Chapter 1162 - Tears of the Star God

Against the Gods

Chapter 1162 - Tears of the Star God

Jasmine stretched out her finger, and her voice became hoarse as she lost control over her emotions, “He is the supreme king on his own planet, and there is nothing that could threaten him over there. He has his family members, friends, as well as his women in that place… He can live his whole life there without any sort of worries!”

“But… he is nobody in this place! Do you know how dangerous it is for him to be here!?”

The more she spoke, the more agitated she became, “Do you have any idea how many secrets he has!? If even one of them were to be exposed, it would evoke greed in the people of the entire God Realm. At that time, his life… the planet he comes from, and everything he has would be lost forever!”

“Don’t you know how powerful those people who can enter the Eternal Heaven Realm are!? This is the most dangerous place for him in the world, where he shouldn’t approach at all costs! If even one of those people were to sense any of his secrets, he would then be… Do you understand now!?”

“I… I…” Caizhi’s body went taut.

“An unknown number of people have been investigating the place where I disappeared to during those years, and even more people haven’t forgotten about me obtaining the Heretic God’s Indestructible Blood… So, if I were to meet him, and others discovered some clue to their queries, do you realize what would happen after that!?”

“This is just one of the many reasons why I can’t meet him!”

Jasmine’s breathing grew heavy. She seemed as if her soul was being drawn into terrifying waves.

“Big Sis… I… I know my mistake…” Caizhi’s eyes had become misty with tears. “I only… wanted to do something for Big Sis, to give you a pleasant surprise… I had no idea that it was going to be so dangerous… I truly understand my mistake…”

“Caizhi, now that you have caused such a great trouble, you have to definitely promise me that you won’t hide anything from me, or make any decisions on your own. As for the reason…”

“If you had immediately told me about you meeting him, there were so many ways to make him return to the planet he is from, and not to step again into the God Realm. At least, we could have prevented the situation from worsening in such a manner… But now, what can I do to deal with this blunder of yours…?”

Jasmine’s entire body was trembling. The two most important people in her life were Caizhi and Yun Che. Caizhi receiving the inheritance of the Heavenly Wolf Star God, had already shaken her so badly that she felt as if half of the sky had collapsed. Now, she was even made to see Yun Che in such a situation…

“Big Sis,” Caizhi carefully looked ahead, as she said with teary eyes, “I realize my wrongdoing. It’s because I didn’t listen to Big Sis’s words. D-don’t be angry, okay? Maybe… maybe nothing of the sort that Big Sis is worried about will happen. Moreover… I believe that Big Sis certainly wanted to meet him again. Big Sis is so powerful, so you must have a lot of ways… to meet him without being discovered by others.”

“You… don’t… understand.” Jasmine slowly shook her head. “You don’t get him… You are still a child, and lack the understanding of many, many things in this world. A large number of people have a different way of seeing things than yours, and there are a lot of matters that could turn out to be countless times crueler than you think!”

Jasmine turned away, so as to not let Caizhi see the wetness in her eyes, which she was finding difficult to keep in check. “Caizhi, return to your star god palace at once, and shut yourself in to reflect upon your actions… You’re not allowed to take a single step out, without my permission!”

Caizhi opened her lips to say something, but then lowered her head silently. She said in a low voice, “I understand… I… I’ll properly reflect upon my actions, so Big Sis, don’t be angry, okay…?”

Flying a bit further away from Jasmine, Caizhi suddenly turned around again. She bit her lip, before saying in a light tone, “Big Sis, he… is very, very similar to how you described him—the biggest idiot in this world. I intentionally made fun of him several times, but he kept saving me while risking his own life, time and time again…”

“All because… I used Big Sister’s name.”

Jasmine, “…”

“He definitely knows how dangerous the God Realm is. His sole purpose in arriving at the God Realm was to look for Big Sis. To be able to meet Big Sis, he can truly… put his life on the line, without the slightest concern. He…”

“Don’t speak any further!” Jasmine’s back was trembling lightly. “Go back immediately… and reflect upon your actions!”

Caizhi didn’t dare say another word and lowered her beautiful neck. Her tender and fair fingers tightly clenched the waistband of her skirt as she obediently flew back to the Star God Realm.

The moment Caizhi left, two streams of tears flowed down Jasmine’s face leaving wet trails behind. Following, as if a dam had burst, tears poured down uncontrollably from her eyes.

“Yun Che…”

“Yun… Che…”

“Yun…… Che……”

Her body crouched down as it curled up, as she repeatedly called out his name in a sobbing voice… Maybe, no one would believe that the Heavenly Slaughter Star God of the Star God Realm would actually have such a fragile side to her, and would cry in sadness like a weak girl.

