Chapter 1159 - Unpardonable Crime alyschu's Thoughts

Against the Gods

Chapter 1159 - Unpardonable Crime

"Yun Che!!" Mu Bingyun turned pale in fright. As for Mu Huanzhi and others, they were horrified beyond words.

"It's… over. It's truly over for him this time." Huo Rulie started blankly at the scene unfolding before him.

"Oh? This boy… is quite interesting, huh." God Emperor Shitian looked at Yun Che with interest, while holding his chin between his finger and thumb.

"Interesting? Hmph. His origin is lowly, his means are despicable, and he is also so ignorant and wildly arrogant. He should be glad that he is in the Eternal Heaven Realm. Otherwise, if it was in any other star realm, he would've already died a brutal death ten thousand times," the Star God Emperor snorted.

"Hah." Honorable Qu Hui let out a faint laugh, however, it made all people feel a chilly sensation permeating to the marrow of their bones. "Despite doing something so despicable and committing such a great crime, not only do you not feel ashamed of it or bowed your head in remorse, but you actually still dare to be so presumptuous…?"

"Great crime?" Since he had already talked back to the other party once, he didn't bother to care about his choice of words any longer. "My means were certainly despicable, and so I could only blame myself for being laughed at and despised by all. But… I want to ask you something, what great crime are you talking about!?"

"Hah! To employ a despicable method of cheating, would be considered a great crime in all the places of the boundless universe. Doing such a thing at the Profound God Convention, is simply looking down upon the Eternal Heaven Realm, and all the profound practitioners of my Eastern Divine Region, which makes your crime even more loathsome, and unpardonable as well! You actually still have the face to argue against your deed being called a grave crime?"

"Argue? Why would I need to do that!?" Yun Che furiously roared in a heavy voice. "It was clearly announced in the rules of the preliminary rounds, that every person will be completely projected with everything they had on them, and there were no restrictions on the use of weapons, profound items, or other means. The ranking was to be determined on the basis of the final number of soul orbs in one's possession!"

"It's indeed true that my means were contemptible, but I didn't in the least violate the rules of the competition! You can ridicule and rebuke me for choosing such a method, but what reason do you have to call it cheating, and claim that I have committed a great crime?"

"…" Honorable Qu Hui was clearly taken aback. He could not think of anything to say in reply for a brief while.

The Voice if Eternal Heaven had not only resounded in the projection world inside the Eternal Heaven Pearl, but it could also be heard quite clearly in the world outside. Thinking back to it now, when the Voice of Eternal Heaven announced the rules, it certainly mentioned in a clear manner: there are no restrictions on the weapons, profound items… or other means!

Yun Che could manage to stand here by precisely relying on his "means!"

Although his deed was contemptible… if they were to consider the announcement of the Voice of Eternal Heaven, he definitely hadn't violated any rules!

Not only was Honorable Qu Hui astounded for a short while, but even the Eternal Heaven God Emperor and others were all slightly surprised. Everyone at the Conferred God Stage was also looking at each other.

"If I had truly violated the rules of the competition, I'd have been naturally disqualified by the Eternal Heaven Pearl, and expelled immediately. But, I safely passed the two rounds, and am now standing here, which means that the Eternal Heaven Pearl acknowledges my ranking, too. So, just what reason could you have to say that I committed a great crime!?"

These words of Yun Che caused the heart of Mu Bingyun to instantly fall into the abyss, and her face turned deathly pale… Because, no matter how reasonable Yun Che sounded, or how just and fair his words were, he touched on the greatest taboo of the Eternal Heaven God Realm of all things.

Eternal Heaven Pearl!!

"What impertinence!" The faces of all the people of the Eternal Heaven Realm became gloomy, and Honorable Qu Hui flew into a rage. "Despicable junior, you first looked down upon the Profound God Convention, and then, dare to presumptuously talk about the Eternal Heaven Pearl, instead of admitting to your guilt and repenting for it!? You simply are extremely audacious and an unpardonable person!"

"How outrageous!" The eyes of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor also darkened a bit.

"This scoundrel thing actually dared to try using the name of the Eternal Heaven Pearl to hide his shameful deed! His audaciousness knows no bounds!" an elder from Eternal Heaven Realm roared in anger. "Honorable Qu Hui, there's no need to act according to convention, and waste your time and energy arguing with this despicable junior. At once destroy his cultivation, and kick him out of the Eternal Heaven Realm!"

"He is simply asking for it. Nothing can save him now."

"I didn't think there would actually be someone so wildly arrogant and ignorant. Today, it could be said that my horizons have been broadened."

A person walked out of the group of the "heaven chosen children." He bowed towards Honorable Qu Hui, before saying in a solemn voice, "Honorable Qu Hui, we were fortunate to become the 'heaven chosen children.' We applied each and everything that we learned in our lives of cultivation in the battles we fought, and walked every step on the battlefield in fear, not daring to relax even for a moment. It was only then that we were able to get such special glory. Who would have thought that such a lowly villain would worm his way into our ranks. Not only did he bring disgrace to the name of the ‘heaven chosen children,’ this junior also feels insulted by him. I request Honorable Qu Hui to severely punish this lowly villain to give us justice."

