Chapter 1160 - Ups and Downs

Against the Gods

Chapter 1160 - Ups and Downs

“Cang Shitian, you…” indignation surfaced on the face of Eternal Heaven God Emperor. He wanted to angrily rebuke him, but the moment he opened his mouth, he couldn’t come up with any words to say in rebuttal.

Because, each and every word of ridicule from Cang Shitian… was actually an indisputable fact.

“What about me?” Facing the clearly enraged Eternal Heaven God Emperor, he raised his brows. “Could it be that this king has said something incorrect?

“In this Profound God Convention, any sort of means can be used, and only the final result will be taken into consideration. Don’t tell me this isn’t the rule that the Eternal Heaven Pearl specifically decided on?

“Don’t tell me that the one seeing the boy Yun Che, who followed this rule, as someone who committed a ‘great crime,’ is not you all from the Eternal Heaven Realm!?

“Don’t tell me that the one determining this boy to be one of the top thousand rankers, is not the Eternal Heaven Pearl!?

“Don’t tell me that the one that sent this boy to this place, is not the Eternal Heaven Pearl!?

“Don’t tell me that the one forcibly denying this result, and even calling it ‘the disgrace of the profound way,’ is not the bunch of you people from the Eternal Heaven Realm!?”

God Emperor Shitian spread opened his arms, “If this king has said anything wrong, I hope that the Eternal Heaven God Emperor will be generous enough to correct me.”

The instant God Emperor Shitian finished his words, the Conferred Stage became absolutely silent all of a sudden. Soon after, an incomparably awkward scene played out… as the Eternal Heaven God Emperor looked angrily at Cang Shitian, but wasn’t able to utter a word for a long while.

It was obvious that… he had no words to refute him!

Because contrary to what one expected, each of his remarks was evidently a fact.

The preliminaries of the Profound God Convention were held inside the Eternal Heaven Pearl, and the rules that were in effect during the competition were set by the Eternal Heaven Pearl, too. Everything up to and including the end result were all decided by the Eternal Heaven Pearl. The Voice of Eternal Heaven announced the rule that there were no restrictions on the use of means, and Yun Che being sent to this place was certainly only because of the decision made by the Eternal Heaven Pearl as well.

But, Yun Che's profound strength was just at the first level of the Divine Tribulation Realm. It was impossible for him to have passed the two rounds by relying on his true strength. It was an indisputable fact that he had cheated, which certainly was looking down upon the Profound God Convention, and unfair to other profound practitioners.

But unexpectedly, going according to the rules that were set by the Eternal Heaven Pearl, the method Yun Che employed truly couldn't be considered to be violating the rules. Yun Che had also defended himself by bringing up the same point just a while ago… However, not only were his words ignored, his "crime” became even bigger due to mentioning the Eternal Heaven Pearl in his defence.

Yun Che was a nobody from the lower realm, as well as someone who was confirmed to have cheated. How was it possible for anyone to be foolish enough to speak in defense of such a villain, who was despised by everyone, in front of the Eternal Heaven Realm?

Even Mu Bingyun, who was trying her best to defend Yun Che, would definitely not dare to mention the three words, "Eternal Heaven Pearl."

But to the surprise of all, these words coming from the mouth of God Emperor Shitian, repeatedly mentioned the Eternal Heaven Pearl, leaving the Eternal Heaven God Emperor speechless and hating his guts.

Yun Che, "…"

"Hahaha," Seeing the Eternal Heaven God Emperor unable to come up with anything, God Emperor Shitian narrowed his eyes and began to laugh. "Since the Eternal Heaven God Emperor doesn't have anything to say to correct me, it means that the words of this king are not wrong, right? Tsk, Tsk, you guys of the Eternal Heaven Realm didn't care about the Eternal Heaven Pearl from the very beginning, and this king just made a remark, 'it isn't anything special.' If we are talking about insulting and belittling the Eternal Heaven Pearl, this king is nowhere close to you guys."

"Besides, this rule set by the Eternal Heaven Pearl is really good. On a true battlefield, one shouldn't be choosy about their means, as the winner will be the one respected in the end. Although this boy named Yun Che has insignificant profound strength, he managed to coerce the son of a realm king into obediently giving in to him, despite having the strength of only the late stages of Divine Spirit Realm. Such an ability is better than merely having a strong profound strength. As such, entering the ranks of the 'heaven chosen children' of the Eastern Divine Region, is quite reasonable and fair. If we insist on assessing the strength of a person based on their cultivation of profound way, we can just directly rank them according to the level of their profound strengths. What would be the meaning in holding the Profound God Convention!?"

"Cang Shitian…" The Eternal Heaven God Emperor said as he put great effort into restraining himself. "Someone like you from the Southern Divine Region, doesn't need to concern himself with the matters of my Eastern Divine Region."