Faraway, a gaze had been constantly watching Jasmine all this time, without shifting away even once.

“The mind of the Heavenly Slaughter Star God is so disordered that she hasn’t discovered me even after such a long while? Hmph… It seems it was worth making this trip, after all. Contrary to what I thought… the situation here is extremely interesting.”

“Yun Che…” Qianye Ying’er took her eyes off from Jasmine, as she lightly called out this name that completely didn’t deserve to be remembered by her earlier. “This is more interesting than even the Nine Profound Exquisite Body.”


Inside the world of the Eternal Heaven Tower, all the profound practitioners that had entered it were present on Floor 0.

Although it was a “tower,” the world on every floor was unexpectedly vast. On Floor 0 was a barren mountainous region, with short mountains everywhere that were fifty kilometers in width, and several kilometers in height.

There was a passage to Floor 1 at the peak of a short mountain, but it was tightly shut by a stone gate.

The surrounding area and location of all the profound practitioners were completely similar. The appearance of other floors and the profound beasts and profound shadows, that were guarding them, were also exactly the same.

It could be said to be an absolutely fair competition.

The images of all these things were perfectly projected on the Conferred God Stage. One could quite clearly see anyone they wanted to.

Very soon, every participating profound practitioner came over to the passage leading to Floor 1. They were waiting for the stone gate to open, and preparing to rush inside Floor 1 immediately. It was absolutely a race against time… and even Luo Chengshuan was not an exception.

But there was still one exception among the participants.

Yun Che!

He was still standing at the place where he was sent to inside the Eternal Heaven Tower in the very beginning, and hadn’t budged an inch. His eyes were moving about, as he seemed to be thinking about something.

This behavior of Yun Che made many people give a snort of contempt, but they weren’t really surprised at it. It was because one had to rely on their own strength in this competition, and so no matter what he did, the result in the end was going to totally be the same.

“The third round of preliminaries of the Eastern Divine Region’s Profound God Convention,” the Voice of the Eternal Heaven, resounded across the Conferred God Stage once again, “Begins now!!”

Boom boom boom…

The stone gates leading to Floor 1 of the thousand identical and completely separated battlefields, opened at the same time.

Immediately, the whole group of profound practitioners who had been accumulating their power all this time dashed straight to Floor 1, like an arrow leaving the bow string!

It was still only Yun Che who pretended as if he hadn’t heard anything, and remained unconcerned… However, no one was looking condescendingly at him any longer. Instead, people were staring fixedly at the profound practitioners of their star realms, and even more were watching those true experts who were bound to be conferred the title of God.

Entering Floor 1 of the Eternal Heaven Tower, was similar to stepping into another world. This place wasn’t barren like the one before. On the contrary, there was a jade-green jungle here, with birds singing and the fragrance of flowers drifting in the wind, as well as a myriad of trees reaching high into the sky. But before the profound practitioners could fully appreciate the scenery in front of their eyes, a profound shadow with astonishing aura burst out of the jade-green trees, and appeared before them.

The profound shadow was holding a double-edged blade. Its body was jade-green, allowing it to hide itself well in the surrounding environment, and its attacks were incomparably ruthless, as it aimed directly for the vital parts in an attempt to kill with a single strike.

It was even more astonishing to discover that its profound strength had actually reached the first level of Divine Spirit Realm!

Such a discovery was truly shocking to everyone. If a profound shadow of the first level of Divine Spirit Realm could appear on Floor 1… it was simply impossible to imagine how fearsome it was going to be on the higher floors!

Earlier, there were still some people who were sniggering and guessing that even someone with as shitty a profound strength as Yun Che, who was only able to worm his way into the list of the top thousand by using a despicable method, would also be able to pass through the first few floors, where victory should be guaranteed… But now it seemed that he wouldn’t even make it through Floor 1!

Each of the profound practitioners, who had entered the Eternal Heaven Tower, was an indisputable topnotch expert. Furthermore, they were on their guard after entering the floor. Therefore, although they were startled, their minds were in a calm state. They ingeniously avoided the enemy’s attacks and instantly launched their own.

Watching the graceful bearing of these young profound practitioners being displayed at the same instant, all the experts of the Eastern Divine Region felt quite stunned. Unconsciously, they nodded their heads simultaneously in commendation.

Floor 1 only had a profound shadow of the first level of Divine Spirit Realm, which was very easy to deal with. All the profound practitioners followed the aura around them, as they rushed to the entrance to Floor 2 with their fastest speed, one after another.