The speaker was dressed in white clothes, which looked extremely similar to Luo Changsheng's. As for his identity, he was none other than the son of the great Holy Eaves Realm King, and Luo Changsheng's elder brother, who was born of the same father and mother as Luo Changsheng—Luo Changan.

Luo Changan also had an extremely high talent and cultivation, and had a great reputation in the Eastern Divine Region. But ever since Luo Changsheng started to show his ability, he completely stopped getting attention from others. However, he didn't seem to mind, and remained as brazen and arrogant as before. Contrary to what one would expect, he was very respectful to his younger brother Luo Changsheng, and always followed his words. Furthermore, he was proud of his identity as the elder brother of Luo Changsheng.

"For such a despicable person to enter the Conferred God Stage is far worse than an insult to us 'heaven chosen children.' He is simply the shame of our Eastern Divine Region’s profound cultivating world!"

"So what if he is the direct disciple of Realm King Xuanyin…? He must be punished severely!"


The Conferred God Stage was thrown into disorder because of Yun Che. Princess Caizhi opened her lips wide and clenched her hands. She felt anxious and alarmed in her heart, but didn't dare to say anything.

"He… still… hasn't changed in the least…"

Jasmine's muttering, which sounded as if she was daydreaming, reached her ears at this moment.

"That's enough!"

Honorable Qu Hui waved his arm to silence all the voices that could be heard from here and there, as he stared daggers at Yun Che. It was only on extremely few occasions that he would get angry, because that would influence his judgement, and cause him to stray from the path of absolute fairness. But facing Yun Che, he was truly angered, "Yun Che! You are young, so committing mistakes is unavoidable. So long as you acknowledged your wrongdoing, and received proper punishment, you might have been pardoned. However, you insisted on…"

"It's not that I didn't acknowledge my mistake. Rather, I honestly confessed everything!" Yun Che interrupted him with a heavy voice. “It was you who insisted on insulting my master! Hah… how can I, Yun Che, admit my guilt to the person who insulted my master!?"

“Impudence!” Honorable Qu Hui flared up even more, and his raised brows seemed like two sharp swords. As the leader of the adjudicators of Eternal Heaven, even the king of a realm would be careful in front of him, and act like a yes-man. He never thought that youth who hadn’t even reached the age of thirty would dare speak so audaciously about his adjudication. “You committed the despicable act of cheating and caused disturbance at the Profound God Convention, which in itself is a great crime. Then, you vainly tried to hide your wrongdoing by using the name of the Eternal Heaven Pearl, which further added to your initial crime. There is no way you can be forgiven now!”

“Even if Realm King Xuanyin were here today, you wouldn’t have a chance to be saved!”

Honorable Qu Hui’s anger was unimaginably fearsome, which made all the realm kings at the Conferred God Stage not dare to say another word. His gaze suddenly moved horizontally, as he looked behind Yun Che, “There is one more person who needs to be punished. Get the hell out here on your own!”

Honorable Qu Hui was naturally talking about the person who helped Yun Che cheat.

The moment Honorable Qu Hui finished his words, as if he was struck by lightning, Wu Guike immediately began to shake intensely, before his legs went weak and he directly kneeled on the ground. He said in a trembling voice, “Junior… knows… his mistake… I… I was forced to comply… I… I…”

Everyone was greatly surprised to see Wu Guike suddenly kneeling paralyzed on the ground. Who didn’t know the name of Wu Guike? They didn’t think even in their dreams that after the stern scolding voice of Honorable Qu Hui, it would actually be the son of the Divine Martial Realm King to appear before them!

Wu Sanzun, the Divine Martial Realm King, was sitting in his place in a carefree manner, when he saw this scene and was stunned for a moment, before his face contorted instantly, as if someone had suddenly smeared shit on his face. He stood up and pointed at Wu Guike with a shivering finger, “Ke’er… you… you!!”

“Royal father! Your child truly didn’t do it intentionally… Your child was coerced, otherwise, even if…”

“Shut up!” The internal organs of Wu Sanzun were on the verge of bursting apart with rage. He could guess even with his butt that Yun Che had certainly gotten some extremely great dirt on Wu Guike. His chest was moving up and down, as he publicly cursed him in anger, “You unfilial son, you idiot!”

Even if he was extremely furious, Wu Guike was, in the end, the son he had been most proud of these past years. Moreover, it was currently the critical time for him to soon enter the “Eternal Heaven Divine Realm”… Wu Sanzun took a deep breath, and then said ashamedly to Honorable Qu Hui, “Honorable Qu Hui, due to Sanzun improperly educating his child, he ended up committing such a great mistake. But, he only did so because he was coerced by a villain. Furthermore…”

“No need to say anything!” Honorable Qu Hui waved off his hand, as he cut off Wu Sanzun’s words. He said in a cold voice, “Wu Guike, as a profound practitioner, you should absolutely not lose your conscience and sense of honor, even if you have yet to reach the true heights of the profound way! As the distinguished son of a realm king, how could you commit such a great mistake at the Profound God Convention? Do you have the least bit sense of the honor and dignity of the son of a realm king, and a profound practitioner of the divine way!?”