"Oh!" His Emperor Cang Shitian let out a long sigh. "This king thought that given the self-restraint and broad-mindedness of you, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, you would acknowledge your mistake and rectify it, after this king reminded you of the rules set by the Eternal Heaven Pearl. That would have somehow proved that it was only your brain not functioning well temporarily, and it's not that you truly don't give a shit about the Eternal Heaven Pearl. But in the end, you brought up the "Eastern Divine Region" in order to scare this king. Oh, this king is so scared now."

God Emperor Shitian narrowed his eyes, as he sighed faintly, "Eternal Heaven God Emperor, this king has always respected you. I hope you don't do anything that will make this king… begin to look down on you."

The guardians, elders, and adjudicators of the Eternal Heaven Realm were already mostly in a standing position, and each of them had a gloomy face. The Eternal Heaven God Realm had supreme prestige in the Eastern Divine Region, and even in the entire God Realm, it was an existence of no comparison. It was the first time for it to feel so angry and uncomfortable.

The Eternal Heaven Realm didn't fear anyone, and naturally they weren't afraid of Cang Shitian, either—Regardless of his means, they would absolutely not be afraid of him.

But who would've expected that… Cang Shitian would use the Eternal Heaven Pearl to ridicule them! Moreover, each and every word of his was a fact.

Refuting his words would mean refuting the Eternal Heaven Pearl… How could they do that!?

At the Conferred God Stage, all the experts of the Eastern Divine Region had a look of surprise on their faces, and the expressions in their eyes looking at Cang Shitian had undergone an intense change… Cang Shitian was ranked second among the four great god emperors of the Southern Divine Region, having a standing equivalent to the Eternal Heaven God Emperor of the Eastern Divine Region. It was rumored that he was an extremely powerful individual.

Today, they had truly witnessed the might of this God Emperor Cang Shitian.

"Haha, please don't quibble, you two."

A faint laugh, like a divine voice from the celestial palace, instantly dispersed the incomparably oppressive atmosphere without a trace. The Dragon Monarch turned around to face the two, "Respected God emperors, could you hear a few words of this dragon?"

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor, whose mind was influenced due to his sudden anger, and hadn't yet had the opportunity to give vent to it, immediately nodded his head, as if he had seen a bright light in the darkness. "I ask the Dragon Monarch to give his guidance."

The Dragon Monarch was a tremendously experienced and intelligent being. How could he not make out that God Emperor Cang Shitian was absolutely not arguing in such a manner to "defend Yun Che against an injustice." He simply had an extremely good subject to ridicule and annoy the Eternal Heaven Realm… or perhaps, the whole Eastern Divine Region.

It had to be said that this move of Cang Shitian’s was certainly quite insidious. If the Eternal Heaven Realm didn't change its ruling in the case of Yun Che, it would be confirmed that they were looking down upon the Eternal Heaven Pearl, going against the rule and result determined by it, and blaspheming the holy thing that oversaw their realm, as well as the existence they had the highest faith in.

But, if the punishment of Yun Che was cancelled due to such reasons, and his identity as a "heaven chosen child" was acknowledged, the previously spoken words of the Eternal Heaven Realm would no doubt be a slap to its own face—However, this wasn't the critically important point, because if they dealt with the situation properly, it would instead make the Eternal Heaven Realm seem as broad-minded as the sky.

But, for a profound practitioner of just the first level of the Divine Tribulation Realm to be able to make it into the top thousand at the Profound God Convention of the vast Eastern Divine Region, and then, to finally be sent to the Eternal Heaven Divine Region, where every spot was extremely precious…

If it were to spread out, it would absolutely become a gargantuan laughingstock.

Therefore, no matter what choice the Eternal Heaven Realm made, it was going to be incomparably hard for it to accept the following consequences.

Sweeping his gaze over the face of God Emperor Cang Shitian, the Dragon Monarch said with a faint smile, “Yun Che used an unusual method to obtain a rank that does not match his true strength. His deed is certainly against the dignity of the profound way, and deserves to be disdained. But, God Emperor Cang Shitian hasn’t said anything wrong, either. Although he has indeed violated the dignity of the profound way, he didn’t violate the rules of the Profound God Convention.”

“Therefore, in this dragon’s opinion, Yun Che deserves to be despised, but he should not be punished, and instead be allowed to continue participating in the Profound God Convention, until the end. As for whether he could eventually enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm,” the Dragon Monarch smiled faintly. “That would require the joint decision of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor and the Eternal Heaven Pearl. When the time comes, we will just need to once again inquire about the will of the Eternal Heaven Pearl.”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor considered his words for a brief moment, after which he had a sudden realization in his heart. His anger disappeared completely, as he said in great admiration, “The words of the Dragon Monarch could not be more right. The way we were dealing with Yun Che just now was certainly quite inappropriate. Hence, we will do as the Dragon Monarch has said.”

All the people of the Eternal Heaven Realm also had their eyes brighten, and they felt greatly relaxed in their hearts.