Floor 2 was a desert, which was being guarded by an earth attribute profound beast of the first level of Divine Spirit Realm. It was a bit difficult to pass through this floor due to the special environment, but it was still easy for the participating profound practitioners. Afterwards, Floor 3… Floor 4… Floor 5…

Floor 10… Floor 15… Floor 20…

At the Conferred God Stage, people were discussing with or flattering each other, and the atmosphere of the place was quite harmonious. It was difficult to take a huge lead over others until after the first several dozens of floors.

But as more and more time passed, after passing through Floor 50, the gap in the performances of the participants became wider and wider. The speed at which the profound practitioners were clearing the floors became slower and slower too… and the atmosphere at the Conferred God Stage also gradually became tense.

Finally, someone reached Floor 100… ahead of the second best performer by as much as seventeen floors!

This person was still none other than… Luo Changsheng!

Floor 100 would seem to be very high, but everyone was clear that the competition was still in the beginning stage.

Yun Che was also the first in the competition inside the Eternal Heaven Tower, of course, counting from bottom to top. He was still standing in place, and hadn’t moved at all this whole time. It was as if he had completely lost his consciousness since the time he had appeared inside the Eternal Heaven Tower.

His body was still, and there was not the slightest change in his expression. However, the fluctuation of emotions was constantly happening in his heart, as he silently thought about a lot of things.

His current understanding of the God Realm was too different from the past. Especially, his impression of the Eternal Heaven Realm had undergone a great change.

In the past, his understanding of the Eternal Heaven God Realm was all based on the words of others. The impression he had had of the Eternal Heaven God Realm was that it was the most righteous and most prestigious king realm, which received the deep respect of others. The adjudicators of the Eternal Heaven Realm were specialists in adjudicating the evil people of the world, and were absolutely fair and strict.

Therefore, when he was questioned by the people of the Eternal Heaven Realm, he stepped forward without any worries. Although the main reason behind his confidence was the presence of the Dragon Monarch, it was also because of his favorable impression of the Eternal Heaven Realm and his trust in it.

But he very soon discovered that he had indeed been too naïve.

The words and reason, when spoken by him were considered violating the dignity of the Eternal Heaven Pearl. Not only were they ignored, they also further increased the weight of his crime.

However, when the same words were spoken by God Emperor Shitian, they left the Eternal Heaven Realm speechless.

It was like the first thing that Mu Xuanyin had taught him back then: There is no absolute fairness in this world. It is only absolute strength that exists in reality!

Only when you had absolute strength, would you be treated with absolute fairness! Otherwise, you could only rely on others’ considerations, and the rules of fairness formulated by them!

Honorable Qu Hui was believed to be the strictest and most impartial person in the Eastern Divine Region. He had dedicated his life to adjudicate evil beings, and hadn’t even hesitated to abandon his name and change it to “Qu Hui.”

But a person such as this had directly insulted Mu Xuanyin, without much consideration… Perhaps, he was indeed incomparably fair and strict, but what Yun Che saw even clearer was his haughty attitude of making light of other star realms, other realm kings, and other profound practitioners, as he was the leader of the adjudicators.

He could insult even a realm king who had attained the highest achievement, Divine Master, as if it was a matter of course

This was the true reality, the true nature of the God Realm.

There was also… Jasmine.

The hope of luckily meeting Jasmine no longer existed in his heart. Yun Che couldn’t help but realize that Jasmine… truly hadn’t come to the Eternal Heaven Realm.

All of his efforts were for naught.

How could he be willing to accept such an outcome?

He was truly unwilling to give up still. It wasn’t because his hard work over these past years had come to nothing, rather… it had been three years already, and the time to return that he had promised Caiyi and others was drawing closer, and he hadn’t met Jasmine yet.

“It’s still not the end.” Yun Che faced upward, and closed his eyes. He talked to himself in his heart: Jasmine didn’t come to the Eternal Heaven Realm, so she didn’t see me… but… if… I can make my name known to all in the Eastern Divine Region…”

“Don’t I have… a very good opportunity to do precisely that right now…?

“A profound practitioner with the strength of the first level of Divine Tribulation Realm entering the Conferred God Battle of the Profound God Convention… Haha, my name is bound to cause a sensation, right…?

“When Master finds out about this, she will certainly be very angry. But, there is very little time left, and I truly don’t have any other way to fulfill my wish… If I don’t get to meet Jasmine in the end, I‘ll regret it for the rest of my life…”

As Yun Che opened his eyes, the look within them slowly grew cold and resolute. An unusually weird light flashed through the depths of his pupils.

Earlier, I brought disgrace to Master… I need to make up for it ten times over!

How dare you insult my master, Old Man Qu Hui!? Open your eyes wide and take a good look to see… who is the true blind one!!

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