Chapter 1163 - A Place Devoid of Anyone

Against the Gods

Chapter 1163 - A Place Devoid of Anyone

Starting at Floor 100 of the Eternal Heaven Tower, the difficulty of the competition increased dramatically. Not only did the profound beasts have greater profound strength than those in the earlier floors, they became even wilder. The profound shadows also began to use all kinds of unexpected moves, and even a slight bit of carelessness could result in taking serious damage.

Due to the guidance of these profound shadows, the profound beasts had a far better understanding of the terrain than the profound practitioners, who were visiting the floors of the tower for the first time. Therefore, it was almost impossible to shake them off. Rather, even if someone managed to somehow shake them off, and dashed into the next floor, the profound shadows and profound beasts would continue to chase them until they met their death.

Finally, a miserable cry came from Floor 142. A profound practitioner had died under the sneak attacks of three shadows.

When they revived, they had been sent back to Floor 132. Furthermore, all the profound beasts and profound shadows that they had finished off before, had also revived once again.

The expressions of many people on the Conferred God Stage changed at this time… Someone had died before even reaching Floor 150, so it was scary to think how tough it was going to be to clear the floors, once the participants reached Floor 200… Perhaps, it would not be a competition of who reached Floor 300 first, but what few people would be capable of reaching there!

After Floor 150, the speed at which the participating profound practitioners ascended the Eternal Heaven Tower grew visibly slower and slower. Even those who were ranked among the top hundred were taking every step cautiously, and their movement speeds had greatly lessened. As for those who were ranked relatively closer to the bottom of the top thousand list, they were continuously going through hard fights, with dangers lurking on all sides of them. There were some of them who were even taking a breather for a while before entering the next floor.

However, there were a few proper and expected exceptions, too.

Luo Changsheng was already near Floor 200, but his condition was as good as before. Confronting the group of profound beasts and profound shadows, only a white light could be seen brushing past them. It was not possible to see what he had done, but the profound beasts and profound shadows fell to the ground in succession, and didn’t make any sound again.

He landed down by the entrance to the next floor, just as the last of the profound beasts fell to the ground. He was acting so naturally and calmly as if he was strolling in a quiet and peaceful courtyard. The scenes of him finishing off the countless opponents in his way, were quite a delight to the people watching the competition.

“Young Master Changsheng… is barely thirty years old, and it has hardly been a few years since he stepped into the Divine Spirit Realm. Despite that, his control over profound energy has reached such great heights… This king was also… absolutely incomparable to him back then.”

This sigh actually came from the realm king of an upper star realm.

Luo Changsheng had a frail appearance, his aura was light and harmonious as water, and there was no sharpness in his gaze, which didn’t sound like a good thing. He was an existence that would be very easily ignored if he were to stand among a group of people, and no one knew of his name.

But, every time he displayed his strength, it made others uncontrollably sigh in amazement… He made the people of this world realize the reason for him being called “Young Master Changsheng,” which commanded the greatest reputation among the younger generation in the Eastern Divine Region.

“Jun Xilei… is still so young. Not only has her cultivation of the profound way reached extraordinary heights, she has also attained perfection in the mastery of sword. This old man spent his entire life crazily learning the sword, and bragged to have achieved great completion in sword mastery. Now I actually feel ashamed in front of this junior.”

“Haha, she isn’t just some ordinary junior. She is the sole successor of the Sword Sovereign, the one that will become the Sword Sovereign in the future,”

“The daughter of Glazed Light Realm King has been keeping pace with Jun Xilei this whole time. These two have their own strengths, so it’s difficult to decide who is better based on their cultivations. If they bump into each other during the Conferred God Battle, it is certainly going to be a fierce fight between the two of them.”

“On the other hand, Lu Lengchuan from the Shrouding Sky Realm… may be one of the Four God Children of the Eastern Region, but his inferiority is becoming more and more apparent compared to the other three God Children. Moreover, he is older than the other three by over twenty years. It seems that in this generation, the Shrouding Sky Realm is going to be inferior to the Holy Eaves Realm and the Glazed Light Realm.”

“Although the younger daughter of the Glazed Light Realm King is ranked very close to the bottom of the list… she has already showed a stunning performance by making it this far with her meager cultivation of the first level of Divine Spirit Realm.”

