Chapter 1250 - God Emperors Squabbling (1)

Against the Gods

Chapter 1250 - God Emperors Squabbling (1)

The golden words with the mysterious and distant power of heavenly mysteries slipped into the eyes and souls of everyone present. 


The silence held for a moment before a storm of human noises suddenly tore it apart.

Even if the Heavenly Mystery God Canon hadn’t made an appearance, the fact that the Heavenly Mystery Three Elders had spoken up was shocking enough, much less being shown the ancient prophecy that was etched on the first page of the Heavenly Mystery God Canon.

No one present could fail to recognize that the golden words in the canon were ancient and distant. It had to have been engraved at least a couple hundred thousand years ago.

It also meant that the Heavenly Mystery Three Elders weren’t lying at all!

The Heavenly Mystery Realm was weak in terms of strength, but their ability to decipher heavenly mysteries had won them considerable status in the Eastern Divine Region. On this Conferred God Stage, it was also the only star realm that had the right to call themselves the equal of a king realm. It showed just how powerful heavenly mysteries were.

The Heavenly Mystery Realm spoke only the truth, and their ability to decipher heavenly mysteries and make accurate prophecies was next to fantastical. This was something everyone in the Eastern Divine Region knew, or they would never be as respected as they were by the four king realms. It was also a fact that plenty of experts from the Western Divine Region or Southern Divine Region often crossed the boundaries between star realms just to visit the Heavenly Mystery Realm.

Some of the Heavenly Mystery Realm’s most important prophecies were made just before their masters’ passing. It was said that one could peek behind the veil like never before when their soul finally departed their bodies...

This prophecy was also a prophecy made during one’s passing… it was made right before Great Ancestor Haotian had passed away!

It was only natural that everyone was shocked.

“The prophecy of Heavenly Mystery Realm’s great ancestor… Yun Che may become a True God in the future… a True God!”

“That’s… impossible, isn’t it? A True God is a thing from ancient times, but there’s no way a True God can appear in our world right now. It’s just common sense!”

“On really? Did your common sense also tell you that a nine stage lightning tribulation existed in this world!?”

“To think that the Heavenly Mystery Great Ancestor would predict the coming of a nine stage lightning tribulation so many years ago… does that mean... that the coming of a True God… is real as well?...”

“If a True God really does appear in this world, then… does that mean they’ll rule over the world and stand even above the king realms!?”

“That’s not all. In ancient times, it is said that True Gods were powerful enough to move celestial bodies and create life with a single thought. I doubt that a True God would be threatened even if all of the king realms in the God Realm were to work together.”

“Sss… is this real? Will anyone truly believe a prophecy like this?”

“You know you’re talking about the Heavenly Mystery Realm, right? Sure, none of us have known the Heavenly Mystery Great Ancestor personally, but… just look at the god emperors’ expressions…”

The commotion on the Conferred God Stage didn’t look like it would end anytime soon, but the god emperors’ attention was completely fixed on the Heavenly Mystery God Canon. No matter how noisy their surroundings were, they never looked away for even an instant. It was almost as if they could see through the golden prophecy and figure out some deeper meaning if they tried hard enough.


It was something they had pursued for their entire lives. It was something that shook their souls like never before.

Even God Emperor Shitian, for all his contempt was staring at the canon with bulging eyes and was frozen like someone had cast a spell on him.

Meanwhile, Yun Che lips curled after the initial shock had passed.

This Heavenly Mystery Realm… is utter bullshit!

The reason I’m not afraid of any lightning tribulation, or any form of lightning at all is because I have the Heretic God’s Profound Veins! Like hell I’m a “child of the heavens”! Also, that nine stage lightning tribulation earlier was filled with extreme violence, anger, and hate. It’s clear that all it wanted to do was to annihilate me utterly, so how could it possibly be “declaring to the world the birth of the child of the heavens”!

That being said...

What a wonderful tale that was!

I had to feign ignorance because I had no idea how to explain myself… but I never thought that three old men would cover for me!

Even better, it seems that everyone, including the god emperors, is falling for it!?

The Heavenly Mystery Great Ancestor, huh...

The first page of the Heavenly Mystery God Canon, huh...

The perfect prediction of the nine stage heavenly tribulation, huh...

I would’ve believed it myself if I didn’t know the truth!

