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Against the Gods

Chapter 1251 - God Emperors Squabbling (2)

“Hehe.” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor laughed, “This king cannot disagree with the Brahma Heaven God Emperor but the Brahma Heaven God Emperor has not completely understood what I am saying.”

He looked at Yun Che and smiled, his gaze warm, “This king doesn’t only want Yun Che to join my Eternal Heaven Realm, in fact… I want to take him as my personal disciple!”

When the Eternal Heaven God Emperor said that, it sounded as if a thunderclap was set off right next to everyone’s ears.

Even the many guardians at the scene at Honorable Quhui’s level had faces full of shock.

To become a denizen of the Eternal Heaven God Realm versus becoming a personal disciple of the Eternal Heaven Realm King were two completely different matters. It was the difference of heaven and earth.

The latter meant being direct successor of a god emperor!

With his current profound cultivation level, if Yun Che entered the Eternal Heaven God Realm he would be considered a lower class denizen, but the position of a god emperor’s direct successor… his position would not be inferior to that of the guardians!

Basically speaking, protectors were second only in status to the god emperor.

“Ah… Ah… Ah…” All the disciples of the Snow Song Realm, including the palace masters, stammered in shock, unable to recover their composure for a long time.

“Per… Personal… disciple?” in his surprise, Mu Huanzhi’s right hand tugged vigorously at his beard. Despite the pain, which made his face wince, he still couldn’t believe what he had heard.

Becoming part of a king realm was something that all profound practitioners pursued… As for becoming a personal disciple of a god emperor, this was something that they dared not even dream or fantasize about.

“Oh my lord…” Huo Rulie’s eyes were wide open. The personal disciple of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor… His status would not be inferior to any Realm King. In fact, he could even look down on Realm Kings if he wanted to.

“Hahaha!” the entire audience was shocked, but the Brahma Heaven God Emperor stayed calm and let out a burst of laughter, “Such a coincidence, this king is also lacking a personal disciple.”

As the Brahma Heaven God Emperor spoke these words, all the jaws that hadn’t yet dropped had now plummeted to the ground.

Yun Che, “...”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor looked in his direction and gave a plain laugh in reply, “When it comes to the profound way, this king is definitely still a bit lacking when compared to you, but from time immemorial until now, you have always been a fanatic in pursuit of the pinnacle of the profound way. You’ve never had anything besides that to occupy your heart and you’ve never even spent the slightest bit of effort on your descendants. If this king doesn’t remember wrongly, you’ve still yet to accept a personal disciple.”

“So in that aspect, I’m afraid that you are not a match for this king when it comes to teaching a disciple.”

“Hahahaha,” the Brahma Heaven God Emperor laughed out loud. “Eternal Heaven God Emperor, you couldn’t be further from the truth. The reason why this king has never accepted a personal disciple is out of personal choice. That was because there was no one worthy! However, Yun Che has displayed the apex of talent and shown himself to be the pinnacle amongst men. This king cannot but help but want to personally receive him, and will spare no effort in raising him up.”

“And besides, although this king has never had a personal disciple, your words shouldn’t mislead others.” With a look of pride on his face he looked in the direction of Qianye Ying’er, “Ying’er back then was personally taught by this king. I must say that her achievements so far are slightly better than that of your sons and descendants.”

Qianye Ying’er, “...”

The entire Conferred God Stage area was completely silent save for the two god emperors arguing back and forth.

“...” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor stopped briefly, he was definitely clear on the matter. Qianye Ying’er’s profound cultivation was not just merely “slightly” better than his descendants.

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor stepped forward and continued speaking, “It is precisely because this king is such a fanatic about the profound way that I am definitely superior to anyone in the Eastern Divine Region in my understanding of the profound way.”

“My Brahma Monarch God Realm is the number one king realm of the Eastern Divine Region. When it comes to history, foundation, and resources we are definitely slightly better than your Eternal Heaven God Realm. Even when it comes to treasured pellets or divine jades, no one is comparable to us.”

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor gave an indifferent chuckle. “Personally, I won’t say it’ll be a case of crossing the heavens in one step, but this king is definitely be sure about one thing. If Yun Che becomes this king’s disciple, he’ll become a Divine Soverieng in less than a hundred years!”

Reaching Divine Sovereign in less than a hundred years… These words came from the very mouth of the Brahma Heaven God Emperor sending quakes and tremors through the souls of all the profound experts present.

“Hehe, a hundred years?” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor chuckled. “Brahma Heaven God Emperor, that ‘hundred years’ you speak of would be equivalent to how many ‘years’ in my Eternal Heaven Realm?”

He stretched out his hand and raised his index finger, “Just about a month.”’