Although he was being shouted at and cursed in front of everyone, Wu Guike, of course, didn’t behave as “stupidly” as Yun Che. He heavily kneeled down once again, with the upper half of his body bent forward completely, as he said in a sobbing voice, “Wu Guike is aware of the great mistake he has committed, and apologizes to royal father and all the seniors here. Also, Wu Guike doesn’t have the face to be a ‘heaven chosen child’ any longer. Wu Guike requests Honorable Qu Hui to punish him. No matter the severity of the punishment, Wu Guike will absolutely not complain about it.”

“Hmph! Although you committed a great mistake, you are not the main culprit, after all. You will have to receive the punishment you deserve, but it will not be as bad as expelling you from the ranks of the ‘heaven chosen children.’”

His words made Wu Guike, who had his upper-half bent forward, secretly reveal happiness on his face. Wu Sanzun also let out a long breath of relief.

“As for the punishment you will receive to discipline you, we will talk about it later.” Honorable Qu Hui’s gaze suddenly returned to Yun Che. He slowly lifted his arm, as his voice became several times colder, “Yun Che! This honored one will ask you for the last time. Do~you~admit~your~guilt!!?”


“Hehehe… Hahahahaha!!”

Before Yun Che could reply, an untimely ear-piercing laugh resounded across the place all of a sudden.

In the eastern seating area, God Emperor Shitian was leaning backward in his seat, as he laughed aloud without stopping. As one of the God Emperors of the Southern Divine Region, one could imagine the terrifying level of his profound cultivation. His laugh contained absolutely tyrannical penetrating power, and directly shook the eardrums and souls of all the people to such an extent that they began to crazily quiver together. The movement of Honorable Qu Hui stagnated as well, with his whole body going stiff.

“Ahahahahah… how marvelous, how funny.” As all the people looked at him in amazement, God Emperor Shitian raised his hands high while laughing loudly, as if there was no one else present other than him. His wild laugh as well as his words carried completely undisguised ridicule. “In vain did I always believe the Eternal Heaven Pearl to be an unparalleled holy thing in this world. So it wasn’t all that special, after all, tsk, tsk, tsk.”

The Conferred God Stage became deathly silent in an instant. First, all the people of the Eternal Heaven Realm were stunned, after which each and every one of them burst into anger.

Yun Che only mentioning the Eternal Heaven Pearl to “absolve himself of the crime,” was enough to be deemed committing a taboo in the Eternal Heaven Realm, and God Emperor Shitian’s remark was very clearly him disdaining the Eternal Heaven Pearl.

Honorable Qu Hui suddenly turned around. His face had abruptly darkened, but given the great identity of God Emperor Shitian, it was not his place to berate him.

"Cang Shitian!"

No matter how much self-restraint the Eternal Heaven God Emperor had, seeing God Emperor Shitian say such words, he also exploded with anger. “I have showed respect to you as a guest, and treated you in the most proper manner possible. You actually dared to insult and belittle the Eternal Heaven Pearl… Do you truly think that my Eternal Heaven Realm can be easily bullied!?

“This king insulted and belittled the Eternal Heaven Pearl? This king doesn’t understand what you are talking about.” Cang Shitian stopped smiling happily as earlier. He closed his long and narrow eyes halfway as he said with a cold, mocking smile, “Aren’t you guys yourselves belittling and insulting the Eternal Heaven Pearl!!?”

He stretched out his hand as he pointed directly at Yun Che, and said in a voice that shook the firmament, “This boy called Yun Che, passed the first two preliminary rounds of the Profound God Convention, under the effect of the rules determined by the Eternal Heaven Pearl. He also made it into the top thousand overall list, under the recognition of the Eternal Heaven Pearl.”

“He was sent here too, which could only mean that it was undoubtedly a result approved by the Eternal Heaven Pearl.”

“However, you guys kept on saying words of righteousness and fairness, and determined that he despicably cheated, and hence, committed a great crime. Not only do you want to expel him from the ranks of the ‘heaven chosen children,’ seeing the attitude of you people, it would be considered a lighter punishment if this boy is only disabled, huh…”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Your Eternal Heaven Realm is truly so mighty and domineering. Not only do you completely disregard the rules laid down by the Eternal Heaven Pearl and the result it determined, you even twisted the result obtained by following those very rules into a great crime. Such a thing is far worse than belittling and insulting it. You simply don’t give a shit about the wishes of the Eternal Heaven Pearl, and still want to say that this king is the one insulting and belittling it… Hehe, tsk, tsk, tsk. This whole thing was truly an eye-opener for this king, and gave me the opportunity to laugh my head off, hahahahahahaha!”

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