complete a simple request like sending you to the Heavenly Mystery Realm. The shame in my heart cannot be amplified further.” Mister Ji stretched out a finger and exclaimed in a exceptionally serious manner, “One year. Please give us one year of time. Now that we are released from the clutches of the Soul Sect, we have regained freedom in our movements. We will use all our strength and employ all our resources to help you obtain information on the Immortal Emperor Grass. If we find it and if it is within our means, we will personally deliver it to Young Master. If it isn’t within our means, we will immediately inform you. Please believe us.”

“If… in one year, we are unable to have anything to show, we will not have the face to keep Young Master here.”

Mister Ji was exceptionally sincere and hasty as he spoke. He was obviously saying words that would help Yun Che but he had used such a pleading tone.

Indeed, fundamentally, he was a businessman. For the Black Feather Merchant Guild to be prospering like it was today, it was definitely related to the manner in which they treated matters that had been passed down for generations. He desired to repay Yun Che, no matter the cost.

Yun Che was thoroughly convinced… That was right, he really was only one person. Other than the Snow Song, Flame God, and Darkya Realms, he had no knowledge of any other star realms. His idea of the entire structure of the God Realm was still a mess.

Finding news of the Immortal Emperor Grass… he alone, would not be able to compare with the Black Feather Merchant Guild that had its roots planted within the God Realm for fifty thousand years, that had connections branching out far and wide.

Then, Yun Che hesitated no longer, nodded and said, “Then, I’ll have to rely on Mister Ji and Miss Ruyan.”

“That’s great.” Seeing Yun Che’s nod, Mister Ji finally smiled. “This Ji will fully push for this matter tomorrow. Sir, please rest assured. If you do not have a place to go, you can stay in Black Feather. I will immediately arrange…”

“No need.” Yun Che shook his head, “Before the Immortal Emperor Grass is found, I will be cultivating at Black Soul Mountain. Oh, another matter that I’ll have to rely on Mister Ji for. There must be numerous high grade profound swords within Soul Sect. If it is convenient, could Mister Ji help me retrieve a few… the more the better.”

“I will await for the good news.”


Having no choice but to remain in the Darkya Realm, after handing the Black Feather Merchant Guild his request for Immortal Emperor Grass, Yun Che tossed away any distractions and began to return to cultivation.

In the depths of Black Soul Mountain, large amounts of high levelled profound beasts wandered the region. Many of those present could pose huge threats to Yun Che. There were even profound beasts in the latter stages of the Divine Tribulation Realm that Yun Che would not be able to deal with and there were possibly even profound beasts in the Divine Spirit Realm.

Arriving at the area where the profound beasts gathered, Yun Che descended and took out Hong’er. His heart quickly became calm as still water and with a low howl, the profound energy in his body surged. The air was disrupted and profound beasts within several dozen kilometers were alerted. Instantly the ground shook and the cries of the profound beasts filled the skies.

The heavy sword danced, shooting off waves of scarlet gold flame. After Hong’er had consumed the Eternal Night Devil Sword, Yun Che was unable to handle the strength and weight of the Heaven Smiting Sword that had surged for a long time. However, the Heaven Smiting Sword seemed exceptionally light in his hand now, even though the force the sword emitted could startle the heavens as it caused the entire mountain range to shake.


With a thunderlike long roar, a huge beast that seemed like a small mountain suddenly pounced on top of a tall mountain from behind. As it pounced, a huge shadow completely shrouded Yun Che’s surroundings.

Yun Che’s body did not turn around but his Heaven Smiting Sword shot backwards. Following the air distorting, the fiery sword aura caused the body of the huge beast to be destroyed. The blood and flesh that burst outwards were instantly brought away by the air flow, landing several kilometers away.

The wavering stench of blood attracted even more profound beasts over. A large amount of auras were moving toward Yun Che’s position, and this was also what Yun Che had wished for. A comfortable cultivation method would most likely make him unable to feel his own progress and even his heart was gradually unable to calm down.

He needed to be in peril or even a situation of near death!

This was also something that Jasmine had taught him.

Black Soul Mountain was faintly shaking. Roars, shouts, and cries soon filled the skies and could be easily heard. Countless plants, blood, and flames flew, scattering through the air.

For a long time, there was no silence.

The corpses of the profound beasts surrounding him increased and the flames spread for more than five kilometers. Yun Che’s body was starting to lose energy, yet each swing of his sword was becoming increasingly more intense as his blood boiled much harder.

However, he did not know that far away in the skies, a pair of eyes were silently watching him.

Little Jasmine crossed her legs and sat on top of a cloud. Her hands supported her cheeks while she stared at Yun Che without blinking. She remained in this state for a very long time, staring silently and seriously. Even she herself did not know why such a boring matter would make her stare for so long and so seriously, refusing to shift her gaze.

An hour had passed and the cries of the profound beasts had finally ceased. Yun Che was kneeling on the ground while being supported by his sword. It seemed as though his body would break apart from his heavy breathing. Beside him, the remains of the profound beast corpses were stacked like a mountain and the stench of blood was so overwhelming that it would make people want to vomit from it.

Yun Che leaned against a shattered boulder and began treating his injuries, his expression frighteningly calm… All the injuries on him that were frightening to other people were exceptionally normal and common to him.

“Really… similar.” With her gaze still fixated on Yun Che, Little Jasmine muttered under her breath, her gaze unconsciously blurring.

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