“No, no, you haven’t noticed something. It is true that the rank of this little girl has remained at the very bottom this whole time, and the speed at which she is ascending the tower is very slow… but she hasn’t died even once. No less than two hundred people ahead of her have died at least once. That is the most wondrous thing we have seen so far in this round.”

The battles inside the Eternal Heaven Tower continued, and became tougher and tougher with the passage of time. Once they passed through Floor 200, even the Four God Children of the Eastern Region, who have maintained a great lead over the rest all this while, clearly slowed down. The difference in the battle strengths of the thousand heaven chosen children has already been made clear.

All sorts of discussions over the current competition were going on at the Conferred God Stage. Following a sky-shocking cheer from the people of the Holy Eaves Realm, Luo Changsheng succeeded in becoming the first to step onto Floor 250.

There were still the last fifty floors left before he reached his destination!

Clearing Floor 250, Luo Changsheng had a grave and stern look on his face. He kept his profound strength in an unleashed state all the time, as he forged ahead slowly and carefully. He was no longer strolling as naturally and calmly as earlier… and there were two clearly visible light scars on his left arm.

There were only fifty floors left… but it could be undoubtedly said that they were going to be a lot more terrifying than the previous two hundred fifty floors. It was only now that the true challenge and hardship for the Four God Children of the Eastern Region had officially begun.

“The difficulty of ascending the Eternal Heaven Tower has completely surpassed our imaginations,” the realm king of an upper star realm said. “The Eternal Heaven Pearl has set the difficulty of each of the thousand isolated worlds according to the strength of the profound practitioners entering them. It is very obvious that the Eternal Heaven Pearl doesn’t intend to let everyone reach the top. The so-called ‘reaching the top within the shortest time’ is more of a camouflage… I guess only thirty odd people out of these thousand will have the strength to reach the top. Time has basically nothing to do with achieving that goal.”

The people around him also nodded in approval.

When Luo Changsheng had stepped inside Floor 250 amidst the amazement of countless people, Yun Che, who hadn’t budged an inch all along, and was ignored and quickly forgotten by everyone, suddenly showed some movement at this time, as he ran to the entrance to Floor 1 at an unhurried pace.

His movement immediately drew the attention of many people. Following, a sneer appeared on their faces, as expected.

“What does he want to do? He isn’t planning to ascend the tower, right?”

“Hahahaha, he definitely is still not aware that the opponent he will be facing on Floor 1 has the strength of the Divine Spirit Realm, which is why he dared to go in there in the first place. He won’t be able to survive for even a breath of time.”

“After lying down there sleeping for such a long time, he now wants to go die at all costs. He is making such a spectacle of himself.”

More and more people ridiculed and laughed at him, and in the blink of an eye, the gazes of a large number of audience members were focused on Yun Che. It was because looking down on the weak undoubtedly made them feel a kind of superiority. Even those from the lower star realms, who were of the bottommost level among the experts present at the Conferred God Stage, could taste an incomparably comfortable and joyous feeling from mocking and looking down on Yun Che.

As Yun Che proceeded ahead, his speed became faster and faster. His figure also rapidly grew fainter by the second as he moved forward, and the instant he stepped into Floor 1, he had completely disappeared, without a trace.

Everyone’s mocking laughs came to an abrupt stop in this instant. Instead, the people in the audience widened their pupils all of a sudden, as a stupefied look appeared all over their faces.

“Dis… Disappeared!?”

“Wh… What is going on? What exactly happened?”

“Could it be that… he took the initiative to give up the qualification, and has been sent outside now? No… that’s not it!”

“Quickly take a look… Changes have been happening constantly… inside the projection!”

Yun Che’s figure had completely disappeared but the projection was constantly showing different scenes. The image being displayed by the projection flitted across Floor 1, arriving at Floor 2, and then again, very quickly flitting across Floor 3 and arriving at Floor 4… During this entire time, it was only the terrain that was showing, and there were no signs of Yun Che’s figure.

“What is going on?” an unusual look surfaced in the eyes of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor. Soon after, as if he had suddenly thought of something, an inconceivable expression immediately appeared on his face.

Even God Emperor Shitian, who had been completely uninterested in the battles inside the Eternal Heaven Tower, sat up at this moment. His eyes emitted strange light, as he stared directly at the projection that wasn’t displaying any person on it.