“The Eternal Heaven Pearl is the heaven bestowed treasure of the Eternal Heaven Realm and it is able to allow one to grow to their greatest heights in the ‘shortest’ time possible. Yun Che is now considered one of the heaven chosen children and has the qualifications to enter the Eternal Heaven Pearl.” The Brahma Heaven God Emperor refused to budge, “Once three thousand years pass within the Eternal Heaven Pearl, I’m afraid that its power will already be drained dry. Are you telling me that the Eternal Heaven Pearl still has the power to allow Yun Che to enter a second time?”

“No, no,” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor shook his head, “The Brahma Heaven God Emperor has forgotten that Wei Hen of the devil race infiltrated the one thousand heaven chosen children, lower the count to nine hundred ninety eight. Although Li Jianming has unfortunately lost his life, he still retains the quota and place of a chosen. Wei Hen, however, has left an empty spot, and as for this empty spot…”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor continued to laugh, “If Yun Che becomes this king’s personal disciple, this king will also enter the Eternal Heaven Pearl at the same time to personally teach and instruct Yun Che within the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm… Whereas you, Brahma Heaven God Emperor... I’m afraid you’re unable to do this.”

“...” the Brahma Heaven God Emperor frowned. 

Atop the Conferred God Stage, several mouths were wide open as they stared agape at the two god emperors fighting over Yun Che. The Brahma Heaven God Emperor and the Eternal Heaven God Emperor were the most powerful existences in the entire Eastern Divine Region who had everything at their disposal whether it be profound cultivation, power, authority, and reputation. At this moment, these two were squabbling over taking in a personal disciple without a care to their image, boasting about the various benefits they could offer and the depths of their strength… the stately Eternal Heaven God Emperor had now even dragged the Eternal Heaven Pearl into the tug-of-war, and brought it to the table as a bargaining chip. 

In all the history of the Eastern Divine Region, there had never been such a ridiculously unimaginable moment such as this, and never before in the history of the Eastern Divine Region had another person appeared that deserved such treatment.

The Star God Emperor and the Moon God Emperor both sat still in their original seats. Both of them wanted to bring Yun Che over as well, but… in all of the Eastern Divine Region and among the four great king realms, the Brahma Monarch God Realm was the strongest while the Eternal Heaven God Realm held the best reputation. The Star God Realm and the Moon God Realm were both weaker than them. Now that the Brahma Heaven God Emperor and the Eternal Heaven God Emperor were shamelessly fighting over the boy, despite wanting him with all their might, it wouldn’t be their turn at all.

“Please calm down.”

The Dragon Monarch interjected, his words seemingly carrying a heavy weight. He looked at Yun Che and said, “Both god emperors are fighting because of a young man, but with regards to the result, Yun Che should make the decision himself.“

“Hehe, that’s a given,” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor chuckled. “Yun Che, my Eternal Heaven Realm is the most righteous and glorious of all in the Eastern Divine Region. If you become this king’s personal disciple, you will definitely have the qualifications to inherit the will of Eternal Heaven and receive the respect and recognition of every being throughout the Eastern Divine Region!”

“Heh,” the Brahma Heaven God Emperor coldly laughed and stated his offer plain and clear, “Yun Che, I don’t care about your character nor your ambitions. However, if you wish to pursue the pinnacle of the profound way, then you should come over to my Brahma Monarch God Realm. That is because this king stands at the peak of the Eastern Divine Region’s profound way!”

Two of the strongest god emperors were fighting, in public, over a young profound practitioner from a middle star realm… Everyone’s eyes continued to bulge, and they were unable to close their open mouths.

After both god emperors finished speaking, they locked their gazes on Yun Che, as if they were worried that Yun Che wasn’t able to see their sincerity and fervor. A god emperor’s majesty? A god emperor’s aloofness? A god emperor’s prestige… All of these, right now, were but a dog’s fart.

This scene was also totally unexpected by Yun Che.

If it were anyone else, they would have long been overwhelmed with shock and a mad elation that was difficult to curb. Despite that, the audience only saw a picture of perfect calm on Yun Che’s face during this entire period, which should have been impossible.

Yun Che cupped both hands in a show of honor, and respectfully replied, “The kindness that both god emperor’s have shown is perhaps eons beyond what this junior deserves. However… This junior already has a sect and a master. When I first entered the God Realm, it was my current sect which took me in. I owe a great deal to my master and my debt to her is greater than the highest mountain, something that I’ll never be able to repay in this lifetime. If this junior were to turn my back on my sect and master, it would not only disrespect them, but I believe it would also be an insult that everyone under the sun, including both Your Highnesses, would definitely look down upon.”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor slowly laughed, “Yun Che, you being able to have such a line of thinking means that you’re a rarely seen loyal person. This is very good. However, you need not worry. If you become this king’s personal disciple, not only will your sect and master not be ashamed, they will instead have the glory of a million years. No one will criticize you nor will they throw shade on your actions. They would, in fact, respect and envy your decision.”