The words of the Dragon Monarch sounded as if he was complying with the wish of the God Emperor Shitian to acknowledge his rank and not to punish him. But in reality, there was another deep meaning to his words—His intention was to let Yun Che remain in the Profound God Convention and continue to participate in the next competition. However, given his strength, he would definitely be eliminated in the third round of preliminaries, and so it was even more impossible for him to have anything to do with the final Conferred God Battle.

It basically meant that his presence would absolutely not influence the following competitions of the Profound God Convention in the least.

They might have acknowledged his qualification to participate further in the “Profound God Convention,” but as for the qualification for entering the “Eternal Heaven Divine Realm,” the thing that mattered the most… Dragon Monarch’s words, “that would require the joint decision of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor and the Eternal Heaven Pearl. When the time comes, we will just need to once again enquire about the will of the Eternal Heaven Pearl”, were extremely ingenious.

He was the Dragon Monarch, after all. In such a short time, he got the Eternal Heaven Realm out of their predicament with just a few words.

“As expected of His Majesty to say such convincing words.” God Emperor Cang Shitian let out a light laugh. He took his seat as he sat leaning sideways, and didn’t say another word.

“Qu Hui!” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor said in a solemn tone, “Although Yun Che’s means were despicable, it hasn’t violated the rules of the competition. We have condemned and reprimanded him enough already, so there is no need to severely punish him. Also, there is no need to cancel his qualifications to participate in the Profound God Convention, and that will apply in Wu Guike’s case too.”

“Yes.” Honorable Qu Hui accepted the order, after which he coldly reproved, “Yun Che, Wu Guike, stand down!”

“Wu Guike expresses his gratitude… for the forgiveness of Honorable Qu Hui.” Wu Guike quickly stepped back, with a terrified look on his face. But actually, he had been feeling quite calm in his heart.

“…” Yun Che remained standing for a while as he stared blankly ahead. He gave a deep glance at Honorable Qu Hui, and also returned to the group of the thousand youngsters. However, as he came back, the “heaven chosen children” that were standing close to him, moved away at once, with a deep expression of disdain on their faces.

Let alone Yun Che’s despicable means, his origin and cultivation alone were enough to make him unfit to be standing in the same place as them.

The way everything happened, was far beyond Yun Che’s expectations too. His gaze and spirit sense had been constantly searching for Jasmine’s existence, but he hadn’t found the slightest trace of her. It made him uncontrollably think of the worst outcome.

Jasmine… hasn’t come to the Eternal Heaven Realm.

Mu Bingyun had also warned him a lot of times about things turning out in just such a way… The Profound God Convention was the sole opportunity for him to see the Heavenly Slaughter Star God. But, it was no more than a possibility in the end. It depended on his luck, or more precisely, the will of heaven, whether or not she would participate in the Profound God Convention.

Jasmine… Did she not come…?

Will all my great efforts this whole time… end up for naught…?

“Qu Hui, that matter will be deemed taken care of for now. Do not bring it up again before the end of the Profound God Convention,” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor said. “At the moment, so many outstanding heroes have gathered together here, so we will prioritize the proper execution of the Profound God Convention.”

He turned around to look towards the Eternal Heaven Tower, that was towering fifteen thousand kilometers into the sky, “Let’s begin the third round of preliminaries.”

Qu Hui slightly nodded his head, and the aura of anger emitting from him settled down little by little. After a moment, there was only his iron-hard stateliness left, and he didn’t spare Yun Che another glance.

“You have all passed the two rounds of preliminaries in succession, and received the glory of becoming the ‘heaven chosen children,’ which is already proof of your strength… and means. But, the true Profound God Convention, will start at this instant!”

“Although you all are young, I believe you should have heard of the highlight of every session of the Profound God Convention, the ‘Conferred God Battle.’ That is the battle of highest honor, which truly belongs to the young experts, and symbolizes the most powerful profound strength of the younger generation of our Eastern Divine Region.”

“Moreover, only thirty-two people will get to participate in the ‘Conferred God Battle!’”

Following Honorable Qu Hui’s powerful and cold words, the attention of everyone gradually shifted back to the Profound God Convention once again. Those “heaven chosen children,” in particular, had their blood boiling over.

“Next, we have the third round of preliminaries, which will determine the people with the qualifications to participate in the ‘Conferred God Battle!’ In other words… Among the thousand of you, only thirty-two can emerge victorious! The other nine hundred sixty eight people will have to take their leave from the Profound God Convention!”

“Gulp”… Many young profound practitioners felt their whole body becoming taut, and their throats moving up and down.

The next fight was undoubtedly going to be a fierce fight in the true sense… Because standing beside everyone was an extremely fearsome opponent, who could make it into the ranks of the “heaven chosen children… except for Yun Che.

It was easily imaginable how difficult it was going to be… to dash into the ranks of top thirty-two, from the midst of the thousand heaven chosen children.

“Your battlefield for the third round will be…” Honorable Qu Hui turned to his side, as he lifted his head and looked up at the Eternal Heaven Tower, which was connecting the land with the firmament. “None other than this Eternal Heaven Divine Tower!”

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