“Could it be…”

“Perfect Invisibility!” the Dragon Monarch said slowly.

It was the first time his face, gaze and voice had become so solemn after arriving at the Eternal Heaven Realm.

All of the five great god emperors looked sideways, “Dragon Monarch, could it truly be…”

“Such an invisibility technique has been mentioned in many records, and it is absolutely not something fabricated,” the Dragon Monarch said in a slow voice. “You yourselves should be clear on this point. This is the highest level possible for a profound movement skill, the final realm. Even if one obtained a profound skill of such a level, it would be tremendously difficult to practice it successfully. Not only does it require extremely high comprehension ability, rumor has it that it is also essential to have extreme affinity with one or many natural elements, have great control over one’s profound strength, and have a special understanding of the aura of heaven and earth. Furthermore, it still needs an unimaginably huge opportunity of realization… It can be said that the conditions for learning such a technique successfully are extremely harsh.”

“Although I have seen so many records, in this dragon’s three hundred fifty thousand year long life, today is the first time I’ve truly seen it with my own eyes!”

“You all… No, we all, underestimated this youngster.”

The Dragon Monarch’s countenance visibly changed while saying these words.

The five great god emperors all fell silent and didn’t utter a word for a long time… Possibly they had never thought that there would come a day when their understanding of things would be shattered by such a youngster.

“Brahma Heaven God Emperor, this dragon remembers that ‘Great Splendorous Brahma Shadow’ of you Brahma Heaven God Emperors. Its ultimate realm is ‘invisible and traceless,’ I think?” the Dragon Monarch asked all of a sudden.

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor slightly nodded his head, “Correct. However, such a realm was only successfully cultivated by our ancestor nine hundred thousand years ago. Since then, no one has been able to do so. Brahma Heaven has tried it before, but it was all to no avail even after countless attempts.”

“If this dragon hasn’t guessed wrong, this child is executing the divine profound skill of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect in the Snow Song Realm—Moon Splitting Cascade!” the Dragon Monarch faintly exhaled. “It’s no wonder that he was able to become the direct disciple of the Snow Song Realm King!”

“This is not as simple as invisibility, you know.” God Emperor Shitian had his chin held between his thumb and finger, as his eyes were still staring directly at the projection on which Yun Che was present. “Not only has his body completely disappeared, his aura has disappeared too. He has rushed past so many floors, but none of the profound beasts or profound shadows showed the slightest reaction to his appearance… Wonderful! I didn’t think that such a movement skill still existed in this world. So wonderful!”

“…” the Brahma Heaven God Emperor didn’t say anything for a long while. A strange light flashed in his eyes: So there is still someone besides Ying’er in this world who can accomplish such a thing.

There is no one in the entire God Realm who can come anywhere close to the talent and comprehension ability of Ying’er. She had a realization right after breaking through to the Divine Master Realm, and finally attained the realm of invisibility… But this person… is just at the Divine Tribulation Realm…

Considering even the Dragon Monarch and the five great god emperors were shocked in their hearts, it was easy to imagine the reaction of the others. The entire Conferred God Stage had become noisy, and even the realm kings who had come to watch the competition of the Profound God Convention, didn’t dare to believe their own eyes.

“What exactly is going on here?”

“Could it be some demonic art? Or some sort of special profound item?”

“Profound movement skill? Impossible! How could this world have such a movement skill!?”

“Will this be… considered cheating? Shit… What the hell is going on!?”

Yan Juehai was dumbstruck, and Huo Rulie had his eyeballs on the verge of popping out. Afterwards, he suddenly quivered as he came to himself, and shouted, “Hey… Elder Huanzhi, what trick is this? This boy Yun Che… how is he able to pull off such a thing?”

On the other hand, both Mu Bingyun and Mu Huanzhi stood up in extreme excitement.

“Don’t tell me…” Mu Huanzhi widened his eyes, as he thought of something, but was unable to believe it.

“Moon Splitting Cascade! It’s the ultimate realm that even the Sect Master and our previous ancestors were never able to practice successfully!” Mu Bingyun murmured.

As a palace master of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect and an inheritor of the phoenix bloodline, being able to see the ultimate realm of movement derived from the power of ice phoenix deeply shook her mind. She was so excited that she wouldn’t regret even dying now.