What the Eternal Heaven God Emperor said was true. Yun Che had entered into the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect and had the identity of being the personal disciple of the sect master. Joining another power would normally anger and insult the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect. But what were the Eternal Heaven and Brahma Monarch Realm? A god emperor’s personal disciple hailing from the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect would be the greatest glory that it could achieve! The entire Snow Song Realm would also enjoy a greater and more influential position in the Eastern Divine Region.

The entire audience of the Snow Song Realm was red with excitement, waiting for Yun Che’s reply… no, rather, they were waiting for his choice. From everyone’s perspective, Yun Che had no logical reason to reject the offers.

Instead, Yun Che lowered his head and softly spoke, “Junior’s origin is from the lower realms, and is of lowly birth. Being able to be accepted into the Snow Song Realm was the greatest fortune of my entire life. Originally, I wouldn’t even have the smallest of qualifications to enter into such a holy land. This… junior is deeply indebted and respectful to my teacher and elders of the sect. I have never had thoughts of leaving, so… this junior will only be able to decline both your graces.”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor and the Brahma Heaven God Emperor both frowned at the same time while everyone around the Conferred God Stage was left speechless.

What Yun Che had said earlier sounded like a form of foreshadowing, leading slowly up to accepting either of the emperors’ offers. Everything sounded logical, but right now… He had actually rejected the both of them!?

Rejecting the opportunity to enter into a king realm? Rejecting the chance of becoming a god emperor’s personal disciple!?

“Wh… What is he saying? Is he nuts?”

“The personal disciple of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor and the Brahma Heaven God Emperor! Just based on that identity, he could walk through any and every star realm unhindered… Something that nobody could ever dream of in hundreds and thousands of years… He… He... He… He actually turned them down?”

“A king realm and the Snow Song Realm… Their differences are like mud and the sky! He actually chose to remain in the Snow Song Realm? Does his brain have a concussion!?”

“Perhaps… He might even invite the wrath of both god emperors… What in the world is he thinking?”

“Yun Che!” Mu Huanzhi nearly hopped up in anxiety, “What in the world are you saying!? If you can become a god emperor’s personal disciple, the sect master herself will be happier than anyone else. Y-y-you…”

If he stayed in the Snow Song Realm, even if he had now placed first in the Conferred God Battle, he would still retain the identity of a disciple from a middle star realm. If he became a personal disciple of a god emperor, his backing would be that of a god emperor’s, as well as an entire king realm! The difference was worlds apart.

Whether it be identity, status, or future potential… based on one issue: the issue of the Conferred God Battle where Yun Che had caused the Holy Eaves Realm to form a deep grudge against him. If the Holy Eaves Realm were to try and take revenge, the Snow Song Realm would not be able to shield him, but if his backing were to be one of the king realms… even if the Holy Eaves Realm had ten times more courage than now, they would definitely not dare touch a hair on Yun Che’s head.

“Isn’t this brat always shrewd and intelligent? Why is it that he’s suddenly behaving as if someone gave him a kick to the head?” Shui Qianheng shook his head. Yun Che had attracted a nine stage heavenly tribulation and also fit the description of the True God prophecy which sent shockwaves quaking across the entire God Realm. Countless eyes were now fixated upon him, which was why he currently needed strong and powerful backing that could provide him with protection.

But he actually didn’t want one!?

Furthermore, even if he really wasn’t willing… publicly rejecting two great god emperors was no longer a matter of losing his marbles!

Yet, something even more unexpected occurred....

After the Eternal Heaven God Emperor recovered from his shock, he still chuckled genially, “Having deep gratitude to your master and sect is actually not a bad thing. This matter concerns the entirety of the rest of your life. You should indeed deeply mull over this, so you need not give an answer today. You can make your decision after you’ve taken some time to ponder over it.”

“...” A stately god emperor being turned down by a young profound practitioner… He was neither vexed nor angry, it didn’t even result in a cold demeanor from him, and he actually continued to gently lend his advice!?

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor similarly didn’t show any anger and just merely laughed. As he was about to speak, he suddenly heard a message in his ear transmitted from his daughter.

The color on his face changed, hurriedly turning to look at Qianye Ying’er, “You… are you serious about this?”

The edges of Qianye Ying’er’s mouth slowly curled upwards, her lips looked like they were coated with glistening nectar of the heavens, “A nine stage heavenly tribulation, the True God prophecy… Don’t tell me he isn’t worthy of my interest?”

“...” The Brahma Heaven God Emperor turned around and laughed heartily, “Yun Che, whether you want to enter my Brahma Monarch God Realm is a decision that has to be willingly made by you. If you agree, this king will be ecstatic beyond words, if you decline, this king will definitely not force you… However… this king has another matter I’d like to ask you about.”

“Do you… have a wife?”

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