Meanwhile, the Snow Song Realm was busy fighting their own demons. The fact that Yun Che had attracted a nine stage lightning tribulation and became champion was dreamy enough, but this prophecy from the Heavenly Mystery Great Ancestor himself had kicked them all the way to lala land.

“Bingyun…” Mu Huanzhi barely squeezed the words out of his lips. “Are you sure… this is the same person… you brought back from the lower realms?”

“...” Mu Bingyun couldn’t say anything.

He was right… this young man had shocked the entire Eastern Divine Region, God Realm, and even the god emperors themselves...

…Is he really the same person as the one she had brought to the Snow Song Realm in passing as repayment for saving her life...

And that, was just three years ago.

Three years ago, Yun Che hadn’t even entered the divine way yet. She had to protect him from the dark again and again. But today, he had reached the highest peak that could possibly be attained by the juniors of the Eastern Divine Region and stood on a level that no one in the history of the Snow Song Realm had ever reached.

He had attracted an impossible, legendary nine stage lightning tribulation. He even corresponded to a prophecy of True Gods that was destined to turn the entire God Realm upside down.

To think… that he would be someone she brought back from the lower realms...

Huo Rulie and Yan Juehai exchanged glances with each other, but they were both stumped for words.

“A nine stage heavenly tribulation, a True God prophecy…” Shui Yingyue whispered, “Father, you once said that Heavenly Mystery Realm’s main function is to spy on the heavens, not predict the future, right? But every prophecy that entered the Heavenly Mystery God Canon always comes true without exception. Is this prophecy… going to come true as well?”

Shui Qianheng didn’t answer her, however. He was completely unresponsive, and his eyes were completely blank. Anyone who paid close attention to him would realize that his lips were trembling non-stop.

The higher one’s status was, the stronger their profound cultivation, the better they understood what a prophecy from the Heavenly Mystery Realm and godhood truly meant.

“The great ancestor was the one who created the Heavenly Mystery God Canon, and he was also the one who personally wrote these twelve words onto the first page of the canon,” Moyu exclaimed somewhat emotionally. “The great ancestor made a total of seven prophecies in his life, and six of them have come true already. Today, his final prophecy regarding an absolutely ludicrous ‘nine stage heavenly tribulation’ has come true as well! I understand that the part regarding ‘the return of the True God’ is still too unbelievable for most people, but at least the three of us are absolutely unwavering in our belief!”

Moyu looked at Yun Che before raising his voice suddenly, “As I mentioned earlier, the nine stage lightning tribulation is something that not even you can defend against, my god emperors, but not only did it fail to hurt Yun Che in the slightest, it even gave him new life and the ability to command the heavenly lightning… everything matches up to the great ancestor’s prophecy regarding the ‘child of the heavens’! Since he’s a child of the heavens, he’s naturally blessed by the heavens themselves. If he really does become a True God in the future, then it will be as the heavens will!”

“For no one, can rebel against the heavens!”

Moyu’s words resounded beside everyone’s ears like thunder once more.

When he was finally done, Moyu waved his hands and summoned the Heavenly Mystery God Canon before him and the rest of the elders. Then, he slowly closed it once more.

The ten golden words vanished before everyone’s eyes, and all kinds of expressions flitted across the god emperors’ faces… but the one similarity they shared was that they were all focused on Yun Che.

Moyu was just about to withdraw the Heavenly Mystery God Canon and put it away when two new golden lines suddenly appeared beneath the original prophecy:

Virtue will lead to eternal peace.

Evil will bring the carnage of a devil god.

The Heavenly Mystery God Canon vanished, but the Heavenly Mystery Three Elders all lost their cool in an instant. Although the words had only appeared for a brief instant, they slipped into their hearts and souls like they had a mind of their own.


But Moyu raised his hands and shook his head slowly, “If the great ancestor doesn’t wish to make it known, then we mustn’t say it! These fifteen words shall be known to no other but ourselves!”

“Plus, Yun Che has clear eyes despite his fierce temperament, and there are no signs of negativity on him whatsoever. There’s no way he’ll become a devil god.”

Mowen and Mozhi also nodded slightly.

They were the Heavenly Mystery Three Elders, so their eye for people was extremely good. Although they had no idea what the latter half of Great Ancestor Haotian’s prophecy really meant, they were at least certain that Yun Che was a resolute, upright man who had nothing to do with “the carnage of a devil god” at all.