There was no doubt that invisibility was one of Yun Che’s greatest trump cards, and an extremely important life-saving means to him as well. The only one who truly knew about him being able to use invisibility, besides himself, had been Mu Xuanyin.

It was the case until today before Shui Meiyin, a completely indescribable person, unexpectedly came to know about it too.

As for others, even someone like Mu Bingyun had not been aware of it. In the Darkya Realm, he assassinated so many members of the Black Soul Divine Sect, and played tricks on them for so long, but no one knew that he could become invisible… Because it was impossible for them to think, even if they were beaten to death, that someone could actually make both their figure and aura disappear completely.

With such a trump card in his hand, it was difficult for him to die, even if he truly wanted that many a times.

After remaining silent for long, pondering and considering things for a long time, he showed this trump card publicly in front of countless people, just so that he could fulfill his wish of meeting Jasmine.

This was the only method he could think of and since his ability to become invisible had already been discovered by Shui Meiyin, she could tell others about it whenever she wanted, so it was no longer a secret.

In the midst of the disordered cries, shouts and voices of discussions, the disappeared figure of Yun Che quickly headed forward. When he had first comprehended the realm of invisibility, he needed to be careful even when walking in his invisible state. A slight carelessness was enough to let others know of his presence.

But the current Yun Che had tempered himself in the Darkya Realm, and had put so much effort into cultivation for two years. Now, he could execute the realm of invisibility with ease due to all the experience he had gained so far. He didn’t need to be careful while invisible at all, and his movement speed was also getting faster and faster…

Floor 10… Floor 20… Floor 30… Floor 50…

Floor 100!

Floor 120!

Floor 150!

Floor 200!

On the Conferred God Stage, the noise gradually quieted. The gazes of the audience, which were previously focused on the Four God Children of the Eastern Region and other profound practitioners, were staring at the projection that was displaying the world Yun Che was presently in at this time. They watched the screen of the projection rapidly displaying one scene after another in a dumbstruck manner…

Floor 220…

Floor 230…

Floor 240…

Floor 250…

Then… the screen showed the floor beyond the one where Luo Changsheng was located at the moment… and the image that was being displayed on the projection continued to show higher and higher floors…

He didn’t stop for rest or get involved in any fighting. As if all the profound beasts and profound shadows were deprived of their consciousness, not one of them showed the least bit of reaction to him.

Other profound practitioners had to be careful on every floor, especially since there was a likelihood of them getting into a fatal and fierce fight once they cleared Floor 200.

But for Yun Che… the only thing he had to do in this round was to simply ascend the tower!

Floor 270…

Floor 280…

Floor 290…

Floor 299… There were thirty profound beasts and thirty profound shadows jointly guarding this floor. Yun Che slowed down, and walked in the midst of them at an unhurried pace. He was as close as less than twenty steps away from a huge profound beast.

However, that profound beast still remained crouched on the ground, continuing to look around in all directions as before. Although it was clearly on its guard, it didn’t show any reaction to Yun Che who was so close to him.

In this way, as if he had entered a place devoid of anyone, Yun Che directly walked to the entrance of Floor 300, despite the fact that Floor 299 was the most dangerous and fearsome one in the whole tower. When he stepped inside Floor 300, he undid his invisibility, and revealed his true body to the countless blankly staring eyes.

There were no profound beasts guarding Floor 300, with only a teleportation profound formation at the center of the floor.

Yun Che had an indifferent expression, which showed no signs of sorrow or joy. He didn’t wait for any instructions and walked into the profound formation.


Rays of light flashed as Yun Che’s projection inside the Eternal Heaven Tower disintegrated completely, and dissipated without any trace.

At the center of the Conferred God Stage, Yun Che slowly walked out of the dense white light that had enveloped the real bodies of all the “heaven chosen children.”

It was deathly silence that welcomed his return to the stage.

“According to the rules, I am first, correct?” Yun Che fully ignored the reaction of all the people, as he stopped in his tracks. He faced Honorable Qu Hui who was standing in front of him, and asked with no expression on his face.

“…” Honorable Qu Hui observed Yun Che. This leader of adjudicators, who had punished countless star realms and experts of divine way, and wouldn’t change his expression even if the sky were to fall, was not able to say anything for a good long time.

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