Plus, he was the “child of the heavens”. He would be the last person to go against the heavens.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor stood up and sighed quietly, “To think that Great Ancestor Haotian would leave behind such a shocking prophecy before his passing. What a shame. What a shame.”

“You can’t seriously believe this so-called prophecy, Eternal Heaven God Emperor?” God Emperor Shitian grinned a little, “I will admit that even I’ve heard of the Heavenly Mystery Realm despite living in the Southern Divine Region, and I may have chosen to believe some of their prophecies—for fun!—if it was about anything else. But this… ‘True God’. Tsk tsk… you sure you mortals are worthy to predict the likes of True Gods?”

The Heavenly Mystery Three Elders were completely unmoved despite being ridiculed by God Emperor Shitian.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor said, “It is unwise to trust a heavenly mystery in full, but it is also unwise to distrust a heavenly mystery. I admit that the part of the prophecy proclaiming the return of True Gods is pretty hard to believe, but the nine stage heavenly tribulation is real, isn’t it? It is also a fact that Yun Che has beaten a Divine Spirit as a Divine Tribulation, and later a Divine King as a Divine Spirit.”

“Your point?” God Emperor Shitian narrowed his eyes.

But the Eternal Heaven God Emperor chose to ignore him before staring at Yun Che seriously, “Yun Che, a heavenly mystery cannot be trusted fully, but your talent and aptitude are definitely one of a kind. It’d be a huge loss to the Eastern Divine Region if they are wasted even a little.”

“To avoid that, I’d like to accept you into the Eternal Heaven Realm. What do you think?”

A commotion rose, once more, the second he said this...

A king realm was the highest existence in the God Realm. Power, cultivation, fame; they stood at the top of the Primal Chaos. Even the lowliest guard or servant of a king realm had the right to overlook the world as a god would towards its creation.

Entering a king realm was the biggest dream any profound practitioner from any divine region and star realm could hope for. However, it was also the most luxurious and impossible.

But right now, the Eternal Heaven Realm had openly invited Yun Che to join them!

And the invitation had been handed out by none other than the Eternal Heaven God Emperor himself!

Had Yun Che been anyone else, the entire world would’ve been flabbergasted… but after the initial shock had passed, the god emperor’s choice suddenly felt quite natural.

He was the champion of the Conferred God Battle, a warrior who could beat a Divine King at the Divine Spirit Realm, a talent who possessed three divine powers and three elements, and a destined one who attracted a nine stage lightning tribulation and corresponded to a True God prophecy… any one of these achievements was enough to astound the entire world, much less win the favor the Eternal Heaven Realm.

At first, the members of the Snow Song Realm were astonished by this. Then, ecstasy came over them.

Yun Che was the direct disciple of the Snow Song Realm’s realm king, and he had just won them unparalleled glory. If Yun Che had gone to any other star realm, it would definitely be a black stain in their history. But the Eternal Heaven Realm? That was a different story altogether.

“Yun Che, accept it… quickly!” Mu Huanzhi said.

The rest of the elders and palace masters looked just as happy, so much so that they thought that Mu Huanzhi’s urge was completely pointless. This was the Eternal Heaven Realm, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor himself offering Yun Che an olive branch, so why on earth would he turn down such an offer? Literally no one would.

The leap from a middle star realm to a king realm would be the most shocking leap in the entire history of the God Realm… but Yun Che undoubtedly deserved it considering his talent and performance! 

Mu Bingyun, “...”

“The Snow Song Realm no longer deserves Yun Che.” Yan Juehai sighed quietly.

“Nine stage lightning tribulation, True God prophecy…” Huo Rulie let out a long sigh. He just couldn’t calm down no matter how he tried.

Yun Che raised his eyebrows, but before he could reply, the Brahma Heaven God Emperor suddenly stood up with a smile. “Hehe, I strongly agree with your assessment, Eternal Heaven God Emperor. Yun Che is a cultivator who has drawn a nine stage lightning tribulation, and his talents cannot be allowed to go to waste one bit.”

“However—and I apologize if I’m being too direct—no one is better than my Brahma Monarch Realm when it comes to the profound way, not even your Eternal Heaven Realm! Therefore, he should come with me instead if we truly don’t want him to waste his talent.”

Everyone held their breaths when they heard this.

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor… was clearly fighting the Eternal Heaven God Emperor over Yun Che!

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